2012 03 29 Going After Hydra

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Going After HYDRA

Paladin & Arachne (Spider-Woman II)

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HYDRA Base & Paladin's Yacht

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Arachne infiltrates Hydra and meets up with Paladin


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It's a lazy day and Julia is out doing some shopping. She is dressed in civilain clothes currently, with a long trench over them. Removing her phone from her pocket Julia looks at the lack of number with a frown on her face. She is reluctant to answer it since no number is listed. She steps into an entry way of a business and hits the answer button "Hello?

A, perhaps familiar, voice is heard on the other end. "Julia. Hello. Val Cooper. Remember waaaay back when we did our thing and you got your thing? Well, we may or may not have discussed possible future government contracts. And seeing that you're free for the next few days… I've a friend, her name is Sharon Carter. Wonderful woman, you'll like her. Very professional and just happens to work for SHIELD. She's on her way to you and wants to meet you. 11pm, Porterfield building rooftop. Don't be late, oh, and wear that outfit of yours that is beyond compare. Taaaa."
And without a chance for a word in edgewise, Cooper clicks off. Her tone was neutral, perhaps the water under the bridge is under the bridge or maybe she's being standoffish because she has no other choice. Either way, the last remark about being beyond compare was a hint toward the place she got her costume, Battle World while under the thumb of the Beyonder.

At the click of the disconnect Julia stares at the phone in her hand a moment, "Yes Val, I'll get right on that." she says a bit snarkily to the phone, then mutters to herself "Oh who am I kidding." she then dials a number on her phone "Larry, I am going to need you to take Rachel for a few days." as soon as she is done arranging her childcare she ducks out of the building and into an alleyway where she sheds her civilian outerlayers, her costume underneath and completes it with her headpieace pulled from a pocket. She then proceeds to scale the side of the building and make her was to the rendevouz point.

Evening comes and darkness blankets the region. All but for city lights and what illumination is provided by the waxing moon, there's little to be seen atop the 15 floor Porterfield Bldg. From the east, a light hum of some turbine is heard and visually shrouding various illumination one can make out a SHIELD flying car approaching. The vehicle is nothing more than a two-seater with gull wing doors, dark blue in color and sporty in style. A few moments will pass and the vehicle will position itself alongside the rooftop. Passenger side door opens and reveals a blonde wearing a black SHIELD uniform. She calls out to Spider-Woman, "Get in, let's talk."

Spider-Woman stays in the shadows as she waits, sometimes patiently, some times not so patiently, but she doesn't leave the shadows. Hearing the hum she focuses her attention in that direction and watches as she flying vehicle comes in sight. At the invitation she moves quickly to the vehicle, "You're Sharon?" she checks before geting into the empty seat.

"Sharon Carter, SHIELD, Special Tasks Division, among other things." is replied in a coarse voice, one that's seen a lot of yelling in her earlier days.

The interior of the flying car is illuminated with subtle blues and cyans. The windshield is highlighted by a HUD overlay giving clear definition of the city beyond. She pushes a button, the gull wing door closes. Movement of feet and hands causes the car to gain some altitude while propelling itself silently forward and into the night sky. She weaves through buildings as she states, "Cooper said you could be trusted, that even in the darkest part of your active history, your morality and convictions came out on top. She said that you know how to handle yourself in a tight situation and between the Secret Wars and now, you've proven yourself time and again. I checked your files, they seemed to reflect what Cooper said. Which brings us to this point and why I'm here. I'll put it to you straight. We have had a deep cover operative in HDYRA for nearly 2 years now and we lost contact with him. IF, and that's a strong if; IF he's been compromised or if he's turned, I need someone whom he doesn't know and who he couldn't have warned HYDRA about to go in and retrieve him. That's where you come into the picture."

Once the door is closed SW looks around at the interior of the vehicle. All the controls are tempting to play with but she folds her hands in her lap to keep from the firey crash that could result should she hit the wrong button "Is he being kept at a HYDRA base or a safe house?" she asks after Sharon finishes her introductory speech.

"That's the rub. We're not sure if he's being 'kept'. However, we know the location of the HYDRA cell. It's in a warehouse district of Long Island. There are two options you can take to make contact; 1) stealth, make your way in and stay hidden until you locate him and then make contact. Or 2), present yourself as a potential operative. We reactivated your criminal record, just in case for either option, they'll do a background and see that you're wanted by just about every law enforcement unit out there."

"What information can you give me about this agent?" SW asks wanting more information before she decides how she wants to go in. "And if he has changed sides what state do you want him brought in? I'm figuring alive since dead men can't answer questions. Should I treat him like a delicate flower or is roughing up permitted?"

She pushes a few buttons and the monitor in front of Spider Woman illuminates displaying the headshot of the agent. It gives alias (David Sanders) and some background information (former USMC turned merc). "Use what ever means necessary to get him out alive. We don't care what side he's on, just that he's brought in."

Studying the picture to commit the visage to memory SW nods at Sharon's brief "Well since you went to the trouble of making me a criminal again I will go in as a potential operative. Either way I will probably be sneaking around. If he is being held captive I doubt it will be in a place with easy access.

"This particular cell does not have any super operatives that we're aware of. We expect that they will welcome a criminal super but will be suspect of your motives - as most supervillains have unique personality quirks and goals that are often seen as unpredictable and unstable. You may want to work on something along those lines, just to make them feel comfortable that you're a normal supervillain."

SW gives a laugh "I guess we don't have time to stop and get a hairless cat or fluffy mini dog?" she jests "Would sneaking in first, then just dropping down in front of the head guy be quirky enough?

Sharon is not one to smile, but she smirks, "I'm sure that will work. HYDRA agents and subcommanders aren't known for their deductive genius. You'll probably be off to a good start with that ploy. I will be dropping you at this location (she points to a map on the HUD). Their entry point is here (300 yards to the east)."

She studies the map quickly with a nod "Don't bother landing, just slow down and I will take the fast way to the ground." she looks out with window toward their destination "No need for you to be spotted and my sudden appearance be connected."

Coming to a hover, Sharon says, "When you get him out, call this number." and she'll give a card with a number on it. "We'll extract both of you and return you back to your life. Good luck." The door is automatically opened.

SW tucks the card away and pops open the door. "Will do." she gives a waves of her fingers to Sharon before she leaps out of the hovering vehicle, free falling the several dozen feet to the ground before twisting in the air and landing on her feet. She darts forward through the darkness, heading toward the darkest part of the building, keeping an eyes out for sentries that may be on guard.

As with any hidden base located within a warehouse district, there's the standard fixtures; a gate house housing a normal looking overweight security guard that doesn't look like he could outrun a snail unless it was a footrace to the last donut; a half dozen dogs that roam the property; and various cameras that monitor with IR and normal light capabilities. The zone is several city blocks in size and has 12 warehouses spread out over that area along with access to a dock along the bay to the south of Long Island (Atlantic). Essentially everything looks normal, no sign of actual HYDRA except for a particular warehouse where there are two guards posted in front of the large warehouse doors that are slowly opening. The guards are armed with sub machine guns and as the doors open a vehicle is seen entering on the other side of the property. The vehicle is a limosine and will take approximately 3 minutes to arrive at the opening doors. Within the warehouse there's several crates spread out and plenty of room to house several vehicles. It's dimly lit, and Spider-Woman can see the perfect opportunity to hug the top of the massive doors to sneak in if she wanted.

Under the cover of darkness SW scales the side of an adjacent building and silently leaps from the roof to the roof of the target building. Feeling the vibrations through the rooftop of the garage doors opening she crawls over the side and descends head first down the wall, keeping to the shadows, toward the garage door. She scans the interior of the garage before slipping through the gap at the top of the massive door. Once inside she quickly crawls up the wall and into a shadowy corner on the ceiling.

Shadow provides significant cover for Spider-Woman as she enters the warehouse. Full of crates/boxes and random items, she will have the opportunity to notice various guards milling around inside being more social than actual agents. The rafters are around 30 feet off the floor; they too are filled with shadows and the lighting is actually hung down from the rafters, so illumination shines down, not up.
The vehicle is still in route, but closing fast.

SW moves across the ceiling to lay herself along a rafter, scanning the guards and taking note of weaponry and determing who is going to be the tough guy. She stays on her rafter perch, her gaze going from the guards to the door as she waits for it to pull in, assuming that since it is a limo it is either the head of this little group or someone of equal importance coming to back the head guy a visit.

The limo pulls into the warehouse and the 5 agents straighten up. One walks over and opens the door. Nearby, emerging from a crate (apparently the secret entrance to their underground lair) is a male figure, mid 40s wearing a HYDRA Lt uniform.
From the limo a male, mid 60s wearing a white lab coat, steps out to greet the Lt. The words of greeting are in some eastern block slavic language and sound diabolical.

Crawling across the rafter SW gets nearer to their position a plan forming in her mind. Moving through the rafters she places herself over the labcoat weaing fellow. Casting a psychic web (her holding onto one end) at the scientist looking older gentlemen she attempts to wrap him in it then steps from the rafter so that as she falls to the floor he is pulled upward and into the rafters.

The casting of the web alerts everyone in the room that there's an intruder and weapons are drawn. Being faster than the normal human (even the insane normal human), Spider-Woman is able to wrap up the good scientist as expected and descend toward the Lt without anyone firing a shot. Touching down in front of the Lt, the middle aged man looks over the curves and lines of Spider-Woman and raises one brown eyebrow while cocking his head to the left. His germanic accent is thick as he asks, "Vat can ve do for you, frau Spider-Voman"
In the meantime, the scientist is struggling to get out with a few cries for help but draws silent as he sees what's going on beneath him. Also, HYDRA agents rush up to surround Spider-Woman's back, side, and flanks.

The agents stand just outside 10 feet.

SW flings her end of the web upwards where it wraps around the rafter the scientist hang from. He may slip a few inches but should remain out of easy reach. She gazes around at the guards surrouding her before focusing forward on the Lt., "I go by Arachne now," she glances at his lapel "Lieuntenant. And I'm here about what I can do for you." she gives him a femme fatale type smile.

With a slight smirk of consideration, the Lt says, "Ve vill see about such things. But first…" he glances up, "If you don't mind releasing the good doctor so that he may carry out his orders. Then you and I can take our leave downstairs and talk."

Giving a moue of distaste the webbing stretches causing the scientist to slowly descend. "Very well, though he makes a charming ornament. Add a few mirrors to his clothing and you have a disco ball." once the scientist is safely on the ground SW makes a dismissive gesture and the webbing disappears without a trace of it's existance.

"Danke, frau Arachne. One moment…" He speaks to the doctor in the slavic tongue and the doctor responds positively. The doctor only takes a moment to glare at SPII before being shown to the secret entrance crate. The Lt turns back to SPII, "I am Lt Heinrich Von Rothgar, you may call me Lt. Now if you please, allow me to show you into the lair of HYDRA." and he will start walking toward the crate secret entrance.

Following closly behind, she eyes the guards, assuming at least two of them will be taking up the rear to protect the Lt in case she decides to do something, "I've been watching your little operation here for a few days now. Your guard staff leaves me quite unimpressed." she flicks a look to the possible guards trailing them "If things had worked out differently, I could have brought this whole place down. Fortunatly for you though that would hardly serve my purpose."

"Und vat purpose vould that be, Frauline?" the Lt asks as he, SPII and two HYDRA agents enter a hydraulic lift that will take them down into the depths of their lair.

She lifts one shoulder in a shrug "I'm not sure an elevator is the best place to discuss business." yes she did just call his professionalism into question "I'm sure you would agree, Lt." she follows him in, keeping a wary eye on the LT and his associates, though the rest of her expression is collected. Score for the eye hiding mask.

The lift comes to a stop after descending several meters beneath the surface. Doors open into a wide hallway that reaches deep straight ahead and another similiar corridor to the right (forming a 'L'). Many doors exit from the two hallways and there are many HYDRA agents wearing the HYDRA green hooded uniforms taking care of various business aspects. All are armed. That being said - everyone wears a mask except for what she's seen sofar in the Lt, the guards upstairs, and the scientist. Which may be a problem for identifying the subversive.

Understanding what she speaks of, the Lt remains silent leading her down the initial hallway to a second one that splits off through a set of double doors to the left. A smaller hallway leads to an office complex where he ushers her into an office.

The office itself is no larger than 10'x10' and has a desk with one chair on one side and two chairs on the other. There is also a mirrored window one one wall and he motions to the single chair, "Please frauline, vont you take a seat so that ve may discuss business."

Is under no misconception that there isn't something important behind that mirrored window. If she were holding a captive she would want to be able to keep an eye on him personally and what better way than through a one way mirror. Ignoring the chair for a moment she looks around the room "You are setup qoute nicely here. Though I'm surprised by this dinky office." with that she goes to feign sitting down and will wait until he is doing the same before acting.

The Lt will take a seat. He's relaxed with the situation; either it's arrogance or overconfidence, either way he's nonchalant. "Now, frauline. Tell me vat you have in mind so that ve may set ze direction of this conversation."

SW's rear never makes it to the chair, she is back on her feet, jumping onto his desk, webs already wrapping around his legs and arms in an attempt to bind him to the chair and around his lower face to muffle any crys for help he may try to get out.

His eyes widen as he mumbles loudly behind the bindings. He struggles but it is for not and then he seems to smile as he also realizes something. He looks beyond her to the mirrored glass where it's likely HYDRA Agents are scrambling to their feet.

She grins in return "This is the direction our conversation is going to go." she crouches so she is eye to eye with him as she reaches back and webs the door shut the psionic webs shooting seemingly from her outstrecthed hand "I am going to ask whether you are holding any captives here." she holds a hand out to examine her glove "Naturally you will deny with a shake of your head." she looks from her glove "And naturally I won't beleive you and will have to do something terribly painful to your anatomy. Which will lead me to all sorts of greif." she again gives another pout as if the whole situation was distasteful but necessary.

Confused, yet finally understanding, the Lt nods for fear of body parts being removed. Hammering on the door commenses.

"I'm glad we could reach an understanding." she steps off the desk, stapler in hand, and hooks a foot to turn the chair he is bound to to face her as she takes the few steps needed to get to the mirrored window and leans on the wall to the left of it, "I wonder what is on the other side of this." she says aloud as she backhands the stapler through it and uses it to clear what glass remains in the frame.

The large 4'x6' mirrored glass is shattered into a spider like pattern from the point of stapler entry. Large plates of the glass wobble and start to fall out.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the glass the sounds of two sub machine guns are heard chambering rounds and flicking off their safetys. More pounding on the door.

Which is the reason she stood beside the mirror instead of in front of it. Flicking a wrist she shoots forth another web latch onto the LT and drag him to her "And this part of the conversation where you become my shield." she spins the chair again so she can pick it up from the back and does just that as she steps through the entry she made.

Two HYDRA agents are in a smaller dark room on the other side of the glass. Hoisting the Lt in front of SPII gives her a body shield and prevents them from shooting immediately. They ask in American English, "Lt! What do we do?"
The Lt cannot speak because he's bound and gagged, his eyes likely say do nothing as he shakes his head emphatically. They begin backing up toward the only exit from this room - a doorway that will take them back into the hallway from which they were originally. Both agents have their guns pointed toward SPII/Lt but do nothing - yet.
The alarm sounds.

Two HYDRA agents are in a smaller dark room on the other side of the glass. Hoisting the Lt in front of SPII gives her a body shield and prevents them from shooting immediately. They ask in American English, "Lt! What do we do?"

The Lt cannot speak because he's bound and gagged, his eyes likely say do nothing as he shakes his head emphatically. They begin backing up toward the only exit from this room - a doorway that will take them back into the hallway from which they were originally. Both agents have their guns pointed toward SPII/Lt but do nothing - yet.

The alarm sounds.

Backing up, keeping the Lt. in front of her SW stands in the now empty window frame, "Let's make this easy for both of us." she says to the Lt as she sets the chair down and crouches behind it watching the guards over her shoulder. She pauses a moment to listen behind her to make sure that the integrity of the webbed door is holding. "You have someone I want, and you want to be free and me out of here with the least amount of damage to you and your men. So just have the person I am looking for brought to me bound and gagged and I will go away with my prize and you will never have to see me again." she gives a detailed description of the person she is looking for as well as alias "I assume he is your captive, but I won't be surprised if he is parading as an agent. You have five minutes." she says this all quite loud enough for all to hear.

One of the HYDRA agents near the security room door says, "Yeah, I know who you're talkin about. But listen up sweetcheeks, you'll never make it outta here alive. You're boxed in with no where to go and there's a hundred loyal HYDRA agents between you and the exit. Agents that would rather die for the cause than let you live. So you might as well surrender now, cause it's only gonna get ugly and I'd hate to see that pretty face of yours get messed up."
The other HYDRA agent opens that security door and reveals another 10 HYDRA agents standing outside the door trying to figure out what's going on.

"Well yes, that would be true," she says remaining crouched behind the Lt "Assuming one, that I am truely alone, two that I'm not a diversion to get the real team in place and three that the buildings that flank yours weren't wired to explode should I get myself killed." she explains, with a straight face even. The Lt might see that she is bluffing but since he is bound and gagged there isn't much he can say. Giving a nonchalant shrug she pats the Lt on the shoulder "And I bet you are thinking I'm bluffing, but can you really take that chance?

The HYDRA agent that has been speaking, "Lady, we're 60 meters beneath the surface, no explosion topside is gonna mess with us. And if you have a team, then they'll die too. But, to be on the safe side…" He looks to his partner, "Get someone to check it out topside." is stated as he backs through the door into the hallway where the other HYDRA agents are forming up. "Now, if you're as smart as you look, then you'd surrender now. Cause the moment I close this door the room is gonna be flooded with nitrozene gas, you'll asphyxiate within 10 seconds."

SW ponders his threat a few moments "Such loyalty you inspire in your men Lt. that they are willing to kill you to get rid of me. You must have been very good to them for them to willing sacrafice you." inherent sarcasm there, "To be fair I guess I should remove your gag so you can say your final goodbyes to the men that served you so well." she presses her lips to his near cheek "It was fun knowing you, however brief." with that she removes the webbing from his mouth.

The Lt's voice calls out, "Nine Nine Nine!". The HYDRA agent pulls the door closed and muffled voices can be heard on the other side.
The Lt is in a panic, he doesn't want to die. A hissssing sound is heard from above as an odorless gas is pumped into the room through the vents above.

Holding her breath, she takes pity on the paniced Lt. and coldcocks him across the temple, hard enough to knock him about and maybe give him a concussion but not do any permanent damage and dissolves his bindings. With him out she leaps to the ceiling to kick out a fixture and squeeze herself into the crawlspace up there. She counts the seconds as she shimmies on her back across toward where the guards are behind the door. She is under the assumption that in 10 seconds they will assume she is dead and storm through the door, in which case she will bust through the ceiling and be out the door ready to dodge bullets.

Automatic fire is heard in the hallway along with a few odder noises of "THOOP, THOOP, THOOP" and then the door is opened. Standing in the doorway wearing the green suit of a HYDRA agent but wearing purple and bladk headgear (helmet, goggles, respirator) is a man holding a pistol. He looks around the room through his goggles and then up to the ceiling. Speaking through the mask he says, "Jess? You in here?"
Behind him, 10 HYDRA agents are on the floor unconscious.

Continuing to count of the seconds in her head as she waits for her chance to escape, the sound of gun fire surprises her enough that she has to stifle a gasp. Hearing the door slam open she is about to punch through the ceiling when she hears the name of her predecessor, she changes her plan. Inching over to another light fixture, she pulls it out none to gently to get a look at the stranger in the room, before crawling through the hole and hanging upside down from the ceiling. The light auburn hair is a pretty good indicater that this is not Jessica.

His eyes are obscured by the goggles yet the movement of his head indicates surprise, "You're not Jess… but dayum, you're just as sexy. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Paladin and you must be the other Spider-Woman I heard of and always wanted to meet."
There's a beep and with that he pulls the mask from his mouth. Apparently it's safe to breathe.

If not for her mask he would see that her eyes are narrowed looking at him suspiously, must be the HYDRA uniform "Arachne." she says after taking a breath "I take it you are the reason I am causing all this trouble?" she is doing her best to sound perturbed but she isn't quite pulling it off. She flips down to the floor and peers out the door looking both ways down the hall to check for reinforcements that are sure to be coming. She might not be able to see them but she should be able to feel the vibrations of boots on the floor as more HYDRA agents make there way to them.

"Sorry beautiful, if I'm the reason then I'll glady make it up to you. But doubtful. I'm here lookin for intel on Viper. Why are you here?"
The Paladin tucks the mask in his utility belt and starts removing the green HYDRA uniform to reveal his own purple and black attire.
Reinforcements aren't here yet, but they'll soon be. The alarms are still flashing red but the klaxton has been shut off.

The double doors down the eastern hallway have been barred shut.

SW walks over to the unconscious Lt. to check his status. She doubts that knocking him out would have saved his life if the gas was actually lethal but at least he wouldn't have suffered. Bad enough dieing knowing your men killed you, if he's dead of course. "Rescue mission, a deep cover op went silent. I was sent to ascertain why and get him out if he was still alive."

The Lt is fine, sleeping like a baby. The gas was apparently not concentrated enough or it was just knock- out gas to begin with.
The Paladin is happy to watch the movements of SPII, especially when she bends down to check the status of the Lt, but he's trying to pretend that he's busy with his removal of the HYDRA uniform. "That wouldn't happen to be some dude named David.. aka, HYDRA Agent 22734, would it?"

Straigtening the Lt's uniform briefly before turning back to Paladin she nods "Yes. But apparently they weren't willing to make a deal." she mentally puts the peices together, accepts the learning experience and moves on. Working solo is going to be harder then she expected. All her experience thus far has been team stuff. "I guess we will be having to fight our way out?

"Yeah, but we're takin the back elevator." he indicates with a head nod toward the opposite end of the hallway. Then starts walking with confidence in that direction while changing the battery on his stun gun. "Your boy David got transferred outta here two days back. I'm guessin they shipped him to East Coast HQ to be interrogated by the queen snake herself."

"Wonderful." she says with the same amount of sarcasm she used earlier with the LT., "Your timing was convenient. Were you undercover here too?" she hesitates a few moments before following behind watchful of the door in the Lt's office since the webbing that held the door shut is probably all gone by now.

Realizing the poor girl must have a hearing or attention problem, the Paladin says, "Yeah, just following up on a lead." so he keeps it short and to the point.
Reaching the door at the end of the hallway, he listens at it and then opens. A stairwell goes up and down. "Hope you don't mind getting wet."
Thundering boots are heard from above (more than 2 flights) as HYDRA agents are moving down.

SW does seem to be paying more attention to thier surroundings and getting out of the base then what is coming out of his mouth, so it is a good bet that is is the latter of the two. "Not if it means getting out of here." and I bet you mind even less is her unspoken thought, she glances up the stairs at the sound of boots coming their way.

Withdrawing a grenade looking object from his utility belt, he pushes a button and tosses it up to the landing of the metal and concrete stairs. He then starts moving down, "There's an emergency exit out to the ocean. My yacht is just off the coast."

Not wanting to be anywhere near where that grenade is going to explode, SW just vaults the stair railing and drops to the next flight down, and continues that procedure until she gets to the emergency exit where she pauses and waits for her protemp partner to catch up with her. She is kind enough to /not/ be tap her foot impatiently as she waits.

With superior agility and leaping skills, SPII gets to the bottom of the stairs and the emergency exit four flights down and way ahead of Paladin. The emergency exit is actually a pressure door airlock that will take them to a long tube and then another airlock into the ocean (there is a map that details this information). When he arrives, SPII is well informed on how it'll work. Supposidly at the end of the tub there will be floatation devices to help HYDRA agents escape.

SW waits outside the airlock emergency exit glancing over the map and instructions. Once Paladin finally joins her she glances at the non-exitant watch on her wrist "Took you long enough." she then grabs and spins the wheel on the door to unlock and open the entrance to the airlock. Assuming its that style of airlock door of course.
"Sorry babe, not everyone can move as fast and look as good doing it, I caught myself paused to appreciate the grace." Paladin states with a wry smile - one that implies he's flirting visually as much as verbally.
The wheel spins, the air pressure changes with a hissss and then the door opens. A yellow light down the hallway begins to flash - an indicator that the door is open.
Upstairs, there was never a grenade like explosion, just a whole lot of smoke/gas that served to slow down the HYDRA agents.

Going into the airlock she waits for Paladin to come in before closing it and locking the door "Yes, I do make a good disraction." she moves to the other door, "How far is this boat of yours?" though she wonders if swimming to the wharf wouldn't be a better option.

"Just off the coast." He says as he moves in and then starts moving down the hallway in a fast pace. "It's on remote, so I can pilot it closer if we surface too far out."

"Good, I'm a decent swimmer but that water is going to be freezing.." SW proceeds to cycle the outer door open, which begins to let in cold sea water. Glancing back to the other door "How long will that smoke grenade distract them?"

"Running down stairs with a stink bomb burning your eyes and nose combined with enough smoke to blind someone… you tell me." Paladin states as they have one more airlock to bypass. The inner room of the airlock offers inflatable life vests and even hand held air tanks for the ascent.
SW gives him a deadpan expression "Meow." is her reply to his snarkiness "You had a gas mask. I'm not about to assume that the real HYDRA agents don't." once the outer door is open enough for her to squeeze through she takes a breath and slips through the opening.

"My gas masks aren't standard HYDRA issue doll face. They don't have my tech, charm, or good fashion sense. They have low rent hoods that barely block out their neighbor's bad breath. Now let's get this party started. Paladin follows, makes ready with the mask and offers SPII a like mask, "This'll get us to the surface. Stick together. But, if we get seperated, look for the 90 ft yacht."

Mask in place, SW kicks to the surface, fortunatly her costume doesn't absorb water so doesn't weigh her down. Breaking through the water surface she looks around scanning the area to get her bearings and ascertain where she has come out at.

Popping up next to SPII, the Paladin removes his mask and pulls out a waterproof hand held communicator looking dohicky.

All around it's pretty much a harbor. The two of them are a good 100 yards off the coast and there's a decent bit of large displacement water traffic.
After pushing a button, the hand held device beeps a few times and then he says, "She's over there and headed our way." he points, but it being nighttime it's hard to make out the 90' yacht. In a few seconds it'll come clearly into view to reveal itself as an ultra modern, high tech, swanky ultra rich yacht.

Looking from the coast to where the yacht is approaching she seems to be debating which is the better option "Good, I have a call to make. My contact is going to want to know about David as soon as possible." she says after removing her own mask.

Pulling up alongside the two swimmers, the yacht has a rear deck designed for persons to board. He pulls himself up and offers a hand for her to take. "I've got everything you'll need to make that call. Plus towels and some really warm robes."

SW accepts the hand up onto the deck "Warmth would be nice, but first a phone." she walks onto the yacht deck, dripping and squeezing water from her hair "Impressive boat you have here." she glances at him before taking another look around at the surroundings.

"When you make the kinda money I do, there's no sense in being frugal." he says with a hint of confidence or perhaps massive ego. Then he starts walking into the yacht's structure. It's like any other yacht, lots of swanky this, swanky that, a family of 6 could live here comfortably, lots of electronics, luxury items, and of course a communication room. He grabs towells in route and hands two to her while he himself takes two. Once in the com, he says, "Grace, power up the satellite network, our guest needs to make a secure call." The com array powers up and Paladin hands SPII a hand held phone like device with dial numbers and dial tone.

The card that was given is now soaked and somewhat blurred, but still readable.

He says, "I'm gonna shower and change into something more comfortable." then he leaves the small room.
All around, there are insignia that designate that the Paladin owns this yacht. A crest, the name Paladin, the letter P, or even a symbol of his stun gun. All very discerned.

"Thanks." SW takes the towels and phone, wrapping one towel around her hair and draping the other over her shoulders. Sighing at the state of the card she dials the number and begins to wander the common area she was left in as she waits for Sharon to answer, maybe she will try to find herself something to drink as well.

This level of the yacht's common area has a kitchen, living, and dining area. The living has a wet bar with an expresso/hot chocolate/coffee machine that is just a push of a button away from serving delicious stuff.

The phone rings and Carter picks up, "This is Agent Carter."
Placing a mug under the spout SW pushes the go button to the hot beverage dispenser and watches a moment as it starts dispensing hot chocolate "He wasn't there. Intelligence says he was transferred two days ago to the eastern HQ." she tells the woman on the other end without so much as a greeting of hello. Once her beverage is done she takes the mug and begins to pace the room.

"Did you kick the nest, or are they oblivious to your presence?" Carter asks as she plans her next move.

Sipping her drink SW wanders out onto the deck of the yacht, leaning against the railing as she watches the waves roll against the side of the vessel, "I kicked the nest though I wasn't alone in doing so, I had a bit of help. There was someone else there, undercover, that came running. He told me that your guy was moved, not sure how realiable his information is though.

After a pause, she questions, "Who was this person?".

"A guy who calls himself Paladin." she turns so her back is against the railing "He seemed to know who I was after. It's suspicious and he wasn't very forthcoming of his own reasons for being there." setting the mug down she climbs to sit on the rail, ready to go over the side at a moments notice should Sharon gives the word, or maybe even if she doesn't.

A humph is heard over the line. "Paladin." said with the tone of familiarity. "He's worked for us before, he's on the level. But his main motivating factor is money. See if you can find out who's paying him, then you'll likely figure out what side he's on this time. Once you've done this report in and we'll square up your service contract."

SW bites back her initial remark, no use getting snarky with the woman who determines your pay out "Right. Anything else?" she stays perched on the railing her gaze wandering as she waits for any final orders.

"Good luck." is said just before she clicks off.

Paladin walks along the side deck toward SPII. He's dressed in normal and relaxed clothing. Cotton slacks, polo t with collar, really expensive watch, deck shoes. "Good news? I trust.

"Of course." SW says as much to herself as the empty air on the phone. She stares at it a moment as she contemplates her next move and how she is going to get the information Carter wants. "Well it wasn't bad news." she tosses the phone to Paladin as he approaches.

Catching the phone, he says, "How about this, you take a shower, get all warm and I'll make us something to eat?"

SW slides off the railing, removing the towel from her head "I'm all set with the warmth." she picks up her mug and drains the rest of the contents "I wouldn't argue a brush and a hair dryer though." the soaking and subsequent wrapping has left her hair a mass of uncontrollable waves "Or the food. It's been quite awhile since lunch." the ocean breeze has done its job of drying her costume to a relatively comfortable level.

"I'll show you to the master suite then." Paladin will guide SPII down into the first level below decks where a hallway runs the length of the ship offering various entry points into bedrooms and other rooms then to the master suite where it occupies the width of the ship allowing view port and starbord and even bow. The suite has it's own bath with huge garden tub, shower, double vanity, and so on. Essentially as good as a 5 star hotel. "Here you are. Take what ever time you need and no, there are no cameras in there. You like stir fry, yeah?"

Following behind SW occasionally runs her finger across the walls as they pass through the corridors to the suite once they get there she moves past him to look around the room "Now why would I think you had cameras in here?" she asks with a bit of playfulness "And stir-fry is fine. I'm not to picky.

Paladin smiles and leaves well enough alone, "I'll be in the galley when you're done." and he'll depart leaving her to the luxury.
There are plush robes, towells, and everything else a girl could need at her fingertips.

Waiting until Paladin leaves SW takes another glance around and pulls her mask off, first using the hair dryer to dry that the rest of the way, which is quick work fortunatly. With her mask dry she gets down to the business of taming her wild mess of hair with hair dryer and brush, a chore that would be less intimidating if she had her own hair products, but she manages to make do.

Paladin is in the galley making stir fry noodles with veggies and chicken. He's tossing around the wok and stir-frying while a flat screen shows local news and a stereo system plays soft jazz in the background. A bottle of wine is opened and breathing with two glasses sat nearby on the bar.

Her hair as good as can be expected, SW slips her mask back on over her face. She isn't quite ready to reveal her indentity to anyone that doesn't need to know, and so far her opinion is he doesn't need to know. She puts everything back where she found it, and makes her way back up to the common area. "Smells good." she comments as she moves over to sit at the bar.

Paladin remarks, "Thanks." as he pulls two bowls down from the cupboard. Chopsticks are already on the table along with napkins and a bowl of fresh greens to mix with the stir fry. It's more of a Vietnamese Bun' than an actual Chinese confection. The bowls are large and angled with a low and a high side. There are peanuts, duck sauce, and other items on the dining table as well. He starts to serve into the bowls and will place the wok into the sink when done. "I hope you don't mind the Chablis with chicken. I'm not a fan of white - not sure who is really."

"Well if TV is any indication easy women and prostitutes." is SW's immediate response as she moves from the bar to the table "I mean those sex and the city girls would drink just about anything." taking the chopsticks in hand she waits for Paladin to be done serving and to take a seat before taking a bite "And we all know, TV is never wrong." she smiles indicating the last bit is a joke.

Placing the bowls on the table, he goes back for a another sauce he forgot on the counter (mustard in color, spicy hot in flavor). "Oh I totally trust everything I see on TV and read in the paper."

Glancing at the variety of sauces SW chuckles "So you know Jessica? You two work together?" she spoons a small amount of one of the spicy sauces into her bowl and stirs in it with her chopsticks.

Doing the same with the sauces, he goes for the duck sauce and starts mixing in veggies from the central bowl. "We've worked together back when she was out on the West Coast. I've heard she's in town doing a private investigator gig. But not really had the opportunity to hook up with her."

SW takes a few bites her food as he explains "I guess that would explain why you thought I was her." she comments after a sip of wine giving no indication that she might be pondering his choice of words, "I didn't know she was in town I will have to stop by for a visit myself.

"I'd heard the HYDRA agents saying it was Spider Woman. I figured you were strictly west coast." Paladin notes and then takes a bite.

"I guess the memo didn't get around fast enough that I'm not her." SW picks at some of the veggies in her bowl, eating a carrot here or a snow pea there before continuing "My employer didn't seem all that surprised when I informed them you were there. Why is that I wonder." if her lower face is any incidation then she would be brow arching about now.

"Your employer happen to be anyone I know?" Paladin queries between bites.
The food is quite good, well cooked and spiced just right. He probably has a tiny chef under the counter.

She gives a non-chalant shrug as she takes another sip of wine "That would depend on who all you know. As I am not privy to that information I couldn't say." setting botht he glass and her chopsticks down she leans forward slightly, "But if you show me yours, I would be willing to show you mine," she smiles knowingly, "Employers, that is.

Only for a second does his eyes get wide as she's offering to show things. But then disappointment comes with a smirk. "Sorry babe. I'm under contract. What happens in contract club, stays in contract club." Paladin notes before taking another bite.

"Then we are at an impasse on that subject." SW obviously isn't willing to divulge anything without reciprocity. She picks up chopsticks up and changes she subject as if the previous exchange never happened "This is quite good." indicating the food "Where did you learn to cook?

"I've a chef and she gives me pointers now and again." Paladin states, not really concerned with or without learning who hired her. He's more interested in her; as his eyes suggest - they're attentative and interested - as if he finds her appealing. "How long are you in town?"

SW frowns slightly at the simple explanation "A chef? And here I was looking forward to a thrilling story about trips to the far east." she grins though she she must not be overly disappointed "Only as long as my employer deems necessary. I could be gone in mere hours or could be here for months." she gives a shrug as if it didn't matter one way or the other to her.

"We will be pulling into my slip within 15. It's within the upper East Side harbor district. Once there I'm sure we'll part ways so you can get back to your business at hand. But, if you're so inclined and happen to be staying in town for a while longer, maybe you would like to take in the sites, maybe catch a show on Broadway. Dinner at Esca."

Nodding at him she takes a few last bites of her meal and dabs her mouth with a napkin "Yes, I need to get back to be debriefed while tonight's events are still fresh." relaxing back in her chair "Are you suggesting a date?" one shoulder lifts "Perhaps that could happen, but I make no promises."

"Of course I'm suggesting a date. There isn't a man in the world who would want to pass up the opportunity of your company outside of a work environment." the Paladin expresses with a confident smile of intent and desire.

"I'm sure I could name a few." SW gets up from the table and begins to clear her dishes to take to the sink. "If I am to be in town for a few days, I'll be sure to let you know.

Soon the yacht is pulling into the slip (autopilot and all that). Paladin will walk SPII to the extending gangplank and then as he hands her a business card <Paladin - Hero for Hire <phone number» says, "Have a great evening." with a wink and a smile.

Taking the card SW glances at it before tucking into her uniform "Thanks for the lovely meal." she smiles back at him and forgoing the gangplank leaps from the deck of the ship to the dock and is quickly out of sight.

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