2012 03 12 More Powerful Than A God

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More Powerful Than a God

Juggernaut and Super-Adaptoid

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Bowery, Manhattan

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Juggernaut and Super-Adaptoid get into a fight, Adaptoid wins.


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Observing the nature of humanity, Phillip meanders through the Bowery on foot. His eyes aware of his surroundings while his other senses are processed into the cybernetic brain - translating what it is to be 'human'. Currently he's dressed casual trying to blend into city life and be 'one of them'.

He turns to a hot dog cart and orders one with everything. While waiting, his eyes continue to scan the environment.

Cain isn't observing. He's just wandering at random. When you don't sleep, you have a LOT of free time. The huge redhead moves along at a leisurely pace, head turning this way and that as he idly takes in the sights of this part of the city. At one point, he stops and buys a pretzel from a vendor, and is still eating it when he comes into view of Phillip. He's really big but not currently in his costume, and his face isn't publically known. Mostly just his helmet. So the average person on the street has no reason to suspect that it's him. Of course, most people don't have a computer for a brain and access to superhuman records either.

Microseconds pass after Phillip spies the giant of a man that is Cain. In those microseconds connections are made to information regarding the man's true identity and he says to the vender, "Nevermind. And call 911, tell them that the Juggernaut is here and to send the Avengers." but drops a 5 on the counter and breaks away directly toward Cain. <still many yards away>

Oblivious to the fact he was just made, Cain chomps off a big bite of his pretzel, and chews steadily at it. Well, this laying low thing is boring, but it's going pretty well! Been back in town for days relaxing, and haven't had to fight a single annoying little 'superhero' yet. If he keeps this up, he should be able to keep it going for some time before he gets bored enough to start trouble himself! He stops, and turns to peer in the front window of some shop or another.

Shifting forms, Phillip starts to grow and look estranged from his previous form. The new form, that of Thor draws the mighty Mjolnir from his belt and calls forth in a bellowing voice, "Stand down, foul villain! Surrender and I shall be lenient in my hand!"

Cain hears a familiar voice, and his teeth grit. He turns slowly in place and then sees that, yes. It's Thor standing there. Wonderful. "You. Well ain't this my lucky day." He drops the remmants of his pretzel, and hen suddenly he's dressed in his trademark armor and domed helmet. "I was tryingg to stay quiet. Minding my own business. On the oher hand, things were getting bored, so maybe this ain't so bad after all." He suddenly breaks into a charge right for 'Thor', ignoring the people in his way when he does. Thankfully, they started scatterin as soon as his armor appeared, and nobody ends up trampled. "Still, gonna make this quick before somebody else shows up and gets in the way like last time!" He draws back one enormous fist as he closes with the fake Odinson, and unleashes a right with all the considerable power he can muster behind it aimed right for his stomach.

Thor will charge headlong toward the Juggernaut. Mjolnir is raised and he prepares to strike the same time that Juggernaut will. "Then you shall face the might of a god!"

Using the mighty Mjolnir, he will swing with all his might downward toward the massive shoulders of the Juggernaut.

Thor is struck at the same time as he strikes the Juggernaut. A tremendous WHOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM is heard throughout the city streets. The shockwave disrupts nearby concrete and shakes cars - some lose their glass.

Having been knocked back 45 feet, Thor lands upon his feet and skids back several more yards. He's down 60 points in health but will soon rectify that situation as he realizes that a toe-to-toe battle against the Juggernaut isn't the most logical. "You are strong, Juggernaut. Yet you haven't the understanding and reason that I possess. You will fall this day!"

That's when he clasps Mjolnir with both hands, leveling the business end of the weapon toward the Juggernaut's feet and launches a mystical energy blast into the ground before the brute. Thus erradicating a massive pit beneath Juggernaut's feet. As wide as the street (also collecting a few parked cars) and as deep as 30 feet.

The Juggernaut drops down into the newly made crater, cars landing on to of him, but that doesn' stop him. He gathers himself then heaves, wrecked vehicles flying out of he pit to smash into the building arond them, doing considerable damage. Then he leaps up, using those inhuman leg muscles of his, and lands on the ground, already damaged pavement cratering beneath his feet. He glares hatred at the faux Thor and growls out, "You goin soft on me? I'm sure you can do better than that!" He grabs a nearby car that wasn't caught in he collapse, then flings it hard at Fake Thor with both hands, roaring as he does.

Spinning his hammer, Thor was already preparing to take flight. Casting the hammer forward, he leaps into the air and allows the car to fly beneath him and slam into a nearby wall. Up, up and over Juggernaut. He turns mid air and will land 45 feet behind the villain.

Cain digs his hands into the ground, and rips up large chinks of pavement, turning and flinging them towards the fake Odinson before charging him again. "Stand still and fight! Or are you a coward now? Afraid to take me head-on?" His words are a mixture of anger and derision, eyes burning with his anger at the blonde-haired synthetic.

Bracing himself for the assault, Thor choses to engage in a grappeling fashion this time. With the intent to evade blows, not throw any blows, but grab. So the hammer is slammed on his belt as he rushes toward the Juggernaut, "I am no coward, Juggernaut. I choose to use my mind over my muscle."

The Juggernaut sneers as he finally closes in, and starts to launch a series of punches at the blonde psuedogod, swinging hard at his face, body, wherever he might be able to land a hit, intending to pound him into submission. He also tries to grab ahold of some part of him with he other hand, wanting to keep him from getting away again. "Sure you're not. So, you waitin for more of your buddies to show up and bail out out of the beating I'm gonna give you, goldilocks?"

Having a greater fighting skill than the Juggernaut, Thor moves with the punches and is glad to maintain the grapple. They're both equally strong, so it will be like two Greek wrestlers struggling for superiority. "The buddies you speak will not show up for another 5 to 7 minutes. Until then you are mine!" is said during the match.

Well, equally strong. Not equally tough. The Juggernaut can hurt Thor with his punches: The blonde isn't even throwing any. Blows powerful enough to destroy entire buildings slam into Thor again and again, and the crimson-clad villain digs his fingers into whatever part of him he managed to get ahold of, refusing to release his grip even if he tries to break the stalemate. "That's more time than I need to deal with you!"

The features of 'Thor' takes on a greenish hue as the 'god' begins to resemble the amalgam of the former Thor and current Juggernaut features. The armor of both is bleneded to adorn the amalgam. The hammer upon his belt, the wings of Thor's helm upon the Juggernauts and he even grows in size and stature. His skin becomes denser and a smile is seen beneath the mask, "You under estimate me, Juggernaut. Which will be your downfall!"

The Juggernaut looks startled as 'Thor' starts to shift like that, and he falters for a second. "What the hell?" Of course, it doesn't matter to him who or what he's fighting. He'll win anyway! He draws bacck his fist for a particularly powerful blow, and drives it with all his might into the face of his opponent. "Don't know what you are, but your tricks ain't gonna help you beat me!"

The blow is taken as now the amalgam of Thor and Juggernaut (Thuggernaut) is resistant to any attack that the Juggernaut possesses. His head turns back, helmet affixed. "You will have to do better than that, Juggernaut. For today I am become even greater than the god Thor."

The Juggernaut scowls, and grabs onto the thing he's fighting, attempting to lift him into the air. If he manages it, he throws him straight up into the sky with all the force he can muster. If he wasn't able to fly he'de proabbly end up in space. As it is….well. At least it'll maybe buy him a few seconds.

Cast into the air, the Thuggernaut tumbles upward for several hundred yards before pulling out his hammer and starting to spin it. He will regain his control in the next round.

Hmmn. This is gonna take longer than he thought. The Juggernaut isn''t raelly in the mood to fight a team or two of superheroes. He consides for a few moments, then shrugs, and lowers one shouder before charing into the side of one of the nearby buildings. The wall collapses with a rumble, and then he turns, and starts running lengthwise, punching through the center of building after building. One…two…three….four…five….six….seven…..eight. Maybe he's wanting to make enough trouble to occupy whoever's comign to help him as well. Finally he turns and busts into the street again, then heads out at top speed, away away away.

The mighty Mjolnir spins and stabilizes Thuggernaut. His eyes widen as he sees the Juggernaut's nefarious plan come into fruition. "NO!" he calls down as the criminal weakens the superstructure of the nearest building. His shape shifts a little more and he forms a gun in his left hand. Swooping down, the Thuggernaut will place himself beneath the edge of the first structure and use himself as a brace. This will clearly indicate to the Juggernaut that buildings 2-8 will be wholly unnecessary and would only slow himself down in the escape. Struggling to maintain the structure, Thuggernaut bellows, "Our Battle is not Over, Coward!"

Juggernaut escapes and Damage Control arrives to secure the building.

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