2012 03 29 Workouts Showers Enough Said

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Washing Up

Betsy Braddock & Mirage

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X-Mansion - Gym

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Workouts & Showers, enough said.


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-==[ Gym - Sublevel - Xavier Mansion ]==------——
The gymnasium located in the basement could easily put most others in the known world to shame. This room is truly vast, but no space is wasted as fitness equipment is lined along the walls and in the floor. A vast Olympic sized pool sits in the far middle of the room as a corridor leads off to the shower and changing rooms as well as a large sauna and steam bath all of which can easily hold the entire team. Lapping completely around and over the pool, a huge black running track is found. Found on the other side of the room, all types of equipment is placed. Several racks of all types of barbells for any strength level, and several benches line the walls. Tread mills, bicycles, as well as a boxing ring and any exercise equipment imaginable is located here. Also a towel rack, refrigerator, as well as one full wall being made up entirely of a mirror is found in here.
As you listen closely, a large over head CD/tape/radio system blasts music in the gym which always plays up tempo music and the music goes no farther than the gym doors giving that jolt of adrenaline while the team work out.

Late morning on the campus finds the gym relatively empty, most of the residents having come and gone already. There is the exception though, one young woman has decided to wait out the 'gun' show that the gym usually is and came later. She is dressed in running shorts, halter top and cross trainers and is setting a fast past on one of the treadmills that fill an part of the room.

Betsy Braddock is not one to participate in the spectacle of working out herself. It isn't that she doesn't enjoy showing off or distracting others so much as she simply doesn't get a workout completed when everyone is oogling her. It's a humble observation, really. Just ask her.

She enters the gym wearing a sports bra, track pants and gym shoes. As she saunters past Mirage she offers a smile and nod. Rather than interrupt the woman's training she offers a soft telepathic greeting. Mostly a soft wind like stirring that 'seems' like Betsy walking bast as much as she physically does. She's noticed Mirage without needing to speak just yet. And there is a subtle opening there that the other woman can use if she wishes to 'converse' back in thought without having to break her verbal silence.

Betsy makes her way to the open training area and selects a mat on which to begin stretching lightly as her warm up begins.

Pulling one of the earbuds out, Dani gives Betsy a nod as she passes an odd look crossing her face at the mental invitation. She is still getting used to being around mindreaders again, »>Morning.«< she sends »>Is the day treating you well?«< she glances down at the treadmill controls and pushes a button there and the treadmill deck inclines to give a more resistant workout.

Betsy Braddock continues with the stretches on the mat. She offers a smile however. «Hello Dani. Good day.» She regards the woman as she runs and nods, «It has been good thus far. And more pleasant having found you here, to be certain.» She'll continue for a few minutes longer on the mat.

Returning the smile, Dani continues her pace on the treadmill »>Glad I could brighten someones day.«< there is a mental implication that, that wasn't the case for someone »>How are things over on your team?«<
Betsy Braddock finds that comment curious which she'll allow Dani to sense but also that she isn't going to pry. But then this is Betsy, of course she'll pry. «I have been rather inactive but for the rescue of Lifeguard and her brother, admittedly, given the arrival of… Revanche. Liz. I am on Reserve Status, I suppose. But as far as I am aware the team is doing well.» And then she pries, «All is not entirely well for you?»

Betsy Braddock laughs now, aloud. It's a melodic sound in the otherwise silent gym. «It is amusing even now to be honest.» She rises up and pauses before generating her psychic katana. With it she begins to work through practice moves in a methodic, flowing manner that befits the fact she actually is a Ninja. «Do not let it bother you. Holding on to what you cannot change does nothing but weigh you down.»

Dani just shakes her head at the laughter, though the corner of her mouth does give a amused quirk »>Yes, I doubt it will be the last danger room goof up I will make.«< she gives a mental pause »>This week even.«< she eyes the materiazation of the psychic blade »>That's handy.«<

Betsy Braddock swings the blade around, her offhand's palm resting against the pommel and the tang, fingers outstretched as she slices through the air. « I was not belittling your part in the situation, Dani. I would not do that. The notion of your team mate being that careless and getting an arrow into the posterior? That is worthy of a laugh. I imagine they will be mindful next time.» And she nods, «It is, indeed.» The blade then remains in her dominant right hand and a small blade appears in her off hand as she proceeds to 'dance' with herself, the blades slipping through the air almost noiselessly.

Watching Betsy perform her deadly dance as she runs, »>I hope so. Next time it might not be a blunt practice arrow I'm firing.«< the mental picture that goes along with this thought is of a much more lethal tri-tipped arrow, »>I've been doing some blade practice with Kurt. How is your style different from his?«<

Betsy Braddock continues moving through each motion as she 'converses' with Dani. «They are not so dissimilar I suppose, given that he also uses a Katana if I am not mistaken. The variation would lie within the origin of the training. Mine dates back to Feudal Japan and the origin of the Ninja. Kurt has trained with present-day masters of the blade who have adapted newer styles. Neither is bad just as neither is necessarily good. I have, obviously, adapted my training to suit an intangable blade that can be quite tangable when desired.» She swings the blade toward the heavy punching bag hanging nearby and the blade passes through without damaging it before materializing on the other side. «Even when it intangably passes through the skull of an opponent it still interferes with the synpases, effectively short circuiting their mind for a time. It is effective.» Likely an understatement.

Dani rubs her head at the thought »>That sounds like it could be be a bit painful.«< she then gives what could possibly be a sadistic grin »>But I guess if it wasn't painful there wouldn't really be a point to it, would there?«< the treadmill beeps a few times at her signalling the start of the cooldown portion of its routine as it starts to slow.

Betsy Braddock takes the chirping alarm as a signal to end her own workout. «Oh, it is quite painful. I do not use it in training on anyone of the team. But observations of the minds through which I have passed it, yes. It is many orders of magnitude beyond the pain of the worst migraine headache.» She matches Dani's smile. «Indeed, that is the point.» She then ends her practice routine. «Are you finished with your workout?» Do you want to shower together? No she doesn't actually ask that. But her gaze just might. It is Betsy after all.

As the treadmill slows, so does Dani's pace until it slows to a walk, in which she just hits the stop button and hops off »>Yes. I'd much rather be running outside, but the weather is still a bit cool to make it enjoyable.«< moving to the fridge she grabs a couple of waters and brings one to Betsy before opening her own and taking a long pull off it. »>You?«<

Betsy Braddock's psychic blades disappear into the aether as it were. Her will choosing to release them from physical manifestation. She accepts the bottle of water. «Thank you Dani.» She offers a smile as her gaze flits over the AmerIndian woman. «I am finished I believe. There is little companionship in working out alone I have found.»

Dani nods in agreement at the last bit »>True. Having someone to workout with does make it go faster and seem less of a chore.«< assuming that Betsy will be heading to the locker rooms as well, she begins to head in that direction, »>When I first got here,«< the gym this morning »>the place over run with students. There might not be that many more then when I was a student here, but they can certainly fill a room.«<

Betsy Braddock falls in step along side Dani and nods, sipping at her water while replying. Telepathy makes it so nice that way, «I agree. And even while they aren't intending to, the students seem to have not yet learned the art of not oogling every Xman that walks in while they're here.» it's an amused statement. «Not that I mind necessarily. It's simply distracting and has no place in the gym.» Her tone turns more playful, if not suggestive, «It should be reserved for the locker rooms after all.»

Betsy Braddock nods the nod of a woman who knows all too well what teenage thoughts are filled with, be it male or female. «You are insightful for one who is not telepathic.» She then nods, «It is. The showers too.» With a final sip of her water she recycles the bottle and moves to her locker to get out a towel and the sundries needed for a shower. Settling them on the bench, she sits down and begins to remove her shoes.

Moving to her own locker the first thing she pulls out is a brush and begins to move it through the wavy locks produced by keeping her hair her braids most of the time »>I was a teenager once. I recall the reprimanding looks from the Professor and the other telepathic teachers when my thoughts turned particulary loud and«< she pauses a breif second to come up with an apt description »>not proper for public consumption.«<

Betsy Braddock laughs softly. "Indeed. I can see that." Her voice quiet, that Japanese hued voice with a flawless British accent. She steps out of her shoes and then shimmies out of the track pants. The rest of her clothing goes next and she picks up the little caddy of shampoo and conditioner and sundry other things her modelling career dictates that she use on a religious basis if only because she has signed a number of endorsement contracts. «Telepaths learn to filter out the thoughts that bear no relevance to their focus of the moment. We would go insane otherwise.» Being in the other half of the locker, the telepathy seems to be a helpful means of not shouting. The sounds of water from one of the showers soon echoes through the room.

After a few passes of the brush, Dani slip of of her shoes with the rest of her clothes following quickly behind. Tossing the brush in the locker she graps her shower stuff and towl, which is not the organized neatness that Betsy's is, but she manages to get to the showers without dropping anything, »>That explains a lot really.«<

Betsy Braddock's organization is likely out of necessity than desire to be quite so neat. But perhaps it is the meticulous nature that the Japanese seem to be known for. All the same, she stands under the stream of water, eyes closed as the water courses over her shoulders and back. «There are many things about Telepaths that make sense when considered.» Her thoughts are amused.

Dani gives a shake of her head as she turns on her own shower and adjusts the temp »>Yes there is that, but I was referring to the tendenacy of telepaths toward privacy. You seem to cling to it more then most.«<

Betsy Braddock begins to lather up her hair, «Oh? That is an interesting observation. I am curious how you mean that?» She works her hands through the purple mane, working the shampoo in thoroughly. «I find it an interesting description and am curious to hear what makes you think that way.»

Dani does she same, shampooing her lengthy hair, though she bends slightly and hangs her head so her hair hangs down in front of her, it makes washing it much more easy. She is silent for a bit, the mental gears winding as they work on the best way to explain what she means »>Maybe I assuming to much, but I would think those that can share thoughts easily would be more protective of thier own, worrying of inadvertently leaking.«<

Betsy Braddock continues to work with her hair, certainly the most time consuming part of showering for her at least. «No, you are correct, Dani. Yet I am not sure that I feel that I am hiding my thoughts or ideas much of the time. Around other Telepaths, perhaps. But even then, it depends upon the situation and whom it is. Emma Frost? Absolutely. The Professor? Not so much. If anything it can be fun to earn an earnest request for observing proper demeanor from him.» Her thoughts again are playful and amused. «Is there something you are curious about that I might clarify for you?» And perhaps a momentary slip happens. The thought of Betsy slipping over to help Dani with her hair. It doesn't seem to have been an intentional broadcast. Though to be fair, nothing Betsy has offered in this mental link has been anything but intentional.

Parting her hair she tilts her head to look over at Betsy her expression showing amused surprise at the slip, »>You sure my hair is the only thing you want to help with?«< her mental voice jokes in return, though there is a bit of wonder as to the seriousness of the suggestion behind it along with the unbidden mental picture of a group of valkyrie females helping each other bathe, but in her case it is untentional.

Betsy Braddock looks back shamelessly. «There is a lot of hair to be helped with.» Certainly a loaded statement mingled with amusement. «If not, you are welcome to join me instead.» She meets Dani's gaze as long as the woman wishes to hold it. It certainly seems like she's serious, even as she offers a warm smile. She picks up on the valkyrie imagery. «Is that something you imagine often?»

Dani may blush a little, but its hard to tell on her complexion »>No imagination needed, I was there.«< it was a memory from her time in Asgard, apparently a more intimate one brought to the surface by similar circumstances. »>The valkyrie have a unique view of sisterhood.«< she flips her hair back behind her and begins to rinse the shampoo out.

Betsy Braddock has yet to act upon the thoughts being shared as she finishes with her own hair and then with the conditioner. She nods some «I have little doubt. And it makes a large bit of sense.» She falls silent after that as she finishes in the shower. She hasn't shut off the mental link simply fallen somewhat silent as she finishes the shower.

Betsy Braddock doesn't seem to be unsettled or bothered as she finishes up. «Understandable. Then at least you have little to worry about around here in that regard.» She actually seems pleased by the fact that the school is all inclusive and there is no pressure one way or the other; it seems she may have only been curious rather than intent on the topic herself. But again it's Betsy, the one who seems to keep her true self hidden much of the time. The water shuts off as she finishes and she wraps a towel around herself.

Lingering a few minutes longer to finish her own bathing Dani gives herself a final cold water rinse to aid in preventing the post workout afterburn sweating. She gives an involuntary shiver as she shuts the water off and wraps herself up in one towel and wraps her hair in another »>No, I experienced my culture shock for this place years ago.«< having arrived as a fresh faced teenager bent on revenge.

Betsy Braddock doesn't know much of Dani's past per se if only because it wasn't really on her radar at the time. She nods some as she pads back to the lockers and towels off. «Of course. There is always a level of adjustment here. If only to learning that being a mutant is not a bad thing here.»

She gives a thoughtful nod »>Yes that seems to be one of the toughest adjustments when coming here, fortunatly for me that wasn't my main issue.«< or maybe not so fortunate is the unspoken follow-up though. Heading to her locker looks into it and sighs, "I left my hair dryer in my room." she slips into vocal mode "As well as my hair oil." she slips her robe on "I'll see you later Betsy. Thanks for the company.

Betsy Braddock closes the link and nods, "You're welcome Dani. Have a good afternoon." She continues to dress enough to be decent before she pads through the mansion in her lingerie. After all she is a model. And if she can't leave the hormonal occupants of the mansion hot and bothered? well.. there just isn't any fun to be had. Especially because she knows it'll cause Charles to implore her once again to observe proper decorum. There's a reason she isn't a teacher.

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