2012 03 10 To Confession Part 2

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to Confession, Part 2

Nightcrawler and Havok

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Patio, Xavier Estate

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Alex catches Kurt up with the whole Aurora thing


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A day later.

Alex goes looking for Kurt, intent on finding him to discuss current events. His blue eyes a little clearer as he's apparently accomplished something. As par for the course, Alex is wearing his uniform and always at the ready for action to strike.

On the patio and looking down at the empty pool, Kurt is caught wool cathering, perhaps hoping it will be warm enough soon to fill the pool and again knowing enough that there are a good few months to go before it will be warm enough to fill the pool. Caught in that circle, he has two hands thrust into a spring jacket, over loose pants - but these seem to be mostly for training and one could easily suspect his uniform is worn underneath at the moment.

"Kurt!" Alex calls as he exits onto the patio and starts walking toward the fuzzy elf. "Dude. So I talked to her." leaving it open to translation and guesstimation as to whom he spoke.

Turning, Kurt definitely makes a few presumptions about who her is and nods, "Ah gut mein fruend." Hands still thrust into pockets, he offers more, "And she perhaps understands a little then about what you're going through and we won't have an enraged Jean-Paul showing up with some Canadian hockey players?"

Alex grins at the idea of hockey players, "Ok, get this. I asked to meet her in a park - you know, a public place with lots of wide open spaces so I could run if need be. I put it out there, telling her what happened; and it was like she wanted to continue to ramble on about god and Selene and well, she's nuts. But the point is, she's not holding it against me and 'forgives me' while she continues to hate Aurora."

"So wait a second," ponders Kurt, "She hates herself?" Blinking a moment, he coughs into the wind, taking a hand from pocket to cover his mouth - but is a faux-pax cough, acted out over his confusion not an oncoming cold. He then puts hand back into pocket, "I mean, its hersalf, Aurora, and she hates Aurora for sleeping with you - like she's jealous, or she hates that Aurora used her to sleep with you? Its confusing, how'd you get yourself in that one again?" He's joking with the last part.

Alex knows himself, and he knows that his mouth often gets himself into trouble. He smiles and with a shake of his head, "No idea… Anyway, it's over and woot. Glad for it."

Grinning himself, "Over, or over until Aurora shows up as Aurora and not Jeanne-Marie?" Kurt chuckles though, more joking at the others expense for the moment. "Really though, for what it counts, I'm glad you talked to her about it Alex. Deep down, its the right thing to do, ja. Probably strengthened the relationship. I mean, with the Sabertooth thing and the Russian isotope, we should probably play friendly with them, try to work together to find that. But you know, if she's ever Aurora again, you can send her my way …." A grin.

Alex laughs, "Yeah, and then you'd have to go to confession." and turns starting to head back into the mansion, "I'll catch you later. I've got a few things to take care of."

Laughing himself, Kurt grins, "Maybe, she's not married, so that's not a sin you know." With a wave, he lets Alex get back to real work (or playing defender), he goes back to staring at the pool, hoping it magically fills with warm water.

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