2012 03 26 No Crying Over Spilled Coffee

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No Crying over Spilled Coffee

Empath, James, and Phantasm

IC Date:
March 26, 2012

Grapevine Cafe - Upper East Side

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Empath encounters James and Mike at the Cafe and picks a fight.


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Brr. With the low being in the 30s, it is quite fortunate for the afternoon sun marking off the high temperature of the day. So instead of 30 something degrees, we have 50 degrees with no rain. If it wasn't for the sun, the cafe would not be experiencing much of anything in terms of clientelle. But even now, the cafe is very uncrowded, offering up plenty of seating options for those who choose to stop here.

With a bit of time until the next festival date and with some oddities occuring on the home front, Mike has found himself back in the city. He came in late on Sunday and as a result, he's had to hold off on taking his medicine until Monday night. Unfortunately, it is Monday afternoon and quite an early Monday afternoon as well. Tired, cranky, and with just a little over a week since his home away from home got torched, Mike's not in the best of moods and he sits sullenly, coat and knitcap working to provide him warmth as well as some semblance of privacy as he sits. A change tray and receipt resting on the table surface beside him as he simply reads a blue covered book and sips coffee.

Entering into the Grapevine to seek some warmth, Manuel de la Rocha moves right to the counter. He is escorted by a nubile young co-ed who he had encountered some time ago in the park, she was left topless after an incident involving a mutant. As they make their way to the counter, he orders two espressos for himself and the girl. Spying Mike at the grapevine, he smiles and whispers into the girl’s ear. She nods and obeys as she saunters over to Mike, “Excuse me. You’re famous, aren’t you?” She asks.

James has finally gotten over what happen at the park but it was a good lesson not to be open about his powers no matter if he is using them to help or not. He walks into the cafe in a heavy coat it never this cold normally on in cali. He goes and orders Venti 1 pump caramel, 1 pump white mocha, 2 scoops vanilla bean powder, extra ice frappuchino with 2 shots poured over the top (apagotto style) with caramel drizzle under and on top of the whipped cream, double cupped. He then sits at a table. With him he has a strange metal statue of a woman kneeling and her hands raised up over her head. The thing is about a foot and a half tall and seems to be made of pure metal with not welds or seams

There's a crisp sound as the page turns, sliding along the surface of another as Mike continues reading, the task eventually hindered by the woman coming over and blocking the sun. "No." he replies, blandly not even looking up, "I just get that a lot." He frowns, eyes flitting about the same area of the page over and over as he gets a tad bit more irritated. Damn it. Where was he?

Another look at the girl from the counter and Manuel gives her a little emotional tweak when Mike lies to her about his celebrity status. The girl becomes more forward and actually sits down next to him, “Yeah, you are. I can tell. You are that guy. You know. You are the guy that sings. You know, music. That guy.” She seems utterly ditzy and idiotic. When James enters, Manuel decides to multi-task, he saw the lad use his powers, which were rather impressive. Making his way over to James, Manuel offers a smile, “Hey…from the park, right?”

James also spills his drink as he turns and spots the woman who top was stolen. How big is this island and how many people are here and he runs into her again….Damn it! He then looks up at the person coming over and almost falls out of his chair as there seems to be another one from the park. He does not remember the face but it seems this guy remembers him. He frowns some, "yah" His hand moves to the statue he hate to distory it but he will if he needs to, "is there going be a problem?"

What an insistent pes- eh er person, isn't she? Reaching a hand over to the change tray, Mike snatches his receipt and tucks it in between the pages of the book before he slams it shut, exposing the illustration of a raven upon the cover. Well, if it isn't his favorite collection of stories. Damn she's annoying! His head tilts downwards as his eyes close and his mouth closes shut, counting backwards from 10 within his mind. Halfway through he starts to relax a little, eyes opening and head turning to look up to the woman. "Guilty." He offers with a smile, "But, let that be our secret okay?"

As James’ hand moves to the statue and he asks Manuel if there is going to be a problem, Empath simply laughs, as if this boy could really do anything to him with that metal melting power. After a few chuckles, Manuel shakes his head and in a think Spanish accent, “No. No problems.” Maniel then joins James, “I actually wanted to check up on you. I wanted to see if you were ok after those guys tried to hurt you.” As Manuel speaks, his powers are already at work as he attempts to get James to calm down and to be friendlier towards him.

The young co-ed, Susan, giggles, “Oh ok. Our little secret.” She places her hand onto Mike’s, “I just love your music.” Peering to notice the book, “Oh wow, I love Poe. What is your favorite work by him? I just love the Tell-Tale Heart.”

James relaxes even with out your power he is a friendly and open person normally. He smiles, "shaken up but fine for the most part. I'm not use to people actting like that just because I am different."

"The Murders in the Rue Morgue." Mike replies, pale eyes flicking down to look to Susan's hand. His own starts to shift before it settles still, the owner of the hand thinking better of it as he flips the book over, covering up the raven but exposing the picture of Poe on the other side of the cover, "So what is it about the Tell-Tale Heart that you like?"

“Well, we live in a world people are hated, if not for the color of their skin then it is the language they speak, or the power they possess.” Manuel offers sympathetically and in earnest. He notes the statue and then hmmmmns, “So what have you got there?”

Susan nods as Mike mentions his favorite, “To be honest, I am not familiar with the Murders in the Rue Morgue. You will have to tell me about that some day. And I like Tell-Tale Heart for the build-up to the man’s insanity. He committed a murder and it was ultimately his own mind that led to his arrest and admission of guilt. The build-up to the insanity. It is suspenseful and Poe is a master with the beat and rhythm. Somewhat like the Raven.”

James looks at the statue and smiles, "my last project my father is an artiest and I guess I am to. It's called the praise. My dad convinced the model he was using to pose for me. It was the first time I did anything with a nude model. It's not as good as what my dad can do in clay but he said since it is in metal it will be seen better then clay."

"And the Raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door…" Mike murmurs, smile strengthening, "That is also a good one." There's a twinge of amusement within Mike as his annoyance fades away, "Poe is a master of rhythm. He's also very good with dark imagery which does help with controling the mood quite a bit as well."

“Yes and quoth the raven ‘nevermore’” Susan follows, “Yes, he is totally Goth. So your music…is it dark and rhythmic like Poe? Is he an inspiration to you?” She tilts her head to the left clearly showing interest in Mike while Manuel continues his conversation with James. “Ah I see. Well, it is a beautiful statue, but I wonder if it was your powers that made it so easy to manipulate the metal. That is what you do…manipulate metal, like that sword you created that melted into your hands, right?”

James nods, "yah that's it and yes that is why it was easy but I still have to model the metal it does not just take shape the skill still comes from me. It's not like a mutant who super fast entering a race. It more like a mutant who does not get tired he still has to work at being fast to win."

When Susan's question drifts over to asking him to describe his own music, the smile fades. "Nevermore." He murmurs, moving his hand from under Susan's and instead reaching over for his drink, "I might read a lot but most of the inspiration comes from life, not books." Mike's mood starts to darken again, irritated by something Susan said.

“Wow…so is your life all dark and stuff? I hear some musicians are Satanists and into drugs and stuff? Do you worship Satan? Do you do drugs?” Susan asks in all earnestness as she places her hand on Mike’s drink and she takes it from him and ready to sip, but stopping herself short, “You don’t have herpes, do you? I know a lot of musicians like to have weird sex stuff. Are you one of those types?”

Manuel continues with James, “Fair enough. So you got some skill, huh?” He hmmmns a moment, “Oh. I am Manny.” He extends his hand to shake, “What’s your name?”

James smiles and nods, "yah I think I do. My father been teaching me since I was little." He shakes the hand, "I am James. So why are you not freaked out about me being um you know like everyone else was."

Mike's brow raises as Susan grabs his drink and looks at her rather dumbfounded. He reaches over to pick up his book, shaking his head as he starts to get up, letting the girl keep the already paid for drink. A bit of an impuse guides him as he opens his lips once more, leaning near Susan, giving her an impish smile, "What do you think?"

“Well, I guess it would depend on the type of herpes and the number of partners you have had. Considering you are dark, but intellectual, I can imagine women are drawn to you like a moth to a flame.” She sips the drink and then giggles. Meeting his impish grin with her own, she moves in to kiss the rockstar, kinda just throwing herself off the chair and into his face.

Manuel for his part continues the conversation with James while manipulating Susan. Ah a true multi-tasker, “I am not freaked out by you because I am a mutant too. Though I have to keep my powers under wraps. ButI learn to control mine at my school, where they work with our kind.”

James raise an eyebrow, "school? our kind? There is a school for mutants? I never heard of such a place. I would think that haters would attack or something the place weekly. It can't be safe place to live. What are your powers?"

At the, more than willing, approach of the woman, Mike finds his attempt to get up halted by the woman's presence. His body slides back, leaning against the back of his own seat. A hand lifts up instinctively brushing alongside the woman.
The lips twist smiling against hers before he returns the kiss, encouraging the woman to continue as he starts to drift into a mindset he used to entertain much more frequently than he does now adays.

Susan continues the kiss and as the two make out, Susan presses herself against Mike, "Do you have a place we can go to so we can continue this in private?"

Grinning with James' surprise, "Yes a school for mutants. It is not public knowledge. And no would attack it because we are all pretty powerful, like yourself. And we are protected by our headmistress and the staff, which is kinda cool. It is a mixture of humans and mutants." He looks away a moment when asked about his powers and then responds, "I am basically 'living satellite dish', and able to siphon off a portion of the Earth's electromagnetic field, converting it into discharges of destructive force while creating a vacuum in the environment that causes inter-atmospheric anomalies, counteracting natural weather phenomena. It so complicated that, I never use my abilities in public. Only at the school where it is safe. You should check it out."

James nods, "would like to see this school. Does it cost a lot to go there? My dad is pretty well known artiest but that only means we are not eating cat food. In another words we are not rich middle class at best." He smiles, "so you effect the weather then?"

Unfortunately it's around that point he finally sees Empath. The lips close, as his eyes turn, glancing to Empath and then back towards the woman. He smiles again, but his mood has switched from the interested to something much crueler, angrier. "Tempting. But I don't do threesomes." His hands lower, and his head tilts back, preventing her from any more kissing, if for some reason she still felt the need to try that despite the rejection. His eyes narrow, "Tell your handler I don't need a freebie."

“Well, it is more like if I use my powers too often, a hole will open up in the sky and suck people into outer space and there will be massive explosions and all this other not so good stuff.” Manuel shrugs as he says this lie with such ease. He then smiles and hands James a card, “The school is in Massachusetts, but there is a main office here and we always commute back and forth courtesy of a teleporter. But you should definitely check it out. You would definitely avoid things like what happened at the park the other day.”

With a widening grin on his face as he continues chatting with James, Manuel attempts to turn the table on Mike and feeling that anger and cruelty smirks and does a little twinge on Mike as he attempts to dispel that anger and animosity and turn it into lust…lust targeted on Susan. For her part, Susan remains seated and has a grin to match Manuel’s though the two make no eye contact, “Are you sure about that, rockstar? I’ll be your #1 groupie!”

James takes the card and looks at it, "wow that farther then I thought but only. So do I need to make an appointment or is this more cloak and dagger thing?" He smiles. With the idea of a teleporter sound more like it should be on the moon or something

It is lust Empath calls for and it is lust Empath gets. As Susan remains, the smile parts as he starts to lean towards Susan a bit more, longingly. "Number one…" God, it's so temp- Mike's eys close, taking in a sniff of Susan's skin as his hand lifts up to press against her side once again. "Could always," he pauses, shaking his head hand lowering as his mood continues swinging, beyond the lust and back into anger. His hand grips upon Susan's arm a bit tightly as his need to lash out starts to override his need to enjoy the woman upon his lap. His teeth grit as he grows still.

And what a time for the expressos to be brought in. As the waitress approaches near Empath, the side of the tray slaps up, flinging the cups of hot liquid at Manuel, and consequently, by proximity, James.

“Well, take the card and call the number on there. But I can probably show you around or at least put you on the right track with one of the counselors.” Manny extends his hand again to James, “We’ll probably be in touch again, I am certain of it.” As he gets up to leave, he finally some rather hot coffee is spilled onto him. Letting out a loud yelp and cursing in Spanish, Manuel looks to Mike. Anyone who was being enthralled finds themselves momentarily confused. “Pendejo!” Manuel yells out.

James nods, "yah I'll give them a call and any help would be great." He then blink as the hot coffee spills on him. He jumps up, "the the hell that's hot!" She pulls at his pants to get the hot coffee away from his skin, "God you just lost your tip"
With Manuel no longer playing pimp, Mike is busy dealing with some confusion as he starts opening his eyes. Blinking at Susan, he releases his grip and instead pushes the woman gently, trying to give her the hint to get off of him before he does it for her. "Caffler." He mutters.

As the staff of the Grapevine go to help Manuel and James when Manuel enraged by this direct offense, he closes his eyes are he mutter something in Spanish and tweaks at James’ emotions. Attempting to instantly fill the boy with rage, anger, and hate and direct it at Mike. “Oh these were expensive clothes.” Susan blinks, confused and the gentle push makes her rush into the women’s room and away from all this.

James is a teenage boy with hot coffee on his lap it is not hard to push the rage that already there. He grabs a napkin holder and his eyes turn silver and a silver glow around his hands appears. The metal of the hold twist and changes shape under his hand. Soon a crude knife appears and he runs at Mike with a scream.

With no woman weighing him down, Mike gets up from the seat. Picking up his book but leaving the coffee he glares at Empath before he looks to James at the scream. Feet shifting instinctively to the positioning of one used to fighting, the musician actually seems to smile as he swings the book down on the point of the blade. His other hand comes in a downward motion with the intent of shoving James's head down with a bit of a forceful push on the back of his head.

Thankful that there are a few patrons, only about 4 and with the addition of the staff, Empath’s takes a seat at the counter and begins to mutter something in Spanish when all within the Grapevine aside from Mike and James. The patrons find themselves devoid or any emotion whatsoever. They simply remain still, almost zombie-like. As the two other mutants fight, Manuel goes about cleaning himself from the coffee spill. With the glares, Manuel offers one of his own, “Enough of this.” His eyes glow as he focuses on Mike and attempts to place him in the same emotionless zombie state as the others in the grapevine. “Stop this.” Empath commands over James and Mike.

James is not a fighter in fact this might be the only 2en fight he been in oddly Empath been at both. He is push down easy and then he stops fighting just standing there like a zombie. He feels nothing any more.

With James getting pushed down and not resisting the motion, Mike steps back. He bends down, picking up his knifed book before he steps back once more. Positioning still on the defensive, but his emotions rather, well, blank.

It is awful quiet at the cafe now.

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