2012 03 21 Be It Ever So Green

Log Title:
Be It Ever So Green

Lifeguard and Viper

IC Date:
March 21, 2012

Ellington Club - Midtown

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Viper encounters Lifeguard at the Ellington Club to pass on information to X-Factor and to make an offer Heather may not refuse


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The midday crowd in New York City has come and gone, on her day off from the world of saving mutant lives or intergalactic empire struggles, Heather Cameron has found the need to remain in touch with her humanity. Despite the recent discovery of her true alien heritage, she still yearns for the simplicity of things that are human. This includes an afternoon in New York City and the start of happy hour. Seated at the bar in Ellington Club, Heather using an image inducer, appears as her old blond beautiful Australian self. Appearing in a short black cocktail dress to appear in the festive mood for the arrival of spring, she sips on a sifter of cognac as she looks through the few patrons at the club. The bartender a kind older gentleman offers a smile, “How’re you today, Heather?” She nods her head and takes a moment as if struggling to force her old accent, “I am well, John. I am well.”

In dark green leather boots and pants that hug her amazing ass with a lovely green blouse of silk, the seductive and beautiful Viper moves through the club disregarding all other interests and men with unattainable goals to find herself taking a seat next to Heather at the bar. Her green hair is fingered from covering her left eye to reveal both are equally as dark and green as her lips. She smiles to the blonde and states to the bartender, "The usual." before addressing Heather fully while the bartender departs to gather the drink, "Heather Cameron, allow me to introduce myself, I'm called Viper and today I'm going to do you a service in exchange for information being passed on to your team leader."

Sipping the cognac, even Heather must note the arrival of Viper into the club. She has seen much since her entrance into the world of mutant affairs and whether it is those green locks, the matching make-up and attire of those green pants and butts that hug Viper’s amazing ass, Heather instantly recognizes the villainess from the files, but senses no immediate danger as well. While her Shi’ar urges want her to grab the mercenary and rip her throat out, Heather simply eyes the bartender who quickly serves Viper her usual drink. Taking a sip from the cognac, Heather lets out an exhale of frustration, “I am familiar with who you are, Viper. What information could possibly warrant my being civil to you and actually indulging in conversation with you?”

"Darling, you wound me with your hurtful words. I am here on a mission of mercy, one that your boss will be thankful for." is said in her sultry eastern block accent with a flow of harsh syllables made soft by her tongue. "Plus, it is that I know your trouble and I wish to give aide to your plight."

Turning to face Viper, still holding her drink with a very firm grip, Heather gazes directly into Viper’s eyes. The woman she is encountering is ever so mysterious yet icy. Heather is momentarily reminded of her mother, Deathbird. “I apologize for the cruel words, but clearly you must used to such tones by now, my dear Viper.” Heather sighs and then smiles, “How am I to know this information is even valid? The circles you run in are not the most reliable or truthful.”

"When it comes to the health and safety of my daughter, then I am biased toward the truth. Additionally, it would be in your best interest to inform Havok of the following information… Jess is in Madripoor, she's in danger, and as I am unable to travel there, he's truly her only hope. Her last known location is at the Yellow Sun Hotel, room number 208." Viper states in a calm, collected and sultry manner.

"You have a daughter?" Shocked at hearing about Viper’s daughter and presuming from the fact that her daughter is in Madripoor, Heather nods impressed that Viper looks great for having a daughter that is at least a young adult, if that. “Very well, Viper. I will pass on the information to Havok, but with who you are and what you have access too, I am surprised that you cannot simply get her out, or despite whatever restriction is keeping you from Madripoor, that you would just show up anyway…I mean being a mother and all.” Heather’s definition of what a mother is and what actions she should take to protect her kin has become skewed due to her own near death at her mother’s hands.

"There are certain things that prevent such measures. But those are none of your concern." States Viper as she moves off the stool. Turning toward the bar again, she takes the drink placed by the bartender, a sip is consumed and then her attention returns to Heather, "Now, when you are ready to gain a solid foothold on your new appearance, you'll want to call me. My scientists will be glad to assist you with your morphing back into the lovely woman that your image generator projects." and with that, a business card - green in hue with gold lettering - is slid across the bar to Heather.

There have been many surprises in Heather’s life. From the onset of her mutant abilities, seeing teammates’ pantless, meeting her true mother, and countless other hero adventures, but the fact that this woman she has never met before knows of her true appearance lives her nearly dumbfounded. “I…how?…” Heather simply looks down at the card and studies it a moment. In this new world that Charles Xavier has introduced her too, nothing should surprise her. Almost ashamed for a moment, she reaches for the card and places it into a bag near her on the bar. Not quite looking Viper in the eye, “I will get the information to Havok.” Clearly the mere thought that she is even considering Viper’s offer shames her.

"We're HYDRA darling, we know everything." then her heeled boots clack her away in long legged graceful strides.
Watching Madame Hydra walk away in those boots and pants that accentuate her rear, Heather sighs and looks over the card and then back at the bartender, “A shot…or whatever is your strongest mind-numbing drink” as she simply stares at the card.

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