2012 03 22 That Way

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—> That Way —>

Cytoplasm & Mirage

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Manhattan, New York

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Mirage asks Cytoplasm for directions


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-==[ Subway System - New York ]==---------

Dirty, dark, dingy, and dangerous. All are synonomous with the Subway system of New York City. The once pristine walls are covered, literally, in graffitie. Most of the 'art' is very good though odd and often ritualistic. Though there are a number of sections that appear to be nothing more than pure evil. Vile drawings of horrors, and words written in languages that are not recognizable. Someone, however, has tried to clean them up at least. As a hazy covering over the darker paints.. angels and heavenly scenes mix in an overlay that is truely unique.. and very New York-like.

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The subway station is fairly busy at the moment, with various people coming and going, some others still awaiting the arrival of trains to either greet those coming off, or board themselves. Cytoplasm is there walking through the station in his most used form at the moment, having just stepped off the subway tracks out of the tunnels in a way that draws surprisingly little attention. He then looks around a bit, before leaning against one of the pillars and looking about at the various people and occasionally looking over at some of the more well done graffiti, some of it prompting an uneasy look on his face.

Amoungst the crowd that is coming down the steps into the subway station is a woman that if she were any where else would probably stand out, but as this is New York, standing out is a bit harder, at least for most people. Dani breaks from the crowd, heading over to the ticket machine, which she gives a long stare before feeding it some dollars to get one. With ticket in hand she scans the train choices in a bit of confusion, she must not be a native. The signage isn't that much help, as they are also victims to graffitti tagging so are often hard to read, just like the subway maps. Sighing the woman looks around for someone to ask "Excuse me." she approaches the man holding the pillar up "Can you tell me which train goes to Grand Central?"

"I… Don't know." Cytoplasm says, "I don't tend to travel that much through the subways… Not on the trains, anyway." he then leans over to take a look at the map a bit with an apparently puzzled look on his face that suggests that a little more might be causing confusion than simply unclear directions.

Looking at the map as well, though the scratched and painted on plexiglass that covers it, Dani shakes her head "That is about useless." she makes no comment about him walking through tunnels, she knows all about the Morlocks and how and where they live so just assumes this man is one of them. "Well if you were going to use one of the tunnels to go to Grand Central which one would it be?" she is under the assumption of course the train she needs would be using that tunnel to get there so that's the train she is going to need.

"…That one, I think." Cytoplasm says as he points off to one of the subway tunnels, "I remember seeing a large area, bigger than this a ways down there. Lots of trains coming and going… A large clock in the middle, and a few benches here and there. If anywhere fits the description of, 'Grand Central' then that's it."

Dani looks off into the direction he is pointing "That sounds like Grand Central." she looks around at the variety of tagged signage "Now just to find out how often that train goes by."

"I wouldn't know." Cytoplasm says, "I… Actually don't know what any of the signs say, really. I haven't been here long and it's all a bit confusing to me."

Dani could take that revelation one of two ways, that he just doesn't know how to read english or that he doesn't know how to read at all, "At all or just american english?" of course with the signs in the subway it doesn't matter which they are hard to read no matter what, even without the graffitti.

"At all. I don't know anything aside from english either." Cytoplasm says, "I'm not even sure what's meant to say something and what isn't, sometimes. I wish I knew… It would probably help a lot." he says with a bit of a frustrated tone to his voice, though not really an aggressive frustration either.

Looking at him thoughtfully a few moments Dani goes over what he said a few times in her head, parsing for various interpretations "Oh, so you are saying you have problems determining if what you are seeing on a sign is actually what the sign is supposed to say or if it is just vandalism?"

Cytoplasm shakes his head and says, "No. It's just… All the things I see, it's hard to tell if they're something that might say something or if it's just a design. I definitely can't remember what they might look like in great detail anyway."

Dani nods in understanding, "Having just came from a place where american english wasn't widely spoken, sometimes not at all, I can relate. I would suggest going to the library and seeing about getting help. They often have free literacy programs." with that her train pulls into the station "Thanks for the assist." she rushes to her train in an attempt to beat the crush.

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