2012 03 11 Dreaming

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Phantasm and Moondragon (emitted by Cyclops)

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March 11, 2012

The Bus

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Moondragon meets up with Mike to show him a new trick.


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Today, there are no performances. No stages set up, no fans lined up. No T-shirts and other merchandise being sold. None of that stuff for all those taking part in the tour. It is Sunday and the overall lineup for the show are in their perspective buses (and for the ones that are still working on 'making it', vans) as they are being driven to the next location for the tour.

Despite Mike being a general solo act right now, he does not get away with a bus of his own. The members of the support band he's gotten ready for the tour are also tagging along. But, they're to the front of the bus, watching some movie being played on the small entertainment system. As for Wade, he sits next to the driver, sight seeing.

Mike has excused himself to the back of the bus. Divider pulled shut, he lies upon one of the beds, arms folded to allow for his hands to act as a sort of pillow as he stares to the underside of the top bunk above him. Giving a sigh, he closes his eyes, relaxing, but not yet drifting to sleep.

“Michael Nicholas Drago!” A commanding female voice can be heard in the mind of the rock star referring to him by his full name. Repeating it even louder, “Michael Nicholas Drago! Awake! I am Moondragon and I command you to awaken!”

Appearing before him, clad in an immodest green bodysuit leaving little to the imagination appears Heather Douglas, former Avenger and current member of Infinity Watch. Moondragon reaches back and pulls her lengthy green cape around her draping over her shoulders, “We have touched minds before, Phantasm. And so we are again and will do so in the future.”

Hearing his old name, the rocker starts to sit up quickly. Banging his head on the underside of the bed above him, his movement halts as lips part, "Fuck!" Bringing a hand up, he rubs at the front of his head, grumbling. Aching sensation subsiding, he finally takes note of Heather. It'd be hard not to ignore someone who seems one stiff breeze away from a wardrobe malfunction. "Uh." He pauses, trying to come up with some reason why this woman would be in the back of the bus with him. He glances towards the divider that separates him from the rest of his traveling companions, giving a mild grimace to the visitor's chosen form of addressing him. "Uh. What are you talking about?"

“Firstly, if we are to continue our association, you will refrain from vulgar or obscene words such as the one you just uttered!” Moondragon shakes her head disapprovingly, “It shall be forgiven this time as it was meant as a simple exclamation to hurting your head. But desist in such language, a higher being as myself does not appreciate that language and already mars the reputation of humans throughout the multiverse.”

Pushing her cape back again revealing her form, “Michael, I am Moondragon, a former Avenger who has moved on past the miniscule meanderings of the team. I know abide in the cosmos, seeking greater adventure and helping those who need my assistance…whether they know it or not and whether they like it or not. Again, my travels have brought me home. When we first encountered each other, you were in your Phantasm form assisting the Avengers against the Sinister Six and I sensed something within you.”

"This is going to be a brief one then considering my job," Mike murmurs, looking over towards Heather, then giving a bit of a glance towards the partition. "Sensed something?" He asks, voice a bit low as he's a bit wary of drawing attention to the back area of the bus. He slides a foot off of the bed, resting socked feet upon the carpet of the bus floor.

“Speak freely, Michael. Do not be afraid. I understand the human need for privacy and wanting to keep your various facades from interacting. Whether as Mick the rockstar, Phantasm the hero, or simply Mike.” Shaking her head disapprovingly again, “I shall never refer to you as ‘Mike’ again. I never understand the need for shortening a name that is already short to begin with. As if losing one syllable makes pronunciation that much easier.” Moondragon had disgressed but continues. She walks towards the door that separates Mike’s room from his entourage. She opens it, but Mike will find no movement what so ever. Simply Wade, the driver, and the whole world, seemingly frozen still.

"Michael's fine." Mike replies, shaking his head, "'Mike' is the informal and meant for my friends and family to use anyways. Not-" His own response pauses as the door opens. The lines of his mouth curve downwards and eyes widen as he slowly shifts to his feet, walking towards the door to glance to the front area. "Ar-" He pauses once more, looking to the frozen scenery, a car in the opposing traffic line seemingly having the appearance of frame being taken from a reel of film recording the car speeding through. He steps back, looking towards Moondragon, "Are they affected or is this kind of an 'in the mind thing' between the two of us?"

“We are speaking in your mind. This realm is known as the Astral Plane. You have been here before with the immortal mutant witch, Selene. It is used for telepaths to traipse through the minds of others. So we are speaking freely and instanteously while your friends are still moving and interacting in the ‘real’ world. Well, that is except for this one.” Moondragon makes her way towards Wade who has dosed off his mouth wide open mid snore, which explains the expression of annoyance on the driver’s frozen face. “I sensed an unused ability within you. I sensed a new facet of your abilities that you had yet to use. A powerful one, which can be dangerous if unused and untrained.”

As Moondragon starts walking around the others, Mike steps out from the back of the bus again. He moves over, looking towards Wade before shaking his head and then glancing over to the driver. "Hey, at least you don't live with him," he offers in encouragement to the unhearing driver.

He glances around a bit more, not quite thrown off by this before looking back to Moondragon, "So an unused ability?" He pauses, "So, what is it?"

“Yes, in a way it is what you simply do already, but to another level, so to speak. You…or Phantasm…should you think of him as separate from you is able to interact with the world while you sleep. He traipses about while you lie in slumber, he engages the waking world…but what if I told you, he could interact with the world of slumber as well. Enter in and out of dreams as if they were doors to another world. Another realm. Specifically, the dreamscape which is akin to our world. If you had ever wondered about dreams, my pupil. You will know more than most.” Mondragon waits for his reaction before continuing.



Mike is quiet for a few moments. "So," he pauses, tone betraying a bit of curiousity, "Although I don't dream like normal people do anymore, I could kind of get the effect now?" Ohe side of Mike's lips twitches upwards before being quashed down. Oh man, real dreams? That's, kind of cool. His head shakes as he starts to focus on another term, "Wait, pupil?"

Nodding when Mike repeats the word, ‘pupil.’ Moondragon responds, “That is correct as I said earlier, I help those who need my assistance…whether they know it or not and whether they like it or not. But not too worry, I have learned from experience to simply whisk away a student and bring them to Titan would be a bad idea? As a telepath, I am able to make you learn something within an instant. Come close, Michael.” She holds her arms out as if to hug, appearing like a mother hugging her child.

At the mention of students being whisked to Titan, Mike gives a slow nod in confirmation that would indeed be a bad idea. "…Yeah, disappearing would be a bad idea." The brow arches as he sees Moondragon hold her arms out, "Okay, before I do that, what's the catch?"

Her forehead begins to glow as the Mind Gem reveals its powers, “Questions show a lack of trust. You must have faith, Michael.” With the activation of the Mind Gem, Mike will suddenly feel a staggering overwhelming migraine as knowledge of the Dimension of Dreams which is the realm to which he would enter to view, interact, and handle others’ dreams. A brief history and warning of the dimension’s ruler, Nightmare and his daughter, Dream Queen. Moondragon gives him knowledge of what he and how he should handle the power. (basically you are learning what is listed in your +power dream travel trait) what may feel like a lifetime to Mike, has only been a few milliseconds. “Your head will hurt gravely when you awake. Your nose may bleed and you may have difficulty for the next day or so. But I have given you just a glimpse of what you need to know. Enough so that through practice and training, you will excel with the ability, but you have enough to begin.”

As it turns out Mike did not need to complete the hug for her to do her thing and he starts to get a bit of information overload, the musician's arm shoots out to grab at the edge of the bed frame in reaction. "Je-" He bites back the rest of the word, teeth gritting as he's already aching. When the info attack ends, he shakes his head, "W-w-" He blinks, "Begin?" Oh hell.

“Yes, begin. But first. Your other self need appear.” The Mind Gem, the most powerful source of the mind and telepathy glows on her forehead as do her eyes. Moondragon extends out her arms as she becomes telepathy itself, “Sleep now. Michael Nicholas Drago! Let the Phantasm appear.” Psychic energy shoots out of her arms striking Mike harmlessly returning to him to the land of the living in a slumber state and bringing forth Phantasm.

Mike falls back, seemingly stumbling back and falling onto the bed, mirroring how he physically is on the real bus. As the rocker slumbers, there's a shift of purplish black from the top bunk on the other side of the bus. The bird's head tilts as the sound of the bus driver giving a complaint about Wade's snoring comes through the wall. The bird looks towards his own body, looking for any bleeds, granted he hasn't 'woken' yet.

No immediate damage to Mike’s body from the psychic overload would be present yet either. As the bird looks at his body the astral form of Moondragon appears though no one but Phantasm can see her. Smiling and holding her hands out for the bird to perch on, “The raven…the appropriate avian form for such as you are, Phantasm. Let us take your first step into the dream dimension together. And in the dream of a friend. For even I can sense the depth of the friendship you and he share. I shall link my mind with yours so I shall be a rider on this tour of his mind.” She gestures to Wade’s head, “You have simply to enter his mind and then we will be in the Dimension of Dreams, but be warned, Nightmare and the Dream Queen are not the welcoming kind. But for this trip, they will not know we are there. And rarely do the heed the dream of one individual…but always be vigilant of those demons.”

As he can see Moondragon, the bird flies over to the offered perch. Might as well. The bird glances over towards the general direction Wade would be, if the door in the living world had been open. "Ok…" Mike pauses. The bird's head tilts as he tries to sort through the 'knowledge' plopped into his head earlier. The bird grows quiet before sighing. "…Here goes." He steps off the hand, dropping, and vanishing from sight in the bedroom area.

When they find themselves into the dream of Wade Shaw…Moondragon and Phantasm are Yankee Stadium in New York City. However, instead of a baseball game, a concert is going on. Wade and the Wonders are headlining a summer tour across North America. Performing their latest hit, Wade Shaw takes the stage with his back-up wonders, which includes Mike as a guitarists. The crowd goes while and cheers Wade’s name…no mention of the Wonders. Moondragon looks to Phantasm, “So your friend dreams of fame as a musician.” Noting the image of Mike as a back-up guitarists causes her to raise her eyebrows, “Michael, you may be tempted to believe these dreams or to believe they hold a deeper meaning that perhaps Wade is jealous or he is more interested in fame than you friendship.” She pauses and smiles, “That may be true, but he nor any sentient being is able to control their dreams. So do not be discouraged or affected by what you will see when you dream travel. Even if it is a nightmare, which this concert is about to become.”

With Moondragon now present, the Raven heads back to perch on her hand if it's offered up. "If he controlled everything I'd figure he'd know to stick me in back as a drummer," He replies, voice a bit bemused. He looks around, beak forming a slight frown as his companion suggests the concert will be a nightmare.

“However, on your next trip into a dream, you should be able to interact. The same you do in the waking world, you should be able to interact with the dreams. And despite the illusion like nature of this dimension, the laws of physics and things like that you must pay heed to.” Monndragon offers her schpiel though he knows the rules from his interactions with the waking world. Moondragon with her hand on with Phantasm on it watches as the crazed audience begins to get out of control. And as if it were a cartoon, everything from the stage set to the instruments to the equipments hell even their clothes, as a cloud is appears in the distance signifiying the fleeing crowd. %r%rAll that remains on stage are the naked musicians. Moondragon quirks a brow again and chuckles at the nude dream-version of Mike, then she shakes her head disapprovingly again, but perhaps this time about herself.

With the sight of the nude band and friends, the dream ends. Moondragon is gone and Mike sleeps.

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