2012 03 07 X Factor And The Winter Guard

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X-Factor and the Winter Guard

Havok, Polaris, Nightcrawler, Revanche, Mirage, Sabretooth, Darkstar, Red Guardian, Crimson Dynamo, Ursa Major, Vanguard

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Canadian Border

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X-Factor goes to apprehend Sabretooth and encounters the Winter Guard


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-==[ Ready Room - Sublevel - Xavier Mansion ]==-----

This room is a testament to the amazing technology appropriated by the X-Men. Within this circular room, banks of sleek consoles line the walls, with a couple of dozen flat displays continuously updating statuses from worldwide locations. Many of those screens, where they meet, can be made into one picture, offering a larger screen image. The center of the room is focused on a massive round table, surrounded by an even dozen seats. On the ceiling over the table is a tiny holographic projector that serves to create any visuals needed. There is a constant undercurrent of humming energy in here.

A side door off this room leads into a private office for X-Men team leaders. The office resembles this room strongly - metallic walls, workstations, and holographic projectors, all drawn off Shi'ar technology.

OOC: Like the Danger Room, students do not have access to this room without a faculty member present. If you're a student and want to be in here on your own, please contact an IC staff member to negotiate thieving a keycard for the occasion… and the cameras watching you.

After asking everyone to meet him in the ready room. Havok (in costume as par for the course) is found with a map of the border between Canada and New York on the big screen. It's topographical in nature and has various rivers, streams, hills, valleys, landmarks, roads, paths, and even a satellite overlay displaying tree clusters and clearings.

Alex states, "Val called. Department H was unable to corner Sabretooth. They tracked him to a small village east of Toronto right across the border to Upstate New York." The village is highlighted on the screen, it's named Malpurton.

"They've indicated that he's been moving south for a few days now and looks to be making his way into the US. Normally Wolverine would be all over this, but as normal he's nowhere to be found. So it's up to us to stop Sabes when he crosses the border."

Nightcrawler is in attendance with the team as asked, occupying prime ceiling location. Not only is it comfortable, but it prevents everyone from competing for floor space. No one has to look over his shoulder and, if he crouches, he's not looking at everyone's rear - double win. If no one else asks, he'll put out, "Sounds like a plan - how much time we have and how much area do we need to cover?" Suggesting, is there other eyes on the border or are they fanning out as a team to cover more distance. Other than that one question, Kurt is ready to go.

Polaris is in the ready room not far from Havok's side. The green-haired woman is also in costume, arms folded and looking over the holo briefing. "Do we know where he's going and why? I mean for all we know, he could just be crossing the border to raid a microbrewery."

'Liz' is in her armored purple uniform, sitting quietly to watch the goings-on. She waits her turn in the discussions, before pointing out, "Would it be worth our time for me to take time in Cerebro and locate him? That would potentially offer us a chance to concentrate our forces rather than spreading ourselves too thin." And this is frelling Sabretooth, so ending up one-on-one with that clawful bloodthirsty savage is no one's idea of fun times. Even if 'Liz' herself has done it before.

Being the new girl on this particular team Dani remains quiet as Havok does his briefing. She studies the map as she listens to the mission assignment as well as the suggestions from everyone else. Like the rest she has her uniform on, all black, red and new and is moderatly armed, though since this is a Sabretooth assignment she is thinking she may want bigger guns. "Are we just supposed to stop him or take him into custody as well?

"We are unsure why he's moving south and using Cerebro would be great, but he moves too fast to pinpoint and then go hunt. Liz, you'll be equipped with a mini cerebro with a 300 yard scanning capability. Pointing at the monitor with some hand held device, Havok lights up the border region that Sabes is most likely to be crossing. "We have a ridge line here and a valley here with a minor river basin that's filled with ice cold water from some melt just north. Puck said that he'd been sticking to the rivers and valleys for most of his journey south, so we're expecting the same."

He clicks something on the pointer and there are highlight points illuminated. "We will address this as two teams. Kurt, you and Dani. She's the lightest and the easiest for you to port if need be. She also has tracking skills and is acutely aware of her environment. You will take this side of the river. Doing a sweep northward from this position." The arrows flow from point A to point B on the map indicating their path.

Liz, Lorna and I will be taking this side of the river." Another indicator illuminates. "Liz will keep us all linked mentally and use her telepathy to scan for Sabes while we move this way northward on our side." Arrows move north along the river on the eastern bank.

We expect that he's just 4 hours from this location and we're hoping that the terrain is going to force him into a choke point here?" a position illuminates that is north of both parties.

"Our goal is to apprehend him. We want to take him into custody and turn him over to the government for processing. We want to be safe about it, so DO NOT hold back when attacking. But keep your distance and don't let him get close." Then looking at Kurt, "? unless you've got an extra teleport under your belt. This is going to be a tough fight. But we can do it."

Polaris steps a bit closer, taking a better look at the monitor as Havok lays out the plan. "If he's much like Logan, his rage will make him difficult to contain." she offers. "We should be prepared for anything." Looking to Havok, then, she asks. "We're certain he's travelling alone? This is going to be bad enough as it is, but it will be worse if he has some buddies along."

There is a nod from Kurt as he takes it all in, "Got it, don't let him hit us, do some damage but don't kill him." As if he even thought that was likely, slight smirk on his face. "I'm not a fan of it, but I can bring some blades along, just in case. I'll save my stamina in case he decides to run past us - bring him back until we can contain him …" That being said, he glances around, for questioning round too.

"Based on what Department H and Puck listed, he's alone." Havok answers and then indicates another location just south of their encounter point. "It's my intention not to let him into this zone. It's a border town called, 'Pinehurst.' If he gets here, he can really disappear just about anywhere as the whole area opens up and he's got some dense forest to hide within and mountains just a little further south." Demographic data is indicated about the town <23,000pop, logging town, mean income 26K>

'Liz' purses her lips momentarily as the briefing continues. She'd have preferred, frankly, to scan for him from Cerebro and use the device's power to connect her to her teammates at range. But clearly Alex feels he will need her in close, so she'll make do with the miniature Cerebro unit to extend her already extensive range. At least she knows Sabretooth's mind, which will make this all much easier. "In his rages, he doesn't stun as easily telepathically. This won't be easy." she comments.

Dani turns her attention to the map section of the area where Kurt and her will be tracking in, doing her best to commit what she sees to memory "What can we expect in terms of weather?" with Sabretooth's senses best to stay downwind she's thinking "Snow depth? Is there snow at all?" snow would make it easier to track him if he isn't trying to conceal.

Polaris rests a hand casually on Havok's shoulder, peering at the map as well. "If he makes it to Pinehurst, the casualty count could go up pretty quickly as well. We know he's not shy about inflicting collateral damage or even killing innocents." Green lips curl into a small smile, then, and she offers. "I'm not planning on getting much below the treetops, myself. Never hurts to have aerial recon, and I'm really not fond of claws."

"We have a four hour window, minus 20 to 30 accounting for flight and establishing a landing zone," pipes in Kurt, "Havok can reference data from the X-Factor soccer van, we should consider these in flight?" That being said, he seems itching to go. "Just a short quick to my room, I'll meet up at our transportation." Unless anyone asks him to stay, Kurt will take his time to bamf and prepare as he had suggested earlier.

Havok pulls up the weather conditions: 34 degrees F, overcast, winds from the north at 4 mph, average snow 1ft, drifts up to 6ft. Havok adds, "We're going to be in thick trees and mild brush. Evergreens predominantly. " then he notes, "Liz, that's why we have you on scene. Your mind zotting will be our best asset. He can take a /lot/ of physical damage and keep going. Wolverine and he go toe-to-toe all the time, lots of stuff that would take us down in a pinch. Mentally he's got the vulnerability and doesn't regenerate that. And as Kurt says, we need to roll out."

The flight down is tense and minor discussion of last minute details are handled. Mainly encounter tactics and things that the team already knows when dealing with the likes of Sabretooth. The flight cuts into half their time before Sabes is to be found at the encounter point and Pinehurst comes up on the radar. Pinehurst is a remote logging town seated on the river. Pinehurst is passed quickly and Havok pilots the flying mini-van down to the LZ. Once touching down, they will exit the van and Havok will say, "Liz, whenever you're ready to link us? then let's huff it."

Polaris doesn't have much in the way of 'gear', so she spends most of the flight in quiet contemplation. Once out of the van, she steps away from the others and begins to power up. Her eyes glow softly and spheres form around her hands. "I'm going on low-altitude recon, Havok." she offers, force field sphere already shimmering into place as well.

"I believe that would be 'hoof it.'" 'Liz' corrects with a smile, as her mind gently reaches out and connects with each of the others'. « Good afternoon. My name is Elizabeth, and I will be your communications officer this afternoon. » she teases, as they start gearing up and dismounting the plane. It would be silly to wear their cold-weather gear in the plane and sweat through like crazy. Once they're out of the plane, Liz takes out the mini-Cerebro unit and activates the backpack as well, as her mind starts sweeping the area. Here, Sabretooth. Here, you sick murderous psychopath. Here boy.

Dani took a seat in the back after divesting herself of bow & arrows for the ride to the site and spends most of it peering out the window. Quite a bit different flying in a van as opposed to on horseback. Once they land she follows the others out and straps her equipment back on. She gives a grin to Liz at the mental voice in her head before moving towards Kurt since they are off to a different area then the rest.

With a nod, Havok accepts Polaris' direction and will note, "Stay close."

His attention then turns to the mission and the mental link then states <Everyone, keep your eyes sharp and watch each other's backs.> then he'll start walking across the bridge to the other side of the river with the intention of leading his team north.

Kurt picked up a couple of swords, nice but not the best of his collection. That being, these are more functional than ornamental. As everyone is ready to move out, he grins. «Drachen finds me, even in my head …» he calls through the psylink, then aloud to Dani, "I'm on your heals, keep me in line, I don't want him catching scent of me before we're in place." Not just him, but if he teleports and brimstone is on the wind, more chances of Sabertooth detecting the 'trap.'

Polaris rises slowly off the ground, like falling only backwards. Cape billowing, she does a slow 360 rotation. «Air Unit reporting in. Nothing nearby, at least so far. I'm moving ahead a bit for a better look.» She stays relativly low, just above the trees and any power lines. Nothing like a flying woman in a green bubble to throw discretion out the window, after all.

The trees are thick and branches high <think Pine Trees>. So Polaris can fly amid them below the canopy and still be able to see the ground from 150' up. If she is above the canopy she will be unable to see the ground level. Beneath, the underbrush is light and easy to walk through as well as gives some cover preventing direct line of sight beyond 30-50 yards.

Moving northward, the river will wind through the forest. The river itself maintains a width of 75 yards. The snow crunches underfoot and the sky is overcast. It's cold and would otherwise be pretty if it weren't for the potential dangers involved.

"None of us want that." Dani is then off, moving northward on this side of the river. She moves slowly, the crunchy snow making it hard to keep her footfall silent. Glancing back over her shoulder she gives Kurt a signal which she hopes he will interpret as circle wide away from the river to that group of trees over there in the direction they are going. After she is sure he gets it, she does her own bit of mental recon, reaching her mental fingers out to find an animal mind and borrow their eyes and ears, going from animal to animal as she moves forward.

Kurt does as indicated, good with Inneundo in team circumstance like this. He circles wider towards the trees, keeping himself at a greater distance from potential impact zone than Dani as she does her thing. As he moves, he will attempt to stick to the trees himself, not putting his feet into the snow and leaving his own tracks. Only crossing snowy drifts when the distance between two trees is greater than he could normally travel using his own natural agility and trained acrobatics. Every so often he will glance around and away from the bottle neck where they intend to catch Sabertooth, as if looking for other intrusions.

Polaris keeps to the trees, skimming lightly (and also a bit playfully) between the tops just below the canopy as she scans the ground below. «Not much to see with all the underbrush. If he smells you first, there won't be a lot of time to react.» She keeps ahead of the group, moving in their intended direction with the intention of giving them -some- advance notice to react.

'Liz' lets Havok take the physical lead, as she is concentrating on scanning ahead with er thoughts, seeking their quarry. Maintaining the network of their minds is easy, a natural thing for her, but hunting across this great a breadth of space is taking a good deal of effort, even with the technological assist. Though she carries a case with fighting batons, her weapon of choice in this confrontation is going to be her mind, and her psionic blade. So she is ready - or as ready as she can be, until this all goes caca. « Nothing so far. »

Fluffy bunnies dart around and have sensed no evil monster human, deer eat at twigs and haven't heard any evil monster human.

About twenty minutes into the hike, Liz's portable cerebro detects a mutant on the edge of the 150 yard mark. It's moving fast and is on her side of the river. Another ping is detected and she reads another mutant south east of their location also heading toward her. Then another ping is indicated and suddenly two other mutants appear west and north west closing on Kurt and Dani's location. They all will be upon the heroes within a few minutes. Yet, there are no visual indicators of mutants (yet).

Kurt sticks to the plan, holding back, following Dani's lead. He remains quiet and to the trees. His swords (two) are tucked at his back but ready for action.

« This is a setup! I have four, repeat, four targets inbound. Two coming in from west and northwest coming in on you, Dani, Kurt. I have two more coming our way on this side of the river. They're trying to box us in! » 'Liz' sends sharply to the team. « Two minutes to contact at best, they're at less than three hundred meters and closing fast. » With a thought, the purple light of her psionic blade flares to life in her hand as the telepath awaits their foes.

Up in the treetops, Polaris veers off and heads towards the two inbound mutants. «Any idea who they are? I'll see if I can slow down the ones on this side. Let me know when I'm past them and I'll drop down to take them from behind.» She crosses over the canopy, keeping low as she flies above the trees and accelerates.

Havok calls over the mind link, « Kurt, get you and Dani over here. Lorna, don't over extend, we don't know our targets. We'll form a defensive circle.»

Havok moves closer to Revanche and waits for everyone to take formation.

When Polaris breaks the tree line she'll see an armored form flying straight for her. It's non metallic (composites/ceramics) and red in hue. Still 200 yards away, but coming in fast.

Not sure whether to be releived or not at the news Dani grabs her bow and nocks an arrow as she takes cover behind a large tree. Sure Sabretooth would not have been an easy fight, but four unknowns could be just as bad, at least they aren't taking the team by complete surprise. Peering around the tree she scans the area watching for any signs of the ones coming toward her as she waits for Kurt to follow Havok's orders.

"Fraulein, ze acktion is upon us.", says Nightcrawler as he wears a concerned smile while grabbing Mirage by the waist and teleporting her into the proximity of Havok and Revanche (missing by 30 feet, but close).

With a BAMF, Nightcrawler and Mirage appear. He will break from her and draw his swords. His yellow eyes sharp, he peers around and calls over the mind link, «Ver might ze willians be, oh mistress ze mentalis?»

As per Revanche's cerebro: One of the blips disappears and is suddenly straight above Havok/Revanche (teleported) by 20 feet. Both heroes hear the shift in pressure and if anyone looks up, they will see a blonde wearing a black uniform. Then suddenly the lights go out. The area is enveloped in darkness. It's also anticipated that the blonde flew off in another direction. Revanche will be able to compensate everyone for the darkness if she extends the mentalist stuff.

Polaris pulls up into a hover behind her shield, then, still fairly close to the rest of her team. «Um, we've got one incoming fast, now. An armored flyer. Red. Non-metallic. Let's see how it reacts to an EMP.» While most EMP's rely on explosive charges, Polaris has the advantage of being able to focus hers directly. Bringing her hands together before her, it takes only a couple moments to build up the energy and discharge it in a blast.

Continuing to maintain contact for the team's communication, Elizabeth tucks in against a tree and closes her eyes, banishing her other senses in favor of that of her mind. She reaches out, sweeping her mind across the area, picking up the minds of each of those mutant signatures as she prepares herself for battle. She tries to compare those minds to others she knows and has made contact with over the years: know thy enemy is a very important principle, and clearly the enemy already knows them, and has set this up intentionally to trap them. « Havok, pull in to my position. They have to know I am here. » The implication is clear: they're going to try to take her out. Then she reaches out, and broadens the connections to the minds of her teammates, feeding them constant awareness of where the enemies are relative to each of them.

This is going to get messy in a hurry.

The EMP is projected, the red armored figure continues on toward Polaris. No effect. Though the figure pulls up when within 75 yards raising his hands he releases a force blast toward Polaris. It hits at 50 tons of force.

Havok does as he's instructed, moving closer to Revanche. «I'm on Liz.»

In her sweep, she senses Sabretooth who is coming in from the north. When he's within 75 yards he pauses. This happens at the same time as the black sphere. So he's just outside it and getting pissed.

Liz will detect 2 additional minds that aren't mutant who are encroching upon their area. They're all communication via radio frequency and in Russian.

With the new intelligence from Revanche, the team will be able to have a second sight through the darkness. They won't be clear images, but silouettes; as the darkness has a mental dampening aspect to it.

A low growl is heard just to the southeast. Heavy footfalls and the silouette looks like a grizly bear that rises upon it's hind feet and roars. It even sounds like a grizly.

Another noise is then heard and the silouette is that of a large man that lands 30 yards to Kurt's west. The landing is a hard thud and he takes a step forward. His hands hold a hammer and scythe. And he intends to use them.

Stifling the quesy feeling the teleport leaves her with, Dani takes a few steps to better position herself when full on contact is made. Then the lights go out. That is not going to make it easy, even with Liz providing them spatial awareness, it makes her bow and powers pretty useless, though she still keeps the former in hand and ready. Hearing the growl of a bear she spins in that direction pinpointing the large shadowy image of it as it roars "Nice grizzly bear." she whispers in a calm tone as she once more reaches out with her empathy and project soothing, peaceful thoughts at it. She takes a few steps in that direction ready to move if it decides to lunge at her.

Polaris mutters when the EMP has no effect. Her shield is still up, but the force blast is enough to knock her aside like a billiard ball. «Oh no you didn't….» Lorna's eyes glow and power balls about her fists, the flickering shield recharging quickly. Correcting her careening trajectory, she swoops around and hits the armored guy with an energy blast of her own.

Presuming they are on similar ground, being fed by some exteranal device or telepath, Kurt sees no reason they are not on the same footing in the darkforce sphere. Or, not knowing how far it extends, this one could potentially be outside the sphere. He really notes the hammer and scythe as indicated by by 'Liz' through the psylink. "Fruend," he calls at the figure, "We have come to stop Sabertooth from entering the US." Simple as that, he draws both swords and makes ready to meet hammer and sickle, "Besides, last I heard, Canada was still under the monarchy of Britian." That is, he knows what the hammer and sickle could stand for even if he doesn't know the present user in front of him. Swords are readied to perry any attack the other might have.

The red armor eats the blast as the figure within the armor calls over his PA/communication system for everyone to hear. "Marauders, stop and desist, as comrades of Sabertooth, the Winter Guard is here to intercept you as well," insert bad Russian accent.

Havok being close to Revanche and the armored man as well doubles up with Polaris's blast, taunting, "Ruskie, you are unofficially entering the United States and attacking X-Factor. We'll meet with resistence in-kind," and he lets fly a plasma burst at the red armored man.

The bear form mutant is susceptable to Dani's animal empathy. It will communicate its mission, to apprehend Sabertooth, she will also pick up that this team is a Russian sanctioned super team. The bear does not know the purpose of capturing Sabertooth, it is following orders from the people on their comsys - the 2 additional human minds communication via radio frequency in Russian. He is ready to attack but is waiting orders from them it would seem.

The hammer and sickle man doesn't seem willing to wait - he has an attacker with two swords that he perceives as a threat. He speaks in Russian, <Stand down American, you are no match for Vanguard>, - Liz can probably translate that with her ability. The woman with blonde hair remains inactive.

Very little in these situations surprises Dani anymore so the fact that the bear is just a shapeshifted human isn't one, «<They are here to apprehend Sabertooth as well.»> Dani tells the others through the mental link right behind the large armored guys saying of same. She eases off the soothing bit, switching over to a more trusting vibe, "We are here for the same reason you are, to catch Sabertooth, why not work together and once we get him undercontrol and secure we can't fight for who gets to keep him."

Okay, so Polaris isn't going to get very far going toe-to-toe with Mr. Red Armor. «Comrades of Sabertooth? I think someone was late for the briefing…» Still, thanks to Liz's mental imaging she can see inside the darkness. Banking that the armored guy won't do so well, she descends into the blackness with her shield still up. And as she does, Polaris extends her magnetic senses outward… seeking any and all metal objects. Vehicles, radios, rifles, or whatever. Just in case.

When 'Liz' manages to pick up what is going on here, she takes action on her own initiative. It's not exactly 'by the book', but the book is currently in the fireplace! « Enough! » she psychi-shouts through the minds of the Russians and her teammates simultaneously. « We are NOT the Marauders! We are X-Factor, sanctioned by the United States, /upon whose soil you now tread/! You will desist in your attacks upon us this INSTANT, or I will be forced to scramble your brains into puree! Sabretooth is over /there/! »

That said and done, 'Liz' wastes no more time with the Russians, but recklessly takes off on foot at her top speed, barely managing to dodge and avoid the trees and other obstacles as she sprints full-tilt towards Sabretooth. Is it crazy? Damn skippy, but this is why they're here, and she's NOT letting him get away because she was too busy arguing with hard-headed Russians.

Flying in from above, the Red Guardian passes Crimson Dynamo. Over their own com system and verbally, he commands, "Tyomni Zvezda, nevitcha lek davarduvstua.".

With that command, the darkness is suddenly pulled back into the floating form of Darkstar.

Touching down in the middle of the aborted battle, "Amerikanskis, we mean you no disrespect, but Sabretooth is ours." He will glance to Ursa Major then to the departing Revanche. The giant bear will start loaping along the same path as Liz with the intention of intercepting Sabes. Joining them will be Vanguard in seconds following.

Havok says, "When we're done with him, I'm sure the United States will hand over what's left of him to your government."

Having circled the man he perceived a little, Kurt is ready when the darkforce drops and everyone seems to be running. Hopefully Sabertooth hasn't used the distraction to put too much distance between himself and all the hostiles (for him). Joining the running, Kurt teleports a little to gain some speed. His actually real intention is to catch up with Revanche and put himself between her and Sabertooth should he be preparing an attack. (Prepare an action to teleport inbetween and defend/perry with swords if he goes for her).

Sabretooth has chosen to skirt the battle. He did use the option to make distance between the heroes and himself on his way to Pinehurst (just a mile away for him).

With the dropping of the dark field and the change in focus, Polaris shifts her attention elsewhere as well. «Be a good place for an iron ore mine around here…» she muses, distracted for a moment. All the same, with her aerial vantage point she spots Liz running after Sabertooth. Following that course, Polaris kicks in the speed and zooms on ahead. «Tell them that if he reaches the town he's as good as gone.»

Dani races after the Bear thankful that the darkness lifts, she doesn't need to be running onto any trees, assuming that they were only being giving spatial awareness of the people not objects. As she runs she takes stock of the situation and what everyone is doing. As she veers off toward the town she lets out a shrill whistle and a mental shout for her valkyrie steed she will need his speed if she is to cut off Sabertooth and keep him from making the town.

Sabretooth moves quickly southward through the tall trees and the sparse underbrush. He runs on all fours and reaches around 50mph.

Crimson Dynamo surges ahead of the villain and will double back to put himself between Sabretooth and Pinehurst city limits.

Faced off in a battle of wills, Red Guardian blinks and says, "Then in a sign of good faith, we will aid you in the apprehension of Sabretooth." Then over his com link he states, "Dovra brukinravishk ker rashilli estanistos sekurum." Which translates to 'secure the prisoner, he's going with them.' Then the Guardian will lift off the ground and start flying toward the new encounter point. Meanwhile, Havok has to run?..

Darkstar will say to Havok as she swoops down to grab him around the waist, "I will assist you, Comrade Havok." Apparently recognizing him. He's scoped up with only a slight yelp before he realizes he's in good hands.

The others will also give pursuit.

With an occasional bamf, Kurt surges forward, its all he can do. Hopefully though he gets closer to 'Liz' in this endeavor and as the team races now, he does call out to her, verbally, "See what you started Drachen, a race for the finish." His hands will get sore probably as he is wielding blades as he runs in a mix of all fours, aside from teleporting ahead. "Do we cheat and try to beat everyone to the target?" Whatever speed she takes, he'll match it and port with her if she wishes.

Panting and huffing with her running efforts, 'Liz' responds to Kurt simply enough, "Get ready!" She starts counting down with her fingers, five open wide as she sprints full-out with no chance to ever actually /catch/ Sabretooth, but struggling to get close enough to lock eyes on his location. Five. Four. Three. Two. At two, there is a flare of purple energy visible around her eyes, a mask in an odd butterfly shape, which lashes out. Another part of that same purple energy is then seen in the distance, highlighting around Sabretooth's own eyes as her telepathic strike lands, whatever effect it may - or may not - have.

One. As Liz unleashes her telepathic attack, she stumbles a bit, but it's that moment when she is waiting for Kurt to snatch her up and teleport away. Here they come!

And there goes Liz's lunch!

Polaris streaks on ahead, trying to match the Dynamo for speed and cut off Sabertooth along with the others. Somewhere along the way she lost actual sight of the quarry, so she heads for the closest thing to the city limits instead. Her intention is to set down and try to block the maniac with a force field.

Within a few moments a whinny cuts the air and Brightwind is galloping in the air alongside Dani. Launching herself onto the horses back she leans over his neck and give him full proverbial rein, since she uses no saddle, bridle or reins, to get her to the cut off point as fast as he can. Taking to the air on horseback Dani is in the same boat as Polaris having lost sight of Sabertooth, so she spends a few precious moments getting a bead on him.

Crimson Dynamo has radar/sonar/ir/etc'r - it's great for tracking moving targets. His movment indicates to Polars where to go and they will both intercept the emerging Sabretooth from the copse of trees. The feral ferocious feline roars, his head glows purple, and he collapses in his tracks. Somewhat anticlimatic, but he was already exhausted and Liz did a whammy.

That's when just about everyone else will catch up. Vanguard, Red Guardian, Ursa Major, Crimson Dynamo and now with the arrival of Darkstar carrying Havok, everyone will be able to see the sleeping kitten on the open lawn of some field.

"Thanks for the lift." Havok states.

Darkstar returns, "Tell Iceman I said 'previet'."

Kurt catches Liz, swords dropped at the count of five as she stumbles, and he follows the port to the location where everyone seems to be gathering. He looks almost disappointed all the action has been handled, then again, he has a Liz in his arms who is loosing lunch. His focus is then on the manly thing to do, rub back and keep hair out of the way. To smooth the situation, he ponders, "Did that russian lady call Bobby a pervert?" Blinking, wondering if he should be offended for his fellow X-man.

Darkstar eyes Kurt and states, "No, Nightcrawler. It is a familiar form of Hello between people who are fond of one another."

Polaris alights smoothly, and the last thing to drop is her magnetic shield. She smirks at Darkstar and Kurt, but doesn't say anything else. Her attention focuse on the dozing Sabertooth, and she looks over at Liz. Who is currently puking on the grass. "Um, nice job." she offers, biting her lower lip.

Brightwind sprays up some snow as he lands within a few feet of the gathering, Dani on his back looking like she has some serious business going down as her bow is up, drawn and trained on the prone form of Sabertooth, just in case some life decides to come to him. The horse meanwhile gives a hard exhale at the scent of the aforementioned prone person and sorta dances in place.

Liz curls one arm around her stomach while the other holds onto Kurt, thankful for the support. "Havok, get the damned cuffs on him, please. With his recovery rate, he's not staying out long." But the purple-haired Brit telepath is damned grateful that she was able to knock him out, saving everyone from more damage done. Also good that she keeps her hair bound back when she's in action. "We will tell him, Darkstar." she offers softly, as she wipes her mouth and then rinses it with water from a canteen.

Red Guardian turns to Havok and says, "Honor your agreement, Havok of X-Factor and we will be comrades." He then looks to his team and says, "Avaitrovitch shael." and they all begin to move away in their own fashions. As he himself rises into the air, "Dosvadania, X-Factor. We will meet again."

Havok lets them go and then will get the shackles out and onto Sabes. Reinforced vibranium stuff that covers his claws (hands/feet) and binds him securly even so far as covering his mouth so he cannot bite.

"Good work, everyone." he comments when the final click has been clicked.

"Note to self, careful what you say Kurt, she can hear you," though Kurt smiles towards Darkstar just the same, nodding his agreement that Iceman will be told just that. As everyone is eyeing Sabertooth, Kurt is pondering, aloud, "Wait … curiously, why would you be after him? Crossing international borders for Sabertooth? I'm sure our boss will ask when we report in …" Hopefully one can answer but they're ready to leave just as quick as they arrived. Then back to Havok, "Whatever the cause of their intervention, it could help clear things up as to why he was making a run for the border, ja?"

Polaris mostly watches Sabertooth, at least until he's cuffed. No, she doesn't trust him until he's secure. "I'm sure he's done his share of unpopular things, over time." she replies. Looking at the Russians, then, she nods formally. "We will honor our agreement."

Only when Sabertooth is secured hands and feet does Dani let her guard down and puts her weapons away. Sliding off her horse she gives him a pat on the neck and watches the farewells as the russian team deaprts "Are we going to have enough room in the van for him and us?" she eyes the large form of the unconscious man "Or are they sending someone to pick him up?

With everything settled, Liz rights herself and crouches down near Sabretooth, reaching out with her mind to rifle through his recent memories, looking for what he was after and if possible why it is the Winter Guard would have been after him. She knows better now than to leave it up to Val to get them the answers they need.

Sabretooth had stolen something from them. A shiny bobble that was also a radioactive isotope. He's not in possession of it presently. Which is apparently why the Winter Guard allowed him to be handed over to X-Factor. Instead, the radioative crystal is somewhere in northern Canada.

'Liz' explains to the team, "Sabretooth stole something in Russia. A radioactive isotope. It's not on him, but is somewhere in Northern Canada, or was the last time he saw it, which is when he handed it off to his contact. He has no idea where it would be now." That said, it's time for the pick-up, followed by the return to the Mansion and debriefing. They did what they came here to do, they didn't get their arses handed to them, and all of that's to the good.

Even though he won't get a ride on the horse, Kurt remains with the team - he's all for minivan back to the Mansion. Then he ponders, "You know, I don't like that he took the isotope or that they wanted it back. Call me paranoid, but that they'd come through international space to track it before getting clearance. Its almost like they didn't want other countries to know what they were up to. Hopefully we can get something out of him when he comes around."

Havok notes while hauling Sabes back to the Minivan, "Liz, if you've got a 20 on that radioative thingy, we probably should leave it to Department H to recover."

The team returns home and deposits Sabretooth off at the Stronghold/Striker Island/Cube or what ever they call it next issue.

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