2012 03 14 Door Foooming For Justice

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Door Foooommming for Justice

Havok Mirage Nightcrawler

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Xavier's Mansion - Male Faculty Wing

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Nightcrawler Pranks Havok - Havok Responds in Kind


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Its a nice quiet morning at the mansion, students are doing their student thing, the male faculty wing is mostly quiet. Except maybe Logan's room, from which probably eminates snores but these can easily be ignored. Rather, Kurt is about, lounging innocently as he ponders some art between the odd plants between the doorways. One could note he is close to Havok's room, but then again, his room is rather close in proximity.
When said Havok goes to open his door and enjoy the day, he will find it stuck. Not jammed on account of increased heat because of the warm spring air stuck. Real stuck, won't open stuck, like nailed stuck. Stuck that a shoulder jarring won't unhinge it stuck. Stuck in a manner that if one could see between the door and the frame with super sight or some such, they would see someone has caulked the door with Liquid Nails(r).

Dani doesn't know exactly why she is here. She was asked to "Take this video camera and hide over there." It was early and hadn't had her coffee yet so didn't think much of it. Now though she is beginning to suspect Kurt is up to something.

Alex Summers is about to depart his room. He takes the knob with two fingers, turns it, then fails at pulling it open. A bump, a thud, and he tries again. His voice could be heard saying, "What the hell?". Another thunk - the sound of something heavy being sat upon the floor is then followed by the sound of the knob and tugging on the door. He pulls, pulls, and pulls with no resolution to his quandry. "Ok… seriously?" he questions still unsure what's going on.

At this stage, Kurt can afford himself a slight chortle, as if it escapes him without his consent. He turns to find the hidden camera and thumbs up, giving it a toothy grin all the same. Still he goes back to controlling his emotions and begins to sort of 'pace' outside the door. Such that should anyone happen on the scene, it would look like him just nonchalantly walking in one direction or the other.

Realization dawns on Dani and she angles the camera down a moment so it is shooting the floor, "What did you do?" she stage whispers at Kurt when he walks toward her hidden position. She stares at the door a moment then at Kurt "You didn't?!"

Alex backs away from the door and takes a seat on the box he was carrying. Retrieving his cell phone from his utility belt, he realizes that he's wearing his uniform and has his com. So choosing to use that instead, he taps on the mic that hangs loosly around his neck, "Kurt, you there?"

Mouthing back to Dani, Kurt informs her 'Liquid Nails' - almost like speaking to non-english speakers, slow, drawn out, just not loud. About to chuckle again, a voice comes through his uniform comsys - which is worn under some loose fitting clothes just the same. Dramatically he mouth covers as Dani is watching then coughs into a knuckled fist before tap his own mic. "Ja boss," he says, then thinking the pitch too high, he coughs and does a way deeper than normal voice, "Ja, I am here …"

Shaking her head in disbelief Dani brings the camera back up but points it to herself "For the record I had nothing to do with the actual production of this prank." she says into it put not loud enough to be picked up over Kurt's com. Her ass covered, she points the camera at Kurt.

"Dude, my door is stuck. Could you by chance come get me outta my room? No idea what happened, but it's not budging, maybe come kick it in?" Alex relays over the com while still seated in the room and looking at the fused door.

"Unglaublich," says Kurt, some German expressive or another, as if in shock. "I'll be right over." And since he asked if he could kick it in, he waits a second before moving closer to Havok's door - calculating a planned teleport as if he were in another part of the mansion and pondering where he was going. Those seconds accounded for - he shakes the handle, then hits it with the palm of his hand as if he's actually trying to help. "Nein," he exlaims again, unbelief of some sort, "It is stuck — and good. What's the last thing you remember last night …." He shakes the handle a few more times for good measure.

Standing from the box, Alex calls back through the door, "Nothing. Except packing. Been doing that for a few hours. Did it swell or something?"

"Can't be swelling," responds Kurt, "My door would of been jammed too. This is very odd. Well, gotta go, I promised Heather a danger room surf session …" And his voice goes silent on the other end of the door after one final fake kick to see if it unstucks it. Grinning he stomps away, then fakes the footfalls growing more and more silent, pretending to go down stairs even as if he completely left the area.

Dani keeps the camera steady as she follows Kurt with it. It's hard though because she is having to keep herself from laughing which would make the camera shake. "You know how angry Alex is going to be when he sees this?" whispering as Kurt comes near.

"Gotta go?!?" queries Alex in a raised voice through the door. "Seriously? Awe come on!" then he punches the door. "Son of a bitch!", is exclaimed about the situation as Alex is now annoyed. A moment of silence as he goes to check the window to see if he can get out that way, it's a straight 20' drop to the ground below then he comes back to the door and mutters something about the professor being pissed.
Another moment of silence as he prepares himself which is suddenly disrupted by a FOOOOOOOMMMMMM! which shatters the door into a thousand-thousand pieces blasting the debris outward into the hallway but leaving the border of the door glued to the frame.

A thbbt sort of laugh erupts from Kurt at the fooommmm of doom that disrupts the peaceful nature of the door and litters the hall with splinters - which he'll probably end up picking up anyways. Then he stifles himself and composes. "Liebe gott!" he announces, moving back towards the door. "Forgot my shoes … you could of asked for a teleport," he calls in towards the smolders where the door once stood.

Cringing at the sudden 'explosion' of the door, "Well there is a peaceful morning, ruined." Dani states in a deadpan voice. Thankfully she is well shielded around the corner from door debris. Once she dust settles she takes a step out to survey the damage, the camera up and continuing to record.

Emerging from the room, Alex has a disgruntled look on his face. He hears Kurt's words while he looks over the door frame from the outside. "Son of a bitch…" he says quietly as he realizes that the door was glued to the frame. He then glances over to see Dani with the camera and it suddenly becomes obvious that it was Kurt's doing.

"Would you look at that," says Kurt, feigning some innocence mixed with astonishment. "What dastard could of done this heinous deed …" His eyes looking at the door bits still glued to the frame but his feet are back peddling a little as his face is struggling with a smile. For being so innocent, he seems to be staying out of arms reach of Alex for the moment. "Captain Nachtkriechen strikes again, viva la resistance …."

"Look on the bright side, now you can bunk with Lorna without having to be sneaky about it." Dani smiles her tone cheerfully optimistic. She is hoping her comment can bring the tension down a few notches and alleviate the angry outburst that she suspects is coming. She hasn't put the camera down yet though.

Alex's room is filled with about 13-16 light blue rubbermaid totes, mostly packed. He hears their words, especially those of Kurts and his eyes narrow, he grins and shakes his head, "Payback is a bitch, Elf."

Laughing now, Kurt responds, "True - but fair warning, undies draw is off limits." Then in a quiet whisper, "Incriminating evidence stashed there …." Then a double take to Dani, pretending he hopes she didn't hear that. As if to throw everything off topic, he looks at the totes, "So, you're moving out? I'd call dibs on your room, but, its doorless …"

Hitting the stop button on the camera Dani puts the camera down and takes the few steps to look through the hole where the door was. If she catches Kurt's whisper she doesn't say anthing, but the camera was going so it could have caught it. She doesn't ask about the boxes either but she does give Alex a questioning look.

Alex's smile turns into a laugh as he shakes his head in considerable disbelief. Then adds, "Yeah, Lakehouse. Lorna and I are moving in together." is his answer for Kurt's statement and he walks back into the room, "Since yall are both here. Why don't you grab a box and walk it down to the lake."

"Ugh, manual labor, I knew this wasn't a good idea," quips Kurt, moving to grab a box just the same. "/The/ Lakehouse … on Mansion grounds? Is that a good idea, what if we want to take the boat out and besides," grins Nightcrawler, bending down and picking up the first box he finds, "You can't take the memory away, I heard that's the first place Dani kissed that kentucky kid, Sam, at …." He'll give enough pause for response, readying to cheat with a bamf to the Lakehouse and save some work.

"Oh sure, punish me for his prank." despite her grumbling Dani goes to take a box but pauses when Kurt brings up old memories, but instead of saying anything to him about it she turns to Alex "Count me in on the payback."

Alex smiles as he takes one of the rubbermaid totes and is about to say something adding to Kurt's comment about Dani and Sam, but misses his opportunity due to the porting. He does respond to Dani, "Oh I know it was all him. He's probably been plotting it for days."

Its moments, literally, just moments, and Kurt returns in a wisp of purple smoke smelling of brimestone. "Jeeze," he complains, smiling, "This is gonna take all day." He reaches for another box just the same. "I might have to walk at some point with all these boxes you know, I can only take so much myself."

Handing off the box in her hands to Kurt "I wouldn't doubt it." Dani responds to Alex "Maybe the is a dolly or hand cart in one of the janitors closets." she is all for making this go quickly, seeing as she will probably be recruited to help move Lorna's stuff too.

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