2012 03 29 Honoring The Dead

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Honoring the Dead

Cyclops, Finesse, and Revanche

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March 27, 2012

Memorial Garden - Xavier Estate

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Cyclops, Finesse, and Revanche honor the dead.


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Relatively late in the morning, Scott Summers dressed in all casual all black, jeans and a sweater with a matching black leather jacket, all emblazoned with the X logo stands over the marker and statue of the late Doug Ramsey. After his various meetings and encounters with the New Mutants recently, he has opted to take a moment out of his hectic day with students and X-Men to have a moment of silence for the fallen student. His head lowered respectfully and his eyes hidden by ruby quartz lenses, Cyclops simply bows his head.

Jeanne is not usually one to dwell on such things as memorials, but as she walks about the compound, she happens to make her way by the Memorial Garden and stops when she spots Scott contemplating Doug Ramsey's statue. Jeanne never really met Doug Ramsey, but having just arrived, with Scott unaware of her presence, it gives her a moment to study a man who seems to be cherishing the memory of a lost friend. For her it's a fascinating perspective, seeing how she takes to everything so analytically, it's doubtful if she could honestly mourn a lost friend.

Since returning to the Mansion, Elizabeth Braddock - the /real/ one, darnit, the Brit and not that Asian facsimile! - has more than once spent quiet time here, looking over the memorials to those she knew who are no more. Usually Liz reserves visits to Douglas' statue for quiet times, late at night, when few are likely to notice her presence. Or her tears. But upon catching sight of someone out there through one of the Library windows, the purple-haired Brit comes out to see just who it is. She is currently attired in an elegant silvery pantsuit. She slows her approach upon seeing not only that the 'lurker' is Scott, but also that another is watching. After a brief but meaningful pause, however, Liz continues her approach and stops beside Scott, looking at the statue. "Good morning, Scott." she murmurs, not wanting to push, but wanting him to know he is not alone.

A nod is offered when Revanche makes her presence known. The whole which one is real has so far been inconclusive with both Brit and Asian Betsys proving to be Psylocke. While, the Asian one is a part of his Blue Squadron of X-Men. Scott welcomes the Brit into his home as well. If the Professor vouches for her, then that is enough for him. “Good morning, Betsy.” While others may refer to her by a more formal name…Brit or Asian. Both are Besty and both are friends and so he calls her as he would the other. “I was giving a moment of silence for Doug.”

While Scott is capable of mourning a friend and can grasp emotions, some would say he is similar to Jeanne. His offering of silence done, he peers up and turns to spy Jeanne. He pauses a moment saying nothing but peering at her as his eyes are hidden, gesturing to Betsy, “I do not know if you have been formally introduced to either of us. You are Dr. Nemesis’ intern, are you not?” He asks Finesse.

Jeanne is dressed like a typical teenager, jeans, t-shirt, and a jacket. Albeit maybe not quite as conscientious about fashion as many girls her age are. When Elizabeth joins Scott, she looks curiously at the too, confused by the approach. She thought it likely best to leave Scott alone to his contemplations, and yet Elizabeth walking right up to him would suggest that perhaps she read it wrong. Jeanne isn't used to reading things wrong. She is a bit surprised when Scott eventually spots her and invites her over before she has the time to walk away. "No, we have not been introduced," she agrees with Scott as she walks up towards the two, "I am Jeanne Foucault, and yes, I work with the Doctor."

As Jeanne approaches, Elizabeth smiles - politely friendly, nothing more - and offers her hand to the girl. "I am Elizabeth Braddock. Most here call me Liz. Pleased to make your acquaintance, Jeanne." Liz isn't so sure about Doctor Nemesis or his intentions - she hasn't really been involved with him at all. But it's still nice to meet another who lives here, as it is - once more - her home.

“Nice to meet you, Jeanne Foucault.” Scott grins and extends his hand after the women have shoken hands, “I am Scott Summers, leader of the X-Men and instructor for the Institute.” As he looks around at the garden, “This is the Memorial Garden where those we have lost, friends and teammates, we honor their memories. I come here from time to time to remember them.” He offers a smile, “So how have you found out home, Jeanne? I hope it has been to your liking? And the same to you, Betsy. Since your return, that is.”

Jeanne shakes hands with Elizabeth, and nods, "nice to meet you, Liz, I hear you're British, right? I would love to visit England." Jeanne then takes to shaking hands with Scott as well, studying his visor from up close, which may come up as a stare, but she's essentially trying to get as much as she can about that interesting piece of technology. "Scott, do you know who created that visor you are wearing?" Jeanne asks outright after studying it for a few moments, and then turns to look about the Memorial Garden as Scott speaks about it. "Nice to have a commemorative location for the fallen, it gives reassurance to those who still fight." Glancing towards Doug Ramsey's statue, she quips, "so who was he?" At the question about how she's finding the place, Jeanne murmurs, "it has a much more advanced lab than M.I.T. or NYU, but I take it that largely has to do with the Doctor. I haven't gotten around to really familiarize with the grounds, but so far I'm liking it here. Certainly much better than my own home."

Liz smiles, a bittersweet smile with tears almost-shining in her eyes. "Oh, I am quite sure that Douglas would have understood you. You see, that /was/ his gift, Jeanne. Understanding language. /Any/ language. Even scent-codes of insects, or purely non-verbal body language. It suited him, for he was a very understanding young man." Granted, Jeanne is likely not emotionally keyed-in enough to understand that Liz speaks of Doug almost - if not quite - as one might for a beloved ex-boyfriend. Scott likely is, but he was there, as well, when Elizabeth formed that closeknit bond with the young New Mutant. "I believe, however, you will find that many here are far better than most at 'understanding' you. It is something we work very hard on here."

“Understanding…that is quite a gift," Jeanne asserts firmly, sounding quite appreciative of such talents. "I could have learned a lot from someone like that. Too bad he's not around anymore." Perhaps unintentional, but Jeanne almost gives the impression she views people as opportunities to further grow her own knowledge base. "I wouldn't know about that, I'm not easy to understand, apparently…excuse me, but I'll be a moment, I need to hand in some samples to the Doctor."

When Jeanne excuses herself to go see the Doctor, Scott nods and looks to Elizabeth, “You still miss Doug, huh? We all do. He was a topic of conversation last night when I met with Rahne.” He remains silent a moment and then peruses the garden some more looking at names of those they have lost, “I miss them all.” A rare admission of emotion from Scott that is gone as quickly as it was revealed, “Rahne will be coming back home, though. So that is good. I offered her a position as a counselor to the new students. We need to try to avoid the tragedies that befell all those memorialized her and so bringing everyone home or at least in communication is key.”

Elizabeth admits, softly, "It is fresher for me than for the rest of you, Scott." She has largely no memories since the Siege until now, making the loss of Douglas something that had not in fact even happened for her, until she returned here to the Mansion. And, admittedly, she had a special and deeply personal connection to Douglas shared by - or even understood by - few, if any. "I am glad to hear that Ms. Sinclair will be coming back. That is something that would please Doug."

“I understand” is Scott’s simple reply to her deeper connection with Doug, though he makes no mention of Rahne’s special connection with Doug as he starts to walk the garden with Elizabeth. “I have been calling you, Betsy this entire time. Do you want me to call you Liz or Elizabeth? While it may help others differentiate between you both, I see no reason for you. As far I can tell you, you are as much Betsy Braddock as she is. So, as far as I am concerned you have every right to be called by the name we called you when you were last a resident here.” He gives his input as he stops by Thunderbird’s marker.

Liz follows Scott to Tunderbird's marker, pausing there even though she really never knew the young man. She knew of him, and knew those who cared about him. That, for now, is enough, and far more distant than the raw wound of her feelings about Douglas. "I appreciate it, Scott. So long as it does not confuse /you/ to call both of us by that name, I certainly will not mind. But even so, I do not mind 'Liz' or 'Elizabeth.' Both are my name, after all. Betsy - the other Betsy - and I have come to an understanding. We are sisters, of a sort. Twins. It may be awkward at times, for both of us and for others. But we have made a peace with it, and I appreciate knowing others can do the same."

Nodding his head as he takes a moment of silence for Thunderbird, he then offers to Betsy, "I can understand. While as far I know there is not another Scott running around out there. Madelyn was essentially another Jean. Heck, I even married her." He sighs audibly as he continues walking and stops at a marker for Changeling. "With the idea of alternate realities, doppelgangers, clones, and shapeshifters able to take another form that fool even the likes of you and the Professor. It is definitely understandable and everyone here can accept you and the other Betsy and accept it." He smiles a moment after saying what he says as he looks at Changeling's marker, "Heck, Sydney here had us thinking he was the Professor for a long time."

Having gone to the lab and back to complete her errand, Jeanne walks back by the Memorial Garden, just in case Scott and Liz might still be there. When she does spot the two, she approaches them, "I see you are still here, I take it the loss of Doug still hurts?"

Having moved from Doug’s marker and now at Changeling’s marker, “It does. All of those here. Those we knew and those we didn’t. They all hurt.” Scott makes his way to a marker for Irina “Choir” Clayton. “I never knew Choir, but she did as a part of an attack by bigoted racists. Same with the Hellions.” as he gestures to a statue of the former team.

Elizabeth too gives Thunderbird a moment of reverent silence. It is the least she can do, really. "As much as we may struggle to understand, I know that the instinct is there to believe one of us must be a lie. And yet I have been welcomed home, and a place made for me without displacing my twin. The least I can say is that I appreciate that effort, and the challenge it has presented to all of you who have spent years with her. Difficult as it may be for me to imagine at times, I know it is true, and how difficult this is for all of you, as well." And for Betsy, too. That other Betsy. Her 'twin,' as she calls her.

When Jeanne returns, asking her question, Elizabeth glances up, blinking for a few moments, before she nods. "Yes, it does. For me, it is far more recent than for the others. But the loss of those we care about always sticks with us, always has an impact."

Curious, Jeanne edges towards the Hellions' marker, "is it true what I heard? That the Hellions were a team of youths cultivated to do crime?" Of course it's all rumours, but for whatever reason, Jeanne shows interest as she looks at the marker. Glancing sideways at Liz, Jeanne offers, "perhaps delving on the memory of who he was and what he was will help soothe the pain of him not being around anymore."

“That is correct. They were students in a rival school to this one. Trained by the Hellfire Club to be a sorta of anti-Xmen. Unfortunately they were kids and really did not know any better. Ultimately they were misguided and eventually massacred by more misguided bigots.” Scott then pauses and lowers his head giving all those memorialized here a moment of silence.

"Hellfire Club…that's quite a foreboding name," Jeanne states the obvious. "Interesting, what happened to that Hellfire Club, does it still stand? Or was it, too, destroyed in an attack?"

“Unfortunately the club is still in existence and always pose a threat to us. They have even restarted a whole batch of Hellions, so we are aware and keeping an eye on things, just in case, something happens.” Scott adds about the Hellfire Club/Hellions.

"So they are not discouraged? Are they specifically enemies of the X-Men?" Jeanne wonders aloud, "or is it just a byproduct of the X-Men putting a stop to their objectives? I would trust with a name like that they are not very nice people."
Shaking his head, “No they are not. They are rich business people and some of them are specifically our enemies, but as with most evildoers, I am sure they have their hands in various other evildoings.” Scott shrugs.

"I never understood why the rich pursuit more riches, in whatever means they have, instead of investing in the growth of the country as a whole. So many people can be helped with excess of money…" Jeanne mentions as she turns away from the Hellions' marker. "Well, it was nice to get to meet you Scott, I should probably get back to work now. Don't want the Doctor to say I'm lazy."

“It was nice to meet you too, Jeanne. Welcome the Institute…” Scott bows his head, “Hope you survive the experience” as he makes his way further and deeper into the garden.

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