2012 03 18 Burning Down The Recording House

Log Title:
Burning down the (Recording) House!

Lifeguard (scene emitted by Phantasm)

IC Date:
March 18, 2012

Golem Studios - Chelsea

Brief log summary::
Lifeguard stops a fire.


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With the amount of entertainment sources down to a minimum and most folks hitting their pillows in preparation for the start of the work week tommorrow morning, there is little in terms of foot traffic tonight. A high contrast to last night indeed. With the exception of some residential buildings, the number of windows illuminated are quite minimal, which makes the one fully lit up room to the right of Golem Studios stand out. The blinds in the window do not allow for much of a view in but it seems quite apparent there is someone there working late.

In the alleyway next to the recording studio, the side entrance into the building slams shut as a darkly clad figure walks off, heading down a subway entrance. All in all, a quiet night.

Venturing into the city late at night, Heather Cameron dressed comfortably in a jeans and a black blue and purple striped shirt is just getting off the subway and walking towards the subway entrance. She breathes heavily as she is frightened for some reason. After recent happenings at the far end of the universe, Heather experienced a rather nasty transformation to her new form. The mutants at the Xavier mansion have been supportive, but she still feels awkward and has resorted to using an image inducer to keep her real form hidden and show her former more human appearance.

The man who heads down the subway entrance doesn't bother giving Heather much of a glance as he disappears from view. There's little offered in terms of conflict upon the street but as she comes within range of Golemn Studios, her danger sense would be triggered. Funny though, it seems like the building's rather peaceful looking.

When her danger sense kicks in, so do her powers. Unfortunately, they kick in ways she can never really expect. And so when she senses the danger her body reacts almost immediately and randomly and for this, her body goes intangible. Also unfortunate for her is that going intangible drops the image inducer which suddenly reveals her true form…that of a taller, stronger, nastier looking, Shi’ar royal. Looking about for the danger, instincts kick in as she takes a defensive stance pondering where and what is going on.

The street itself seems rather quiet. There are no creatures coming out to attack her, no Crimson Dynamos flying about screaming things in thick Russian accents, it's just a peaceful evening. The appearance of the studio shifts slightly as a flicker of light becomes apparent from behind the blinds of another window. The light highly contrasts with that of the steady light of the other one.

Despite being a member of X-Factor, Heather is relatively considered a neophyte mutant and so she cannot gauge where the danger is coming from. So she does what she can with his new intangible form. Being able to move quicker and easier, she begins to survey the area. She starts to walk up in the air taking steps as if walking on air to get a better more aerial view. She notes the flicker from Golem Studios, but is not sure if that is where the danger is coming from.

As she goes up higher, the area around seems quite calm. Still no one going after here, no incoming storms, just a simple moonlit night. The moonlight shines down, illuminating the area to show the area's peaceful nature. It also ends up illuminating something coming from a vent extending out of the studio, demolishing the promise of peace with a glance of it's dark unclean form. Smoke.

Smoke coming from a music studio. Not a usual thing. Lifeguard airwalks towards the studio finally stopping short of the smoke and peering through the vent before opting to enter the vent and studio using her new found intangibility form.

The dark appearance of the smoke is thick, obscuring the view via the vent, the trek is a blind one and it gradually becomes hotter. It's everywhere within the vent, making it hard to determine where it's coming from and where it's just going to. The heat in the area gets much higher than what would be considered comfortable.

Despite her vision being obscured, Lifeguard continues to trek through the building and the vent while intangible, secure that the fire cannot harm her. She opts to exit the vent and moves downward to an actual floor as she begins to run through the various rooms and offices and studio spaces to find the source of the fire.

As she exits out, she finds herself in the hallway. The upper portion of it is clogged with smoke, and despite the presence of sprinklers, none appear to be active. A few doors down, light creeps out from under the doorway. A steady, unwavering light peeks out from underneath.

Lifeguard rushes towards the doorway where the light creeps out. She is grateful that is intangible, but she is cursing that she can only emit one power at a time. The smoke is obscuring her vision and the longer it takes to find the source of the power, the more damage the fire can do. She finally reaches the door and simply walks through it.

As Lifeguard walks through the door, she comes into an office. Lining along the walls are framed concert posters, pictures of music stars with autographs, a file cabinet, a nice leather sofa and to one side a very nice executive style desk. Very posh. But no fire. However there is a person slumped over the desk. Hmm. Probably should have mentioned the person first.

Quickly spotting the person, Lifeguard grabs the person and that person becomes intangible. Lifting said person, she moves through the walls quickly to deposit said person outside safely on the street. Once outside and solidifying, Lifeguard uses her X-Factor id to signal authorities to the area and she attempts to awaken the person, “Is anyone else in there? Are you alright?”

The man who was just behind the desk befor Lifeguard's intervention is not quite in the talking mode. Upon getting a closer look upon him, the man sports a bit of a head wound, likely from being hit with something, but he does appear to be alive, out cold, but alive.

Her powers switch again this time again her body shimmers and then plops down as she has taken on a watery form. It takes a moment to adjust to when she turns back to the building elongating in her water form back to the height of the vent and entering the building attempting to put out as much of the fire as Lifeguard moves through the building, but this time limited by wall, but still able to move quickly. As she does so, authorities are already arriving on the scene.

The fire is spread out, but as she moves about the flames do eventually get extinguished. As the fire department folks arrive, they start to make their way into the building to do their part of the fire fighting process.
In her watery form, she continues to put out the fire and search for any victims still within the building. Hearing noise alerting her to the presence of firefighters, she smiles as she will have help to save the studio.

As she and the fire department work their way through, there appear to be no more victims of the fire. Oddly enough, when the fire's determined to be gone, despite it's proximity to the fire, the lobby area is untouched. How lucky!

With the fire taken care of, Lifeguard makes a quick exit from the building still in her watery form and once outside, she returns to her true form. With the image inducer all but ruined during this rescue. She lets out a sigh as she realizes there is not much she can do in her new form. She takes to the sky with her wings, content that she put out the fire and saved a life, but unhappy that she still looks like an alien.

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