2012 03 22 Negotiations And Looky Lous

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Negotiations and Looky Lous

Captain America, Kaelyn, Lifeguard, Morbius, Mike (Phantasm)

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22 March 2012


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As Morbius looks into the Golem studios fire, he gets interrupted by Captain America and Lifeguard while Mike and Kae watch from a (hopefully safe) distance.


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-==[ Chelsea - New York ]==---------

The Chelsea neighborhood takes its name from a single building, now demolished for a century and a half - the birthplace of Clement Clark Moore. Somehow, the artistic element never quite went away - anchored by the presence of the Hotel Chelsea, a residential hotel that's housed artists from Mark Twain to Stanley Kubrick to Jimi Hendrix (and, most notoriously, played host to Sid Vicious's probable stabbing of his girlfriend). These days, Chelsea's back in the center of the New York art scene, as art galleries have started migrating northward from SoHo.

Chelsea is, however, still primarily residential, offering apartments, tenements, and renovated warehouses as housing options. Most of the businesses here cater to the locals.

As the sun has long gone, it's comforting warmth is no more. False rays are produced by the street lamps that dot along the sidewalk leading up and down the street and a few apartment windows contribute to this effect as well. There is still the occasional person wandering about but not many, allowing for those out to have some semblance of privacy.

Although not of the winter months, the night air is cool enough to to merit a jacket. And so a jacket is worn by a figure lingering near the taped off building that is the charred home of Golem Studios. Hair tucked away under the knit cap he favors, a certain musician finds himself with a brief reprieve from the touring, only to keep a quiet vigil.

Well, lately Kaelyn's been on a kind of walkabout. Whenever she finds a little bit of spare time she gets out and explores a bit of New York. She enjoy seeing sighs, and getting a good idea of a city's general layout is a good thing. Kae walks down the sidewalk, now glancing from building to building with her hands in the pockets of her jacket. Kae pauses a moment outside one of the studios and looks up, the girl whistling quietly and wondering aloud. "Wond'rin if'n maybe Ishould seek an apartment out here instead of livin' in a dorm…."

Not too far from the ruins of Golem Studios, two figures stand in the shadows of an alley, one further back in the darkness, the other, dressed in a puffy windbreaker, seems nervous, glancing around, but also never taking his eyes from the apparently leather-clad figure he speaks to. "Look, I'm just telling you what the word is. Things -keep- happening, and ever since that trial and all…" he shrugs, "You know I wouldn't lie to -you-." he says, with some edge of fear in his voice.

There's a certain solitude that Captain America enjoys while on patrol at night. And while he doesn't do night patrol often, he sees it as part of his duty to 'the regular folks'. With the Avengers, he fights threats to the world; with SHIELD, he fights threats to America. But Cap realizes that keeping the streets safe at night for the citizens and visitors of New York is every bit important. So, Steve is riding his motorcycle down the back streets of Manhattan, shield slung across his back and helmet firmly secured on his head; the Star-Spangled on knows that he needs to set a good example for the riders of America.

As the cool air helps carry different people's voices Mike's way, but not particularly the words, the musician blinks, turning his head away from the taped off building. He looks towards Kaelyn's direction. Seeing just one person, he glances around to see if he can spot the source of the other voices. Huh.

Kae pauses and then glances around, hearing various voices, some standing out more than others, and now she hears a motorcycle? She shakes her head briefly then turns to walk further down the street, her path carrying her in the direction of Mike it seems. She pauses briefly then adjusts her baseball cap and hair underneath before starting to walk again.

In the alley, the leather-clad figure answers, his voice kept deliberately soft, and its tone is strange, deep, rolling and rough, "Too many concidences, yes. All around this place, or more specifically, the musician." Hi speech is erudite, careful and deliberate, not the sort one expects to hear from someone skuling in an alley with one of the local dealers, "Tell me more about that man, the 'assassin'."

His companion replies to that, eyes still wary, "Uhm, it's not just him, there've been some other things going down. Makes me nervous, y'know?"

The reply is s soft, strange sigh, almost like an animal exhalation, "And you'd like me to make the reward worth the risk? You may be forgetting the…-other- aspect of our arrangement." The dark figure's tone is vaguely menacing.

The rumble of Cap's Harley echos as he pulls around a corner, taking the manuver slow and easy. He looks around, eye and ears alert for signs of danger. As he crosses the alley, he notices the two figures, partially hidden in the shadows. Cap slows the bike down, bringing it to a stop and letting the engine idle as he looks over at the suspicious pair. In this part of town, chances are good that this is some kind of illegal transaction, but there's no law against wearing concealing clothing and having a clandetine meeting in a shadowed alleyway.

Now listening for the other pair of voices, Mike seems a bit, distant to anyone looking at him as he cants his head to the side. Pausing for a few moments before he starts to move, following the sound to the opening of the alleyway but maintaing well over an arms length from the opening. Giving a glance down, he sees two figures, and judging from the nervous look on the one guys f-. Mike frowns, turning his head to look away, spotting Kae. Adjusting his steps, he walks towards her. "Excuse me, miss." He asks, "Does your cellphone have the time?"

Kae blinks as she's addressed then nods. "Yup, so does my watch." she states and glances at the watch before turning it over for the time to be viewed. Like a lot of kids her age, the watch is digital, and this one is even an indi-glow! Kae grins and glances at the alley mike was looking down before she glances around. "Hope that helps?"

Voices, scents, closing in. Morbius (for that is who the shadowed figure is) raises his head slightly, looking past his 'associate', eyes narrowing for a moment as they adjust to the brightness beyond the alley's mouth. One voice is vaguely familiar, involved in his inquiries, even, not that he'd likely welcome the Living Vampire's effortsd at detective work, "Speak of the devil," the mutated scientist notes softly.

The situation is suspicious, certainly, but nothing Cap can act on. Yet. He revs the motocycle, riding it down the block and into another alley. He cuts the engine and secures the bike, then leaps up to catch the fire escape ladder hanging overhead. Quickly, the Sentinel of Liberty scrambles up the fire escape scaffolding, reaching the roof with only a slight amount of clattering. Scrambling across the roof, he takes up a vantage point to watch the alleway meeting from above.

Mike leans forward a bit, squinting his eyes at the watch. (It's really a pain to read other people's watches.) When he does he shakes his head, "Dang, it's that late already?" There's a weak smile, likely one meant to be assuring to the woman he's never met before in his life. Yeah! Nothing here to be of worry, Just a random musician… And a Captain America around. Nothing to see here. Move along. "It's probably a bit late to be wandering around outside by yourself."

With a shrug, the white-haired Texan grins. "I can take care of m'self. Fer th'most part." She says and then glances around. "Don't know if this area's much worse'n Houston at times. Still, It doesn't look too bad does it?" She asks, and looks at Mike curiously. "B'sides, yer out by yer self."

For now, Cap is content to watch the shadowed individuals down in the alleyway. He also notes the presence of the more normally-attired civilians near the other entrance to the alley. Hopefully, this isn't going to devolve into a bad situation where those two get caught up in the crossfire of some random street violence. In anticipation of that possibility, Cap's postere shifts so that he can intervene to shield them if something does go wrong.

"Yeah, but I live here." Mike replies bluntly, taking the conversation as an opportunity to at least keep her from wandering into the alley, shaking his head. Hell, maybe with luck she'll head inside just to get away from the conversation, "And I spent a good 8 of the formitive years living in Hell's Kitchen so I've got a damn good crash course on things that can happen around here."

"Ummm, Yah, I'm an out-of-towner. Lived most of my life in Texas, came to NYU on a scholarship… Oh and I've taken Martial arts the majority of my life." She adds and grins good naturedly. "So what is it you do around here? How're the apartments here and all too? Thought I'd look around as I'm tired of dorm-life."

"It beats Hell's Kitchen." Mike says simply, gradually starting to move away from the alleyway, "If you can get some good roommates who will actually pay their share, you can split the cost of a studio here pretty nicely." He nods over to one of the apartment buildings, "Actually, if you're looking around at places, I can give you a look into the lobby and courtyard of one of them. That's got to beat just looking at them from the outside."

The fellow in the wind-breaker, let's say…'Dean', looks out in the direction his eerie contact is looking. His voice still betrays a bit of nervousness, "Look, I get that part, -believe- me, man, what I saw you do to Tito…I mean, he was scum and all…" he realizes he probably shouldn't be reminding Morbius of such things and shudders, "Anyway…it's good info. Total arson, no hiding it, and not to burn the place down, mostly smoke, like to take out the people inside."

Kae nods slowly "Well, I've never personally been to Hell's Kitchen." She responds and tilts her head "Issit as bad as I've seen in the Gangs of New York Movie?" she asks before winking. Kaelyn then adds "From what I've read it's pretty high in crime rate." She then offers her hand "Name's Kaelyn."

As the shadowed conversation continues below, Cap focuses on the man in the trench coat. Although he's been out of New York for a couple months, Steve finally recognizes Morbius, the Living Vampire. The Avenger lepas out into the alleyway, descending the height of the buildings by acrobatically bouncing from wall to wall. Cap lands on the pavement of the alleyway, sheild raised up. "That quite enough, Morbius. The NYPD wants to have some words with you, and I think it'd be best if you came along quietly."

"Never saw it." Mike admits, pausing in his movement to see if Kaelyn's following or not. Seeing the hand extended, the performer returns the gesture, shaking her hand, "Mike." He tilts his head in indication of the general direction of Tate apartments, before going back to Kae's question, "But there's a reason why it's called HELL's kitchen."

The sound that escapes the sanguinivorous scientist is one that, in a sane world, has no place in a human throat. A deep, susurrant hiss rolls forth as thin lips peel back, exposing seemingly gigantic fangs. And yet, Morbius does not immediately spring to attack or flee - his encounters a few weeks ago with Misty Knight has made him, perhaps a bit overcautious around well-meaning 'heroes'? That and he had aided the Avengers, it seems a lifetime ago, when his condition was in remission, when he thought he had been cured…instead, he speaks, first to his stoolie, "Remain here. Running from him is…inadvisable."

His crimson eyes turn to regard the Star-Spangled Avenger, glittering in the shadows, "Captain America." he begins simply, "I suppose this can end only one way, but I'd much rather avoid that, if possible."

At least he seems to be in a rational state, that is not always a guarantee, after all.

Kae laughs and shrugs "I don't think it was called Hell's kitchen because it is all sunshine and roses." She says with a grin. She frowns as she hears the skidding and thumping of the Cap'n going down the walls. Kae glances back at the Alley and peers inside. "I think there's something going on in there…" She says and points, curiosity now piqued as she stares into the Alleyway as best she can.

Mike grimaces as Kae's attention goes back towards the alley. "Yeah, it does, doesn't it?" His tone's not all that surprised at Kae's observation. He steps back, peering into the alleyway to find the duo having become a trio, "And I'd suggest that we get a bit more distance from there."

Cap straightens up from the crouching position he landed in. He looks at Morbius, quite aware of what the vampire is capable of from the various files on the scientist. "Doctor, I think that's a wise idea; not to run. You're wanted for murder, and I'm sure you'd rather deal with me than with someone like Frank Castle. So, shall we do this the easy way?"

The scientist in question makes a soft sound, hard to tell exactly what, like a rumbling noise of consideration, "How interesting you should mention Castle, considering my current path mirrors his in many ways." He turns to face the Captain fully, beneath his coat is something odd, looks like layers of violet fabric. He smirks slightly, the expression looking awful due to the fangs, "I can't imagine you make much distinction between him, someone like the Ghost Rider, or myself, would you?"

Kae glances back to Mike, then looks down the Alley. "Am sure so long as we don't go wanderin down the alley and getting too close I'm sure we'll be allright." Kae says and glances to Mike "C'mon how often do you get to see heros at work?" She asks curiously.

"Killing isn't the solution to crime; it only furthers injustice." Cap stays still, not budging at Morbius' display. "I know you're a good man, with a horrific curse. But you don't have the right to be jury and executioner to any man, no matter thier crime. Now come on; I promise that you'll be treated fairly and given a chance to refute the charges."

Morbius holds up a long, taloned finger, "You'd be surprised at the people who'd agree with my current solution, Captain. Deeply surprised." he notes, And what would you suggest? The only reason I survived my last prison stint was because of a remission…" softly, he adds, "I believed myself cured. You recall, I am certain."

He then asks, "What do you think would happen now, hm? My need for blood is ever-present, despite my recent progress in…treatment options. Do you think the prison system would provide me with fresh, human blood? Or would you rather I fall into the clutches of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Do you imagine they'd have many moral compunctions?" He takes a single step back, considering his options.

Mike's lip twitches at the question as he bites back a laugh. "I live in New York." He replies, matter of factly. Seemingly that being the 'obvious' answer to the yes or no question.

Kae glances back to Mike "I've not been 'round here that often and well this is like th'first time I have seen a possible super-hero interraction? Oh and…" She points at Morbius. "I thinks I've seen that figure b'fore, a couple days ago anyhow…."

Cap manuvers himself to make sure he's ready to cut off any potential escape. "I know it's difficult, but you can't continue living like this. Under SHIELD protection, a cure can be sought. I know you don't want to be a slave to your hunger for as long as you live." Despite being wary, Cap is still trying to maintain a sense of calm to resolve thing peacefully. "Give yourself up, Morbius. Be courageous enough to try and break the cycle instead of being a slave to it."

Morbius suddenly snaps out, "Don't you think I've tried! Not just me…others." He visibly calms himself, straightening up from the near-crouch he had assumed in his anger, "S.H.I.E.L.D.," he scoffs, "You don't know, do you? Then again, you never were as informed about the supernatural…" he strokes his goatee, and speaks as if lecturing a student, "Currently, I am the sole 'vampire' left on Earth. S.H.I.E.L.D. had been interested in weaponizing the supernatural variant for some time. But that is no longer possible. Now, I am an interesting alternative." He says this evenly, could he be telling the truth?

Mike looks to the indicated vampire and then to Kae. Biting his lip, he sighs, shaking his head. "Ok, fine. Just, don't get any closer to what's going on than here. IF they start coming near the exit of the alley, go inside."

And by inside, he means a BUILDING. Not an alley. A BUILDING.

Morbius' words do seem to shock Captain America, and he frowns. "Fury.." he mutters under his breath. There's going to have to be a little talk with his freind later. "Then find another alternative, Morbius. Talk to Dr. Strange. Heck, come talk to the Avengers. It's better to work with men that can help you than lead this solitary existance; always hungry, always hunting. There are other options. Hard choices, yes, but ones that confrim that no matter what, you're still a human being, not a monster."

Appearing from the up high on the sky and landing on the roof overlooking said alleyway, the young hybrid human/alien Lifeguard lands her wings outstretched and then fold back in. In a form those who know or have encountered the Shi'ar, the mutant member of X-Factor watches below, observing from her perch those below, ready to intervene should she need to. Recent encounters with fire and Madame Hydra have made her all the more ready to act on those berserk Shi'ar tendencies to fight without questioning the reason, so as she observes, she waits for an opening that should she not control herself could be lethal.

"I have allies now, Captain, but don't expect me to share their names. I am…not alone in this." His eyes drop for a moment as his words hit him like a sledgehammer. Alone. But then, he is, isn't he? In one very important way. "Martine, my fiancee, is dead. She died, betrayed by one who claimed a cure for me. I took his blood, and for the first time…felt no regret. You may disagree with me, Captain. You are…a moral man, but some vermin DESERVE death."

He raises those red eyes again, determination lighting them anew, "And I have vowed to feed only on the guilty, the victimizers of others. Perhaps you'd noticed my conversation here." He gestures idly to Dean, "I am seeking those responsible for a potential string of crimes."

Kae nods at Mike "A'right. We move away if there's a fight and it comes this d'rection. Ok?" She says and glances back. "Still, things are calmin' down and all, dun look like there's gonna be a fight." She glances from the Cap'n to Morbius and back again curiously. She then rubs at her neck and then back at the conversation ongoing, then she looks at Mike "You'd think maybe he could just like get donated blood instead of direct feedin'…"

Cap tightens his grip on his shield. "You need to stop this. Now. Give me the information and I'll bring these men to justice. But killing isn't justice. No-one has the right to be judge, jury, and executioner. DOn't loose your humanity; fight the urge and work for justice, not vengance."

At Kae's observation at the lack of a fight, Mike gives a slight nod of contentment. "Good." He determines, "I like it boring." He folds his arms, not really aware of what string of crimes Morbius is referring to, "Don't they put a lot of weird shit in donated blood to make it last longer?"

Watching the Avenger and the vampyr in discussion, She almost yearns for the vampire to act as prejudices dictate, they are the evil ones. The man decked in the iconic American uniform is the hero. With that, she drops down from the roof and onto the alleyway to make her presence fully known. Wings outstretched claws hands out, she lands onto the alleyway floor amidst those who can see. Ina crouched almost bird-like position on the floor, she hisses out, "Should you need assistance, Captain. I am here." Curbing her need to be violent, she makes no move of hostility towards Morbius.

The Living Vampire steps back again, his movements almost a blur, "Backup, Captain? Not unexpected. Pity, I thought I might make some inroads in your inflexible worldview." He sounds actually sincere about that, but the strange arrival has set him on edge…she smells…wrong, alien, and he has met aliens before, and says as much, "An alien? Intriguing…" the scientist in him ever curious, still, his body language has shifted, defensive, almost ready to bolt, it seems.

"Yah boring is prolly good, cept I think things just got more… entertaining?" She says and motions to the new person. "Who's that?" She asks curiously, the girl continuing to watch and of course being far more curious than she really probably should be.

The appearnace of the winged heroine is surprising, but Cap's years of experience prevents him from being surprised by the arrival. Wihtout taking his eyes off Morbius, the Avenger speaks to her. "Miss, I suggest you leave this to me. I appreciate the offer, but this man is very dangerous. Fortunately, he's also willing to resolve this without violence." Cap gives Morbius an authoritative look. "RIght, Morbius?"

Mike looks to the newcomer, not at all familiar with Lifeguard's new form. "I, don't know." He frowns a bit more, flexing his hands, forming fists and then straightening the fingers out, "If they leave the alley. We're going inside." He repeats, making sure it's clear what the plan of action is.

Morbius's reply is a half-hearted snarl, hardly the extremes of bestial rage he is capable of, almost 'playing to type' for a moment, really, "That all depends of your level of reasonableness, Captain. I refuse to be taken in like some animal."

"Make no mistake, vampire. I am indeed alien, but also human. Perhaps, moreso than you!" Lifeguard utters out. Standing fully up revealing a tall, muscular alien physique. "Despite my appearance, you have given me no need to attack. Despite my nature, I control my urge to fight you. You, from what I have seen, are merely discussing differing philosophies. I made my appearance only to show that I, like the Captain, will tolerate no ill activity from you. I stand behind him, but regard my appearance not as act of war, but more an act of warning, should your baser desires overwhelm you."

With Cap's words, Lifeguard realizes that her actions may have ruined a perfectly civil situation. So his advice and Morbius' move to exit, she nods her head and holds her hand out, "Morbius, is it? I shall allow you two privacy though be warned an ill action will warrant action on my part." With that she leaps up, her wings allow her a momentary hover and then she flies off in the opposite direction of Morbius landing still within view of the two, but away, oddly enough near Mike and Kaelyn.

Kae glances toward Mike "See, not that ba…." She glances toward Lifeguard now curiously and then stops hiding around the corner so to speak and offers a wave. "Yo." She says by way of greeting. "HOw's your night tonight? I trust not too busy?"

There's a nod to Lifeguard as she departs. Focusing back on Morbius, Cap relaxes some. "Then come with me, willingly. I'll take you into protective custody at Avenger's Manison. Dr. Pym and other scientific minds that work with us can help you conquer this condition once and for all." Cap holds out his hand, an offering of peaceful resolution.

"Oh right." Mike deadpans in a low voice, as he overhears the conversation, "Verbally dehumanize the vampire who is asking not to be treated by an animal. Great." As Lifeguard flies out, he considers holding Kae to the going inside bit but holds off for the time being. Assuming that a fight doesn't follow out of the alley after Lifeguard, they're still good. He looks to the strange alien woman, no recognition upon his features as he looks to her, "…hi."

Morbius seems rather skeptical, "It didn't help much before, did it?" he asks, "For years I was indeed barely controlled, and where were the Avengers then? Oh, they came for my aid when I was human for a time, and now that I am sane, now that I can at least control my condition…-now- I am to turn myself in?" He goes on, rasping voice almost regretful, "I tried that once. Oh, how I deluded myself then."

Continuing to stare at the alleyway, Lifeguard does not directly interact with Kaelyn or Mike immediately. She simply waves her hand dismissively, but at the side of Mikeâs voice, she shows signs of recognition. A closer examination may show some resemblances to the Heather he knows to only the most keen observer. She nods in greeting to the two mutants then.

Kae continues to look at Lifeguard curiously. "I'm Kaelyn…" She motions to Mike "He's Mike, y'seem awefully intent on… Morbius I think he is, and of course the ever-famous Cap'n." She then grins "Honestly, it's not devolved to violence yet, I don't think it's going to suddenly explode.." She then glances to mike and quietly asides "Issit?"

"You're not turning yourself in, Morbius." Cap is still trying to keep the encounter from turning violent. "You're entering protective custody. You're taking the opertunity to work with us to find a cure; to find an end to your hunger. You're proving that you're still a human being, not a monster."

Mike gives another nod as he's introduced, looking to Heather once more. A brow arches but he soon looks back towards the alleyway, failing to connect the dots for appearances. "Don't take it for granted. And, just because we didn't go inside when she came out of the alley, doesn't mean we won't when they do."

Speaking in an almost inhuman tone, very guttaral but oddly authoritative and formal, Lifeguard responds to Kaelyn, "Should violence break out, I will be aware before most and respond harshly to quell it." With Mike's advice, Heather nods in agreement, "Should violence erupt, allow the captain and myself to deal with it. Keep yourself out of harm's way."

A black brow raises above a crimson eye, "An interesting offer, Captain. Allow me to present a counter-proposal? If you'll indulge me." The pseudo-vampire almost seems to be warming up to the exchange. He crosses one arm across his lean torso, the other gesturing out at the Avenger, "I retain my freedom, because frankly, I do not -trust- the motives of very many people, yourself excluded, of course."

He continues, "If you agree, I may make myself…available for sessions with your great thinkers, to see if such a thing -is- possible. -If-…" he lets the word hang there a moment, "a cure is found, I will do as I did before, retain Ms. Walters and go on trial again, serving any time I am sentenced to." Interesting notion, considering what a minimal sentence he served previously, despite he true willingness to atone.

Kaelyn looks to Mike "Soo there's a cure for his condition?" She asks, "News to me, but that would be kinda cool." She says and then glances to Lifeguard "Yup, let the experts handle it. I gotcha." She then glances back to Morbius and the Cap'n….

Cap shakes his head slowly. "I can't let you go free, Morbius. You're wanted for murder. The best I can do is to take you to a place where I can guarantee you'll be treated fairly while waiting for the trial. It's for your protection as well; protection from vigilantes like the Punisher and Blade. You know you can trust me in what I say."

"If they had a cure already I'm sure he would have used it by now." Mike replies, shaking his head, "Just because someone's looking for one doesn't mean they'll find it." He pauses as he hears Captain America's response to Morbius's proposal. "I'm getting the feeling we'll be going inside soon."

"Well I always thought the cure to vampirism was to simply stake them through the heart or expose them to the sun. I've never encountered a vampire before." Heather takes a moment and actually does a human smirk, with all that she had experienced lately meeting a vampire is the first event that has not had a negative impact on her.

Kae nods "Ok, you're right, but if anyone can develope the cure it would be those teamed with the Avengers." She says, her tone basically saying that this is fact. "Lots of money with that group." She adds and grins, then looks to Mike "So how many get-togethers like this stay peaceful?"

Mike shakes his head, "Not many." Arms crossing, he drifts to silence, keeping an eye on what's going on, ready to tell Kae to go inside when the situation calls for it.

~fade out~

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