2012 03 19 Mean Girls Catfight

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Mean Girls Catfight

Empath, Kaelyn, Morbius, Night Thrasher, and Sora

IC Date:
March 19, 2012

Midtown - New York

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Two girls catfight and draw a crowd.


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Screams can be heard coming from Perry’s Bar, when all of a sudden two young co-eds fall through the window. The two girls scratch and claw at each other as their friends stand befuddled. Among the crowd watching the fight from within the bar and rushing out is Manuel da la Rocha. Dressed casually for the arriving spring weather, Manuel is wearing an expensive pair of jeans and black pullover. He stands near the two girls who are rolling around on the pavement cursing at each other and fighting apparently over who is prettier. The grin widens as he has found his entertainment for the day.

She's still out and about and now walking by a bar? The girl isn't really old enough to enter, but she now sees two women fighting each other. She frowns and glances around at the crowd. She then mutters "Anyone gonna do anythin' about it?" She mutters, the girl now muddling over whether or not to intervene.

Most of the crowd watching are men. So no they will not do anything about it. For his part, Empath caused this little ruckus with his powers unbeknownst to anyone present. The blond suddenly pushes the brunette off her and into the wall. The brunette responds by taking off her expensive looking stiletto heel and charge at the blond. Both girls scream out about the other is fat, which in reality neither are.

Kae frowns and glances around curiously. She makes a decision, now that there's a weapon involved and quickly the woman is moving forward and trying to catch the enraged woman's arm and remove the heal. "I think that's enough!" She calls out, frowning. "Yer both pretty, stop with the fighting."

Dwayne Taylor is still in the area. Apparently now, though, he's probably leaving the Taylor Foundation for the rest of the day. Earlier in the day he had a lunch break at the Museum of Modern Art. Now? He's walking down the street. Dwayne is still dressed in a pair of jeans and a button down shirt. As he passed by Perry's he heard the shouting, screaming and commotion. The young man has a sizable duffle over his shoulder and a black backpack settled at the mid-point of his back. Dwayne humphs at the noise, "Midtown is having a day, today." As Kae intervenes, Dwayne arches an eyebrow, "Again?"

The stiletto is removed from the brunette who looks at Kae. Looking shocked and confused for a m oment, Empath hmmmns and then the blond attempts to push Kae away from the brunette, “Get away from my friend, you fat cow!” It seems now the two original fighters are against Kae with each yelling rather vulgar and nasty taunts at Kae aimed at her appearance, her hair, and her outfit.

Kae sighs, and waves her arms. "Get a life, ladies. Good day." She states and turns, putting her hands in her pockets as she turns to move away. She then pauses. "B'sides, there's nothin' about me that would lend me toward bein' cattle. Seems more like your schpeel." She adds, getting a little snipe in before starting to walk again.

Dwayne winces at the abuse being tossed Kae's way by the two belligerent women. Dwayne shifts his weight from one foot to another and readjusts the strap to his duffle over his shoulder. Dwayne clears his throat a bit and then says in a loud enough voice directed towards the fighting women, "I think it's time to sue for peace. Find the owner of this place and offer to have the damages you caused fixed." Dwayne adds in his two cents.

Empath cannot help but stifle a laugh as he finally reaches Dwayne, “I see you have found tonight’s entertainment, Mr. Taylor.” The brunette goes to remove her other stiletto and runs after Kaelyn, while the blond takes off her clogs to toss at the walking away Kae. The blond adds, “She can’t even pronounce her ‘g’ I beat she can’t afford a Gucci purse!” as the first clog is tossed. The men who are watching are suddenly cheering and yelling, “Catfight…catfight…and then make out!” The brunette that charges just screams out, “Bitch!”

Sora comes rolling down the sidewalk, not really in a hurry. Looking around as she does. Nice night and all that…hmm, as she shifts direction to something..well, not sure what it is yet…but in chaos, there is opportunity. Rolling closer trying to get a better look.

Instantly Kae hops to the side, the girl tucking into a roll before nimbly coming back to her feet, ready to defend her self. As she sees the two women coming at her she calls out "You don't want to do this!" As her feet settle into a long stance, and hands come up, held at shoulder level as she readies to defend her self. For those who have seen it, she's basically in a pretty typical wu-shu fighting stance as she waits for the two women to come at her agian. "Just back off and we don't have to fight here!"

Dwayne turns his head and directs his gaze towards Manuel. It takes the young man a moment but he nods in greeting, "Mr. de la Rocha, right?" He then cants his head to the side in a pointing gesture towards the scene that is evolving in front of him, "There must be something in the air. This is the second odd thing today that I've witnessed around here." He watches the Texan slide into a wu-shu stance. He hrms thoughtfully, "If this doesn't end, I'm going to have to try to end it. This is rediculous."

An expensive pair of clogs are flung at Kaelyn. Kae’s graceful martials arts display allow the thrown clogs to miss her completely but seem to be heading toward Sora’s general direction. The blond girls cries out, “My shoes! My expensive Manolo Blahnik clogs!” The brunette stops when Kae does her little wu-shu demonstration. Again she stares blankly and turns in the general direction of Dwayne and Manuel. She then continues charging at Kae with the stiletto and wielding it like a crack addict wielding a knife.

When the girl looks over at his and Dwayne’s direction, Manuel responds, “I take it they are friends of yours? And yes, It is de la Rocha. But since we are not within the confines of the club, you can call me Manuel.”
Sora rolls to a stop, as she crosses her arms in front of her. "Aw man, I thought it was an accident. This ain't no accident.." She frowns a bit, "Come on then…someone hit somebody!"

"Certainly, Manuel." Dwayne says as he continues to watch what's unfolding. He shifts his weight from foot to foot, clearly not comfortable with simply watching what's going on. He takes a step forward, "Alright, that's enough! You don't even know what you're fighting about!" He's mostly calling out to the women who started the fight, not Kae who is defending herself.

As the show swings in, the girl steps slightly to the left, her hand coming up to attempt to deflect and trap the woman's hand before she tries to turn her momentum against her and flip the stilletto heal wielding manic lady. As she finishes her block/throw, she slides to the left, now glancing back toward the woman who threw the clogs "Shoes are for wearin' not throwin'."

As Sora cheers for someone to get into a fight. The men in the crowd not surrounding the Kaelyn and her aggressors start to chant, “Fight! Fight! Fight!” One man adds, “Then tickle each other and make out!” Which causes Manuel to simply shakes his head and when Dwayne valiantly decides to interfere with his evening’s entertainment, Manuel peers abit. He knows he should not use his powers on a fellow member of the club, but when he staggers back a moment when he finds there is more to Dwayne than their appears. The staggering of Manuel causes him to lose his hold over the two shoe-wielding women.

The brunette who is flipped over and slammed onto the ground, looks up. “What the fuck?” The blond who is not confronted by Kaelyn takes a similar confused expression. She looks from Kae to Dwayne to her friend and to Sora, “My Manolo Blahniks!” She leaves her friend and everyone else to chase after her clogs as she asks Sora, “Please help me find my clogs.” The gathering of men who were watching the fight begin to disperse as they had hoped to see more of a fight or something else from the combating women.

Sora starts to boo a bit, "Awww..come on, it can't be over. Let's get it going again…come on, I'll give a thousand dollars to the winner!…lets see some rumbling"

The sounds of violence waft upwards through the steel canyons of Midtown, the scent of gathered humanity and most especially, the scent of spilled blood have drawn a predator…a dark shape flits silently by overhead, alighting on a nearby club roof, the vivid lights serving to hide him in their flickering. Morbius, the Living Vampire, peers down at the street close below…and seems…disappointed. Some random fight? These are -not- the criminal element he seeks. Still and all, it has been a long week, he takes a moment to rest, watching almost absently. Few people look up, after all.

At the mention of money from Sora, the blond turns around, “Ok.” While she is not being emotionally manipulated this time, money can have the same effect. The blond stops the search for her shoes and instead looks around. Not wanting to end up on her back like her brunette friend, she looks around and turns to Sora and smiles. She leaps onto the ground atop her brunette friend and starts to pull her hair and smack her, “For a $1000 bucks, I can get a new Coach bag.” Regaining his composure, Manuel watches as the two women begin their fight again without his powers over them. Looking about to see what is causing this, more men begin to gather around and some begin to toss money onto the floor and one thanks Sora for her offer to pay them.

Kae slaps her forehead as the two women are now fighting, and for bags and over money? Kae shakes her head and quietly starts walking toward the edge of the crowd. "Place is ruddy crazy." she mutters as she puts her hands in her pockets. "Can't say I didn't try to break it up."

Sora rubs her hands together, and then digs around in her bag. Pulling out a stack of 20's, "Alright, now this is entertainment…whose got the desire to go for it.." she says waving the money around. "Come on ladies…$1000 to the winner!…lets see some real fighting!"

That…offering money to prolong a meaningless fight? -That- action makes Morbius's thin, pale lips curl in disgust and contempt. He could end this in a moment, he thinks, he'd just have to make an appearance and all below would scatter. He sighs deeply, and gathers himself . o O(And -this-, Michael, is part and parcel of the humanity you so long for, that you've been denied. But I suppose I can't let this escalate.)

Moving through the crowd, though still keeping a close eye on the pugilists, Manuel makes his way towards where
Kaelyn is at the edge. “You were pretty impressive back there. I’m surprised that you aren’t in there, breaking them up and getting the money for yourself.” He speaks with a thick Spanish accent as he looks to Sora, “I gotta say I am surprised it is a woman paying them.”

The blond and brunette keeping fighting and when the money starts to fall near them, the blond punches the brunette across the face and uses her cheap fake fingernails to rake the brunette across the eye drawing more blood. Much more. The brunette screams as she reaches for the stiletto she had used again Kaelyn earlier and finds and frantically starts screaming as blood gushes from her eye. She ends up hitting the blond on her breast with enough force that the heel of the show is now embedded in her breast. However some sort of gelatinous goo pours out from it. The blond screams as she clutches her breast, “My tit! You popped my tit!”

That all but gets Manuel’s attention, but then he senses something else. Something more raw, emotional, and potentially more fun to play with as he looks in the general direction of Morbius.

Kae glances to the hispanic fellow and shrugs "No, not at all, couldn't stop them from fighting, then someone else offers money… Now someone's gonna have to call an ambulance, because evidently one of those girls is sporting implants." She says and shakes her head. "Not good at all." She mutters and sighs, before motioning toward the two fighting women "I suggest you stop guys, and one of you get to a hospital, before one of yall end up collapsing of blood loss!"

Sora starts laughing, "Yes…thats worth another hundred" as she adds more bills to the stack. She then tosses the money onto the women, "Good show, good show….." She then turns, and slips past the other onlookers rolling on her wheels. She glances around, "Lets see….maybe I should get something to drink."

(Enough.) the mutated scientist thinks as he simply steps from the edge of the club roof, as a doctor, he cannot allow this to continue one moment more. There is a soft fluttering of fabric as a lean, leather-clad shape drops down next to the fighting women, inside the ring of onlookers. As half-hearted as it might genuinely be, Morbius's monstrous hiss as he wheels to take in as many observers as he can should get the desired result. His contempt deepers, his disgust rolls in his gut. The scent of blood washes over him and he forcibly drives his instincts down, brutally.

“Well, I must say…I have seen a lot, but I think this beats just about anything I have ever seen.” Manuel applauds, “Good show to the girls.” He bows to Kaelyn, “Well, at least you did a good deed for the day.” With that he bows to Kaelyn and makes his way to the Upper East Side just before the vampire makes his appearance.

With the sudden and scary arrival of Morbius, the scene becomes chaotic as everyone in the crowd rushes off and away. The blond still clutching her gushing breast and the brunette with the bloodied eye scramble to grab as much of the money before running off and away…hopefully for medical assistance.

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