2012 03 16 Cap Is Back

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Cap's Back

Captain America, Luke Cage, and Sandman

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March 16, 2012

Village Diner - East Village

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Luke, Cap, and Sandman all meet up for breakfast.


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"Here you go sir…" A middle-aged waitress sets a plate full of food down in front of someone sitting at the bar. The man nods appreciatively, his coffee mug raised up to the level of his mouth. "And your waffles are coming right up." The man says "Thanks." before taking a sip of his coffee and setting the mug down on the bar next to his plate. His plate is covered in more breakfast foods than the average person would eat; triple-serving of hashbrowns (capped, smothered, covered, and chunked), a big pile of scrambled eggs with cheese, three different kinds of breakfast meats, and a separate plate with biscuits and gravy. But this is the amount of calories required to maintain a 425 pound body. As he picks up his fork and digs into his eggs, the Hero for Hire known as Luke Cage peers up at his waitress. "Think I can get some more coffee?"

If there's one thing that Captain America has never really gotten used to about living at Avenger's mansion, it's the existence of a butler. Steve admires and respects jarvis, but the idea of having a servant waiting hand and foot on him and the other Avengers just ruffles his egalitarian nature. Besides, sometimes a Super-soldier just wants the kind of meal you can only get in a diner; jarvis' gourmet cooking aside, it's just never had the right 'feel' to it. So, dressed in his civilian clothes, Cap goes to the Village Diner, something that hearkens back to his days in the 30's and 40's. After taking in the atmosphere of the place, Steve notices Luke Cage sitting at the counter. He and Cage have worked before, not always getting along, but still on the same side of the law when it comes down to it. Sliding into the counter seat that's free next to Luke, Cap gives him a nod. "Mr. Cage. How've you been?" When the waitress turns to Steve he smiles at her and says, "I'll take a coffee while I think, thanks."

Entering into the diner is the Avenger, Sandman. Dressed as he always is in his green and black stripped shirt and brown dockers, Bill Baker makes his way straight for the counter. Patting his stomach and sighing loudly, “I’m hungry.” He gets a giggle from the waitress serving Luke and he gives her a wink and smile and posits himself two seats down from Luke and Steve. Looking over the man’s rather plentiful meal, he blinks, “Even I can’t eat that much.” Finally looking over the recipient of all that food, Sandman looks up and hmmmns loudly, “Cage…right?” and feeling suddenly very sheepish, he recognizes Cap and makes an ‘oh’ face. Scratching his head, the not too bright Sandman nods his head, “Uh…hey.”

As the waitress refills his mug, Luke starts going to town on some eggs. His head turns as the newcomer addresses him. It only takes him a few seconds to register who it is. However, given that Steve is walking around in his civillian garb, it's probably a safe bet that he doesn't want the entire diner to know he is. "Well kiss my grits, if it isn't Mr. Rogers." he says through a mouth partially full of food. Said food is washed down with a sip of coffee "Guess I can't complain. Just got back into town though, actually." It takes him a few more seconds to recognize the other newcomer, but it eventually clicks. "And this guy too… what's this, some sort of team-building exercise?" Another sip of his coffee, and then his voice drops a few decibels "There isn't something going on here, right? I just got my food…"

When Sandman joins them at the counter, Cap simply nods to him in greeting. "Mr. Baker…" There might be a bit of tension in his voice, but no animosity. The waitress delivers Steve his coffe and he looks over to her. "I'll take the three egg platter, over-easy, sausage links, hash browns straight up, and wheat toast. Also a side of the fruit salad." After taking a sip of his coffee, Cap answeres Luke's question with a shake of his head. "No, just a coincidence. Not too surprising since I imagine this is the sort of breakfast that the three of us are used to. Simple, home cooking, nothing fancy."

With ‘Mr’ being tossed about Sandman follows in kind, “Mr. Rogers…I didn’t know you were in the neighborhood.” Bill chuckles and then takes his seat ordering his food, “Pancakes…just a bunch of pankcakes…keep bringing them till I say stop.” The waitress smiles and goes to get his and Cap’s orders. “So Cage, what’s good?” Coffees are quickly brought to him and Steve. Nodding his thanks, he downs it pretty quickly.

Cage nods in agreement. "Nobody will ever Luke Cage in a restaurant that serves edible balloons." He sloshes the coffee around in his mug for a second, inspecting it as if he suspects it of having a bug. Apparently it doesn't, because he drinks some of it anyway. "Funny I ran into you guys. I've actually been meaning to come by the… office." Clearly, Cage is reluctant to pause his shovelling for very long, but for the most part his mouth remains empty when he talks. "Job I was working on… there was some weirdness." His eggs now finished, he turns his attentions to the heaping pile of hashbrowns and accoutrement. "I've got some outside help trying to track down where the weirdness came from, but I think it might be a bit out of our league." The hashbrowns begin to disappear quickly.

“Weirdness, huh? Well if you can’t handle it, then it’s gotta be something big time. But yeah, pass by the office.” Sandman laughs at the mansion being called an office, but it is appropriate. He does work there too. With his pancakes brought to him, he smiles like a little child and grins as he takes his first mouthful. Talking while eating, “What kinda weirdness? Like big time weirdness or street level, but still big time weirdness?”

Cap nods thoughtfully and sips his coffee. "Well, anytime you'd like to stop by the office, Mr. Cage, I'll make sure that we'll take an insterest in what's going on. Whether it's the Central Park office or the midtown office with Mr. Fury. Either way, something that serious deserves all neccessary attention."

"As a general rule, weirdness is something I try to avoid. I'll be happy to get this particular job off of my plate. Speaking of my plate…" Cage looks up, looks left, then looks right. "Where did that waitress get to? If she lets my waffles get cold I'm gonna be cranky." And get cranky he should, not only is his waffle not out yet, but his second cup of coffee is nearly done with no sign of a refill anywhere to be found. "But yeah, like I said, don't really know what to make of it yet, or what it means. I'll have to talk about it when we're not in public."

Nodding his head, Sandman digs into his pancakes and still eats and speaks simultaneously, “Weirdness I can deal with. I’ve dealt with some crazy shit, lately…but as long as it ain’t literal shit from a toilet or anything, then we got your back, Cage.” He pauses a moment and realizes he just cursed in front of Cap. He frowns and looks to Cap, “Um, yeah sorry about that, Mr. Rogers…” He hmmmns again, “Will you be stopping by and sticking around the Central Park office?”

Something about the toilet reference strikes Cage as completely unfunny. The semi-smile he's been wearing off and on throughout the conversation completely disappears and he almost glares at the Sandman "What are you talking about? I don't know anything about any toilet… Did you talk to Misty?" He shuffles and looks down at his plate. "I mean, no. Nothing like any of that." The last bite of hash brown is shoved into his face, and he begins covering his waffles in syrup.

The string of profanity from Sandman does cause Cap to arch his eyebrow at the man, kind of like TOmmy Lee Jones in that movie. But Steve doesn't say anything, sure that his point has already been made. he takes a bite of the eggs and swallows before answering. "Yes, I'm transfering back to the Central Park office. I'm already set up there as of yesterday." he takes a drink of coffee and swallows some hash browns. "I'm keeping out of management, though. The new blood needs to run things."

Taken aback by Luke Cage for a moment, Sandman blinks as syrupy pancake chunks hang from his mouth, “Who the hell is Misty? If you’re talkin’ about Mysterio? I stopped hangin’ with the crowd awhile back. I’m all good guy now.” He blinks and then just continues munching on his pancakes. With Cap’s decision to move back into the Mansion, Sandman spits out some of his pancakes, causing the waitress to look at him. He smiles, “Sorry…I thought I saw a roach.” She blinks even more so, when he reaches for his coffee and chugs it down.

"Ha. That'll last a long time." Cage's mood picks up quickly. "I can see it now. Mr. Rogers, the guy who put both the 'M' and the other 'M' in management, and also the 'E,' taking a back seat and letting the kids run things." He allows his waffle to soak for a second, concentrating on his bacon instead. "I give it a week, maybe two if you decide to prove a point." His smirk turns into a full-on snort when Sandman spits out his food in public, but apparently doesn't find his discomfiture quite amusing enough to deserve a laugh. Or maybe he's just too polite.

Laughing at Cage’s comments, Sandman looks over to Steve and nods in agreement, “He’s probably right, ya know.” He smiles and then blinks, “Did you just call me a kid? And dude, we are in public. You shouldn’t snort like that.” He then continues eating his pancakes, his mood having lightened dramatically or hiding what he thinks of Cap returning to the fold. He then looks apologetically to the waitress and diner patrons, “Sorry for my friend.” He pats Luke’s back.

"I'm serious," Steve replies as he continues to calmly eat his breakfast. "I did some thinking while I was out of town. And a lot of the problems that have happened in the company are a result of me being the one everyone looks to to be in charge. For some, it's not a problem and they agree with my decisions. For others, though, becasue I'm the one in charge, when they disagree, they see it as 'the old man's preaching again'. Me being the leader almost constantly makes some folks restless. At least how I see it. So, I think that my words, my actions would have a bigger impact, have more weight, in the company, if people listend to them and considered them out of whatever respect they may have for me than out of 'we have to because he's the guy in charge.'" Steve shrugs and dips some of his toast in the egg yolks. "If they want me to be in charge in the field, that's different, and I'll gladly use my skills to help out there. But for the day to day running and the overall management? No. The older generation's been holding onto power long enough. Time for the younger ones to step up and lead the way. Help determine our course."

"Huh. I guess he really means it. What do I know though, I'm just a guy in a diner eating waffles." Cage finally digs into his long-awaited waffle. This occupies his attention for almost a minute as he takes massive chunks out of the waffle with each forkful. Sloshing down some more coffee, he grins "Still, I got twenty bucks says he's back in charge of everything by the end of the week."

Quirking his brow at Steve’s speech, Bill Baker nods his head, “Well, the boss lady has been doing the job, right. Made some decisions that the older generation might not have made. A particular decision that saved my…job.” Bill stares his pancakes for a moment and then shrugs and keeps munching away. Whether he admits it vocally or not, Sandman does enjoy being an Avenger, but keeping his options open, “How’re things in yer office, Luke? Just in case, this kid is on the outs again.”

Steve nods to Sandman's statement about the leadership. "Carol's a good choice. She's had her tiral by fire and come out the other end stronger." He scrapes his plate with his fork, getting the last few morsels of food devoured. "She's a good transition, and an example of what I was just talkign about. Just becasue she does things difernetly than I would, doesn't mean that I think they're the wrong ways." He dabs at his mouth with the napkin, then finishes the rest of his coffee.
Standing up, he fishes a $20 bill out of his pocket and leaves it on the counter for the waitress. Steve gives the woman a smile, "Thanks for the service, ma'am. Keep the change." Turning to Luke and Bill he nods at the both of them, and not unkindly. "Good to see both of you. Mr. Cage, stop on by the office to give us the lowdown. Mr. baker…" Here, Steve gives the ex-villain a slightly encouraging smile. "I'll see you back at the office. Enjoy your breakfast, gentlemen."

Nodding his head and turning to Steve as he gets the smile, Bill offers his own and then turns to pay for his portion of the meal, “Wow, he’s actually back.” The tone of his voice seems two-fold, one a sign of hope for the recent trials the team has faced but one of despair as his last teammate with Cap led to his leaving the team. He looks to Luke, “Good seeing ya and yeah, like Steve said pass by the office and we’ll help out anyway we can.” He pays his portion of the bill and waves absently to everyone in the diner as he makes his way out.

"Alright, take it easy. I'll come by first chance I get." Cage nods as Mr. Rogers departs, and turns his attention back to his food. Luke's waffle now finished, he appears to be a bit disappointed. "You're heading out too huh? Think I'm going to get some dessert…" He lifts a hand up to give a half wave as the two leave. Since his waitress is in the general vicinity alreayd anyway, he gives her an attention-getting nod. "Hey, what kind of pie do you got today?"

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