2012 03 21 She Ain't Reapin

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She Ain't Reapin

Mirage, Cannonball, Havok

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Game Room, Xavier Mansion

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Sam shares issues with Cable, wants backup


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-==[ Game Room - Xavier Mansion ]==-------——

A well lit room, with a fair bit of noise from the hum or a three arcade games here. There is a pool table in center of the room, and a shuffle board table against one of the walls. There's a bar in the far right corner and a few tables close by. There are several score boards and a dart board along the side of the wall where the shuffle board table is. There are a few video game consoles with large screens, couches, and other seating, a refrigerator stocked with soda, water, etc, and of course a small pantry with snacks.

The air is fairly clear here, with air conditioner and fans to circulate and freshen the air. There is a radio/tape cassette player over by the bar for those who want to listen to music.

Instead of the ready room, Alex is found in the game room. Currently he has a cue in hand and is about to shoot and hopefully sink the 9 ball in a corner pocket.

Havok wears his standard attire, combat boots, black cargo pants, and his uniform top with the pretty glowing white concentric circles.

From the sounds in the hallway classes must be changing, which would explain why Dani flees into the first available room. It's not that she doesn't mind teenagers, its just that they are, well, teenagers and tend not to care about personal space and running over people.

She is dressed in her standard non-uniform attire, shorts, shirt and fringed mocassin boots. "Were we that

She is dressed in her standard non-uniform attire, shorts, shirt and fringed mocassin boots. "Were we that rude as teens?" she asks on seeing Alex.

There's another cue stick laid across the adjacent table, it has fresh chalk on its length and blue powder on the tip. Alex takes the shot, cue hits the nine, sinks the ball and then hits a bumper and moves onto the green. "I doubt you were. But I was a little shit."

Glancing over her shoulder out the door Dani chuckles "I'm sure I had my moments, especially about dress code." she moves over to the pool table, leaning against it as she eyes the layout the pool balls roll into "I could ask when you will grow out of it…" she grins but doesn't continue the statement.

Alex smiles and is about to say something though is interrupted by another male voice as a side door is opened and a long tall drink of water strides out holding a paper towell and drying his hands, "Iah gotta tell ya, Alex, this place sure does bring back tha memories…" and with that Sam Guthrie's voice pauses as his eyes land on his former teammate and co-leader of the New Mutants. His face becomes a little flush and the expression turns to excitement mixed with fearfulness as he attributes her presence to that of 'reaping'.

Dani seems genuinly suprised by the sudden appearance of her former team mate. She looks back and forth between Alex and Sam, finally settling on Alex and gesturing to the other "Thanks for the heads up." yes there is a hint of sarcasm there. "Sam," Dani turns toward him, still somewhat surprised by his prescence "I take it you weren't warned either." another look at Alex.

Sam is dressed in boots, jeans, and a yellow long sleeved shirt with some red hashed pattern to it. His yellow blonde hair is a mess as if he's been wearing one of his flight helmets and the tan of his face clearly distinguishes that he's been wearing goggles.

Alex smiles again as he takes another shot. "And miss out on the looks on each of your faces?"

Sam then realizes that she's not here to take a soul to Tartarus or any of the other afterlife planes and he relaxes. "Dani. What brings you round? Iah mean, it ain't like Iah ain't happy to see ya…" and he starts crawfishing as he realizes that he could be taken wrong.

"And here I thought Kurt was the only on you liked to surpise people." Dani replies to the rhetorical question from Alex "Where else would I be, Sam?" she takes a few steps in his direction, "This place was as much my home as any other.

Initially sliding his fingertips into the front pockets of his jeans, Sam seemed unaware of the direction of the conversation and was a touch nervous. His eyes shift to the floor and he realizes that it's her home too and he was insensitive to that so he tries to dig himself out of the hole he created, "Ya know, Asgard. Figured ya were livin there now." He glances to Alex looking for a way out of the danger zone.

Having made the second shot, Alex is lined up for a third. He says nothing and let's the drama play out.

Giving a slight shrug "I was, now I am not." Dani has never really explained why she left Asgard, nor has been very forthcoming about the time she spent there. "I haven't been back long, joined Alex's team." she gestures back to him "Now, do I get a proper welcome back or are you going to just stand there looking nervous and feet shuffling?

That's the trigger, Sam comes out of his shell and smiles as he quickly moves forward to take Dani in his arms in a bear hug of an embrace that will lift her off her feet and then spin her around, "Iah sure missed ya, darlin." he says in the act of squeezing the breeath out of her.

Alex takes another shot, misses, stands erect and holds the cue in his right hand while watching the exchange, "Looks like a Kodak moment." he mutters just as peanut gallery commentary.

Laughing as she is spun around, Dani him hugs back "I missed you too." she pats him on the back, to be put down "I think we are making Alex uncomfortable." she stage whispers "And I need to breath."

Alex is all smiles, he's glad to see Dani smiling and laughing.

Sam complies and places Dani on her feet, he backs away but maintains his own giddy smile, "Oh, sorry bout that." he comments before adding, "You're hangin out with Alex now?"

Alex interjects, "Yeah, and you're not gonna poach her like you tried to poach Rahne."

Sam replies, "Shucks, but naw. Iah ain't here for that, heck, Iah'd rather be poached with the way Cable's actin lately."

"I dived right back into things, yes." she moves to drop herself into a chair "This must have been before Rahne moved to New York?" Dani is still trying to get caught up on what has happened while she was gone.

Alex notes, "It was when X-Factor was in DC, just over a year ago."

Sam adds, "Iah'd heard that Rahne was slummin with Alex and Cable sent me ta fetch her. Alex was right pissed, even tried to arrest me."

Alex, "Well, you were wanted for questioning regarding a recent X-Force terrorist act and I was doing my job. So tell us about Cable's dysfunction."

Dani nods at the two, "You tried to arrest him?" laughing she gives a brief shake of her head in disbelief "That shouldn't surprise me really." leaning forward in her chair "Won't that take all day?" she doesn't know much about Cable but has heard and read some about him in an effort to catch up.

Sam starts out as he takes a seat in a nearby chair and gets settled, "Here it is in a nutshell; Cable's been totally obsessed with Stryfe and tha MLF. So much so that he's losin sleep, stayin up tryin to find where they're gonna hit next and been sendin us out on wild goose chases ta turn up little to nothin in payoff. Poor Domino's been runnin herself ragged diggin for clues and the rest of tha team is on edge."

In the mean time, Alex walks over and takes a seat in the small cluster of chairs to listen.

After a brief pause, Sam continues, "Which is why Iah'm here. The MLF is dangerous, moreso since we're exhausted and we really need a break along with ah leg-up. Iah heard Alex was back in tha saddle of X-Factor and was hopin yall could maybe play backup if'n when Stryfe shows."

Stifling her initial reaction to volunteer the team Dani looks to Alex since he is the captain of this ship "What do you think Alex? We haven't had much lead on the Sinister/Apocalypse situation." as least not that she is aware of "You think Val would agree to us as back-up?

Draping his right arm over the back of the chair as he leans to the left and onto his left elbow, Alex gives thought to the situation, "Val wouldn't go for it, not officially - which is why we're not gonna tell her."

Dani nods at Alex "Right." she leans over to put a hand on Sam's arm "So what can we do to help?" her eyes search his face for signs of stress and exhaustion, a touch of worry coming to her own expression.

Sam displays relief with Alex's affirmation and Dani's touch. "Just showin up when tha crap hits tha fan. Iah reckon that we're gettin down ta tha wire and tha dam's bout ta break."

Alex asks, "If we were to give you a frequency, could you send us a message when it's time?"

Sam nods, "Sure can."

"Well assuming that your business is complete." she gestures back toward the pool table "I think I interuppted a game that needs to be won?" she waits several beats for yays and nays before getting to her feet.

Sam is the first to stand, "Really darlin, Iah hate to chat and run, but Iah gotta get back 'for Iah'm missed. Cable runs ah tight ship and there's always tha lookin fer leaks."

Alex stands "Lemmie walk you out, we'll hit the ready room and get the frequency stuff down."

Dani walks with them as far as the game room door and looks up and down the corridor, "It's safe." giving Sam another quick hug goodbye, "Don't be a stranger and be sure to say hi to any of the others for me."

After a 'will-do' and the departure of Dani, Alex and Sam get back to business as they take an alternate route downstairs.

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