2012 03 29 Awesome Girl Hassles Nerdy Freak

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Awesome Girl Hassles Nerdy Freak Guy

Dr. Nemesis and Lifeguard

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March 29, 2012

Med-Bay - Sublevel - Xavier Mansion

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Lifeguard visits Dr. Nemesis to ask some questions about her new form.


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Over the course of the last several months the X-Men's medbay has slowly evolved into a something else entire. Were one to look upon it in the typical before/after image montage, they'd see only a handful of similarities to the austere pristine white and silver bay that once was. Now it's a thing that could best be considered controlled chaos. The place is still perfectly kept up, gleaming with chromes and silvers, but now it's a touch darker with flickering lights and mobile displays in three dimensions all displaying criss-crossing cascades of data even as a myriad of containers house a variety of experiments. Across the way there are still the beds, the diagnostic equipment, but they've been enhanced and augmented to better suit the needs of such a diverse collection of individuals like the X-Men.

One such individual is none other than Dr. Nemesis. It's here he spends most of his time, and today is no different than any other. He stands on a slightly raised dais to the side of the room, several monitors on motorized waldo arms move with quiet mechanical whirs to try and maintain a place in his vision at all times as he leans over a table and dabs lightly at a piece of something green and writhing upon the examination table. A field of some sort surrounds the table, and occasionally makes short electrical flickers of light

Making her way into the room is the mutant/Shi’ar hybrid Lifeguard. Dressed in her red X-Factor uniform, the former human now stands taller and more muscular with golden flesh. Gone are her blond locks replaced black feathery hair, draped across her back would appear a cape of black feathers, but are really lengthy wings folded across her back and tattoo markings surround her eyes, denoting her royal lineage. She sighs a moment when she sees the room and looks up at the dais where Dr. Nemesis stands. “Hello doctor.” Her voice is authoritative and much less human than when they last spoke.

Considering the last time they 'spoke' was when she wasn't really she, but was some shapeshifting alien sort, a change in voice and tonal resonance isn't too surprising. Over his shoulder he glances slightly, one of the monitors whirring to focus upon her with its camera automatically performing a series of scans. If she happens to catch a glance at another one of them she'll see her form pop up on it in various spectrums, small notations popping up and denoting aspects of her physiology.

"Ms. Cameron," The man looks back towards his work, a small stylus-like object in his hand pressing down upon the writhing green thing, stabbing into it and causing it to writhe all the more. It looks almost organic and yet not so. He straightens up from his work, turning to look upon her with that grey-eyed gaze of his, resting his hands on his hips. "If that is your real name." He narrows his eyes, acting as if he didn't trust who she was, eyeing her askance oh so suspiciously. But he smirks and lifts his chin, "What can I do for you? Here to hassle an old man into an early retirement, for shame."

As the camera inspects her, she lifts her hand and points at it accusingly. Much more aggressive in this new form, Heather barks out, “I am still Heather Cameron, human! You would do best to remember that!” She sneers as her image pops up and information regarding this new form scrolls onto a screen. She lets out an audible inhuman sigh and then relaxes as much as she can as she walks past the camera and directly towards the doctor on the dais. She leaps up and unfurls her wings which allow her to meet him and his gaze as she stares back at him, “I came to ask your input on an offer that was made to me. As a medical professional, is it even possible to rid myself of this form and return again to my humanity?”

One eyebrow cocks at her though his expression is partially hidden behind that medical mask. He leans to the side to brush fingertips over a series of keys, the monitors flickering further to life with cascading displays of blue-text data. He hmms to himself and then turns back. "Sorry, what was that? I was just scanning you for your apparent loss of your sense of humor."

He brushes past that however with a wave of one hand as he does not seem cowed by her, nor does he withdraw from her approach. He merely cocks the other eyebrow as he says levelly, "Well from what I know of your mutation, Ms. Cameron, that would not be the approach I'd come at this problem, if a problem it is. Correct me if I'm wrong but this is your genetic makeup, and you are in essence an instinctual shapeshifter. Gaining control of your powers should allow you control of your body and allow you to become 'yourself' though who is to say what is yourself is a question for the philosophers."

Hissing at him under her breath, Heather remains hovering in the air with small wing flaps keeping her up. Closing her eyes a moment, her regular thick Australian-accented voice comes through, “Doctor, I seem to have even less control of my abilities that I did before. I have no conscious control over whatever transformations I take. My powers are situational. It seems even more hopeless than before.” Finally opting for a closer approach, she reaches for the dais and hops onto it making room for herself, “Plus, there may be a quicker way. I was recently approached by someone who could possible help me, but I am reticent consider who she is and the organization she works with.” She sighs, “Though the fact that she even knew of my what happened to me makes me think she or they can actually do this.”

Folding his arms over his chest, Dr. Nemesis focuses fully upon her. There's a moment where those grey eyes hold her gaze and he tilts his head to the side just so. Still he remains unintimidated, having faced down larger scarier folks than her before, yet he's looking on her more as someone seeking help…

"Ms. Cameron," He starts, frowning for a moment. The moment passes, then he leans forwards a bit. "You perhaps don't know me terribly well." He levels with her calmly, "I am not one who often comes down on the side of the angels, if you will." He holds up a finger as if to stay any interruption. He goes on. "To me it looks like you're unhappy with things for yourself, you want to get control of your powers and abilities, you want help trying to figure out things scientifically and get to a point where you can be at peace."

He waits a beat and if she doesn't counter him entirely he continues. "I think if you look at it here, at Xavier's, if you ask for help you're going to get it from people who make it their life's work to help people like yourself. Xavier's a goofball, but he's a goofball with his heart in the right place. He surrounds himself with other decent goofballs. And if you want a scientific solution or some help, well hell. You could do a lot worse than me."

Once that rare moment of altruism is past he then adds. "As for this offer from this shady group of people, I think you might want to ask yourself what's the price they'll ask you to pay for their help. At least here you know what it'll be. Charles will want you to be a good person and pay it forward and all that. Me, I like cash." He smirks, then adds.
"Those other folks. Well, they usually like to ask for something you can't ever really pay nor really get back."

Taking in all he has said, Heather pauses and seems to think it mull it over in her mind and nods, but then pauses, “As much as Charles wants to help mutants and the universe for that matter. His track record isn’t the best, is it? Cyclops still needs to wear his visor. Rogue still cannot touch anyone without fear of absorbing them. It seems that I fall into the category of Charles’ desire to help, but realistically there is not much he can do. Plus, Charles is too close with my aunt, Lilandra. I feel Charles’ route would be to accept this form and simply learn how to live with it. Sometimes, we must deal with the devil in hopeless situations. I came to you, since you seem to be more realistic than most of the residents in the mansion and you bow to the views of science without necessarily adhering to any moral code.” Leaning against the railing of the dais, she places her head in her hands, “Since you keep yourself cooped up in this mad laboratory of yours, you are probably not familiar with Hydra and Viper. She has recently given us vital information that will help in the rescue of someone dear to her and to us. I would think she would be grateful and she has offered Hydra’s resources to help me. And seriously, how bad can the price be for a return to my old life?”

Dr. Nemesis peers at her for a moment, and there's a faint twitch there. His jaw sets and his eyes narrow, one hand lifts to rub at the back of his neck. "It sounds as if you've already made your decision." He waits a moment, then continues. "I think in part I would agree with Charles' philosophy. It depends on what you ultimately want. There might be a way to help you get a better handle on your powers. But completely change your genetic code to remove them, or make you human as opposed to your full heritage…"

Dr. Nemesis frowns for a moment then shakes his head. "It's not impossible, in fact what brought me here to work with Charles was the threat of individuals manipulating genetics in the search for a 'cure' to mutants. It sounds in part as if you are searching for that."

Frowning, Heather begins to hiss again, “Doctor, I am proud to be a mutant. I do not seek a cure for that. Mutants should be proud of who they are. I am proud to have my powers and I have done good with them even before I joined X-Factor. It is this form.” She holds her arms out. “So it is possible.” She smiles a bit. Seemingly cheered up, she leans forward to give the doctor a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you. That was all I needed to here. I have not decided if I will take up Viper on her offer, but I at least wanted to know if it was possible.”

The good doctor's nose twitches slightly, annoyed. Perhaps at the kiss, perhaps at something else. He tells her something, "One moment, Ms. Cameron." He rests his hands on his hips. "If you decide this is something you wish to explore, I'll turn my considerable intellect to discovering what can help you. But if you're going to go to these Hydra people, then let me know so I don't waste my time." Alright that might be a little harsh.

A short breath is taken, then almost grudgingly he adds. "Look, kid." He tries to moderate his tone and then adds, "A long long time ago, when I was young… er. I made a stupid mistake. I listened to some persuasive people who made some telling arguments, played up to my ego, to my desires. They made me an offer and their pitch, and it was really persuasive. I took them up on it, though I knew that they were shady, that I didn't entirely trust them. It's the one thing I regret in my life. Everything I do is tainted by that decision. I just would be loathe to let you make that same mistake."

Lifeguard hmphs at the harsh offer and is ready to make a comment, but when his tone changes and he seemingly shows a glimpse of humanity and concern, she blinks and her jaw nearly drops. Is the doctor actually a nice guy? Lifeguard half-smiles and looks down to the floor below and nods, “Offering that much means a lot, Doctor. I won’t press you for what the decision was and who the people were.” She exhales, but slower and then fully smiles, “Very well, I won’t go with Hydra. As for whether I want to change or not, perhaps I should talk to Charles first. After talking to him and if I feel like it is the right decision, then we can proceed with what options you may find.” With that, she leaps off the dais and starts to the door, but stops and turns back, “Thank you…” She pauses, “You know I don’t even know your first name.”

“It's Doctor," And with that he turns back to his monitors, probably not wanting her to see his facial expression as he leans over the computers and starts them working all over again. His gloved hands go back to their steady staccato rhythm of keystrokes.

Then, perhaps to get her moving he waves a hand behind him. "Now get out of here. I've got lots of work to do." And to be fair, he does, especially since she might already see flickering images of herself and data files opening up in a steady flow of information upon those myriad monitors and even on one of the holographic displays.

Smiling as she can see he is already working on her dilemma, Lifeguard simply nods and exits with a renewed sense of hope.

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