2012 03 12 Canopic Jar Of The Apocalypse

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Canopic Jar of the Apocalypse

Mirage, Nightcrawler and Havok w/Ursa Major

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Canada, near Alaska

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Dani, Kurt, and Alex fly to Canada to find the radioactive isotope that Sabertooth dropped. Finds Ursa Major and a canopic jar shaped like Apocalypse holding the isotope.


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The mission briefing happened in route to the hangar. Alex stated, "We're taking the Blackbird and using the equipment to try and isolate that isotope. Based on what Liz got out of Sabes' head, we've got it narrowed down to a few square mile radius in northern Canada - near Alaska. No one else has this information and the blackbird goes stealth, so we should be pretty clear of interlopers.

Wheels are up, the VTOL nature of the blackbird gets the team into the air, and then it's a stealth mission northward. The flight itself will take less than 30 minutes to get to their destination. Alex pilots. Altitude is 67,000 feet, high above the clouds and wanting to skirt the inner atmosphere. "All I really want to do is make a few fly-bys. The Shi'ar tech in this craft should be able to pick up something radioactive even if it's shielded. We'll see."

Having strapped herself into a seat behind the 'driving seats' Dani listens nodding in all the right places, "This a standard recon or are were expected to retrieve this mystery isotope too?"

"I think we should retreive, regardless," says Kurt, though thinking it would be required just ehe same. "Too valuable to fall into the wrong hands, better to know what its intended purpose was as well. Military and otherwise." That said, he sets back into his chair watching the panels for detections while they fly over the designated area'ish.

"If we get lucky and it's actually detected, then we're gonna snag it. In and out in less than 5." Alex states in a confident tone. - Or that's the plan. So much better than the reality.

Dani eyes Alex's five minutes bit, she isn't as confident about that is he seems to be. "Well if it is five minutes in and out, drinks will be on me tonight."

It all sounds good, Kurt is smiling, but he does a double take, eyes of monitors to look at Dani, "Nein - what if its over five minutes," catching himself about to agree with her, he pauses just in case that makes it his treat if it does indeed extend the projected time fram.

"Dani, would you be saying that the best laid plans of mice and Havok often go astray?" Alex asks making a book reference because Beast isn't here to do it for him.

Answering Kurt's unasked quesion Dani crosses her arms and grins over at Alex "Then I am forced to assume drinks are on Alex." nodding she chuckles "Especially the best ones.

"Then its agreed," grins Kurt, not commenting on whether that is over Havok's plans going astray or agreeing to the little bet between the two, even if Alex hasn't agreed to buy drinks if his time estimate was wrong. "Still curious why Sabes took the isotope - who sent him this time and how's he get away with it so quickly." Suggesting he's curious where the Winter Guard was at the time Sabretooth acquired the item.

It's time to begin the descent so Alex does a wing over and starts to free fall. Activating the air breaks he drops below super sonic and will start leveling off at 5K feet only to allow a slower descent to 600 feet where he'll then say, "Kurt, turn on the detector. We've got four solid passes to make."

Leaning over, Dani looks out the window, to get a visual on what is below. Sure detectors are great and everything but they can't tell you everything "And what if they have detectors to detect us? Did you plan for that?

Flipping switches, keying commands, Kurt ponders the question, "I'd imagine we'd know about it - they would have sent us a greeting by now." Or its on the way even. Still, he's ready for the passes just the same.

Outside the land is covered in evergreens as far as the eyes can see and then mountains beyond. They are near the Alaskan border of western Canada. The ocean is to the west, but unseen from this height.

Detectors detect nothing at this point. But there's still 450 square miles to cover. Alex slows the jet down even more to get a good reading and states, "We've got the best stealth tech on the planet. Shi'ar baby, nothing better."

"Right." Dani then shuts up, letting the pilot and co-pilot do thier thing in relative quiet for a few moments while she continues to maintain a visual of the ground. "What did satellite imagery show of the area we are reconning?"

"Snow, trees, nothing," grins Kurt, not having checked the satellite imagery, "Its Canada, not much else I'm afraid. Maybe one hockey rink every 100 square miles …." Shrugging a little, not sure what the real answer we be, he's focused on any hits that might come through now.

A left turn is taken and more flyover. Havok regards Kurt's answer as being the only truth so he leaves it at that. Another few minutes and the circle is narrowed even further. He's following a laid out flight plan indicated on the overhead display.

Taking that to mean there is nothing to see above ground, Dani sits back and watches the display as they wait to see what the results of the flybys are going to be.

Kurt can't leave well enough alone, he continues to scan, "Oh wait, got something." Looking intently, "And look at that … caribou, I was wrong." Grinning just the same though, he does focus on the serious work.

Another 3 minutes pass when Kurt pickes up something, radioactive and shielded in a container of lead, aluminum, and copper. It wouldn't show up on normal detectors unless within 100 yards. Shi'ar tech FTW though cheating. Which is much like Star Trek tech - one week they can regrow entire limbs with the transporter while the next week they forget they could do that the previous week.

"Here, got something, unless Iranians have left plutonium just lying here for Doc Brown to pick up, I think we have it." No smile, hopefully the joke isn't overlooked the same, he starts dialing in on the location, seeing if its just the case or if its like in a Canadian facility (or other facility even). He'll coordinate any satellite images they have with the location the signal is coming from to verify.

Havok scans the target area, "There's no where to land. Kurt… you think you can get us down there and back again or do we need to rappel?" In the mean time, he sets course/heading and slows the ship even more to a hover above the target.

Scans indicate that it's burried in the ground. A shallow cave with a large brown bear inside.

"That distance, it have to be one at a time," says Kurt, "And a little more rollercoaster on the stomach - hope you've laid off the bug diet recently." A grin, he lets Alex bring them down. "We have some company, Dani - one of your old friends?" The jest is made at the bear and her noted animal empathy - Kurt doesn't know of any other significance surrounding Dani and bears.

The hover is maintained 300 feet up and above the cave. Alex puts it in park and says, "Um… maybe I'll just rappel down." as he stands and starts moving back.

"Good call," grins Kurt, "We should all rappel down then, we could make it a race even." Kurt seems to enjoy using the spy gear that fills up nooks and cubbies of the Blackbird. They seem to have more gizmoes in here then the government gives to X-Factor, sad but true.

She gives a slight frown as she reads the variety of monitors "Wonderful a hungry bear just coming out of hibernation." Dani stands to prep for the trip down the ropes. "We would have all the luck.

Five minutes later, everyone is harnessed and geared up. Three ropes are dropped out of the side of the jet and Havok states as they get on the edge, "On three; one, two…" and then he bails off the side, the rope screaming through the open brake. Only to grip it again 20 feet off the ground.

Forgoing the harness, Kurt wraps rope around him swashbuckling style. Even then as he goes down, he swings a little until they near tree tops, then he proceeds to acrobats, swinging from branch to branch. Sure, he won't beat Alex and the direct method, but style counts, in Kurt's world at least. Most likely everyone is waiting for him at the bottom, so when he lands on two feet, he'll bow while his tail makes an N slash above him while he's doubled over with the flourish of the act.

All properly hooked up Dani mutters something about show-offs and jumps from the side, sliding down the rope with none of the theatrics of the other two. That is until she gets within safe dropping distance then she simply unhooks and drops the rest of the way landing in a crouch.

Coming in second, Havok touches down and comments to Kurt, "I can see that cheating doesn't even help me win against your agility." with a slight grin. He unfastens the harness and drops it to the ground. Looking at the hand held scanner that he pulls from his belt, he gets a direction and points, "That way. 50 yards and through those trees."

Moving through the snow, nonethestealthy, Kurt nods at the direction they are going. Half over his shoulder in Dani's direction he ponders now, "So, you said there was a bear here, coming out of hibernation or something right." Then he fake whispers loudly, "I mean, its not like your Winter Guard boyfriend from when we met Sabretooth is it?" He is curious about the bear now.

Taking the lead toward the cave Dani frowns back at Kurt, "Doubtful, but I won't know until we get there." Once they get to the cave entrance she stops to look inside before going any further, searching out this bear and to see if it is alone in there or if it might be a mama bear with cubs.

The cave mouth is accessed via a slight depression in the ground that rises sharply into a washed out hillside. It's only 50' deep and 10' wide at the mouth which narrows and then widen again deeper within. It also takes a turn to the left after 20 feet and prevents direct view of the bear inside.

The bear is alone, unconscious and in pain. Its skin burns and it feels nauseous.

Alex pauses at the cave entrance. He glances to Dani and will defer to her for progress or hesitation. He does note on the scanner, "We've got a radiation leak."

"I'm not going back up to get MOPPs suits …" says Kurt, peering at the cave, but he's avoiding eye contact because, if anyone does go back up, it will be him. Sure, a race down is more even, but they have to climp up and he can teleport. Then he looks around, canines showing in a slight grin, "I'll go up, so long as you two are don't run off without me."

"That is going to be a problem." Dani replies as she moves silently into the cave "Our bear friend is suffering from radiation poisoning. Which means he will either be easy to deal with or wanting to kill us." that said she starts to build a rapport with the bear, projecting soothing, we are here to help vibes at him.

"It's not that bad, and I'm pretty immune to radiation. We will need some sort of containment box though. Anything like that up there?"

The bear's thoughts are returned in Russian but conveyed that he needs help. It's Ursa Major. Apparently he found the radiactive object first but was unable to do anything about it.

"I'll see what we have," bamf's Kurt, gone as soon as its said. He'll be a few moments topside in the Blackbird, hopefully enough time for Dani to figure things out with Ursa Major and before other Winter Guard shows up.

Upon realizing who it is, Dani rushes foward "Bring a first aid kit." hopefully she gets out out before Kurt leaves "It's Ursa, we are going to have to get him out, his team might not be far either." as she gets to where Ursa is she hurries over to examine the extent of his injuries as well as to ask him quite pointedly if the rest of Winter Guard is around.

"Did you get that, Kurt? First aid kit - it's got anti radiation pills." Havok asks over the com as he follows Dani into the cave. He's not worried about radiation, if anything it just charges him up even more. He's more worried about Dani and Ursa Major (but mostly Dani). "Dani, you've got about 2 minutes in here before you start getting sick. Kurt'll bring the anti rad stuff back, let's you and I drag the bear outta here. I don't want you sick."

Kurt will take the full two minutes to bring at least two MOPPs suits down and take the time to search for a containment box of some sort. However, he comes up short on that account. The good news would be that the MOPPs suit can be used to handle the isotope most likely until they can get it into proper containment. So, with the two suits in hands, he makes his way back down to the surface, waiting outside the cave.

Amendment, Kurt calls through comsys, "Got two suits, no storage, but we can wrap it up in one of the suits."

While in the cave and realizing that he and Dani cannot move Ursa Major alone, "Kurt. We're gonna need your help. He weights too much."

Dani continues to mentally sooth the bear "We aren't going to be able to move him without his help, Alex." she then begins to empathically impress on Ursa the need to move "If we can get you out of her Ursa you will feel a lot better." she says aloud to him.

Kurt can't bamf in, he's blind to the area and doesn't want to end up inside a rock formation. So he puts on a suit quickly and comes inside. He first offers the second suit to Dani, "Try this on for size." Then he starts to move towards Ursa Major, but not before looking over at Alex, in the complete MOPPs outfit, to say deeply, "Havok, I am your fader." He emphasizes his own German accent in mimicing Vader.

With a quick glance to Kurt's humor in his Vader suit, "Nice, so can you port him out or can the three of us drag him out of here?"

Ursa Major is unconscious. He's not going to wake as he's taken too much radiation and his brain has shut down. He'll need significant radiation chelating therapy. The trick would be to get him to shift back to human form.

Dani seems torn between staying with the sick Ursa and putting on her suit. Deciding she can't help if she starts to get ill too she quickly dons it then goes back to the bear-man "He's gone unconscious, we have to get him out, NOW." her tone is firm, implying she would like less playing around and more getting the bear out. She continues to try to reach him on an empathic level.

Readying to remove one rubber banded glove component, Kurt nods, "I can get him to the entrance of the cave. That's a lot of distance with someone his size, but yes … hopefully he doesn't start getting sick, I can't roll him." Regardless, Nightcrawler removes the glove and bends down over the bear, whispering, "Einfach alte fruend." Then he bamfs with the other mutant, leaving the question of the isotope in the air. He will rotate them some so hopefully Ursa Major is lying on his side when they appear. With this load, Kurt will have to double over himself to avoid from puking.

Teleporting Ursa Major away, Kurt will have exposed the actual radioative isotope container that was resting beneath the bear body.

Ursa Major will vomit the moment the teleport goes through yet remain unconscious.

Dani and Alex will then be able to identify the container as a canopic jar in the shape of Apocalypse. The jar is made of lead on the exterior (with an inner lining of aluminum fiber and copper weave that cannot be directly seen but detected with a scanner). The container's dimensions are 12" tall, 5" wide and 4" deep.

"Oh hell." exclaims Havok when he sees the jar.

Seeing the jar stops Dani from rushing out to make sure the two are okay after the 'port, she lets of a stream of what could only be the equivalent of Cheyenne swearing "What the hell was Sabertooth doing with that?" she takes a few steps back, wanting to get as much distance between her and the jar as possible.

For his own sensability, Kurt avoids noting the contents that come out of Usra Major's stomach. He only tries to keep his own food inside while making sure the other doesn't choke on any of it. He doesn't come back in just yet as he catches his own proverbial breath after the massive port with the bear shape.

Alex states, "Sabes works for Sinister who was created by Apocalypse…" then with that summary out of the way. "My guess is that this is something from Apocalypse's past that Sinister wants. We need to wrap this thing up and get the crap outta here. Everyone outside, strip your encounter suits off and I'll use them to wrap the jar. Kurt, come up with a way to get Ursa on the plane…"

Not having to be asked twice Dani heads out of the cave, stripping her suit as she goes and passing it off to Alex as soon as it is off. She then goes back to the bear, checking his status and if the teleport brought him into consciounous.

Getting his suit off, it goes right into the pile if there is one, or handed to Alex just the same. He's careful to leave outside distinct from inside - it would be silly to have radiation lingering in an exposed portion of the suits after Alex wraps up the jar. "On it," he says, starting to climb into the trees and to the ropes. He'll bamf, but not immediately. He'll maneuver the Blackbird over the location of Ursa Major before lowering any hoist system. Once its down, he'll rappel to help get the bear on it.

Alex will exit, gather the suits and return to the cave with the intention of securing the canopic jar within, and exiting but also keeping a wide berth between him and the others.

When he emerges, having been safe about the whole ordeal, he will find the others doing the hoisting thing. He'll set the jar down beside a rock (clear of the others) and walk over to give assistance with big bear butt.

"I wonder where the rest of his team are?" Dani starts to put the harness on the bear-man. It won't be easy, doubtful the harness was made with bears in mind, but she makes do the best she can and is careful where she steps as she does so "I don't recall there being any indication of the scanners of other people around." it seems more question then statement.

"Probably retrieving a means to carry the jars back without getting radiation themselves," ponders Kurt, "I imagine Ursa Major was 'guarding' the jars, thought he could handle more radiation in shifted form. That or they were hiding from detection in Canada - figured a bear would be the least noticed." Once hoisting is ready, he'll thumbs up signal, grin, bamf up to start the device while Alex contemplates the rest of the team.

"Having limited scanning capabilities," IE No Shi'ar tech, "…I would sent the team out in various directions to use their individual talents as a search measure. Ursa probably has tracking abilities and may have back-tracked Sabes' path. With this in mind, he can also travel through Canada undetected - just another bear." Alex notes while helping with the harness and the commentary.

Listening as she works Dani nods at the explanation "Sounds reasonable enough." with the bear completely hooked up, she dons her rappelling harness and clips it to the cable as well "I'll go up with him, in case he wakes up mid-hoist." with that she wraps one leg around the cable and braces the other foot against it, that done she gives Kurt the go signal.

All that in order, Kurt starts up the wench, hauling the bear up. "Until they show up, we go with the hoisting. I'll lower it again once he's on board, so we can get the jar up here just the same." That's all over the comsys, he focuses on lifting bear and piloting if need be at the moment.

Riding up with the bear, Dani takes the opprotunity to check out the view of Canada/Alaskan wilderness around them. If Ursa shows any sign of waking up she will be quick to start in with the soothing vibe as well as warn him to stay put in bear form. He is liable to slip out of the harness where he to shift to human. Assuming they get to the Blackbird safe and sound, she jumps down from the cabling and starts the difficult job of getting the bear on the plane and unharnessed.

Once in the blackbird with the bear, the team is ready to depart once Havok gets the contained canopic jar within the back hold of the aircraft. The bear shows no sign of waking and is in need of the medbay of the mansion.

Once everyone is on board and situated, Dani uses her scant first aid knowledge and the medkit to do what she can to aid the bear, including forcing the radiation pills down his throat, that part is relatively easy at least.

Arriving at the mansion, the Blackbird is placed into the hangar and the team goes their seperate ways. Havok will take the canopic jar to a secure lab for later study by Beast while Kurt and Dani take Ursa Major to the med bay. Beast will see to the team and UM's radioative poisoning needs.

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