2012 03 15 Good Morning

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Good Morning

Lifeguard, Mirage, and Nightcrawler

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March 15, 2012

Kitchen - Xavier Mansion

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X-Factor teammates hang out in the kitchen in the morning.


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Thursday morning and Heather dressed unintentionally provocative in a type of black alien bodice, swimsuit type thing that Lilandra had left about when she was visiting here. Still adjusting to the new body, Heather ruffles through the fridge and cursing in an alien language as she tries to find something that will satiate her hunger. Returning to English with half her body still in the fridge, her Australian/Shi’ar accent kicks in, “By Sharra and Kythri! You would think will all the Shi’ar have done for these people, there would be some alien food around here!” There are some broken bottles and spilled containers on the floor near Lifeguard.

Wandering into the kitchen yawning and generally looking like she just rolled out of bed comes Dani. "Well It's not like we can pop down to the store and buy it." she explains as she heads directly for the coffeemaker. She is dressed on the other end of the spectrum, sweatpants, oversize t-shirt and is barefoot "No luck finding anything agreeable?

Popping her head out of the fridge and giving Dani the death stare from hell. Lifeguard almost hisses at her, before opening her eyes wide and frowning. She clears her throat to sound as human as possible, “Sorry, Dani. Still getting used to this. It seems I have inherited my mother’s quickness to anger.” Closing the fridge door and realizing the mess she has made. She shakes her hand and heads to get a broom and dustpan. “Coffee sounds good. Mind making me a batch.”

"Wow, next time we go against some big bad dude we will just have you make that face at them." Dani says as she stops short on her way to the coffee maker. Waving off the apology she continues to make enough coffee for the two of them. "How is the adjustment going? I assume there is going to be a very large learning curve?

"Very true. My only experience dealing directly with the Shi'ar was when they were torturing. My aunt, Lilandra, has been pretty good about it and supportive and we chat from time to time when she has down time rebuilding the empire. The professor and some of the others have been helpful too. But it really is just going to be me learning I guess. Stumbling along. Good I can only imagine how awkward romance will be now." She chuckles a bit having completely calmed down now as she finishes sweeping up her mess. "Just awkward really…like going through puberty all over again." When she is done cleaning, "So what about you? How's the adjustment coming back to the fold? No longer a student."

Searching for mugs as she coffeemaker does its things "Well at least you have her for guidance. I imagine your adjusting to the new body would be similar to my adjustment to becoming an Asgardian Valkyrie. At least its only you that has changed, and society is still the same." finding the mugs she grabs two. Dani has been in a similar situation, she can relate "Much easier this time around.

Appearing in a wisp of smoke not far from the island countertop/breakfast bar thing, Kurt appears and quickly says, "Hands off the double chocolate cake until I get a piece!" His demands made, he furthers, "Where is it, I was told there was some fresh baked cake … no one let the student's get it right. I'm liable to get grumpy here if no one saved me a piece." If his accent was any thicker, one might take him for a WWII officer barking madly at students, if only though. The smile helps to ease his voice though, the canines not so much perhaps. Presently he has on a short sleeved sweat shirt and pants, as if he is coming from a workout of some sort. Indeed, he has a sword with him, perhaps having been practicing with the blade even.

Surprised by Dani’s statement, “Oh wow. I didn’t know you were a Valkyrie…So you are like Thor?” Heather blinks, “I am surprised.” She ponders a moment and remembers reading in the files that the X-Men and New Mutants had had adventures in Asgard, but just sort of perused it. “Wow. Well, then it is nice to have someone to talk to about changes. And with the two Betsy’s running around. I shouldn’t feel so alone then.” She smiles as she puts back the broom and dustpan she had just used to clean up the mess she had made earlier. With Kurt’s blustery arrival, Heather waves off the brimstone stench, “Kurt, your ports smell even worse in this body.”

"Not quite like Thor no, certainly not as strong physically." she runs her fingers through her hair, pulling it from around her face, she hasn't taken the time this morning to do anything with it, not even braids "Morning Kurt." Dani is in sweats and t-shirt as well, but she looks like she just rolled out of bed "Chocolate cake?" she shrugs glancing around "Maybe the fridge?" she then pours coffee for Heather and her and "Coffee Kurt?

"Fridge, on it," Kurt inclines towards Dani, making a face at Heather, "Are you saying I stink?" Still chipper just the same he starts rummaging in the fridge. Then nods, "Coffee sounds great actually." As his hands move items around along his quest, he calls out as his head goes into the appliance, "Did someone say something about Thor? Is that what I need, muscles and blonde hair?" The latter suggesting is Thor some topic all women discuss at one point or another. Its near rhetoric, but he goes quiet, occasional clinks resounding as food items and beverages are shuffled about.

Heading to the closet momentarily, Heather reaches for a can of Lysol and starts to spray in Kurt’s direction. She grins and sprays one more time before taking her coffee, “Thank you, Dani.” After Kurt bamfs to the fridge, Heather puts the can away and sips her coffee, “Well, Thor is a majestic man…er…Asgardian. Ordinarily I would have avoided someone like him as I prefer to stick to humans, but now.” She shrugs, “I should keep my options open…though if the Professor and Lilandra can have a relationship, then perhaps…” She ponders and hmmmmns aloud, “I wonder…”

Coming out of the fridge with a few pieces of cake in a small piece of tupperware, Kurt eyes Heather, "Duly noted, no free ports for Heather." Though he still doesn't think it stinks. "And, I wonder, should I be offended, Heather will only date humans? I guess I should count myself lucky, being blue and fuzzy means she doesn't like me and I don't have to hear how much I stink all the time." Moving to climb on a bar stool at the large counter, he puts both feet on top and crouches onto it. In that move, his tail snakes out to grab a fork from the correct drawer, so that the spade passes it to his hand when he does crouch-sit on the stool. "Hopefully Dani likes ceiling elves at least …" Fork dabbles at the cake, cutting off a bite.

Laughing at Kurt and his quest for cake and blonde hair Dani pours Kurt the rest of the coffee and starts another pot, a full one this time "We can always get you a wig, though Thor muscles will take some work. "Maybe you should get used to yourself before you start guy chasing?" she sets the mug in front of Kurt "Yes, but you did take some getting used to, years ago." way back when she was younger of course.

“Oh and here I was going to ask you out on a date to try this body on a night on the town. And here I thought mutants were humans too. Or is Charles wrong?” Heather shrugs as she eyes the cake Kurt is eating and hmmmns, “Well, if no date, then at least I can get a piece of cake.” She bounds for the fridge to find another piece of cake. “Sounds advice, Dani. But the old Heather just kinda jumps right into things. And if I have any chance of maintaining my human side…I should start acting more like I did before. It may be a new body. I may be a new hybrid of species, but I am essentially who I always was and am. I just need to remember that.”

Wiping a crumb from his face, Kurt grins. Nodding to Dani about the getting used to him, as if he's used to that take. "That's a philosophical technicality, we are human, but the technical classification is sub species - for better or worse. And if I don't get a date with Heather, in this new body if hers, then she doesn't get any cake … from my plate." He reaches a hand around it like a barbarian monkey guarding hard to find fruit during dry season. THough he turns back to Dani, "I try for muscles, my metabolism doesn't let me grow them - stronger than I look though." Another toothy grin, he does reach for the coffee and with the fork in hand, he offers a bite over to Heather - she can the fork or take the bite as offered.

Dani chuckles at the back on forth of the two of them "I'd hold out for more Heather." she smiles at the girl but doesn't make suggestions as to what she should hold out for. She then goes to look for something to eat that is a little more sustaining then cake.

Taking the proffered bite, Heather nods, “Well chocolate cake is still just as delicious as chocolate cake is.” Heather agrees with Dani and then attempts another swipe to get the cake and fails, but grinning widely, “Well, Kurt, I leave the specifics of the date to you.” Going back to her coffee now and sipping, “So since I have returned I have missed out on the missions. What happened on Muir Isle and in Canada? What did I miss?”

"Yes," he grins, exaggerating, then Kurt contains himself, looking wickedly sheepish. "I mean, a date it is. I'll keep the specifics a surprise - like a mystery." Letting the cake go, he sits up more and whatever is left on the plate is free for the taking now.
Commenting, "You missed everything, it was great that one time we …" He looks at sighing as if a good memory, "Then we went in and …" another long look off to no where, then he shakes his head, "Whew, ya, those were the two best adventures I ever had since joining the X-Men …"

Nudging Kurt for his shameless behaviour Dani goes to pour her own cup of coffee and doctors it with cream and sugar "Ignore him Heather. His mission in life is to make ours difficult." she jests on the second part, "I returned after Muir so couldn't tell you about that. As for Canada, we narrowly avoided getting into a tussel with Winter Guard while trying to apprehend Sabertooth.

Chuckling at Kurt’s antics, “Yep, should be a fun date.” Then she looks to Dani, “Ok…Sabretooth I read about. Taller crazier of version of Logan. Winter Guard?” Heather hmmmns, “I thought the Canadian team was Alpha Flight. Well I need to do more homework, I guess. And what was this about a jar with radioactivity? And Apocalypse? He is the big bad guy right. It is hard to keep track. There is Magneto, Mr. Sinister and Apocalypse. Which one is worse?”

"Sinister and Apocalypse. By default, Magneto is trying to kill us, just the normal humans," offers Kurt on the current topic. "THe other two, we're just pawns in some crazy game they seem to be playing against each other. We can at least speak to Magneto. The Winter Guard was a Soviet Russia funded team, they transitioned after the collapse of the USSR - still a Russian sanctioned team. Muir, we're not sure what happened yet, Theresa was imprisoned there, we investigated. Something knocked out all the power on the island - not sure if it was her captors or another isolated incident. Its one for the professor to figure out. This canopic jar though, might be more to that - who had it, what were they doing. If it started in Russia, it will definitely be something for X-Factor to investigate."

Nodding at Kurt's analysis of whom is worse Dani sips her coffee, once more pulling her hair back so it doesn't get caffeinated as well, "It gives me the heebie jeebies." glancing at the clock on the stove she takes another long sip of her coffee "Well I think I will have breakfast later." she gestures to herself "I think I will go shower and stuff. Later you two." setting her mug in the sink she heads out to get ready for the day.

“Have a good day, Dani.” Still sipping her coffee, “Ok well they all sound pretty terrible. I’ll be fine if I never have to encounter any of them.” Heather goes to grab a stool and plops it and herself next to Kurt, “So what was this about an explosion and some liquid nails in Alex’s room? What were you two up to?”

"That day might come sooner than you think," suggests Kurt as Heather takes a stool. Then a grin from him, "Oh, you heard that?" As if anyone didn't hear it. "Yes, liquid nails - I closed his door so he'd have a hard time opening, Alex did what Alex does. Left a mess, I was up late cleaning the hall. Still have to fix the frame and put a new door on. But you should see the footage."

“I will check it out indeed.” Heather finishes up the last of her coffee, “I heard a loud bang in Alex’s room, but I was surprised when I heard you were involved and not Lorna.” Beat. “And I have no idea what liquid nails are. But hey, it must have been pretty funny. Plus Alex gets the big boathouse with Lorna now, so I think he secretly appreciates it too.”

"That's the secret," grins Kurt, "He already had the boathouse, after the door blowed up, we saw he had his totes packed already. Scott and Alex are going over the boathouse from when Scott moved in with baby Nathan. It was a done deal. The only fun thing out of it was seeing what Alex did to get out and then laughing at him about it."

Quirking an eyebrow, Heather shrugs, “So should I expect any exploding doors or blue devilish pranks, Herr Wagner?” Smiling she leans back against the stool and stretches a bit, but hits her head on the back wall, “Ugh…Dammit!” She rubs the back of her head and grumbles something in Shi’ar native tongue.

"What's that then," ponder Kurt, "New head size, don't know how to handle it when the head catches up to the size of the ego?" Did he just suggest she had a big head. "Pranks … me? Ich bin unschuldig!" Grinning though he says, "Don't expect an exploding door though, I mean, been done - it'll be something better." Smiling to self, then amending, "I mean, if I decided to do something to you that is. Which I haven't, I mean only if I ever felt a reason to … is all."

Grimacing a bit from the whack on the head, Heather scours making a rather nasty almost sinister look in Kurt’s direction in response to his statement. Eyes widening and blinking a few moments, Heather shakes her head, “Damn, I gotta take control of that anger bit. I was ready to grab and throw you on the table and just pound away…” She exhales, “But I shan’t give you a reason to prank me…though I seem to remember some sort of contest between us?”

Staring a moment or two after Heather's reaction and commentary, Kurt offers, "I'll just be mindful not to joke with you like that Heather. And we did have a contest - surfing. Just, you know, when I win, don't throw me on the table and pound me." Smiling some, "But if you throw me down and do something else, I might go for that." He leaves the anger bit and her controlling it herself to her, no suggestions on talking to resident telepaths. "It was left at winner decides what humiliating act the loser must perform as I recall it."

“Ok, but what were the details of the surfing contest? Ride the wave without falling off the board?” Heather hmmmns, “Well, I say we keep the contest. Though now that I am more bird than human. Water may not be my thing. But I would look forward to seeing what you would have me perform. As for throwing someone onto the table.” She grins and reaches her hand out to grab Kurt in an attempt to flip him onto the kitchen table.

Kurt won't be opposed to being flipped onto the table, only if things get too rough he can always teleport out. Between it all, he's responding, "Best wave I would think - I mean you're the one from Australia, I thought you would show me up. But this more bird consideration, maybe we can alter the Danger ROom to incorporate some level of surfboard and air currents - make it exciting. Throw in some flaming hoops or something for showmanship." And being on the table, after being flipped on it, he grins, "Do you have me where you want me?"

Leaning in close and placing her face close to his, Heather has an almost hungry look on her face. Kurt may recognize it from when he went toe to toe with Deathbird. Thinking it over a moment, “Yes.” She leans in to plant a kiss on the fuzzy elf. Brief, but passion-filled, she pulls back and wipes her mouth. “Well, good to know I can still kiss. How was it, imp?” She asks as she sits on the stool again.

Kurt may not be so opposed to the determined hungry look of the Shi'ar, so long as the one in question isn't purposefully trying to kill him. THough he lingers a moment before sitting up himself. Softly he responds, "Not enough." He lets a slow grin spread across his face, letting that hang a moment. "Yes, good to know you can still kiss, I probably need more to determine the exact quality - a good sampling before I can rate it at least." Teasing that is, his slow get up might of attested to the passion he felt in the kiss.

Laughing at Kurt’s reaction, “You are sweet.” She licks her lips, “Literally too. But thank you for the reaction. While Dani may be right about starting things off slow, I need to feel more human. And what is more human that passion. So far, other than that kiss, the passion I have felt was the rip the heads off annoying people. So I am looking forward to the date and whatever ensues.” Heather catches her breath, “You kiss well too. But I gotta wonder. Has being blue and furry and having a tail…I mean…not to sound ignorant, but I can’t imagine you have had many girlfriends?”

Grinning sheepishly, then coughing absently to buy time, Kurt crosses his legs where he sits up on the counter. "Um, ya, what do you mean by many Girlfriends?" Then eyeing her more directly, but a hint of a smile at the corner of his mouth, "The tail and fur haven't been a hinderance, some people are curious, some are actually interested … but not many, no." He says, hopefully following along with the direct question.

“Oh now, don’t be shy. Aside from sharing a kiss and seeing that cute butt of yours. We are teammates and friends. I’d imagine you, Alex, and the rest of the boys here sit back and talk about the girls and relationships. I can say the same from the girls’ side.” Heather grins, “I’ve had a few boyfriends. I’m n of ashamed of my past. When you say ‘not many’ how many is not many? Ever been in a serious relationship?”

Grinning, Kurt asks back rhetorically, "I do have a cute butt then?" Chuckling, "Same for yours," His eyes would suggest he means her present rear too, not just the one from before. Though, he continues, "I've had one relationship that I would classify as serious. But I've stopped talking about it because people think it is weird. My parents both died when I was an infant, my step mother had found me in their arms where they died and raised me since. Like a foster family, but being blue and fuzzy, I was always just myself. I had dated my foster sister after we were both adults, we lived together."

Remaining silent when Kurt mentions that he dated his sister, Heather simply nods and her eyes reveal she is thinking of what to say. Then she shrugs, “Well was she hot, at least? What did she look like?” Heather smiles, “And hey, it’s not like you were related by blood or anything.” She hmmmns, “God, I am imagining what a sister of yours would look like with blue fur and everything.” She chuckles, “Kinda like picturing you in drag.”

Laughing and shaking his head, "Indeed, a true sister of mine would hopefully have some resemblance. BUt my parents where human, she might not look anything like me fi I had one. Amanda was human, and a sorcerous like her mother. If you've looked at some of the bigger files on other dimensions, you might know her as Daytripper. She was the mistress of Limbo, but I think Illyana has reclaimed that title. I'm unsure of it, because Amanda had put the Soulsword into me for a time, but Illyana must have summoned it out of me or something - I was unaware of the experience if she did. I guess you could say it was complicated."

“Ah…I knew there had to be a catch. It seems there always is with those that live here. She was a sorceress, huh. Mistress of Limbo…sounds kinda kinky. Have you ever had a purely human girlfriend? One that wasn’t a mutant or a sorceress wielding a soulsword from another dimension?” Heather laughs again for a moment before becoming serious. “And I won’t ask what extradimensional sex is like.”

"Oh good, cause I might of said I would have to show you," Kurt grins wicked, chuckles a little. Then ponders the serious stuff, or other serious stuff. "I don't know what dating a normal human is like. Everyone I've been around since I came into puberty was through affiliations to being a mutant. I mean, joining the X-teams, coming to the Mansion, there isn't much downtime to actually pick up a human girlfriend. There have been times we've gone out, Logan, Piotr and I … and met girls, but there was no serious, um, dating involved there - no expectations."

“I see. I see.” Heather nods, “Well, I don’t know about extradimensional or plain old human, but maybe we’ll learn how’s it done with a human/mutant/alien hybrid such as myself.” Heather posits a thought and smiles,”I guess I am pretty unique in the universe…I should carry and compose myself that way. I mean hey, you don’t get more rare than me.” She laughs it off and sighs.

Nodding with a grin, "Unique is good. I mean, I'm not the only mutant - or human subspecies Homo Sapien Superior …. but I like to think I'm the only fuzzy blue ceiling elf there is. If we get down learning - I'd rather it just be Heather. Human, alien, or others, just Heather is all that is important in that mix you know?"

“Oh, so sweet.” Heather then pops up, “Well, here we have been all morning and I am not even dressed for the day.” She realizes the Shi’ar outfit is a bit revealing. She makes her over to Kurt, “I should get ready. But thanks for the kiss and the chat, buddy.”

With a nod, Kurt offers, "I was getting used to the way you're dressed now." If she comes close enough he'll offer a hug, arms extended, "You should get ready, and we need to work on a better nick for me, buddy is a little macho, but I'll take if for now." If she came into the hug, he'll proceed to offer another kiss to her, simple as that. Only stopping if she indicates otherwise, or doesn't close the gap completely.

Heather takes the hug and kiss and smiles, “Alright, well, the kiss is more than ‘buddy’ but not you’ll need to show me more to earn a new nick.” With that she bows her head and winks as she steps out of the kitchen, “See ya.”

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