2012 03 25 Smouldering Encounters

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Smouldering Encounters

Night Thrasher, NPC (by Mike)

IC Date:
25 March 2012

Golem Studios

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While investigating the Golem Studios Arson, Dwayne runs into another person moving around the building…


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-==[ Golem Studios - Chelsea ]==--------

Welcome to Golem recording studios, New York City's premiere recording studio located smack dab in the middle of Chelsea. Known for it's impressive clientelle past and present such as the likes of David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Ashanti, Mariah Carey, Greysong, and drummer turned solo star, Mike Han- uh Mick Drago.

Entering into the building, a glass lined front desk is the very first thing that comes into view. Here the person working the front desk directs the visitors either to the left or right.

To the left, a lounge resides, two blue sofas rest along the wall, each of them having their own table in front. On what wallspace there is available, there are framed records featuring the names of artists who have recorded here. Separating the chairs is a pair of open doorways leading to the bathrooms. Continuing past this lounge, there is a small hallway leading to two doors, each of which grants access to a recording studio.

To the right of the desk, there is a hallway with offices, and two doors that lead into a much larger, orchestra sized, recording studio.

Sunday evenings are not the most active evenings within the city. There's not much out there in the form of entertainment and with the start of the traditional work week looming near, most people have gone home for their rest leaving just those with the odd hours about.

One example of people with odd hours comes in the form of a large figure of a man, idling about within the smokey smelling hallway of Golem Studios despite the police tape that mark the area as offlimits. The man, a gruff looking, stubbled ape of a man moves rather quietly despite his rough exterior as he uses his flashlight to show him the way. Upon reaching the office door, he proceeds to pick the lock.

Another individual who, not surprisingly, keeps an odd work schedule is Dwayne Taylor. However, it isn't Dwayne that is here in the burnt out skeleton of Golem Studies. Dwayne is dressed in his Night Thrasher gear. He made his way through the city as stealthily as possible on a rocket-propelled skateboard, which is actually amazingly stealthy. Once at the studies of the reported fire, Night Thrasher scaled a wall and poked around the burnt out remains.

That is to say, until he saw the flash of light from a flashlight that was obviously not his own. Night Thrasher was in another room and quickly turned and moved to investigate the source of the flashlight beam.

Unaware of Night Thrasher's presence in the building, the bulky man works upon the lock. Not having a key present, this does take a bit longer but eventually there is a click of the lock. Rewarded with the sound, the large man straightens up, pocketing the tools and readjusting the flashlight before he opens the office door. There's a bit of a half smirk upon the man's face as he steps on in.

The infrared feature that Dwayne built into his helmet is running, and Dwayne has no problem picking out fine details even in the dark. He slips past the corner just as the man slips through the door he just opened. Beneath the helmet, Dwayne purses his lips and narrows his eyes. He quickly, but quietly steps towards the side door frame of the door the large man lockpicked his way into. He twists and turns to glance through the door that the other man entered through.

Still unknowing of Dwayne's approach, the large man moves around the office, glancing from the filecabinet, to the framed records upon the wall, and then to the rather nice executive style desk. Walking over there quietly, he pulls the seat out and sits in it, eyes looking to the closed drawers of the desk. One by one, he starts to look through them.

Night Thrasher attempts to remain silent, so his footfalls are made carefully and deliberately in an attempt to not draw the attention of this unknown investigator. Night Thrasher strains the enhanced vision that his helmet provide him by trying to regard what this unknown individual is looking at or looking for. Unfortunately for Dwayne, a small charred section of drywall was underfood and unseen. When he stepped down, there was a light crunching noise. The passive camoflage of his armor attempts to blend Dwayne in with the darkend surroundings.

With the sound of Dwayne's foot betraying his presence, the man behind the desk looks up quickly, slamming the drawer shut as he's already rolling the seat back. His other hand moves inside his jacket. Hand grasping what he's reaching for, he starts to stand up, drawing out a firearm. This man does not seem to appreciate visitors.

Dwayne instinctively crouched down, falling into a three-point stance by the doorway into this office. The hand that's not touching the floor has reached into a pouch on his belt. Dwayne's got his eyes peeled onto the man who has now pulled out a firearm. Dwayne is hoping that his armor's camoflage is enough to keep the unknown individual from noticing him by the front door.

The man stands quietly, tilting his head as he listens for any additional sounds. Creeping quietly, unnaturally enough to indicate that some effort is given to this process, he slowly makes his way to the door. Eyes glancing side to side, he looks at eye level initially. It isn't until he is not satisfied with any results from looking at these levels does he even consider glancing down. The smile that was present earlier has long since gone.

Now Dwayne doesn't know that this man is sinister or not. He just knows that there's a firearm in his hand, so he must neutralize it. Utilizing the speed that his armor grants him, he moves swiftly. He pushes up out of his kneeling position, raises a hand and tries to grab and shove the hand that wields the firearm up ward so the muzzle is ineffective and pointed towards the ceiling. As he makes this motion he suddenly demands, "What are you doing here?!"

As the gun hand is moved, the firearm goes off, causing for a bit of plaster to fall downwards, quite possibly a combination of last week's events and the trama of the bullet hitting it making the perfect formula for that piece to fall. It isn't a big piece but enough to kick up a small white dust. The man with the gun turns, swinging his other hand at the voice that is making a demand to his reasons for being there.

The advantage is Dwayne's as he is certain the man with the gun can not see in the dark the way he can. Dwayne ducks down low to avoid getting clubbed by the other man's swung arm. Dwayne grunts a response, "Not the answer I was asking for. What are you doing here?!" He shouts his original question before adding, "Don't make me hurt you!" One hand is still clutching something drawn from out of one of the satchels around his belt.

This is likely not one of the times when a calm discussion is going to come easy. As there is presently the lack of a body in which to connect to, the force of the man's punch ends up going into the wall, causing for the drywall there to crumble in. A little bit of the dust falls down, landing upon Dwayne's armor, which would likely make it easier to see him if it wasn't for the whole darkness bit. Instead the man continues going at it sonar, giving a bit of his own not verbal snarl in response as he starts to withdrawl, running down the hallway towards the back door of the studio. His punching hand draws in against his chest as he aims his gun back, shooting once more blindly towards where he presumes Dwayne to be.

The man got around Dwayne and made his way out the door. Dwayne twisted around and ran in persuit of the fleeing man. As he runs, he replaces an item in a pouch on his belt and then pulls out a fistful of something else. Dwayne grumbles something to himself, "Always make this diff-" He notes the man twisting to firing blindly behind him, so Dwayne dives to the ground and pauses his persuit. He rolls forward the on the ground as the bullet(s) fly overhead. Once he has rolled up into a kneeling position, Dwayne flings his arm forward. The fistful of something turns out to be a bunch of small, metallic ball bearings. They clatter and roll against the ground. Clearly Dwayne intends to interrupt the man's retreat with a tripping hazard.

And now for some applied mathematics! Bulky guy is running at a rate of X miles per hour while Dwayne tosses over Y metallic ball bearings to the floor. Solve for resulting speed of Z. Ok this one seems a toughie. Okay so we have X mph and Y ball bearings soooo X + Y = -

As the ball bearings get under his feet, he ends up skidding. As his slip out from under him, he falls back, landing on his backside. Ow.

That's correct. Z equals zero.


Dwayne stands back up and immediately runs towards the newly prone individual. If the individual is still holding his gun, Night Thrasher will attempt to kick it out of his grasp to neutralize that threat. After this attempt, Night Thrasher grunts, "Stupid. Stupid. Sneaking around in a taped off, fire damaged possible crime scene." Dwayne stands over the man and points his gauntlet-clad fist towards the prone man, "So, let's try this one more time. What are you doing here?"
The gun is out of the hand from the fall but within reach. But with Night Thrasher's attempts to move it, it skids out of reach of the man. Grumbling, he looks towards Dwayne as he asks his questions. "None of your business." He snaps, "Could ask you the same damn thing."

Night Thrasher's eyes narrow at the defiant response that he receives from this hood. He shakes his head at the man, "You could ask me that, however, I'm the one asking questions. You're the one answering them. I thought at first you may work for this place, but you were moving around with less certainty than I would expect for an employee. So that marked you as an outsider. What were you looking for?" The fist continues to remain pointed at the man, a couple of small openings on the wrist would be pretty apparent were they better lit.

The man sneers, starting to push himself backwards, trying to slide out from under Night Thrasher. Slowly. Calmly. Still defiantly. "None. Of. Your. Fucking. Business." He responds, stating each word crisply in a manner to make sure Dwayne can understand each and every word coming out of his mouth.

"You are one brave soul, ain'tcha?" Dwayne asks with a slight cant of his head to one side. He steps forward and reaches down towards the goon. What's he want to do? He intends to grabs the man by the collar and lift him back up, servos and suit musculature enhancing his strength enough to do accomplish this. The other arm continues pointing towards the man, "It's a simple question and I'm impatient. I only came here to investigate whether or not the fire that burned this place down was organic or started by someone. You being here really makes me curious…" If Dwayne is able to grab and drag the man up, he'll then attempt to slam him back against a wall or something to punctuate his point.

Finding himself being lifted up despite his size, the defiant man is a bit surprised. As he finds himself smacked into the wall, he winces a bit to the feeling but shakes his head, "Of course it was arson." the man replies, seemingly not at all worried about talking about that topic, "Even the police got that one figured out." He tilts his head, "Didn't you even look at the building? Even a five year old could look and go 'yeah it was set'."

Night Thrasher is visably less than appreciative of the tone this mook is taking with him. Night Thrasher lifts the man up a little bit more, "You have some brass ones, don'tcha guy? Say cheese." There a noise from the Warrior's helmet before NT releases the man's collar to drop him to the ground. He takes a step back from the man, "I better not see you again." Is the cliched warning that Dwayne gives, "'cause next time you're leaving with fewer teeth."

The grizzled man grits his teeth as he's lifted up a bit higher. Whether he really doesn't care or he's really good at acting is debatable but other than his fists clenching, he's not showing much reaction to being lifted. As he's asked to say cheese, his response is 'Gouda,' before he starts to give a half laugh/ half cough as he's dumped from the ground. He doesn't even bother getting up, waiting for Thrasher to head out first. The guy's got his own stuff to do after all.

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