2012 03 09 When Trolls Attack

Log Title:
When Trolls Attack

Alchemy, Empath, Selene, and The Troll Associates

IC Date:
March 9, 2012

Hammersmith - London

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The Trolls attack the Jones and Alchemy's finest hour


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After a series of attacks on the Hellfire Club and the Massachusetts Academy, Shinobi Shaw had allied himself with the Troll Associates. Having believed that he killed his father, Shinobi Shaw has cutoff his association with the trolls, however, he has made no attempt to stop them as they seek out gold. Having confronted Selene and the new Hellions, Phough, their leader has started his attack and appears outside the home of the Joneses. Having sent guards to protect the family courtesy of Selene, the trolls have made quick work of the Hellfire guards and stand ready to attack. A quick call from Mrs. Jones to her son, alerts him to their presence, but having been on their way to England, the Hellions and their teacher arrive. Outside the house are three trolls, Phlegm, Phlopp, and Phopp.

Alchemy is on edge, and for good reason. He's been jittery but mostly under control for the entire trip up until now, when he sees the trolls. "MUM!" he shouts and throws his backpack to the ground and starts to run toward the trolls. "You leave her alone this instant!"

Selene Blinks " Alchemy control yourself " she shouts " Rushing forward won't help " She glares at the trolls But she acts fast extending her hand she places a Tk shield around the house to prevent them from attacking alchemy's family . Thinking quickly she telepathically speaks to alchemy .oO Alchemy turn something into gold get there attention Oo. She glances to empathy speaking to him as well .oO enhance there greed emotions Oo.

Standing behind Selene and Alchemy, Empath has recovered from his own near death and torture at the hands of Shinobi. While hoping to gain revenge on the Black King's son, he is more than willing to take out his own vengeance on these not-so mythological creatures. Nodding his head in response to the telepathic order, his eyes glow as he focuses on Phlegm, Phlopp and Phoop. As they are not human, this requires more effort than usual and so raising his hand as if a conductor and tensing his powers, he points his fingers at the three trolls.

The three growl as they do not speak, but soon they start to act like wild monkeys or gorillas. They jump around excitedly as they hunger and desire for gold. And spotting Alchemy running towards them. They run towards him. With the telekinetic shield raised about the house, Phough stands at a window while Phum holds onto Ms. Jones throat choking her. On the roof, Phy appears carrying a screaming Ellie. Phough screams, "Give us the goldmaker, witch!"

Alchemy hears Selene and turns to place his hands on a nearby car, but then he hears the screams of his sister. "No! Put her down! You've got me, let her and mum go!" he raises his hands above his head, turning to look back at Selene and Manuel. "Sorry, but I can't let them hurt them again."

Selene Eye's narrow .oO Alchemy they will kill them .. Trust me I know what I'm doing turn something to gold Oo . She looks up at the trolls " Let the humans go and you can have him look he's already giving up for you ." She shouts at them she looks to empathy .oO stay back your still weak but keep it up Oo. Keeping the shield up is hard so she can't try anything else at the moment though she's gathering her power for attacks.

With Alchemy seemingly retreating and hearing Selene's words, Phough looks to Phum and nods. Phum releases his grip on Ms. Jones’ throat and throws her back into the room away from the window. Phy, on the other hand still holds out Ellie from the roof. Phough shouts, “Let her go!” Unfortunately those are the wrong words and Phy is not the brightest, so he literally lets her go as Ellie plummets.

Phlegm, Phlopp and Phoop reach Alchemy and in their heightened greedy state caused by Empath, they don’t simply take Alchemy, but they roughly grab him and begin to search him. They make utterances something akin to ‘Gold’ As they tear at him rending his clothes and begin getting angry when they do not find actual gold.

Seeing the attack on his friend, Empath’s eyes glow again and pointing his finger like a gun, Phoop falls down as his mind is overwhelmed by the sudden rise of all emotions at once. Though he should have listened to Selene when his eyes lose the glow and he grabs hold of his head, himself almost overwhelmed by taking out Phoop.

Alchemy wriggles as he tries to get free of the hands accosting him, trying to get to Ellie. "ELLIE!" he shouts. "Let me go this instant!" and then to Selene he just kind of loses his cool. "I KNOW, I've dealt with them before, remember?" he manages to get his hands on the arm of one of them and says "GOLD" through clenched teeth and the transmutation begins with a flash. "You have NO idea who you are dealing with. Let my mum and sister be!"

Selene Blinks when the girl was let go thankfully it's inside the sphere of power and well she's a world class telephath and telekentic so grabbing a girl to keep her from falling to her death not that much of an issue.. When empath falls she calls out " empath " She sighs though one of the trolls is down and hopefull the other two will be so over come with greed they will fight themselves to get it so she can attack.

Phlopp is suddenly turned into gold, which causes Phlegm to stop attacking Alchemy allowing the mutant teen to run towards his falling sister. She is able to reach a window ledge, but still hangs there as she screams her brother’s name. Phlegm just stares at the statue of his troll mate and smiles as she tries to carry it, but finds the weight difficult even for him as he falls over. The trolls in the house encased in the telekinetic field, see the bright flash of gold. Phy leaps off the roof landing on the front stoop and Phum rushes out of the house, but find they cannot go anywhere as the house is encased in the field. Phough, the leader and the smartest, screams out as he appears at the doorway holding a struggling Ms. Jones as Ellie drops again, but is caught by Selene’s telekinesis and deposited safely onto the roof.

So Phum and Phy are at the entrance with Phough who is carrying Ms. Jones. Ellie is safe. Phoop is unconscious, Phlopp has been turned into gold and Phlegm is stuck trying to carry the gold. Empath is knocked out.

Alchemy normally keeps his cool even under the most stressful situations, but this is the third time these bastards have threatened his family. Threatening him is one thing, but going after his mom and little sister are enough to make him want to go Incredible Hulk on them. He is like a man possessed, bent on making the trolls pay once and for all. "Ellie, get inside where it's safe!" Tom commands and goes for the next nearest troll, even if he can get one hand on them to turn them to gold. "You want god, I'll give you gold!"

Selene Things are getting out of control and she lacks the people to do what needs to be done. Selene drops the bubble so she can look at that troll leader and spear right into his mind " Let the woman go now " she says voice very very deadly .. Right now she's incasing the family members in a shield witch will make it hard to fight but it will take them out of danger.

With three of the troll within Selene’s field around his house. Tom is able to reach Phelgm and being that Phlegm is distracted by his trollmate turned to gold, Alchemy easily transmute the troll. Ms. Jones screams at her son, “No! Stop!” Phough holds her by the throat, “Lower field and let us have gold!” He starts to squeeze her throat, while Ellie remains by the window watching below.

When Phough hears Selene in his mind and notices the field is down. He drops Ms. Jones allowing Selene to protect her. Phum and Phy run out of the house and towards the golden statues of Phlegm and Phlopp. They make no move to attack Alchemy and just move to the statues of their friends and try to lift them up. Phough, the leader, looks to Alchemy, “No more coming to you. Final fight once and for all. You and me. If I win, you come with us . If you win, we leave your family alone forever.” He seems oddly agreeable in his challenge but seems honorable enough this time, though that may be courtesy of Empath, who while on the ground and barely conscious is slightly manipulating the leader, as indicative by Empath’s glowing eyes.

Alchemy is a bit worn out from transmuting the large trolls, but says "Agreed. No interfering with my family in the meantime, and those two with me won't interfere either." he shrugs off his sweater and tosses it onto the hood of a car parked near them.

Selene Frowns " Wait " she says she walks over to alchemy and whisper " regardless of what goes down I have them protected now they can't touch them " . She leans in and kisses alchemy but instead of taking power she gives it something she rarely does giving the boy a nice boost for the fight.. nobody said selene plays fair.

Phough shakes his head a moment, slightly confused but agreeable to the rules. As Alchemy removes his sweater, Phough flexes his arms and screams out like a small hulk as he moves closer to Alchemy. Empath does his part while on the floor looking away, but his eyes still glowing giving his friend a slighter edge as he works on manipulating Phough.

Alchemy blushes and steps forward, looking so tiny in comparison to the bulky troll. Squaring his shoulders, he adjusts his glasses and waits for the troll to make the first move.

Laughing, “This will be easy.” Phough steps forward and getting right in Alchemy’s face, he growls and uses his arms forward as he attempts to push the boy onto the ground, but pauses a moment first and then shakes his head and then pushes us arms forward in an attempt to simply shove Alchemy.

Selene Just watches making sure thiers a shield protecting his family and placing her spells around to roast the trolls the moment they try something.

In his mind, Tom is saying, "Get off the ground." in hopes Selene will hear him and get Manuel off the ground as well. Standing on the step of a nearby building will work, but being on the ground right now is dangerous. He lets himself be shoved over, landing flat on his duff but quickly gets to his hands and knees, his hands resting flat on the ground. With every ounce of strength he has left in him, he looks up at Phough and just smiles, then says in his normally quiet voice: "Gold." and there is a brilliant flash of light as everything in his radius begins to change as if liquid gold were being poured out of Alchemy and onto the ground, which is why he wanted Selene and Manuel to get off the ground so they weren't caught up in it. When the transmutation is finished, everything within the entire length of the street in front of Jones Boarding House including will have been turned to solid gold.

Selene will lisen of course she will she's placed a mental link on all of them to help for just this reason so she lifted herself and empath off the ground only to sigh " That's gonna make alot of explaining for your folks " she says softly

Safe in the air from Alchemy’s power, Empath is fully conscious and watches to see Alchemy defeat Phough. The Troll Associates and the entire team turned to gold. With the Jones protected and Alchemy seemingly having ended their threats. Should they stay true to their word, the Jones are forever safe. Getting his bearings, Manuel pats his friend’s back, “Your finest hour, Tom. This is your finest hour.”

Selene Smiles " Were going to have to move your family preferably some where closer so we can protect them " .

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