2012 03 05 It Is Not A Mirage

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It is Not a Mirage

Mirage and Havok

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Ready Room - Xavier Mansion

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Havok speaks to Mirage about team membership.


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You go to Ready Room - Sublevel - Xavier Mansion.

-==[ Ready Room - Sublevel - Xavier Mansion ]==-----

This room is a testament to the amazing technology appropriated by the X-Men. Within this circular room, banks of sleek consoles line the walls, with a couple of dozen flat displays continuously updating statuses from worldwide locations. Many of those screens, where they meet, can be made into one picture, offering a larger screen image. The center of the room is focused on a massive round table, surrounded by an even dozen seats. On the ceiling over the table is a tiny holographic projector that serves to create any visuals needed. There is a constant undercurrent of humming energy in here.

A side door off this room leads into a private office for X-Men team leaders. The office resembles this room strongly - metallic walls, workstations, and holographic projectors, all drawn off Shi'ar technology.

OOC: Like the Danger Room, students do not have access to this room without a faculty member present. If you're a student and want to be in here on your own, please contact an IC staff member to negotiate thieving a keycard for the occasion… and the cameras watching you.

Seated behind a console in the ready room, Alex is in his black costume with the white chest glowing sphere and lines radiating from it. On the small screen in front of him is a file of Mirage - words on the left, her image on the right. The words detail her exploits prior to and during her time with the New Mutants. His left side is to the main exit of the room and the screen can be seen from that portal.

The large wall screen demonstrates various known villains of the MLF, Marauders, and Acolytes. Just pictures with names.

It doesn't take long for Dani to respond to the request for her presence for it isn't much more then tem minutes before she is walking through the door. From the looks of it she was practicing her archery as she has her quiver strapped to her back and her bow in hand "You asked for me?" she stops a few feet away, glancing around at the room she hasn't seen in quite awhile, then to Havok. Not being assigned to a team she is sans uniform and just wears civvies, consisting of t-shirt and jeans.

Turning in his chair as she enters the room, Havok glances over the girl and leans back putting his hands against the arm rests. His eyes recognize that she's no longer the girl that he once knew as the co-leader of the New Mutants. Instead there's a new presence within her, one of experience. This is easily seen in her posture, poise and choice of words (plus all the stuff he's been reading and what Kurt expressed). Kurt was right.

Havok offers a half smile and says, "It's been a long time, Dani."

"Yes it has been." is Dani's simple response as she returns the scrutiny. She offers no excuses or reasons to her long absence figuring everyone knows at least the basics of it. "I suppose this request means that Kurt has spoken to you." its not so much a question as a statement of fact. She has been expecting such a summons, though didn't think it would happen this soon.

"Yeah, he did." Havok notes as he glances to the smaller monitor to his side. "You've got a great record and I was hoping that you'd want to put your skills to work - with X-Factor." The last two words said as his eyes return to hers.

She doesn't answer immediately, instead her eyes are drawn to the small screens as he glances at them. A smile tugs at Dani's lips at the old image the computer file has for her. "Kurt has told me very little about the latest version of the team." Setting the bow on a nearby console she removes the quiver from her back and sets it on the floor. "He mentioned something about government work but gave me few details." she moves to sit in one of the other nearby chairs, swiveling it to face Havok.

Watching her move and take the seat, Havok begins relaying the 'new deal'. "So the deal is, yes, we do work for the government. Val Cooper is our contact. She gives us missions and keeps us in the thick of things. The official goal of X-Factor is to be a positive mutant front in the public eye. Our mission is to stop mutant criminals. Oh, and we get a nice check, too."

Dani chuckles at the last bit, "Being paid is a nice perk. One I certainly won't refuse." she does a couple of half circles in the chair as she speaks, but her gaze remains on him, "Does the team have teaching responsibilties too or is that left to the individuals descretion?

"In your off time and that's between you and the Professor. I stay as far away from those kids as possible." Havok states with a hint of disdain and desired avoidance. He didn't participate with the New Mutants' exercises or studies either. He's just not 'kid friendly'.

"Understandable. Teenagers are already difficult to deal with. Insert burgeoning powers on top of the raging hormones and the burning need to be accepted…" she pauses from her tangent "I'm surprised we can even find teachers for them." giving a shake of her head "I think I will start with just the one thing joining X-Factor. If that isn't challenging enough," from her tone she seems to think it will be, at the start at least, "I can always add teaching later.

Hearing what he wanted to hear makes Havok smile and give a affirmative nod. "Excellent." He says in the same tone as Ted "Theodore" Logan would on any most excellent adventure. Then he follows with a slight swivel in his chair and pushes a button to print paperwork in a nearby printer, "There's some stuff, read, initial, sign and get it back to me. It's all that legal crap, it'll be sent to Val and kept on file. Bla bla bla." He swivels back toward her and stands.

Getting up as well Dani moves to the printer to collect her contract "As long as they aren't requiring my first born child or something as equally as preposterous I'll get this to you later today." she scans the first few pages and seeing nothing she didn't expect absently nods to herself, "Thanks Alex, I appreciate you not letting me wait.

"No problem.", Havok replies and then adds, "We practice daily, 5am. We don't have specific uniforms, yet. But I'm sure Lorna will want to design something. Anyway, if you don't have any other questions I'll let you get to your paperwork and costume fitting."

"No questions currently. If I think of any I'll just ask you in the morning." Dani gathers her bow and arrows. Interview, if that is what this could be called, over she fully intends to go back to what she was doing…if a bunch of students hasn't taken over her practice range that is. Belongs and contract in hand she heads out the way she came.

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