2012 03 14 Connecting As Brothers

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Connecting as Brothers

Havok & Cyclops

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Xavier Estate

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Alex is moving into the boat house, Scott helps and they discuss recent events and future ideas.


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Alex is walking out of his room, stepping between the gutted door frame and carrying a light blue rubbermaid tote that appears to be somewhat weighty.

The scene is Havok's door exploded, from the inside, spraying the hall with splinters of wood. There is some door left, held to the door frame by Liquid Nails(r). Alex is taking a box out of his room. Kurt, is appearing in another purple wisp of smoke. "Ok, that had better be the last box of rocks … seriously." Then grinning, "And ya, I peeked - not I didn't trap the boxes." He doesn't look ready to move another box though, even if he can get it out to the Lakehouse lickity split with another bamf. Holding rock boxes for that long will eventually take its toll, besides its the principle of the thing.

Making his way out of his room, dressed in his uniform, the leader of the X-Family stares about. Nodding to Kurt, and anyone else gathered he looks from Alex to Alex's door back to Alex. He makes not comment and his eyes are of course hidden by his visor, but his stoic expression is still not that hard to read to his little brother. "Alex." He nods to his little brother, but then looks from Alex to the door and back to Alex. After a few silent milliseconds, he finally cracks a smile.

Pausing when Cyke comes into view, Alex figures it's going to be another bitch session about how he's not mature enough or how he's not special enough and how Cyke is the quintessential leader and that he's Xavier's favorite with the puppet stick shoved so far up his.. and then he smiles, what the hell? Pause is broken as Alex smirks and shakes his head, "There's totally gonna be payback."

Acting nonchalant himself, Kurt nods, "Ja, we're going to get the twerp that did this." Lifting a hand to stage whisper to Scott, he adds, "Alex's plan is to dump a slurpie on his head, then depants him in front of the girls locker room while he yells 'Yo girls, check us out!' …" Raising eyebrows and grinning, "I can't wait to see the looks on their faces." That all said, he goes to pick up a blue tote. If it has rocks, he puts it down and grabs a lighter one.

Hefting a few boxes before deciding which one she will carry, Dani finally decides on one that doesn't seem to be filled with rocks, she doesn't want to carry them either. Moving out the door with burden in hand, "Morning Scott." at this point everyone probably knows of her return, especially with the way news flies around the mansion. "Will a camera be required for that one?"

Nodding his head when Alex utters his revenge statement. Spoken like a true Summers. Scott, would never condone such actions, but camaraderie among teammates is good. X-Factor has changed since he ran that outfit and so, Alex is going to need all the help he can get. But with Kurt and Dani (people he has trained) that should make things easier for his baby brother. "Well, whatever the revenge plan is, please exclude me…I have responsibilities with the X-Men, training, missions, etc." He looks to Alex with an expression meaning ignore what I said and include me.

Alex carries the box out and passes Scott to start walking down the hallway, "Got it." as if indicating that he fully understands. "Oh, by the way, I've taken over the boat house." he says in parting. The same boathouse/lakehouse that Scott and Jean lived in with baby Nathan. Or was that Scott and Madelyne? They all look alike.

Ah, baby Nathan, it was only yesterday he was a baby and now, he's leading his own team of rebels. The Summers family grows up so fast. Kurt knows nothing of this. Rather he has a box in hand. "Responsibilities, tell me about it," fake dramatics and all. "If you find time you should check out the new place. Wet bar at the docks, mini keg fridge. It'll be like being in school again, but you know, it'll be more legal even." That said, point made, Kurt bamf's with the lighter box to the boathouse to drop off the load.

Not being able to get there except by her own two feet, Dani continues down the hall with her box, maybe on the way back she will check in storage for a cart of some sort to make the job easier. She'll probably be awhile.

"The boathouse should be fine for now. Though I should probably check and see if some of Nathan's stuff is still there. Or maybe Madelyne. You remember Maddie, right, Prince." Scott ahems for a moment as he lets the image of Havok in his Goblyn Prince outfit settle in Alex's head as he goes to grab a box as well. If there are rocks in it or not, Scott makes little effort in lifting it and carrying it. As the other two leave, Scott looks to Alex, "So pranking teammates, huh?"

Alex avoids the whole goblin prince reference, instead of responding he just groans and moves on to the new topic, "Yeah. Kurt was creative in it too. I figure I'll fill his bed with whipped cream or something. I'll have to think on it."

"Well, good, but rule of thumb with pranking…the revenge prank must always be greater then or equal to the original prank. Liquid nails leading to exploding door and being moved…bed with whip cream." Scott puts the box down and moves his hands out as if literally weighing the various options. "Think big, little brother." He stressed big and little in the same sentence.

The walk will be long from the mansion to the boat house. But it's good exercise. Alex continues on in thought and nods, "So tacking all his furniture to the ceiling."

"That's a little better." Scott offers as he follows along carrying two boxes not. "And I am not going to tell you what to do, of course. But keep thinking along those processes and maybe incorporate Logan or one of your X-Factor teammatesâ¦speaking of which, how is this new team?"

"They're great. We work well together, and they follow direction pretty well. Having teamed with Kurt, Lorna, and Liz before, it helps Siryn and Heather get out the kinks of their newbieisms. So it's all good." Alex answers relaying to the team query.

"Alright then, and good job on the stuff. Been so busy with the X-Men and the school havenât had time to check in on you. But again good job with the Shi'ar stuff, the Brotherhood stuff, and this recent bit with Ursa Major and Sabretooth. Any leads on the Sentinel and follow-up with any of that stuff?" Scott asks as he adjusts his body and the boxes he is carrying, perhaps he is carrying one with rocks in it.

"Waiting on Cooper for the Sentinel Head intel. I think the NSA is draging their feet intentionally. Probably to cover their tracks. We'll be getting Ursa Major back to his team when he's able to travel." Alex notes picking one thread.

"Alright. I'll see about sending Logan to check up on the Sabretooth bit some more. And we'll scope out what we can on Sinister, in the meantime." Scott hmmmns, "And Lorna? You two are back together? How is that?"

"It's new again. I mean yeah we tried when we were in Washington, but - well you know how that worked out. So we're just picking up where we left off with a new twist - living together. It's great as far as I know." Alex answers, seemingly pleased with the Lorna path.

"Well, good then." Scott continues on the path. He always found speaking with his brother a bit awkward, but he has caught up enough to know the inner-workings of his brother's life, so his big brother duties have been filled as they continue on to the boathouse. He hmmmns, "How was dad? I didn't get the chance to speak for him too long when he was here to take you to the Shi'ar homeworld."

"Same ole dad. Swashbuckling around the universe and keeping the Shi'ar in line. But now that Lillandra's back in charge, he'll be all official and not in as much hot water as he was when Deathbird was trying to kill him. I think he's hooking up with Hepzibah too. Which is Awk-Ward cause she's so hot and he's so old. It's like Heff and the bunnies."

Unsure if he is uncomfortable or just weirded out by this brother chitchat, Scott ahems, "Um…well…good that he will be less in trouble out there." Scott makes no comment on the fact that his father is hooking up with an alien skunk or the age difference or the disturbing image of his father as the playboy founder.

Alex grins and walks on carrying his box. There's not much else to say on the matter. He's a little weirded out by the image he himself drummed up about their dad and just leaves it well enough alone.

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