2012 03 17 Happy St Patrick S Day

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Cytoplasm, Phantasm, Sandman, and Elathan

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March 17, 2012

Midtown - New York

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The Fomor King wants revenge on the Avengers and causes havoc during the parade.


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If anyone was planning to do a quick errand in the Midtown area, they are in for disappointment. For lined along the sidewalks with just the occasional break are some temporary guard rails, meant to keep the spectators from flooding the streets. And the reason for keeping the streets clear and the spectators? Why it's the annual NYC Saint Patrick's Day parade. With the city boasting a sizable Irish population, the sidewalks are awash with various shades of green as an assortment of groups parade down the street carrying banners and waving. A group of bagpipes have just gone by and much further down the road there is the glimpsed promise of a high school marching band coming soon.

With the promises of St. Patrick's Day Festivities all around the country, there is no scheduled Rock festival appearance today which works rather great for one Mick Drago, aka Mike Hannigan, as he's dressed down to assume. Hair tucked away in a cap a tad more traditional for the holiday, he wears an attire that's not all black this time. The jeans are blue, but the shirt. Aye, that would be- Ok fine, it's a black shirt, but it's not ALL black. Smack dab in the center of the chest is a green shamrock with green music notes splayed out to each side of it. Despite the crowd, he's found a comfortable spot near a store front, using the portion that sticks out as a shelter to prevent people from bumping into him from behind.

Enjoying the holiday, Bill Baker has spent the morning in Perry’s Bar enjoying some green beer. Feeling incredibly festive, the Avenger is wearing his usual green and black stripped shirt, but has donned green trousers and wears an Irish type hate and green sunglasses and beads. Pinned to his shirt, is a badge saying, “Kiss Me I am Irish…Lower” Exiting the bar and watching the parade, he hmmmns a bit as the crowd obscures his view. But being publicly known as an Avenger has its advantages, his waist shifts to its psammic form and then elongates giving him a bird’s eye view over the heads of the mostly drunk New Yorkers. He cheers when he spots some balloons of the Avengers, but then grimaces when he is not included among them. Shrugging his shoulders, “Oh Well!” He peers over the heads of the crowd to spot a conspicuous rock star and good friend. He smiles as he lower himself, shifts to fully human and makes his way over to a portion of a storefront, “”Mikey!” he shouts in a loud mock brogue.

Walking through Midtown comes Cytoplasm, apparently quite fascinated with all the fanfare and the presence of various green pieces of clothing. Noting a few shamrocks on a couple different pieces of clothing, and an abundance of them elsewhere, he shifts his shirt into a white one with multiple green shamrocks on the front though apparently a little bit off somehow. Stepping back away from the crowd for a bit, he locates Mike and Will heading towards him, and starts walking towards Mike himself out of interest and a bit of confusion as well.

To the mention of the name, Mike's head turns, and his feet shift seemingly to a more defensive one. As he takes note of Bill, his posture relaxes. "Baker." He greets, giving a bit of a nod, backing up a bit, pressing his back against the store front, allowing for more of him to be obscured by the crowd. As much good it would do him with an Avenger talking to him. He eyes the attire, looking to the button and then to the green beer and sighs. "You know that they only dye the cheap stuff that's more likely to get you sick, green right?"

“Bah! Mike, trust me. It will take more than a little green dye to get me sick. I’ve been drinking this stuff every St. Patty’s Day since I was a kid. I’ll be ok.” Standing next to Mike as he peers the parade and notes the Avengers floats, “I guess I haven’t been on the team long enough to warrant my own balloon. But next year, definitely!” Bill is festive enough as he chugs the last bit of green beer and lets out a loud burp. People look, pause, stare, and then cheer. “YEAH!” He screams out as his back is now to the parade and he does not pay attention to what is occurring in the sky about the float of Captain America.

There appears to be a slight static effect in the sky above the float, small black bubbles start to form above the float and then there is an actual ripping sound heard above the balloon. An orange humanoid outline begins to appear and then standing in some sort of mystical bluish armor, Elathan, the king of the Fomor appears above the balloon. He smashes down into it with his fist when the Captain America balloon explodes out deflating and falling into the crowd. People start to go nuts, thinking it may be part of the show. Elathan then remains hovering above the now flattening balloon. “Where are the Avengers?” He cries out, “I seek out the Avengers!” He demands. The crowd goes wild as they cheer, “Avengers Assemble!” Someone taps Sandman’s shoulder, “I think you are on.” As he points to Elathan. While he and Mike may not specifically recognize this particular Fomor, they will instantly recognize his race as a member of the Irish folkloric extradimensional god race. “Oh shit…” Sandman mutters.

"No. What I'm saying is the beer itself is shit." Mike replies back exposing a hint of a New York Irish exposure, shaking his head, "Unless you're wanting quantity versus quality." His attention shifts to the balloons not looking back over to the belcher. "Ok quantity it i-." He pauses as he looks to the guy appearing, frowning as he sees a relative to the bull-like one from earlier. "Oh bleedin' wonderful," He mutters, leaning his weight against the storefront, facepalming a bit. "Yeah… I'm thinking this is more your area. Good luck."

Looking up at Elathan as he descends into the parade, Cytoplasm's eyes widen and he stares for a moment, apparently fearful or perhaps realizing something immense. "Get back, I don't think this is safe!" he says, trying to motion for people to get away but apparently to quite little effect as the crowd is still enthralled by what they believe to be a performance.
Shaking his head as he recognizes the Fomor, “Yeah thanks a lot.” Sandman grumbles to Mike as he sighs, “We beat those guys weeks ago. It nearly killed me doing it too.” With the crowd thinking this is a show, Sandman carefully and quietly clicks his Avengers id in his pocket as he looks up towards Elathan and remembers what ended up happening to Morgan le Fay. A gruesome memory, indeed. Alone and without his team, he has no choice but to interact perhaps a fight will not break out. His body shifts completely to a sandform, which suddenly begins to swirl and lift off like a minor sandstorm rising into the sky to confront Elathan.

As Sandman nears the Fomor king, Elathan recognizes the sandstorm, “You are the one known as Sandman. You were among the Avengers that viciously attacked my people.” Looking out for the other Avengers, he finds none aside from the balloons and floats which have stopped as people think this is a show, “You come alone. Do you and yours not feel that Elathan. The true king of the Fomor deserves a mightier reception. Does your Ms. Marvel feel herself so haughty that she sends a mere serf to me. I am offended!” His eyes begin to glow a bright white. Sandman has little time to respond when twin white beams of mystic energy are fired at his sandform.

Mike's lips thin to a bit of a line as he allows for Sandman to reply and head off. "Sorry," He murmurs to himself, "Can't help you like this." As Cytoplasm voices his concern that it's not a drill, Mike does what any sane person would do in a situation like this. He ducks into the shop, and asks to use the restroom. What a hero.

Having enough experience a hole opens amid the sandstorm as the blasts fly harmlessly into the air. Remembering the effects of getting hit with mystical blasts, Sandman does his best to avoid being hit as it may turn him into Red Sandman…not a pleasant ordeal for him or for the parade onlookers. Attempting a different approach, his disembodied voice speaks out, “Ok…look, Fomor king. We defeated Morgan le Fay, and your bull god chewed her up and swallowed her after your cat girl ripped her throat out. It was Morgan that tricked your folks into battle with us. She is defeated. Merlin said this was all done.”

Elathan remains hovering in the air above the crowd as he listens to Sandman. “Once again, the Avengers involve themselves in matters that do not warrant their involvement. Morgan would have been handled. I was to defeat her without you or Merlin’s intervention. The arrogance of the humans is outstanding. Despite Morgan’s death, she was half-human. She is of your race! And for that, you will all pay!” He extends his hands out as small black globules looking like little bubbles of oil fly out from his hands and into the crowd below, “No!” Sandman screams as he does his best to use his sandstorm form to deflect as many of the black globules. When they make contact with him, he cries out in pain from the mystical energy. Some manage to get loose and fly down into the crowd near Cytoplasm.

After a quick request for a bottle of water along with the toss of a few dollars towards the shop keeper with a general 'keep the change' waiver to the cashier, Mike is indeed shown to the bathroom of the shop. For paying customers only it seems. Once he is in, he locks the door, and leans on what is likely the cleanest spot of the one person only bathroom. That's right, the furthest point from the toilet. Eyes closing, Mike works on focusing on a certain task.

Sighing for a moment, Cytoplasm's appearance starts to bubble and shift as he makes a strained noise, before collapsing into a form about three feet shorter than Cain Marko without his armor, but none the less still bearing a significant resemblance to him. He then starts to run up to Elathan and says, "Hey! Why is it that everyone who attacks this place blames all these people for something a couple did? Talk to the people you have a problem with, attacking random people would help as much as cutting down a tree because someone hit you with a plank!" apparently trying to look intimidating, but coming across a bit silly looking none the less.

When the globules strike Sandman’s sandform the begin to stick to him and starting to turn his sandy form into a black tar like goo as he drops from the sky. The black globules hit some of the New Yorkers who suddenly scream out as the goo starts to slick and form over them. Other New Yorkers start to get the sense that this is not a show, while others think the people who are hurt are actors with special effects. Some applaud. Others run. Elathan grins, “Disposed one of the Avengers already.” As he looks down into the crowd, he hovers over to the Cyto-turned Juggernaut, “You do not impress me, human! You have not earned the right to address Elathan, king of the Fomor, so directly.” His eyes glow as he fires out a beam of white mystical energy towards Cytoplasm. Sandman who is not now on the ground near three humans who were also struck by the black globules scream out as they begin to become completely covered in the goop.

Soon, there's a bit of contrast in the audience as a darkly clad, hoodie wearing figure appears. Where the face should be, darkness remains. He becomes a tad more visible with the growing number of people running out of the way and with him running closer. "Then we'll just take that God damn right!" He snaps, jumping towards Elathan, focusing all of his strength to his fist as he take s a swing at the guy. Yeah… he's trying to punch him. Oh well.

As the beam plows through him, Cytoplasm shouts loudly before resting for a few seconds, then turning towards Mike as he approaches saying, "Well… Someone wants to fight?" and walking over towards him, smiling before rushing out towards him with a shout saying, "Come on!" overall, behaving very unlike his normal self.

Struggling against the black tar/oil magic substance, the three humans are all but subsumed by it. They stands appearing similar to Venom types. They scream out as Sandman manages to yell out, “Iron…iron keeps his magic from working on you.” Elathan stands and is suddenly punched across the face by Phantasm. The blow is actually able to move Elathan back a few inches as he shakes off the blow and looks over Phantasm, “You…you were present against some of my legion. Phantasm, is it?” He grins, “You stood by some Avengers and yet are not considered worthy…even among those lesser heroes.” Elathan smiles when Cytoplasm takes the fight to Mike. Then Elathan moves over to the three goo covered humans. “Cause chaos, my minions.” With that they rush off into the crowds attacking people. Then he makes his way to the struggling Sandman, “Give up, human. Why struggle, when you can join me?” Sandman continues to try to fight off as much of the goo before being completely covered. Spotting the metal framing on the store front, he elongates his sand arm which is quickly being covered by the black goo and upon making contacting with the iron-composed steel, the goo begins to slowly seep evaporate off of him.

"Yeah well I got better things to do than to stive to be one of them." Phantasm replies, a glint of inhuman, almost lumniscent, jagged teeth becoming apparent from the darkness. He starts shifting, becoming more raven-like in form before he starts to fly after Elathan. There are people causing chaos, yes. But if vampire movies have taught us anything, it's if you want to stop the as- err jerks you have to go after the head-jerk. This time he focuses his strength to the tip of his beak as he aims for a spot on Elathan’s neck.

Elathan lets out a loud howl as he is bit in the neck by the ravan phantasm. He swings wildly at it while but the distraction is enough for the mystic oil to completely fall off of Sandman and the other humans and also break the enchantment on Cytoplasm. Sandman renews his attack on the Fomor king, shifting again to a sandstorm and flying up and attempting to engulf both Phantasm and Elathan within massive swirling sand winds. He knows Phantasm can simply go intangible. Bill’s disembodied voice screams out to Cyto and Mike, “Clear out the crowd. I got Elathan on the rebound.” Sand flies everywhere as he takes the fight to the king.

As Phantasm flies past him, Cytoplasm tries to throw a punch but stops in the middle of the swing and stumbles forwards a few feet, before slowly standing up and saying, "What… Happened?" then realizing what had happened a few moments ago. A look of anger crosses his face as he looks back at Elathan, before hiding behind a building and trying to remember what Captain America looked like. As his appearance changes once more, he runs out and says to the various people around him, "Come on, let's go!" while motioning in an attempt to direct the various people around them to safety using the appearance of Captain America to ensure cooperation.

Making a point, the raven twists the beak, likely to give Elathan a bit more pain before he pulls it out. "And you're not worthy of my wanting your approval, ass-wipe." Phantasm growls back as the sand starts to surround them. The pressure of the bird soon disappears as he flings himself off. "Clear out the crowd?" He murmurs, Hmm… He grows quiet, shifting again before he emerges from the sand storm, looking more like a much larger than usual German Shepherd. Or Belgian Malinos… there are some quirks that make it hard for the phantasmed version to tell which it is. "PARADE'S OVER!" He howls before he starts herding people away from the source of the action.

As Phantasm and the Captain-America turned Cytoplasm dispel the crowd who upon seeing the giant astral dog and Captain America they leave in as non-chaotic format as New Yorkers are capable of. For his part, Elathan covers his throat as Fomorian blood is spilled by Phantasm’s raven attack. With sand flinging him about and opening the wound up even more. Elathan cries out for vengeance at a future date and disappears teleporting back to the Dark Realm of the Fomor. For his part, Sandman remains in the sandstorm form heading back to the Avengers Mansion to report to the team what has happened and to recover.

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