2012 03 06 Grilled Cheese

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Grilled Cheese

Nightcrawler & Mirage

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March 6, 2012

X-Mansion Kitchen

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Nightcrawler & Mirage eat lunch & discuss cookouts


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It has been a long morning so far. After training in the ready room, for the first time since her arrival and then the obligatory medical exams to make sure she was still in fighting condition, and lots of stuff after that, Dani has come to the few retreats in the Mansion that offer something she is really wanting right now, food. She stands over the stove cooking what smells like a grilled cheese, looks like a grilled cheese and in fact is a grilled cheese. A few feet a way the microwave bings, which, for the moment is ignored.

Whether he has just bamf'ed himself in, or has crawled in somehow, it isn't long before Kurt is on the ceiling in the kitchen. As if drawn by the smell of grilled cheese. At the point of perhaps commenting on how tasty a grilled cheese would be and, perhaps, announcing his arrival in the kitchen, the microwave bings. Moving closer along the ceiling, he lowers himself via tail for the moment. While reaching for said microwave/scampering over, he grins, "I'll get it," as if he'd been helping all along.

Nearly dropping the untensil in her hand, Dani starts in surprise at the sudden voice behind her. "Are we going to have to get you a bell?" Dani glancing in Kurt's direction then giving the sandwich in the pan a flip "Do you want one?" she gestures to the pan.

"Oh, depends," ponders Kurt, taking whatever is in the microwave out and handing it towards Dani, assuming its important to her process. "I mean, I won't wear just any bell mind you, those brass ones pinch the fur," or fuzz in his case. Then he looks at the grilled cheese, "You sure you don't mind, I'd love a grilled cheese right about now …." As if not to put her out, but secretly plotting to have had one anyone.

Dani slides the grilled cheese onto the waiting plate before taking her bowl of soup from Kurt and setting it nearby on the counter, "I'll be sure to find you a pretty pink ribbon to hang it from." she jests before prepping several more sandwiches for the pan "I planned on making several anyway. Cheddar, swiss or both." she holds a slice in each hand, holding them out for him to choose from.

"I'd most certianly take both," he grins, "Given the choice that is." Then he finishes coming off the ceiling, going to look for another soup to microwave. Hopefully he can find some tomato soup and some milk to put into it. "You'd really put me in a pink ribbon? Maybe I get style points for being that bold?" A chuckle, "But next time, I promise, if I am to surprise you it will be on purpose and not just to get a free grilled cheese out of you."

"It takes a confident man to wear pink." she nods at him "Excellent choice. Both it is." she must be having hers the same way since all the sandwiches get the same treatment, butter, a sprinkle of garlic salt both inside and out and the cheese duo before they are dropped into the hot pan to sizzle their way to toasty goodness "I'm going to hold you to that.

Finding said items, Kurt comes back to the microwave and begins his own soup, 3 minutes on the timer. "That goes without saying, I aim to please," a toothy little grin. "Wear pink, get a ride on a flying horse, I can't complain about my life you know. Luckiest man alive I dare say," warmer smile following that. He look over at the sandwiches, noting the garlic salt out, "That like your secret ingredient?"

With a quick flip Dani finishes of the other side of the grilled cheeses "Not always," she gestures to the garlic "Sometimes it's chipotle, but that seems to be MIA today." turning off the burner she cuts the sandwiches in half and divies them up. "And then there are those days I use both." soup and grilled cheese in hand she goes to sit at the table.

Perking up at chipotle, Kurt is visibly let down when he hears it was not used. Which is obvious, its not out on any counter, but still once verbalized its more concrete. After his soup dings, he grabs it as well and moves to join Dani, taking a bite of his sandwich before grabbing a seat. "Still," he commnets after swallowing, "This is just as good. I think I owe you a cooked meal now." Bringing both feet up on the chair with him, "I know what you are thinking, I cannot cook … but I assure you Dani, that is a misconception."

"I didn't realize that mind reading was now included in your powerset." Dani grins as she tears a corner off her sandwich and dips it into her own soup "I'm not much of a cook myself really, I'm more of an out of the box chef." she takes a few bites of her food and glances outside "Though I am really good at grilling." she gestures outside to the patio, where the outdoor grill sits, covered up since it sees little use in the winter.

Chuckling himself, Kurt nods, "You would be surprised at my powerset." Suggesting he's a man of many talents. Though he glances out toward the patio as well, "Yes, grilling would be nice, we've done it once this winter here, but the turnout was light. Maybe when we hit warmer weather we can put those skills to the test. If we ever have the surf competition, it would be perfect to grill out afterwards … let you show off a little more.:"

Dani nearly chokes at Kurt's return volley, turning her face and covering her mouth she coughs a few times before going for some water "I'm all for the grilling. I'll leave the surfing to the rest of you though." she refrains from asking what exactly she should be showing more of "We will certainly have to make a party of it though." she comes back to the table bearing two glasses of water and sits on down for him as she takes a sip of her own.

Kurt is smiling, perhaps because of the pleasant conversation. Regardless he gladly accepts the water. "A party, ja, celebration that you have joined the team …" Its open ended for her to comment on if she so chooses. Kurt dips some sandwich into the tomato soup for added flavor, proceeds with his eating. He takes a few bites before washing it down with the water.

Shaking her head "I'll pass on the welcome home party." she looks down at her food tearing another of the sandwiches in half "By the time it is warm enough it will be way to late for that." she looks thoughtful for a moment as she nibbles on her grilled cheese "And really, do you really need a reason to throw a party, besides the fact that you want to?

"Of course we don't," grins Kurt in response to throwing parties. "Don't think of it as welcome home party … really more welcome to the team. Team building stuff you know, we have to have an official one every month to keep spirits up." A slight grin, "I mean, if that's not really your thing, it can be grill out gathering minus the libations right?"

Dani gives a deadpan look at the mere suggestion of no booze "I'm sorry I don't think I heard that right. Did you say no alcohol?" her food is all but forgotten for the moment "I don't know how to grill without a beer in my hand.

"Whew," grins Kurt, "That was just a wild stab at your reservation it being a party for you. Cause I was gonna say, if there isn't any beer, most likely it will only be students out there celebrating - good food or not." Moving one foot off his chair, he relaxes some, his sandwich eaten now he's just spooning at the tomato soup. "I mean, I was gonna wonder how you grilled without any beer in the food as well."

Finishing off her own sandwiches Dani chuckles "I just don't want it to be all about me, that's all. I just prefer a why not reason as to any other. That's all." with the plates now empty she takes them to the sink to give them a rinse before sticking them in the dishwasher "We have a lot of lead time though, so I'm sure a legitimate reason is bound to turn up between now and when it gets warm enough.

"Why wait til its warm, cool day and warm food is great combination," responds Kurt, finishing off his water, coming over to put that in the dishwasher himself at least. He turns to regard Dani a moment then, curiously looking at her as if measuring something up. "Not all about you, I like that. Now I don't know which is more of an intrigue, purposefully surprising you, or purposefully making something about you. I mean, not like putting something on youtube for the world to see. I'm just curious now, you wouldn't want five minutes of someone just realizing your worth it?"

She eyes him a few long moments "You misunderstand." turns to face him "Just because I don't want it to be all about me doesn't mean I don't think I'm not worth it." Dani has never been known for lack of self confidence, the opposite is actually more accurate, and even more so now that she is an adult and been to proverbial hell and back "No issues here." beyond the usual grudge at a variety of peoples for incidents against friends/family *cough* Selene. *cough*

Blinking suspiciously a moment as she looks at him, Kurt gives way to a grin then. "True," something mischevious in his eyes then, "Perhaps I am saying it wrong Dani. I do not mean to imply you have low self worth, what I am dancing around is that I think your worth it and I want to say how worth it I think you are." Leaning in as if to side whisper, he continues in the same tone, "Maybe I should be more direct, less of the surprises, ja?"

She doesn't move a single inch when her personal space is invaded except to nod at his whisper "I prefer directness." Dani's doesn't whisper, though with him so close she doesn't raise her voice beyond what is necessary for it "More direct, yes surprises, yes." she replies taking the complimant at face value "Thanks for sharing lunch with me, next time you're cooking." jerking a thumb toward the door "Now I have another appointment in the medical bay. More stupid fitness tests." she pulls a face then turns to depart.

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