2012 03 06 Changes

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Gogo and Lifeguard

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March 6, 2012

Atlas Moving and Storage - SoHo - New York

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Heather and Gogo meet up and discuss the changes Heather has recently gone through


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Gogo calls up Heather, and invites her over for dinner! "No, you don't need to bring anything. Just yourself. I miss ya. I was thinking I'd get us some spaghetti if that sounds good. I know a place nearby. Good stuff."

Having received an invitation for dinner and after speaking with Gogo on the phone, Heather Cameron, or the being formerly known as Heather Cameron stops outside of the Atlas Moving and Storage company and seems confused. She has been told this was Gogo’s home. She visibly sighs a moment as she has been caught up in all that has gone on in her life that she had neglected Gogo and is concerned. She breathes a heavy sigh and touches the buckle of her belt. There is a momentary flash of light. And the woman at the entrance of the storage facility appears for all intents and purposes like the blond Australian that was Heather’s former life. Knocking on the door, she breathes and grimaces, but forces a smile as she waits for Gogo.

When the buzzer buzzes, Annie leaves the kitchen area and runs over to the door. With a cursory look at the monitor she yanks the door open for Heather. "Hey there! Hiya. You didn't have any problem finding the place did you?" She steps out to give her friend a nice warm hug and a wet kiss to the cheek, not quite lifting her up in her enthusiasm.

When Gogo goes to lift Heather for the hug, she will find that her weight has increased quite a bit and Heather winces a bit from the embrace. The kiss also seems to feel different as if Heather’s skin is a bit rougher. Heather backs away from Gogo and then moves to the side to enter, “No problems finding it.” Heather’s expression reads as if she did not like the sign of affection from her friend. As she looks around, she nods her head, “I like the place…but a storage facility? Am I missing something?”

Annie frowns, then steps back inside, waving Heather in. She closes the door behind them, tossing the bolt. As she walks with Heather into the expansive loft style home she shrugs, "It was a great price. They were going to fix the whole building up, but the money and stuff ran out. I was lucky to get in before that. So…it isn't perfect, but it is good for me. I don't have to worry about headroom or busting up anything…and I never have to worry about parking." Her truck is parked inside…sort of an interesting piece of furniture in most homes. Annie eyes Heather a bit, then says, "It's been a while. How have you been?"

Nodding her head approvingly, Heather responds, “I guess this is a good deal.” Offering as smile to her friend, “Sorry about the rough greeting. Life has been very…” She pauses a long while trying to find the words, but simply cannot, “It has been. That’s about it.” She lets out a sigh, “But it is good to see you, Annie.” She looks around and makes her way towards the kitchen, “So you said something about spaghetti. I hope you don’t mind, but I brought something to go with it.” She holds in her hand a bottle of Riesling.

Annie laughs as the bottle is revealed. "How could I mind? You brought booze. I got some too, but I bet yours is better." Annie walks over towards the kitchen, "Are you hungry now or would you rather start with some wine. I could give you the grand tour of the place." Like there is really much to show that isn't completely obvious.

Thinking over the options, “Let’s have some wine. Though I am not sure how it will taste.” Heather passes the bottle to Gogo and then steps back, “I would love the grand tour. And this place really is something. And I mean that in the nicest sense. It is spacious and perfect for a girl like yourself. Hell, I made need to get some place like this soon.” She lets out a moan as she nods and looks over the space.

Annie opens the bottle and pours them both a generous glass. "Oh yeah? I thought you lived with your team in some secret government facility or something?" She comes out from behind the kitchen counter to offer over Heather's glass. "To friends." She offers up the simple toast along with a tap of the glass. "Well, let's see. You've seen the garage. I've got access in the front, and in the back, but I don't use that door much." She indicates another garage style door on the far side. "No one lives in the floors above me. The owner is in court. So I technically could use all of them if I wanted. I get a cut on my rent for checking on them. The owner figures no one is going to bother me much." She laughs and walks away from the living area to the front, "I've got one of those cool cargo elevators, but no reason to use it except when I go upstairs to check on things."

Taking the glass, Heather sniffs it first and then smiles at the toast, “Yes, to friends.” She then peers about at all the places that Gogo points to. In response to her own home, “Well, I suppose for now. But I do need to talk to my teammates soon enough.” She looks up towards the ceiling, “So there are lofts available upstairs. We should check those out later.” She still has not sipped the wine, but continues to sniff it and then shrugs and takes a minor sip. She grimaces again and mutters, “By Sharra.” Shaking her head, she sips again and adjusts to the taste. “Very Sweet.”

Gogo stops to look at Heather, "By Sharra? Now that's a new one on me. Who is Sharra?" She plays with the gate on the elevator to show it off, then shows off the area where she's got some workout mats and equipment for training. Plenty of room for it, even for her. And from there she leads the way to the only semi-private spot in the room, the bathroom. Of course, from the workout area it is completely open, but from the living area it is walled off by her portable screens. It's big and spacious of course, more than able to handle someone of Annie's size. "Here's my bathroom. I had to put in the tub and the toilet on my own. Got them special. I did the plumbing on the shower head myself." The shower, which is separate from the tub, is far from fancy. A shower head in a polished out section of flooring with a slight curve so the water runs to the center. Gogo is proud of her bathroom obviously, as she's done some of the work.

“Oh…sorry. that is something my mother used to say when she was angry. I seemed to have pick that up recently. Not that I am angry. I just had to adjust to the taste of the wine.” Heather offers another quick almost insincere smile as she peruses the loft and the bathroom. She notes how proud Gogo and makes her way to the toilet and flushes it. “Good water pressure.” She smiles again and then adds in a sincere tone, “Annie, this place is great. And I am impressed. A wrestler, a superhero, and a plumber all in one!”

"Heh. I can fix my truck on my own too. That's why I keep that old beast. Nice big parts I can get too with my gorilla arms." She holds up the offending arms in question, then steps around the screens to show off her mammoth bed, "Nothing fancy about the bedroom. Other than I got the biggest bed short of Shaq's." She laughs and walks past the bed to the 'living room'. "You are losing your accent. You need to go visit your brother and get all Aussied up again. How is he doing?"

Following Annie into the bedroom, Heather nods, “Wow, that is a huge bed indeed. You need to tell me where I can get one like that.” As they head back to the living room, Heather has adjusted to the wine and goes to sit on one of the couches. When her brother is brought up, Heather frowns, “I saw him recently. We had a truly bizarre family reunion and now we are not on the greatest of terms. AS for getting all Aussied up…well that part of my life seems gone. Not completely, but I have to adjust to new things now.”

Annie sits on the other couch and nods to what Heather is saying, "Oh. It is a custom bed shop. It is pretty expensive, but I figure you can't skimp on sleep right?" Then she frowns and leans forward, "You and your brother had a fight? What about? Here I am talking about plumbing and you and your bro are on the outs. Tell me all about it."

“No…I would pay anything to sleep. I have not gotten much sleep since I returned to Earth, hell since I left it to begin with.” Heather pauses a moment, “Well, Gogo, it is quite the story. The condensed version. . .well remember the last time we saw each other. I had mentioned I had never met my mother. Well I did. And let’s just say…” She pauses again, “Well, there is too much to say, suffice to say, my mother is a psychotic alien. She was an evil empress, who tried to kill me and my brother. She killed my father and tortured me for weeks on a planet on the far side of the universe. The X-Factor and the X-men saved me. We dethroned my mother and now my aunt is in power. In the process of finding this all out, my brother found out he is a mutant with expansive teleportational abilities. I mean he can teleport across the universe in seconds on something called a warp wave. And after my transformation, well, he cannot quite adjust to my new look…hell my new body.” She looks down and clicks on her buckle. The image inducer she had been using shuts off. Heather stands no longer is she the blond Australian human.
Where the human looking Australian was is now a Shi’ar looking royal. A hybrid between human and Shi’ar. Her usual fleshy tone is more golden and in place of blond locks or black feathery hair and along her back is a similar looking cape, though on closer examination, they are her wings. Where hands and fingernails had been are now small claws and talons. And around her eyes are elaborate looking tattoos, marking her of Shi’ar royal lineage. She is taller, matching Gogo’s height and her body is much more muscular. Not quite at Gogo’s level, but pretty close.

Annie listens intently, eyes widening as the tale goes on, the green glow fading a bit at the magnitude of what she's being told. She nods with practically every word, letting Heather know she is paying attention. When Heather reveals her actual form, Annie takes a moment to drink in the sight of it, then she looks to Heather's face to see if she can read how the woman is dealing with it. "You are still beautiful Heather. Look at you. Like a golden eagle woman." She doesn't know anything about space races of course. That stuff is reserved for comic readers and people in super organizations. She stands up and moves closer, "Is that why you didn't like me huggin' you? Did your brother get changed too?"

Heather’s facial expression reads of one disgusted by her own appearance. Shame and fear. “Golden eagle woman?” Heather laughs at that. A sincere laugh. She takes a seat again clicking on her belt buckle and working the image inducer to create the appearance of the former blond Australian Heather Cameron. “My brother got my father’s looks. All human. I got my mother’s looks. All Shi’ar. My appearance is just a reminder to him of what we endured on the Shi’ar Homeworld. Though I should note, what happened to me last longer. You cannot begin to imagine what true torture is until you have met my mother, who goes by the name Deathbird. That should be an indication of how merciless she is.”

Annie frowns at the look of disgust. She steps over to sit on the couch next to Heather. She continues to frown, but offers her hand. "Hon. I know it is hard. I was never as pretty as you. But I do know something about having your looks change. I don't know about Sheeyar either. But you are still beautiful. Just different. And the woman that is Heather is still more than her looks, and you were definitely beautiful with or without your looks before. Your beautiful now. It sounds like you and your brother have gone through some horrible stuff. But I am sure he is going to come around. You both love each other and that will beat out anything." She sighs and shrugs, "Not that words from anyone helps during this stuff."

Patting Annie’s hands, Heather smiles, “Thank you for that.” Heather lets out a sigh and clicks on the buckle again and resumes her new alien form. “I appreciate the sentiment, Annie, but you are right.” Heather makes her way towards the door and unfurls her wings, “Words don’t help during this stuff. I am sorry. This was too soon. Sorry to have burdened you.” She makes her way out and flies into the night sky letting out an inhuman type screech like a bird in pain.

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