2012 03 27 Ninja Trouble Not Girl Trouble

Log Title:
Ninja Trouble, Not Girl Trouble

Spider-Man, Luke Cage

IC Date:
27 March 2012

Luke Cage's Office, Harlem

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Spider-Man swings by Luke Cage's new office to ask for some advice.


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The phone isn't ringing. Sitting on a desk next to a stack of assorted papers, the plain beige landline phone sits completely silent. Near the stack of papers is an elbow, which supports the arm which supports the head of Luke Cage, who is staring directly at a silent phone. His expression is one of complete boredom, as if he has been sitting in his office staring at the phone for a while now.
As far as offices go, it's pretty sparse. In fact, other than the desk, two chairs, the phone, and the current occupant, there really isn't much there other than a few cardboard boxes. Clearly, Luke has set up shop only recently, and hasn't quite finished setting the shop up at that. Still, at least the office space is clean, which is more than can be said of some of the places he's worked. A second floor office in Harlem isn't anything to complain about.
With a sigh, Luke removes his tired-looking face from his hand, and sits back in his chair, looking at the framed photograph of him with an afro that sits on his desk.
Perhaps a welcome… or unwelcome reprieve from that boredom arrives in the form of a swinging /whumpf!/ of sound that comes from outside that office window.
It doesn't take much to realize who or what it is, just a glance and there hanging partially from the glass is the Amazing Spider-Man, one hand with splayed fingertips flat against the window, the other hand waggling back and forth as he waves to the lone man inside.
From outside the sing-song tone of voice is heard as Spidey pipes up, "Hey, I'm looking for a pair of private investigators. Two inconspicuous guys, like a fella that wears a metal headband and another guy in slippers?"
The sudden collision of spider against window pane is enough make Luke's head jerk in the appropriate direction. For the briefest of seconds, he looks at the window in disbelief, but that look is quickly dispelled. From inside, the voice is muffled just a bit, so Luke slowly gets up and walks over to the window. He makes something of a show of demonstrating how much of a hurry he is not in. Fiddling with the latches, he opens the window, has a hinge rather than the usual sliding fixture. "Sorry man, you just missed 'em. By like… years." He takes a step back from the now open window. "Come on in, before you scare away the paying customers."

Hopping up and planting one foot, Spider-Man rolls forward to land in a three-point stance with a light thip-thap inside the office. He straightens up and faces the tall figure of Luke Cage, offering the man a smile that isn't evident from behind the mask but can be heard in the tone of his voice.
"Hey, Luke!" He extends a hand for an offer of a shake, "Was just swinging by and I heard about the new digs and all. What's the haps?" Once the greetings are exchanged he gives the place a once-over, mirrored lenses flickering from point to point before he decides to take up a perch upon the wall, balanced there on the balls of his feet.
Luke spreads his arm out, gesturing over the entire office. "You can see for yourself, not a lot going on right now." Putting his arm down, he meanders back over to his desk, and stands behind it. "I'd offer you something to drink, but I don't have a secretary yet to get it for you. And also, no drinks." He looks over at an empty corner, as if looking at a refrigerator that is not yet there. "I'm guessing you didn't stop by for a Pepsi though, and we aren't currently accepting applications… so what can I do for our Friendly Neighborhood Spider?"
"Oh harsh, now what if I was here totally looking for a job?" Spider-Man lets it go though as he waves with one bewebbed hand. He shifts his stance a bit to the side and looks around again, this time probably procrastinating giving voice to his thoughts or reasons. It's only a small procrastination, however, as he turns back to look at Luke.
"I don't know if you were aware or how in touch you guys stay, but you know Misty Knight is doing the whole PI thing too down the way?" He gestures with one thumb over his shoulder, though probably not really anywhere near to the actual direction of Nightwing Investigations.
"Yeah, I know. I actually dropped by her office not long ago. Seems like she and Colleen are doing alright for themselves. Receptionist and everything." He pauses for a second, one of his eyebrows subconsciously raising itself as he looks directly at where Spider-Man's eyes should be. "Pretty sure they're not hiring either… but I can put in a good word for you if you want." For the first time, his expression becomes a legitimate smile as he sits down in his apparently brand new leather chair. Like any good private investigator/Hero for Hire, he slowly places one foot up on his desk, which is in turn followed by the other.

"Har-de-har," Spider-Man lifts one hand to the back of his neck, rubbing there thoughtfully. He looks distantly to the side for a moment, then shifts those mirrored lenses back to the tall man. "When you popped over, how'd she seem to you? Everything seem ok?" He asks that question with the tone of someone who clearly most likely doesn't think everything is ok.
"She was about as happy to see me as I would expect, considering I brought a dead… you know what? Forget what I brought her, she seemed alright to me." He leans back a bit further in his chair, interlacing his fingers together across his stomach. "What's the matter, did she show you her arm stump? I hear it's pretty up under that robot arm." He looks away, over towards his window, and then suddenly begins to shiver as a mock spasm comes over him. "Yuck."

Luke's probably known Spider-Man long enough to be able to read the ick expression that comes to life under Spidey's mask. He crinkles his nose and shakes his head a bit. "She'd totally kick your butt if she heard you right now." But then he pushes past that as he leans forwards a bit, resting his forearms upon his knees as he balances there upon the wall in that physics-defying way of his.
"Nah actually I was meaning like… ah heck I dunno. Just she was helping me with this ninja thing that was going down and I mean I've known Misty for a while, but I wouldn't say we're like close friends. You and her have history. But would she have any reason of late to be acting… I dunno, funny?"
Another pause ensues, while Luke gives Spider-Man a look that can only be summarizes as 'perplexed.' Then suddenly, he lets out a loud, very obvious groan and leans his head back. "Oh no you don't Spider-Man. You cut yourself off right there. I am not bored enough that I'm going to listen to your girl troubles." Although his voice gradually raises, Luke doesn't actually appear to be angry. He does, however, remove his feet from his desk and take a slightly more aggressive stance in his chair.

"Hey!" Spider-Man clearly goes on the defensive, climbing up the wall a bit almost to the ceiling as he hangs there. "Never said anything about girl troubles. Just I seriously like know next to nothing about like, her story and all." If he didn't have the mask on it'd be definitely easier to get a read on him, but the voice clearly rings with a surprised imbalance. "Seriously, there was this ninja sword thing that semeed to mess with people's brains and I don't have like a baseline to operate from to know the difference between a normal Misty Knight, and a wacko Misty Knight." "A ninja sword?" Luke settles back down into his chair, his expression still a bit skeptical. "Man, I don't know. She seemed okay, but I figure if there was anything wrong with her Colleen would probably have noticed by now." He un-interlocks his fingers, and folds his arms across his chest. "You'd probably be better off talking to her, honestly. Or I could go pay another visit tomorrow." He looks down at the phone "If things don't pick up by tomorrow, I should probably go see them anyway."

"If you could I'd appreciate it," Spider-Man seems pleased that Luke brings up that possibility. He drops down off the wall with a thump, landing in front of the window and looking across the way at the man. "I mean I'm probably just imagining it, but hey you never know. She could be a Skrull or something."
That having been said, Spider-Man plants a hand on the windowsill and pulls it open. "That was it though, don't want to take up too much time in your busy schedule. I mean, you know, unless you needed my advice on gals and all that." He smirks behind the mask and perches on the lip of the windowsill, about to make his exit.
Luke smiles at the wall-crawler and uncrossed his arms. "You must have bumped your head, everyone in the great city of New York knows that Luke Cage doesn't need any advice when it comes to the ladies." He makes a shooing motion with his right hand. "Go on now, get out of here, I'm a busy man and you're keeping me from getting my work done." He stands up, making his way over toward the window, preemptively prepared to shut it behind his unannounced guest.

"Seeya!" And with that it's out the window that Spider-Man drops, just a single beat before there's that tell-tale /THWIP!/ and a webline has the Spectacular Spidey swinging away off towards the sunset.

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