2012 03 13 Taking Steps Toward Sinister

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Taking Steps Toward Sinister

Revanche & Havok

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Library, Xavier Mansion

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Liz and Alex discuss recent events in Canada and Sabretooth to conclude that Sinister might be behind it all.


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The library is quiet, sounds muffled. A large, heavy tome 'thumps' onto a large table. Heavy vellum sheets crinkle as they are moved, one by one, by a human hand with a pacing more akin to skimming, hunting for something than someone actively reading. Then the soft clickety-clacking of fingers on a keyboard.

Buried in the depths of the Mansion's library, Elizabeth Braddock - the British one, thankyouverymuch - is doing research. Unlike her Asian counterpart, she has no memories related to 'Apocalypse'. So she is doing research to understand who this figure is, and how that figure relates to human and mutant history. And she's hunting anything relating to the symbology on the canopic jar that was captured.

Entering the Library, Alex is wholly out of place. His haunt is the Ready Room. There's likely a reason he's here and that reason is spied upon entry. Quietly moving across the room, Alex's direction is Liz. Upon approach, he'll pull a chair out next to her and take a seat. "Liz." is said in a quite respectful tone.

"Alex." Elizabeth murmurs, as she turns the page, carefully studying grids of ancient symbols against blow-ups of pictures of the jar, presently available on the screen of her laptop. When she spies one, she starts typing in notes from the book into the laptop accordingly. "What can I do for you?" she inquires with equal softness.

"Hey, so you read the report about the jar…" Alex states looking over the images of ancient symbols and taking a wild guess. "I was wondering if you by chance got anything out of Sabes when you were tiptoeing around in his head about Sinister?"

"I am many things, Alex, but dimwitted is surely not one of them." Elizabeth comments. It is, perhaps, a mite acerbic. She's annoyed, but not at Alex. She just can't help herself. "Had there been any sign of Sinister in that psychopath's mind, do you not think I would have mentioned it promptly?" She may not know Apocalypse worth a squat, but she knows who Sinister is. Knows and genuinely, deeply dislikes. Honestly, only Mojo evokes a greater instant distaste in her.

"Sorry." Alex replies, "I really don't understand the whole telepath thing and don't know if it's a talking or something like downloading files to sort through later." and tries to account for his ignorance. "Anyway, I'm thinking that Sabes is working for Sinister again. Cause I don't see him working for Apoc or being a Horseman."

To which Elizabeth just turns and stares at Alex. "What?" There goes someone assuming she knows something, again. "Admittedly, I downloaded what I could from Sabertooth's mind. But I have since sorted and sifted through it to the best of my ability, Alex. Had I come upon anything in my meditations that hinted at Sinister, I'd have mentioned it." She honestly has no idea on the rest of it, not even understanding the frame of reference. "I would think that Sabertooth would make a wonderful 'horseman of death', frankly. Mythologically speaking. Or war, for that matter."

"It's something that happened in Manhattan a few years back with Scott's X-Factor. Apocalypse attacked. Revealed himself to the world and was intent on starting the mutant human war, survival of the fittest and all that." Alex replies trying to catch her up.

Elizabeth considers Alex for a few moments, and then extends her hand towards his cheek … straying up towards his hairline. "May I?" she asks, softly. Given his permission, her fingertips press to his temple as that purple butterfly of energy appears around her eyes, and then around his own, as her mind delves into Alex and seeks out his memories related to this 'Apocalypse', so that she can understand what on Earth he is talking about.

Several moments later, she finally breaks the connection, the butterflies of energy fading away as her fingers pull away from his temple, returning to her lap. "I see. Well, given that, I honestly see no reason not to believe that Sabretooth would be in any way ill-suited to either role: war, or death." It's at least as likely as the Sinister connection, right?

His blue eyes peer back as she touches him. He first has thoughts of that 'touch' when they were in the western Australia desert. He pushes that intimacy out of his head as he realizes he needs to answer, "Yeah, sure." and will just let her do her thing.

Those moments are blank to him. "Yeah. He's typically a Sinister lacky, did the whole Morlock Massacre by Sinister's command and before the Marauders were thought to be wiped out by the X-Men, he and Sinny were buddy buddy. Now that the Nasty Boys are out of the picture, I figure that the Marauders are back on the scene. And… tieing it all together we know that Sinister was created by Apoc and they don't like one another."

Elizabeth considers Alex's thoughts on the matter carefully, dismissing nothing. Her frustration is real, a palpable thing. But she restrains it for Alex, whatever her reasons. "Alright. I can see your point. That, perhaps, makes it more likely than an alliance with the Apocalypse. But as I said, there was no evidence of either figure in what I read of Sabretooth's mind." And that, in and of itself, would indicate Sinster more readily than Apocalypse, who would not care to hide. "Assuming you are right, what then? What does that knowledge - if it can be considered knowledge when it is uncertain - tell us to do next, Alex? What are you suggesting?" Does she feel the intimacy her touch awakens in the blonde Summers brother? She makes no sign of it. But that could as easily be British reserve as any lack of awareness.

Alex has a funny taste in his mouth, does the dog and peanut butter thing briefly and then says, "Savage land." He states as he reflects to the recent past. "A few months ago Scalphunter abducted Monet and took her to the Savage Land. We, rather Rahne, tracked him down and caught up with him when he was about to disappear into one of Sinister's bases."

"Not to be obtuse, but how do you know it was one of Sinister's bases?" Elizabeth queries, as she rolls those ideas over in her mind. "And given you have already discovered it, what makes you think there would be any useful intel still available there that hasn't been either sanitized already, or left behind specifically to draw us into another trap?" One thing about Elizabeth, whether Brit or Asian version: stupid she is not.

"You're not obtuse, you're acute." Alex states before getting back to it. "Monet read Scalphunter's mind. In the initial fight, Scalphunter was trying to escape Monet via teleport. She jumped him and they both teleported to the Savage Land in a sort of misfire. She saw in his head that he was trying to get back to a place called the Tesseract. The way she explained it, it was some sort of pocket dimension where Sinister holds up and the Savage Land has a nexus point or gate to it. I don't know about traps, but I'm just tossing out my only idea how to find Sinny"

Another bit of information that post-dates Elizabeth's departure from the X-Men, as she was unaware that Monet had telepathic abilities beyond simple - if strong - shielding. "I see." she murmurs softly, twitching a smile at Alex's joke though she doesn't /quite/ rise to the bait. She listens, considering matters, and then responds after a bit. "Very well, then. Given those pieces of information, I would agree. A scouting expedition in force to the Savage Land base of operations seems appropriate." In force? Oh yes. Liz doesn't believe in screwing around. And Sinister is not to be taken lightly.

Alex stands sliding his chair back, "I'll get the intel going and inform the others that we'll be taking steps toward that goal." He's already daydreaming about the last time he and Lorna were in the savage land and her attire…

Elizabeth arches those elegant eyebrows of hers, glancing up at the blonde Summers brother. "Very well. I'll assemble my own gear, then. I strongly advise we go in 'armed for bear', as it were." She won't intrude on those thoughts, they are private. "Good evening, Alex."

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