2012 03 17 M.I.T. And The Leprechaun Parade

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MIT and the Leprechaun Parade

Havok, Nightcrawler and Mirage

IC Date:
March 17, 2012

Midtown, Manhattan

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A float in the St. Patrick's Day parade has to be put down.


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-==[ Midtown - New York ]==---------

Midtown Manhattan is the single largest and busiest commercial district in the United States. The majority of the city's skyscrapers are located in these blocks, including the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building, along with most of the city's hotels and not a few apartment towers. More than three million people work in this space; Fifth Avenue is here, with its famed shops, and so is everything from Grand Central to St. Patrick's Cathedral to the Daily Bugle to the Museum of Modern Art. This is how you get to Carnegie Hall.

It's St. Patrick's Day, and the warm mild weather has brought everyone out in droves to watch the parade. The crowd lining the streets are rowdy but in a friendly manner, probably due to the fact that there are a lot of families around. There is a lot of talking, drinking and loud music here and there, despite it being barely noon.

There is little to no traffic, the streets have already been blocked off, though an occasional police car goes by.

In the distance band music can be heard over the surrounding crowd, the parade is underway and it won't be long until it rounds the corner into view.

For his part, Kurt is with the group, having hopefully found their spot that offers a good view of the parade without drunk college students getting in the way and making fun of anyone in the group. To help with that, Kurt is dressed in short sleeve shirt, pants, sneakers - and has the image inducer putting up a certain pencil mustaschio actor from the last century. Normally he's been trying to avoid the use of the device, but not wanting to draw any attention he's choosen to look more human today. It also means he can't scamper up a light pole for a better view. With the group, he watches in the direction where the parade is coming from.

In black combat boots, cargo pants of the same color his uniform top covered by a red t-shirt and a dark blue breaker, Alex Summers keeps his blue eyes sharp, keen on finding trouble in the crowd. He's the team leader now, which means his job is taken a little more seriously than when he wasn't in charge. Also having a public ID, he runs the risk of being identified so he wears sunglasses, hoping they're hypnotic. He too stays with the group, here for business, not for fun.

Despite not having the slighest bit if Irish blood in her Dani has gotten into the spirit of the day. On her head she wears a felt green derby hat that matches her green shirt with the obligatory pithy pro-irish statement on i.e I Speak Fluent Blarney, or something similar, jeans and fringed mocassion boots. Dani stands as close to the curb as she can, and she has somehow managed to get a green beer in her hand, though as of yet it is unopened.

From his vantage, most likely behind Dani who is more into this parade, Kurt makes an observation. "Only for yourself," he grins, "You couldn't find one for all of us." He turns back to the boss, who is indeed on the serious side, "I can't believe this, I thought we were a team." Next thing he knows, at the next grill out, people are going to start handing him unopened beers when its their turn for a cooler run. Still, he doesn't seem interested in finding one, he'd rather watch the parade.

Alex continues to scan the crowd. His eyes remain vigilant in their search for trouble. Jumping from one target to the next, Alex glances around while his hands move into his jacket pockets. He adds to the conversation, but doesn't address Dani visually, "Yeah Dani, what's up with that?" just adding to the tease.

She just shrugs "Actually I think it was supposed to be going to someone over there." Dani points beyond Alex "But apparently it go lost in transit." she grins and twists it open, offering it over to Alex "You look like you could use it more then me. Loosen up we are supposed to be here to have fun." she makes a face at him, which mimics his brooding look.

Chuckling himself, Kurt nods, "Oh yeah, that's him - to a T. All you have to do now is …" And more quietly, mouthed not said, 'Blow something up, like a door.' Then he thumbs up and nods, to exagerate how close she is to mimicking Alex. Then he starts looking around for beer in transition, wondering if more could get lost his way. His focus isn't enough to wind up with beer in hand, the inner kid in him is really waiting to see the parade and hear the bands up close.

The crowd surrounding them gets hushed a moment as the first of the parade begins to pass. The crowd then starts to clap and cheer, etc. as the parade starts to pass.

In the lead is a drum major leading a high school marching band, followed by the high school cheerleaders and color guard team. After that is a few small floats, advertising local businesses and a group of boyscouts, two of which lead with the troop banner between them.

While he observes and doesn't cheer, Kurt will certainly catch candy if any is thrown. He seems to be into that but, all the same, he give it to whatever kids are nearby as he does so. Fun to catch, but he doesn't have the sweet of a sweet tooth. Other than this, he claps occasionally when its warranted - ie clowns doing tricks, a drill team that stops to drill in front of them, etc. All in all, he's having a good time just being in the moment.

With a slight shake of his head, Alex indicates that he doesn't really want Dani's beer. "No thanks." is muttered as his eyes return to the crowd. He comments, "I know we're here to have fun, but events like this are perfect targets for mutant extremists. I just wanna stay sharp."

Chuckling at Kurt she takes a swing of the beer herself, when it is refused "Everyday is perfect when extremists are involved." though she does give him a nod somewhat agreeing with his point. She continues to watch the parade only getting a bit excited when she NYC Mounted police ride by in formation on their horses.

The parade continues past, with its floats, bands and various other organizations and groups, nothing seems amiss. So it is somewhat startling, well probably to everyone but one person, when there is a loud crash in the distance, people screaming and above the buildings black smoke can be seen billowing up.

Alex's eyes narrow and his focus is directly upon the area with the explosions. He states clearly, "We're on." then starts moving through the crowd, "Kurt, recon. Let us know what's happening." then he calls to the crowd, "Make a hole!" and presses on.

About to comment on the converstaion, Kurt is taken by the crash and then the screaming. He's already moving in that direction, he says, "You guys just had to jinx it didn't you?" The perfect that is, Karma bit their buts because they invoked Murphy's Law. Regardless, image inducer drops to reveal Kurt as himself, but still wearing lounging type clothes for relaxation. With a bamf, he disappears in a cloud of black smoke. He goes up a building to wall crawl for a view. He will bamf from building to building as need to get closer as he begins a fast recon.

"So much for a day off." Dani mutters to herself, handing off her bottle of beer to a nearby frat boy and taking off in the direction of the altercation. She doesn't bother going through the crowd though. Stepping off the curb she rushes down the street, going past the parade that hasn't seemed to notice anything as of yet.

When Kurt gets to the scene he will see that several floats have been knocked over and are on fire. Though that isn't what is causing a majority of the problem. That is caused by what looks to have been a float submitted by the robotics department of MIT. It looks like part farm equipment, part lizard/spider thing, what ever it is, it is no longer under the control of the MIT students, who are huddled under wreckage of another float arguing, one is flaying his arms, a large remote in his hand.

Pushing through the crowd, Havok has removed his breaker and works on his T-Shirt to reveal his black sleeved unstable molecule uniform with the pretty bright white glowing circles on his chest. That glow indicates that he's charged up and ready to blast. He continues to assert his commanding voice, "MAKE A HOLE" to those that are unaware of his approach and intent. When he identifies the target he'll yell to one of the MIT geeks, "SHUT IT DOWN OR I WILL!"

While Alex is directly taking care of the robot, Kurt moves to nearby crowd control. Everyone seems to be running away, but there is not telling. He'll make his way carefully around to the floats already 'attacked' by the out of control robot. He's going to make sure no one is injured inside a float or that no one has been trampled as people have fled. Also, any drunk college kids lingering to watch the festitivies of crazy float will be instructed to leave.

Following Alex, Dani takes in the scene with practiced stocism. She rushes to the flipped float that Kurt hasn't gotten to yet to check for casualties and/or trapped persons in and around it. Doing the same type of crowd control on the opposite side of the street from Kurt.

There are quite a few of those college frat boys that are standing around, trying to capture the scene on camera phones and are pretty upset to be told to move on, they do reluctantly though the still keep their camera's going and probably stop at a safer distance to continue filming. Casualties are at a minimum, though someone is pinned under a float that Kurt is at

The MIT students stop as one and stare at Alex as he approaches. "We tried shutting it down!" the one with the remote is shoved forward by the others "It isn't responding to anything." he jiggles the controls on the remote "Nothing.

The over size robot on the other hand, isn't out right attacking anything, its basically just stumbling around, running into things, over things and the occasional electric spark shoots from it. It's obvious that whatever happened was unintentional. It moves like a blind, dizzy man, crashing into anything in its way, including the building on the corner, causing glass to fly in all directions.

Assessing for the right part to target, Havok states while taking a step forward, "Then I'll take care of it. Hope you have insurance." Raising his arms, dropping one foot back, the leader of X-Factor will discharge his plasma with a significant FOOOOOOOOOM as the flash of fiery white light is directed toward the mechanical monstrosity.

Hearing the signature sound of Havok doing what he does, Kurt pauses long enough in crowd control and checking for the injured to at least watch the robot float, just to make sure no pieces fly his way, assuming the blast works. He'll have a teleport at the ready in case he needs to get out of the way of flying debris.

Upon impact with the building, the robot bounces off of it, with a nice dent in its side and stumbles a few times before righting itself and heading back in the direction of where the Alex stands with the MTI guys, "What do you mean insurance." the lead geek asks, though the question is drowned out by the blast of energy that emits from Alex.

Poor robot, never stood a chance, upon impact the energy sends it first flying back then it explodes into large peices that imbed themselves into nearby buildings and smaller peices rain down onto the street.

Once the debris clears the MTI geeks rush out to inspect the damage done.

Alex changes the frequency over the com unit to address his team and Val Cooper back at ops. "Val, we're gonna need cleanup on isle 5. The MIT geeks broke the Leprechaun Parade."

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