2012 03 15 Kiss And Tell

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Kiss and Tell

Gogo and Lifeguard

IC Date:
March 15, 2012

Ellington Club - Midtown

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Gogo and Lifeguard meet up and chat.


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Late night Thursday and Heather is feeling like she wants to have some fun. It has taken some time to adjust to the new body and thankfully her friends and teammates have been incredibly supportive. So wanting to have some fun, she has contacted Gogo to meet up for a fancy ladies night out. Dressed in black cocktail dress and using an image inducer to show her former human body, Heather sits at the Ellington Club sipping a glass of cognac as she waits for her friend. There has time together had rather ended abruptly and so, Heather tries again.

Well, no image inducers for Annie. She is in a LBD to go with all that orange skin. She peeks into the club and smiles as she spots Heather. She quicksteps across the club to join her friend, "Hi hi! Heather!" She bends down to give her blonde friend a hug, "Wow. You look…great?" She eyes the woman, checking out the difference since last time.

“Well, you are sweet, Annie.” She returns the hug and takes gestures for the bartender to get Annie whatever drink she likes. As the club is a bit more private than typical bars, Heather feels more comfortable here and even more so with her orange friend. Looking back at Annie, “I wish I could be like you, Gogo. I am glad you like the old look, but.” She gestures to a watch she is wearing. “This is called an image inducer. It can create whatever appearance I want it to, since I still look more alien than human.”

"Heh. Well, you are gorgeous in any form. I'm just sort of surprised to see you looking like this." She looks at the watch on Heather's wrist, then slips into one of the seats. To the waitress she orders "I'd like two margaritas. Frozen. Thanks." Then she turns back to Heather, "So, that is pretty sweet. You get that from your super team? I bet there are a lot of people that could help. Are they crazy expensive?"

Seemingly taken aback for a moment, Heather never thought of those humans and mutants who are not lucky enough to live in a fancy mansion with alien technology and super-powered friends. She hmmmns to herself, “You know what.” She clicks on the watch and the image inducer turns off and she appears in her true form: A hybrid between human and Shi'ar. Her usual fleshy tone is more golden and in place of blond locks or black feathery hair and along her back is a similar looking cape, though on closer examination, they are her wings. Where hands and fingernails had been are now small claws and talons. And around her eyes are elaborate looking tattoos, marking her of Shi'ar royal lineage. “I’ve no idea how much this stuff costs and you are right about others needing it more than I do. I’ll have to talk to Havok or the Professor about maybe doing some outreach.” She smiles, “I am so busy moping about how I look and we, as heroes, are so busy fighting off major villains that we never really do outreach work for those who are worse off than we are.”

"Oh gosh. I didn't mean to make you turn it off Heather. I was just…you know." She shrugs her shoulders, her orange cheeks taking on a bit more scarlet tones, "But you are beautiful like this too you know. I still am super jealous." She offers up an apologetic smile, "You shouldn't blame yourself for moping about your change. I mean…everyone is going to have to take time to get used to changes in their appearance that are so dramatic."

Smiling and even blushing slightly, some alien sound comes from Heather as she grins, “You didn’t make me turn it off. I should adjust to accepting this is how I am now. And it is part of me. Again, my mom is a psycho alien fugitive, but it is who I am. This is my look.” She stands up and spins around drawing some attention from the few patrons who are present. Some approve. Some make faces. Most do not care. The waitress brings Gogo her drinks and pours Lifeguard another cognac. “Fierce look, ladies.” She compliments, though more for fishing for a tip than out of genuineness, but it sounds nice nonetheless.

Annie smiles happily at her friend's blushing. "Well, I /am/ very glad to see you in your real shape." She leans out and gives Heather's cheek a light stroke, "You don't believe me. But you are beautiful like this." She then turns to smile up at the waitress, "Thanks!" She offers her biggest smile to the woman, then once she is gone, Annie lifts her glass in salute. "So, here's to you Heather. You are in beautiful in any shape."

Holding up her glass of cognac, she gently taps it against Gogo’s and then takes a swig. Heather grimaces a bit,
“Human or alien…it burns…in a good way.” Breathing in and out for a moment, “And let me tell you. This body is something. I am stronger, can fly, but food tastes differently, drinks taste differently…and kissing…well…It takes some adjusting, but it is fun exploring. Kinda like puberty all over again…except with more anger. It seems the Shi’ar are an angry race and my bloodline in particular seem prone to “berserker rages” as I have been told.”

Annie nods her head, "I remember some flavors changing. Especially flavors that had a lot of smells to them. But…nowdays I can't even remember the differences you know?" She leans closer and grins, "Who have you been kissing? You got someone special that I haven't heard about? And…were these angry kisses or good kisses…or good angry kisses if you like that sort of thing. I know lots of folks do."

“Well, things are the same, but just feel different. You will find this hard to believe, but where I live. There is someone who became an Asgardian and another whose whole body was switched. New race and everything, but then her old body returned. So there are people I can talk too, yourself included I guess.” Heather leans in with drink in hand, “As for who I was kissing…well. . I don’t know if it is anything special. We flirt. To be honest, everyone at the house seems to flirt big time. I think it is part of the job…plus everyone there. Well, most of them are really good-looking. Beautiful men and women. Or exotic-looking.” She gestures to herself, “But he is a nice guy with a very…very exotic look. We should all hang out. Maybe you can invite Ben?”

Annie grins, "Well, flirting and kissing are different last time I checked. Especially when you are referencing that kissing with tastes…so I'm guessing we aren't talking grandma touching of lips." Then Annie blinks and rocks back,
"Whoa..Ben? I think Ben is awesome, but I don't hang out with him. I mean, he's watched me wrestle, but that's about it. Oh! I sort of have hung out with a guy from your team. Fuzzy. Blue. He's a good kisser." She giggles at her confession.

“Oh, Kurt?” Heather blinks in surprise, “I had no idea. He is another cool guy. I mean the way he looks. Very funny and devilish. Literally.” She sips her cognac some more and ponders a thought, “Now you have to tell me how this came about with you and Kurt?” She seems intrigued as she sits there. The bartender offers her another drink, but she rejects it, “I’ll be leaving in a bit.”

"Well, I don't think there is any together. But we met at a crime scene. We hit is off pretty quick." She laughs and shrugs downing one of her drinks in one gulp, then she says, "Oh? You are going to go? Ah…well, anyway. We have seen ieach other a couple times."

Finishing her drink, Heather stands up and pays for the drinks and gives Annie and hug and kiss on the cheek, “Well, I’ll give your regards to Kurt. And we’ll definitely meet up again. See if you can contact Xiu Lin. And I really should Emma.” She grimaces a moment at the mention of their friend and then smiles, “Well, I gotta go. See ya.” She slips out and using her wings flies back to the mansion.

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