2012 03 13 A Topless Girl And Mutant Mayhem

Log Title:
A Topless Girl and Mutant Mayhem

Empath, James, and Dr, Marinos (emitted by Mike)

IC Date:
March 13, 2012

Central Park - New York

Brief log summary::
Empath decides to have some fun at Central Park and James outs himself as a mutant.


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Even though it is still technically winter, spring has hit New York. Warm weather has dominated the weekend and carried over into the week. Empath, having returned from a mission in England, takes the time to enjoy himself, which usually means starting some trouble. The Spaniard is dressed in a black T-shirt with a tribal design and black dockers. His recent injuries from Shinobi Shaw have all but healed except for a scar across the cheek of his face. As he makes his way into the park, he notes how the citizens of the city have readied themselves for Spring Break as he walks across the Great Lawn and notes the numbers of sunbathers. Manuel sighs to himself and mutters in Spanish, <This should be fun.>

James is new to the city his father had taken him along for his art show near by. His father is known in some circles but not all. He has made his way to the park he never seen such a huge park in the middle of a city. He wonders around some looking at people and thing. He does notice a few women who sun bath in public he is a teenage boy after all but does not dwell on them.

Amongst the collection of persons gathered within the park to enjoy the weather, the rather scholarly figure of Dr. Marinos, sporting the graying hair of one far from being new to his chosen occupation, is present, sitting upon one of the many park benches. Unwrapped hot dog in hand, he appears to be enjoying a meal break. Or he would be 'enjoying' it if he wasn't sporting a look of discontent instead with the feelings backing the expression up. The hot dog seems to go ignored for the time being despite it being perfectly balanced in hand. Instead the good doctor is glancing idly to the scenery. Watching, waiting.

Unsure of his own emotional state, the Spanish mutant has been all over the place after the torture at Shinobiâs hands. With his injuries healed and full use of his powers again, Manuel smiles, "It has been too long since he has just messed with people." He walks over to a bench, which is coincidentally from Dr. Marinos. He seems to do some sort of stretching gestures and then he takes his seat. Looking at one particularly buxom sunbather who was one of the ones James was looking at, he grins and then looks away and relaxes on the bench. For her part, the buxom beauty has opted to sunbathe in a way that would not leave tan lines. So she lies on her stomach with a bikini top undone but covering enough to keep from being arrested for public indecency. All of a sudden, a youth about James' age runs past him and towards the girl, snatching off her top and running off and pointing. A teenage prank or the start of something more.

James watches this happen and frowns at the scene while he like boobies and seeing her topless there are things a boy should not do. He looks around and spots a over flowing trash can and gathers up a few cans. His eyes turn silver and his hands glow a silver as he presses the metal together and makes a ball of metal. The then throws the ball at the boy aiming for the boys head. It is a high lob that if he aimed right will strike the boy.

As the eventual shout of protest comes from the now topless sunbather, Dr. Marinos glances towards the source of the sound. As realization of what's occured processes there's a slight bit of pink forming around the old doctor's cheeks before he glances away. But the inkling of a smile does form along with a bit of amusement. The mood does dampen a bit as his eyes fixate upon an incoming bespectacled, scholarly man in an old style suit. Also with graying hair. He too carries a hot dog. The newcomer also slows in his approach as he glances to the source of the uproar, and then towards someone throwing something at the top thief. There's a bit of surprise coming from him.

Catching sight of the suddenly silver-eyed boy with the silver glowing hand catches Empath’s sight. As it does some New Yorkers who despite living in a city with Avengers and Fantastic Four, still do not react well. The girl who is covering herself screams, not that her top has been taken, but that there is a mutant. People begin to react and point to James, “Mutant! Mutant!” They scream. The boy who grabbed the girl’s top is all but out of the park. For his part, when people begin to overreact, Empath decides to intervene but not in a way one would react. He eyes the boy and grins as he scans the lad’s emotions as he gets up and walks towards the topless girl. Gallantly removing his own shirt to pass to her, he now stands with a white A-shirt and black jeans.

James blinks at the people and sighs shaking his head. he walks back to the trash can and takes a few cans and his powers start to work again he quickly shapes a crude sword out of them, "Yah yah I'm a mutant." He starts to back away from the people slowly eyeing them. His emotions are a mix of disappointment and fear. He did nothing wrong but they act worst then the theif. He eyes the people, "does anyone have a problem with me being a mutant?" His words do not match his emotions he seems to be a good bluffer.

As the woman is covered up and people start screaming about Mutants, Dr. Marinos turns his head to look back over, frowning once more. Instead of fear, there's an overwhelming sense of caution coming from him before he gives a shake of the head and bites into his hot dog, seemingly quelching the urge to say anything aloud.

The other man in the suit frowns, growing quite wary as he starts walking again, bypassing the park bench the doctor sits upon, heading for the park exit. There's a bit more of a quickness to his step but to anyone watching, that likely could be explained by the shouts of 'mutant' in the area.

Whispering into the woman’s ear, she seems to go blank a moment and then nods as she walks off away from the spectacle of the mutant. Coincidentally it is the direction of where Empath stays. He lets out a sigh as he continues to use his abilities on the crowd. When James forms a sword out of refuse. Two large looking college students rush towards, “Yeah, mutie! We got a problem. Look everyone he is going to use his sword to attack all of us.” One by one, people seem to react negatively and pick up things like rocks or bits of food and toss them towards James as the two buff college kids rush towards him.

James was hoping no one would call his bluff on this matter. He blinks and ducks when people start to throw stuff. He always been a peaceful boy never like fighting. As the boys charge him he runs forward sword ready to strike. His stance is awkward as he had no type of training. He swings the sharp blade at one of the college students, "You sure you want to be near me you might catch it. One day you could just wake up a mutant like me." His whole insides feel like jelly as he does this he scared real scared.

As the doctor chews, his eyes start to narrow as he gradually starts to just glare at James. There's a bit of a twitch to his eye as he finishes off his bite of hot dog before he starts to stand up. He starts to step towards the direction of James before coming to a stop, out of reach of the mutant's impromptu weapon and not in the way of the college students. His arm pulls back before swinging forward, flinging what's left of the hot dog, relish, mustard, ketchup and all towards the exposed mutant. "Idiot!" He snarls disgustedly before he starts to stomp off.

Still remaining back on the lawn by where the sunbather had been, Empath watches as James swings his sword nearly striking one of the college boys, but thankfully making no contact due to the clumsy nature of the swing. The boys, however, are not so clumsy. They rush forward when one tries to grab the sword from James, while the other tries to punch James in the face, still careful of the swinging sword. Content with how the scene is playing out, Manuel beings to saunter slowly towards the boy and through the small crowd of agitated humans.

James hand glows as the boy tries to take the sword and his fingers sink into the metal. He is hit hard by the other but the sword handle models to his hand making hard to pull away. He then yanks the sword back hopefully cutting the college students hand on the blade. He then turns to swing at the other college student, "Fucking thugs! no better then the clan."

One punches James and smiles but then his friend is cut by the sword and he starts to bleed from his hands. He looks up at James and in shock, “You cut me?” This enrages the crowd who despite the thugs attacking first take their sides against James. The doctor leaves the scene as Manuel rushes forward and places himself between the crowd and James, “How dare you? All of you! You would attack an innocent child. Mutant or not, can you not see that he is scared and only trying to protect himself?” The crowd seems to calm down as Manuel speaks. His powers working to quell the anger he stirred within them earlier. The college boys and the others soon seem to back away as Manuel continues to preach on the platitudes of peace between the species.

James steps back as the other comes to his defense. He use the moment of confusing and clamming to turn tail and run. He drops his sword as he heads for a parks exit.

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