2012 03 26 Going Forward

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Going Forward

Cyclops and Wolfsbane

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March 26, 2012

Secluded Area - Catskill Mountain Range - New York State

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Cyclops meets with Wolfsbane and offers her a position at the Institute


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It is early Monday evening and despite the arrival of spring, Scott Summers sits in a cave in the secluded area of the Catskill Mountains. Outside the cave, there is a tent. Scott’s favorite pastime besides flying is camping and so opting to take a break from teaching, he has set up camp. Unfortunately being a mutant leader, in particular in the world of Xaviers, he never really is on break. He has shown concern lately for the former students of the mansion and so, he has reached out to Rahne Sinclair and picked this area to meet with her. Seated by a fire to warm himself up and cook some beans, the mutant leader is dressed in black pants and black sweater with a black leather jacket, all emblazoned with the X insignia.

Wolfsbane left it to herself to get out to the location and, after catching a cab to a certain point outside New York City, she took another route the rest of the way. It was her request that they meet somewhere away from people in general, different from the prospect of a coffee shop, bookstore or some other location that might be more common. This is how it comes to be that a wolf slowly pads into the campsite like it belongs there. Let's see how Scott reacts to that.
With the wolf making its presence known, Scott simply sits and continues with the beans though when he turns to spot the wolf, he makes no reaction of fear. Quite the contrast, he offers a smile and a nod, “Rahne, thank you for coming.” There are two sets of plates and eating utensils as he finishes the beans and Rahne may notice the scent of some meat that had been prepared too, venison or some sort.

Wolfsbane flows into a form that's more familiar, uniform showing up with it as she returns to her midform in a crouch nearby, light of the fire briefly reflected in her eyes. "I'm surprised ye didna react," she says with a hint of a smile. "Were ye expecting me tae show up like that, then?" comes a question of curiosity as she sniffs at the meat more than the rest.

“Well, I figured wanting to meet here in a secluded area that you may come in your wolf form or in your transitional form, which unfortunately is not so welcoming to the general public.” Scott stands up and approaches as the beans are done, “There is some food, I prepared if you would like some. I figured I would use this meeting as an opportunity to go camping. Get some time away from the mansion.”

"Better than feeling like I have tae be stuck looking normal just tae go somewhere, which I do enough as it is because I hate image inducers," Wolfsbane answers, shoulders rolling in a shrug. It'd seem to be very easy if she just chose to look normal more often than not. "It smells good," she adds before wondering, "An' catch up with people, aye?"

“Not that this is even close, but some people find it odd that I have to wear these all the time.” Scott adjusts the ruby quartz glasses, “Until the day comes where you can walk around freely in any of your forms, then I understand the need to meet in a place like this.” Scott has never been good at empathy or showing a sensitive side as he tries to relate to the former student. He starts to portion out some of the food for himself and for Rahne, “And yes, I have been meaning to catch up with old friends. I met with Dani earlier to discuss her return to the mansion and Sam passed by recently, so I will attempt to reach out to as many of the New Mutants as possible.” With the food prepared, he passes her some of the meal, “How’ve you been?”

Wolfsbane nods slowly, remaining in that crouch before sitting down more properly, legs tucked beneath. "I could go around no' looking like this, but for me it's about making a point an' no' wanting tae hide what I am," she explains. "Tha' an' I just feel more muhself this way, I guess." She had a while there where she had no other choice, but rather than going hard to the 'just human' side she's continued to embrace what she is. "I saw Dani recently," she shares. "An' I think living in th' city, I've been able tae face a few things."

“Well, I am glad that it seems things are working out for you. I have to be honest, while I know when you were a student, I was not the most active in your education and was busy with the X-Men and X-Factor. I apologize for that.” Scott speaks forthrightly and the apology is sincere. He then continues as he takes a seat near Rahne and starts to poke at his food, “The New Mutants had it a lot harder than when I was a student. I spoke with Dani about this earlier and we are taking steps to not repeat the mistakes I and the X-Men made with you all.”

Wolfsbane shakes her head. "After talking with Dani, I'm thinking it might be time tae come back tae th' mansion, whether tha' means joining a team again or no'. I'm feeling more comfortable with things again an' ye shouldna worry about what happened in th' past. Ye canna go back an' change any o' it." Her answers and attitude are blunt yet honest, just the way she sees things right now. "Goin' forward with things in mind from before, that's different." Food is picked at, then dug into further.

Nodding at her words and appreciative of the response, Scott nods his head and remains silent for a moment as he continues eating as well. Putting the plate down, he reaches towards his backpack, pulling out a canteen of water as he passes it to Rahne should she want some, “Well, that is why I also wanted to meet with you. I have offered Dani a teaching position at the institute. I want to avoid the mistakes we made with the New Mutants and one way of going forward is to prepare better. Since there is more to this universe than humans and mutants. She will be teaching about alternate dimensions and off-world activities like Limbo, Asgard, and off-planet things. I would like to make an offer to you as well.”

Wolfsbane accepts the water, sipping from it. If he's paying attention, the uniform currently lacks any X-insignia. Though she's quiet at first while listening to the rest of what he says about Dani and the position offered to her, she finally asks, "An' what are ye thinking of?" She's not sure, at this point, what it could be.

“Well, I was thinking of a counseling position. The students do not have anyone to share or go over the emotional or psychological changes, not only as teenagers, but as teenagers with mutant powers. It’s been awhile since I and the X-Men have been through that and though we can share with them our experiences, but it will help them to have someone closer in age to them. And I figure with all that you have been through, you would be ideal to help them out.” Scott starts to clean up his plate as he is mostly finished.

Wolfsbane is silent for a few more moments as she devours the meaty portion of what Scott's prepared, leaving utensils aside in favor of fingers, watching more quietly as she mulls over the idea. "So ye figure I'm th' best for this because I've had th' most happen tae me?" she asks, but it's lacking that certain accusing tone it could have.

Smiling a bit as it may have come off that way, but each person experiences tragedy, and admittedly Rahne has had more than most, Scott offers, “To be honest, I figure you are the best not because of everything you have been through. I figure you are the best, because of how you dealt with it. You have moved on and moved away, but acknowledge that you may want to come back. That is a maturity. The type that is needed for these kids at the school.”

"An' ye dinna think that will come off tae them as running away from muh problems instead of staying there tae work through them around others?" Wolfsbane asks. This time there is a pointed nature to it, a way of acknowledging that some could indeed take it that way whether justified or not. She keeps the water, drinking from it again before she gets up to pace slowly this way and that, a wolfgirl staying in motion. "Because I've tried tae hide from some before."

“That may occur. Some may think that, but what do you think? Do you think you were running away? Does the need for privacy and the chance to gather your thoughts away from the place that was potentially he source of some of the problems, is that running away?” Scott asks her, “Is hiding what you were doing? Or were you gathering your thoughts? And let’s face it, Rahne. At some point, I had to leave too. I had to leave right after the issues with the Brood while you were still a student and yet I would like to think I had the respect of the New Mutants.” He chuckles, “We are more alike than I had thought.”

Wolfsbane frowns, looking off into the distance. It may be getting darker here but it doesn't matter to her. "Some things, I ran away from. Others, ye probably have a point." Now she studies him again, almost intently for a few seconds. "An' maybe back then we thought ye were running away from some o' yuir responsibilities. We had some times I think we all felt abandoned."

“And again, I apologize for that. It was wrong. That’s why I have lessened my duties with the X-Men to concentrate on this new batch of kids.” Taking a seat, Scott frowns a bit, “Rahne, I messed up a lot. Not just with you and the New Mutants, but with my own family, Madeline and Nathan. Sometimes I think maybe working with these new students is a chance to make amends. My wife is dead, turned to evil by Mr. Sinister. My son is in the future recovering from a disease brought on by Apocalypse. I look to the New Mutants, we left you with Magneto and then stuck with Emma Frost and the Hellions after the Beyonder debacle. /I left you/ All of you. Perhaps this is my penance, perhaps, this is me just moving on.” It is rare to see Summers so candid and open without a certain telepath nearby. But this moment, he speaks from the heart, “You never ran away from anything, Rahne. You needed solace and alone time. Everyone does. But with you feeling even the slightest bit that you may want to return home. Then you should follow that instinct. You transform into a wolf. Wolves live on instinct. Wolves also protect their kin and cubs. This new generation needs all of us.” Scott offers a half-smile.

Wolfsbane lets him talk, no interruptions during the entire thing. By the time it's all said and done she's also stopped moving, head canted a bit toward one side. "Maybe I can do this counseling thing after all, if all tha' is any indication. Let me think about it, but in th' meantime I'll come visit a' least an' see where it goes from there. I'm just no' sure yet how much I'm up for." After she licks her lips briefly, just to wet them, she adds, "An' ye did th' best ye could a' th' time. All o' ye did. We lost some people an' maybe there was nothin' we could do tae avoid it, but most o' us are still here."

Smiling, Scott bows his head, “Well, great then.” He rises up and starts to put the dishes away that he had brought for the food, “That’s all I can ask. But it will be good to have you back. Don’t worry about teams or anything like that.
Dani joined up with X-Factor, but if you are willing than we can talk about X-Man status or you can talk with Alex about X-Factor. But overall, I think you will do great with the position.” Once he has properly packed away the dishes, “And thank you. We all tried. And while it may not have appeared so, I miss Doug daily. We all do.”

"I'm no' sure about X-Factor again, but things are different noo," Wolfsbane explains and admits at the same time, but she waves that off. "Let's just give th' rest some time an' see where things lead. Lately muh focus has been on other things, but there's time tae work it all oot. Thanks for inviting me for th' talk, in any case." Her expression suggests some apprehension about everything, though a willingness to see what's to come exists.

Nodding Scott offers a smile and then ponders a thought and audibly hmmmmns as he walks out of the cave to peer about as the sun is setting and animals can be heard, “How is Moira doing? Have you kept in touch with her?” Scott asks as he does not know how far the respect privacy thing went and if that included her foster mother or not.

A somewhat more distant look comes and goes as she listens to the sounds of nature around them, Wolfsbane coming to watch Scott for a moment before she shakes her head. "Thank ye, but I've got a run left in me before th' night's over, an' I left a bag off in th' distance. I'll see ye back a' th' mansion soon. Thanks for th' talk."

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