2012 03 20 Hell Hath No Fury Like These Women And Empath

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Hell Hath No Fury like These Women…and Empath

Emma Frost, Empath, Enchantress, and Selene

IC Date:
March 20, 2012

Inner Circle Meeting Hall - Hellfire Club - New Yor

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Two queens and a goddess meet and Empath stumbles into a room full of powerful women!


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(OOC Note: Empath came into the scene late and towards the end Also, the page between Emma and Empath are IC telepathic conversation.)

Emma, Selene, and Enchantress are seated at the great conference table, the two Queens side-by-side and Amora just a little further down, talking softly. The chamber is otherwise empty. Emma returns Selene's squeezeing of her hand gently. "I admit, I was curious about that myself. I'm sure we cannot be the only game in town, so to speak."

"The truth is I have many diverse holdings in Midgard." Amora explains to the two Queens. "Unlike many of my fellow Asgardians, I have not abandoned the mortal realm completely. Of course, I do not requite Bifrost to travel here… thus it makes it simpler for me. I come here regularly to ensure that my minions are properly handling my assets."

Selene Chuckles " Secret stash in case something goes wrong is always wise " she says softly waving for something to munch on and something to drink of course

Dressed in formal entire period clothing befitting the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club, the young Spaniard and Black Rook enters the Meeting Hall. Perusing the expansive chamber, Empath is at once astonished and just how lavish the club is and offended that he had yet to enter this inner sanctum of sorts. All those emotions are quickly diminished when his gaze captures the three…women…in the room. Immediately, his eyes fall from Emma, his primary teacher of his mutant abilities, to Selene, his goddess and new headmistress, to Amora, the Enchantress. Almost befuddled by the mere exquisiteness and power within these three women that he can instantly sense, his expression reveals appreciation for their beauty and fear of their power. He attempts a general scan of the mood to read the emotions of these women, and not surprised, finds that he cannot read any of them. Best to rely purely on luck and instinct, he bows in a formal greeting to Selene and Emma, “Your highnesses.” To Amora, he approaches slowly and extends his hand like a true Spanish gentleman, to kiss hers if allowed, “I am Manuel de la Rocha, Black Rook, at your assistance.”

"Diversification… very wise. It's served me well more than once," Emma muses, with a hint of a smile, her tone subtly approving. What more she may have said is lost as Empath enters. "Welcome, Manuel. I had not expected you here, but perhaps it is a bit past time you were admitted."

"A Spaniard… and a gallant one. How very interesting. I had a nice cult in Spain just before the Moorish invasion." Amora allows her hand to be kissed in the gallant gesture. "Utterly delicious. I would steal you away but, honestly, poaching from my new sisters here would not be a very good gesture of trust." She winks at Manuel and then says to the ladies, "At some point or another, Odin will exile me. He does so every few decades in order to teach me a lesson about something or another… and I prefer to be prepared for a life of luxury."

Selene Nods her head " An oversite I am sorry for " she grins " This is my black rook empath he's a gentleman and wonderful companion your welcome to ask for his assistance in things I doubt he'd say no " . She chuckles softly " As long as you give him back of course I don't mind sharing with my sisters " .

From afar, Emma Frost notes that Manuel hears a soft voice in the back of his mind. "Please don't drool on the floor, Manuel… the marble must be polished painstakingly to free it of even the smallest stains." The tone is just faintly condescending, and equally impish.

Without even looking to Emma as he is still enamored by Amora's beauty, Empath responds, "I was merely exploring the old club. I had no idea of the existence of this lower level…a forgotten mistake by our King, no doubt, as I surely would have been invited." Across his cheek is a deep cut healing, the final remnants of a battle scar courtesy of our liege's son, Shinobi. Blessed with being able to kiss Amora's hand, he bows his head and offers, "Gracias." Taking his place behind Selene as her Rook, he offers a quick glance to Emma as he places his head below his lip to check something. He cannot help but offer a slight smile which quickly diminishes as he stands behind Selene and allows the ladies their business. He is merely an observer at this point in his neophyte career with the Hellfire Club. With Selene's words, he bows again to Amora, "I am at your service whenever, you have need, milady."

Long distance to Emma Frost: Empath offers in response telepathically, "I apologize for my obvious and instant attraction to our new entrant. I cannot control my body's reaction to beauty. Both Selene and this new goddess are beautiful, indeed. Odd though, that you never caused me to drool. You must feel awkward around actual real goddesses."

"I suppose Odin must have a hobby," Emma quips softly. "It's always good to see the signs early and make arrangements. A strength indeed, and one we find very useful here."

She smiles faintly to Empath. "Trust me, Manuel… if you were not allowed inside, you never would have found your way here. This is your first step into a larger world. Don't stumble."

"Indeed." Amora considers the young man and Selene and then she rises to her feet. "Speaking of my assets, I must go and ensure they don't return to their wives." A fresh kiss for all her little CEO and CFO thralls is needed. The work work work of dominating her mortal slaves. Le sigh. Amora offers both queens a smile. "I will see you both soon. Thank you for your time."

“I shan’t stumble, my fair White Queen.” Empath offers to Emma’s sage advice. When Amora makes her exit, he bows regally, “Adios, goddess.” He then remains standing at attention behind Selene but offers another quick glance to Emma.

Selene Smiles and blows a kiss even " See you around soon , we'll have to set up another game soon" she says softly as she grabs her fresh wine and something to nibble on.”

From afar, Emma Frost smirks inwardly, still using mindspeech. "Not that odd, really… I prefer it that way. But I've a feeling the lovely goddess and I will be the best of friends, and very soon. By the way, your footing is looking just slightly wobbly, if you take my meaning… so do watch your step."

Clearing his throat and standing adjusting his posture and standing in a more militaristic at attention type pose behind Selene, Manuel takes his gaze off of Emma and simply stares straight ahead.

Long distance to Emma Frost: Empath offers in response, "Point taken. Thank you for your advice and concern. You are as helpful and maternal as you were at the Academy."

"You are quite welcome, Amora. Come by anytime," Emma replies to Amora, rising. "I'm afraid I must go as well. I've a meeting to get to, but I'll be in touch, Selene. Do keep Manuel in line," she says, turning to leave.

From afar, Emma Frost replies, "Thank you. I try."

With her final words said, the Enchantress raises her arms and lowers them in an arcane pattern. A flash of green light announces her departure from the room.

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