2012 03 09 To Confession

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to Confession

Aurora and Havok

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Park north of Salem Center

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Alex confronts Jeanne-Marie about his encounter with Aurora.


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Standing on his patio at the Xavier Mansion, Alex calls Department H, he gives his name, association, and asks to speak with Aurora or Jeanne Marie, who ever is available. Now that he knows they're the same person, he's shooting in the dark and he's hoping that it's Aurora who will be far more understanding.

Seems luck is not on Alex's side, should he recall his interactions with the two girls he thought are twins, he may know from the very first sound of French accent that it's not Aurora he is talking to. "T'is eez Jeanne-Marie Beaubier of Alp'a Flig't, 'ow can I 'elp you?" She keeps so formal, it's likely she doesn't even recall running into Alex in a somewhat regressed state.

"Jeanne-Marie, it's Havok, Alex Summers of X-Factor. We met a few months back when we fought Selene up in Canada." Alex replies trying to plan the conversation.

"Oui, zee toga witch, I remembair 'er," Jeanne-Marie says, but falls to a deathly silence a moment later, perhaps recalling a bit more about Selene now, "do you know w'ere s'e eez? I would like a word wit' zat woman…"

"I know exactly where she is. But based on recent events - which you may recall talking to Professor Xavier about. It's probably best that you avoid her for the time being. Or take plenty of backup."

"I met 'er in New York, but she did somet'ing, I blacked out…" Jeanne-Marie shares with Alex, sounding like she's subduing some anger as she speaks the words. "So, w'at did you want to talk about? Zat Selene demon?"

"Sort of. But can we meet. I'd rather not talk about it on the phone."

"You wish to meet at Department H? I can give you clearance as my visitor," Jeanne-Marie offers, "or you want me to come to you zince it will be fastair?"

"How about we meet. There's a park just north of Salem Center, New York. Randolph Park. You can probably get here a lot faster than I coud up there.

"I will zee you zere, I'll show up in costume," Jeanne-Marie says as a way of saying Alex will not be able to miss her, and just like that she says "au revoir," and already she's off the phone, likely half way to the destination too.

It'll take Havok 15 minutes to arrive. The park is filled with wide open spaces and splattered with copses of trees here and there. He pulls his jeep up, parks and will look around for the girl who surely beat him there.

Jeanne-Marie is indeed standing in an open space, arms crossed, her luminiscent costume drawing some attention to her, so she shouldn't be too hard to spot.

Alex Summers is dressed in black combat boots, black cargo pants, a black tshirt and a black leather jacket. It's likely his newest costume - or part of it. He walks toward Jeanne-Marie at a steady and focused pace. When within 10 yards he'll say, "Thanks for coming."

"Not a problaim, now, w'at eez it t'at demanded a private discussion? Somet'ing to do wit' zat Selene?" Jeanne-Marie muses, and from the sound of it, she is quite eager to get her hands on Selene.

There's a little hesitation before Alex finally states, "So you know I've met Aurora, right?"

Jeanne-Marie frowns heavily when Alex mentions the name Aurora, not looking pleased at all, as she hisses, "zee 'arlot, feh, I 'ope you managed to avoid fornicating wit' 'er…" Jeanne-Marie apparently has a very firm opinion of what it is Aurora likes to do. "She's bad for you, Alex, you s'ould keep away from 'er. She's a sinner, all she ever does is corrupt people, look w'at she did to my beautiful 'air!" Jeanne-Marie bitterly points at her objectively far more stylish, and perhaps sexy hair style, but she's clearly of a different opinion about it.

Alex's hands go into his jacket pockets, his breath is a little slower and his eyes remain thoughtful in the approach to the topic, "All this time I thought yall were sisters." He leaves it at that for a moment trying to pick the right words.

"Sisters…?" Jeanne-Marie looks aghast at the thought, but also not so blinded by her hatred of Aurora to actually take it out on Alex for having such a thought. It could be an honest mistake. "I t'ank god zat 'e didn't make zat 'arlot my sistair! She's a demon, Alex, she twists zee souls of men into sin! She tries to ruin my life…she tries to mire my virtue wit' 'er filth. But I will nevair allow 'er to win! T'at evil 'arlot will wind up in a dark and lonely abyss, w'ere she will nevair bot'er anyone again!"

"Yeah… well.." He pauses and then starts again, "So a few weeks back I ran into her at a club." then he hopes she can fill in the blanks so he doesn't have to spell it out.

"Zat is all she evair does," Jeanne-Marie snorts in dismissal, "club zis, club zat, dance, dance, and tempt men…disgusting." Taking a few steps closer to Alex, Jeanne-Marie looks him in the eyes and whispers, "may god bless you, Alex, zat you don't 'ave to see 'er evair again…you are a good man, you don't deserve 'er corruption. So you met 'er at a club, it 'appens, jus' keep away from 'er from now on. It's best for you." Seems like she's considering Aurora to be an entirely different person.

Realizing that she's clueless as to his pathetic innuendo and leading statements, he submits and decides that he should just up and say it, "So, we went home together and well it wasn't until I found you and turned you over to Xavier that I thought she was a different person and was also under the influence of Selene."

"Selene…" Jeanne-Marie repeats the name with distinc distaste in her tone, "t'at woman is more vile zan even zee 'arlot." Shaking her head, Jeanne-Marie murmurs, "I will pray to god zat she is punished as she deserves to be." It seems as if for a moment Jeanne-Marie has better clarity of the situation, as she snaps, "zat's it! Selene gave the 'arlot more powair! She made her torment me!"

Unsure as to the outcome of her rant, Alex gives pause and won't interrupt as he's curious whether or not she gets what he said… He does finally surmise that she does and he will not bring it up again. He was trying to clear his conscious… and for what ever reason she's still going on about praying and punishment.

Jeanne-Marie isn't the best of people to talk to when one suffers from a guilty conscious, as Alex i finding out, but at least she finally spots that difficulty he is facing, as she rests a calming hand on his shoulder, "Alex..I t'ink you should go to confession, it will make you feel bettair."

There's a slight sigh accompanied with a nod. He sees that she's past it and is directing him to a higher power. "Sounds like a plan, thanks for understanding."

"We are all gods children, Alex, we are not perfect. We 'ave to look to 'im for guidance, but if we pray, and confess, and do good…'e will be zere for us." Jeanne-Marie reassures Alex, "it eez not your fault if zee 'arlot made you do t'ings you regret, but you should confess, clean your conscience, and stay away from 'er influence."

His blue eyes are clearer now as he meets hers and says with an affirming nod, "Got it. Thanks for meeting me."

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