2012 03 21 Ursa Wakes

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Ursa Wakes

Mirage & Havok

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Med Bay, Xavier's

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Ursa wakes, recalls nothing about the canopic jar. Havok wants to keep it that way. They call for the Winter Guard to come pick up their wayward member.


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-==[ Med-Bay - Sublevel - Xavier Mansion ]==------

Upon entering this room, one could easily feel as if though travel into the future of some science fiction flick had actually taken place. Technology that surpasses anything most human beings could possibly comprehend make up this vast room. This facility is capable of accommodating every aspect of the medical arts and science known to man and many that are not. Not only does this complex allow a scrub room, operating arena, intensive care ward and therapy department but also has holographic diagnostics, cloning and techno-organic tissue bonding facilities thanks to the alien Shi'ar technology.

Through out the main center area of the room are numerous medical 'beds' that resemble something similar to metal tubes which can open and close depending on the severity of the occupants wounds. Robotic limbs that hang from the ceilings and robotic beings that move through out the room conform to their programming and aid in the healing process of patients. The computer networking and the presence of this amazing technology offer an immense sense of hope to anyone that is brought here.

The indicator sounded which notes the arousal of Ursa Major. On hand is Hank McCoy who monitors the readings as Alex walks into the room, "Hank, got the page, is he waking up?"

"Right on time, Alex. Our bear friend is slowly coming out of his coma. I also sent a page to Danielle, as she should be on hand to speak bear-ease to him."

The 1200lb bear is located within a small area sectioned off just for his treatment. Monitors beep and there's a clear indication of increased mental and physical activity. The sectioned area is partially secure with a padded floor (for comfort) and waist high walls with glass looking inward. While there is no real door per-say, there is a gate that would slow down a smaller animal, but not him if he wished to charge through. Alex moves to the window to look within.

Not far behind is Dani, she must have dropped whatever it was she was doing and came straight down, and considering the reason it isn't much of a surprise that she did so "How is he doing? Finally showing signs of life?" she steps to the window to stand beside the fearless leader.

Hank notes, "Quite. His alpha waves indicate that he's awake now, albeit groggy from the long slumber. As if he was hibernating."

With that Ursa Major does come around. His mind is flooded with questions - most of which revolve around where the heck he is and what happened.

Moving quickly at the deluge of emotions, Dani is over the gate and crouching down to be eye to eye with the bear on the table. Immediately she begins to project a soothing vibe at him "It's okay." she says to him out loud her tone mirroring what she is projecting, despite his bear form his mind is more or less human so barring the language difference he should be able to understand spoken word, even if he can't speak it in his current form.

As Alex and Hank look on, Dani is able to calm Ursa before he turns feral. This takes a few minutes and finally Ursa begins to shift back into his human form. As he does, his costume appears over his skin and he is seated on the over-sized table. "Vhat happened? Where am I?" then as his eyes clear, "X-Men…" is muttered.

Her abilities ineffective on the human Ursa has become, Dani straightens "Yes, you are in our medical facility. We found you in Canada suffering from severe radiation poisoning from the object you found." she takes a step back out of his personal space and mostly out of arms reach just in case he takes offense.

"Object? I know of no object…" he gives pause trying to recall.

Alex says, "You were really sick, so we brought you here. We suspect that when you're ready, we can take you back to Russia."

After ripping out the IV, Ursa slides off the table, his legs hit the floor and are a bit wobbly. "I am ready now."

Dani steps forward again as the Russian stands, though its doubtful she will be able to do much if he falls, due to his size "Maybe you should wait another day..or at least long enough to eat something. You must be ravenous after your coma."

"Da, I could eat a horse." he says in reflection of his appetite while touching his stomach identifying hunger. "Yet, I must contact the Guard."

Hank interjects in Russian, "Of course, Ursa. Allow me to set up the communication while my teammates take you to the cafeteria.?"

Ursa agrees and will be allowed to be moved to the underground <nearby> eatery.

Dani lets out the breath she didn't realize she was holding and stifles her cringing at the euphemism, she has no problem in general with eating meat, she does herself, but the thought for her is cringe worthy "You may be able to eat a lot, but you have been out for awhile so I'd take it easy on the stomach." she gestures for him to go ahead.

Moved into the adjacent room just down the metallic underground hallway, a smaller food replomat like area, Ursa starts his eating process. And he can put away the food.

Alex accompanies Dani and Ursa on this venture and after a few questions, they come to realize that Ursa cannot remember anything post the encounter with Sabretooth and X-Factor. Apparently the radiation blanked his memory for over 72 hours but under 144 hours.

Moments later, Hank arrives with a tablet like device with a satellite connection to the Winter Guard's Red Guardian who is pleased that Ursa has been located and he's well. They will be in route within the hour and will arrive within 5.

Taking a seat across the table Dani frowns at the Russians lack of recollection, "Alright you don't remember going after the jar. How about who sent you after Sabertooth?" she thinks about warning him again about eating so much after a fast that he had, but if Hank isn't concerned about it she shouldn't be either.

Ursa asks, "You speak of some jar, I know not of what you ask, what is this 'jar'?"

Alex stands up from the table, "Ursa, if you would excuse us a moment." and then he gives the 'hey come with me glance toward Dani and Hank'.

Then he will walk the two of them out into the hallway letting the door close, "We've probably already said too much. Remember, the Guard was also trying to get that jar and well, I'm really not willing to give it over to them. When they arrive, we should probably tell them that we didn't find anything except for Ursa and leave it at that."

"We found nothing. Right." Dani nods, she is more than willing to play the 'jar? what jar?' game, "Are we going to be questioning the rest of them about what they know or just smile, wave and hand over Ursa?"

"Smile and wave. If I thought i could get away with it, we'd put a bow on Ursa. So yeah, we've probably got 3, maybe 4 hours till they get here - they'll show up early just to try and catch us off guard. That's what Russians do. "

Dani chuckles at Alex's Russian comment "Are you saying you are Russian Alex? That sounds like something you would do." she looks back into the room where Ursa is still eating "What are we going to do with him until they get here. I doubt he will need all that time to eat.

"He'll probably want to rest, shower, who knows. We'll just keep him away from the students and avoid conversations that may stimulate his memory." Alex answers.

Hank notes, "I shall be within the lab doing a bit more research, call if you need." then he'll walk away and see to his own stuff.

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