2012 03 05 Gushing About Dani

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Gushing about Dani

Havok and Nightcrawler

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Ready Room - Xavier Mansion

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Kurt comes to tell Alex of Danielle Moonstar's arrival and potential team member.


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Havok - ever ready in the ready-room. He sits behind a console and works on files. The larger monitors of the back wall have various mutant villains presented (MLF, Acolytes, Marauders, Nasty Boys) and the smaller one in front of him has Sabretooth itemized out. He's in costume, and just ready.

Entering in, Kurt seems pleased with himself. A slight chuckle, "How'd I know you would be here, figuring what to blow up next?" Coming in henotes some of the monitors but instead moves to take a seat himself.

"Hey bro, check this out." Alex notes as he pushes a few buttons, "Sabes was spotted three days ago in Northern Canada by some Ice Road Truckers. They even got him on video and it'll be aired in the series next month. But that's not the point. He was near a government research station and the mounties have cause for concern."

Laughing more so, Kurt nods, "So you did find something to blow up? Question is, how much jurisdiction do we have going into Canada as X-Factor? Welcome or not?" Then he ponders a moment, "And that aside, you still looking to fill up your rosters?"

"Hey, slow down, what?" Alex turns away from the monitor and eyes the blue furry elf. "Fill our roster? You know some hot chick that wants to sign up?" - Completely skipping the official stuff and going for the hot chick option of the paragraph.

Shaking his head some, his eyes remain mirthful. Kurt nods, "Well, Dani is back form Asgard, ran into her - she's looking to get back into the swing of things, doesn't know if the Professor has anything in mind. I think she might be usefull with us. Hotness aside, that's more like a bonus you know. She's capable - sort of like everyone you've acquired this time around. The team of mavericks - despite that being an oxymoron I mean."

"Dani, dani, dani… Oh, Mirage that New Mutant chick that was a Valkor or something cool. Hell yeah. Wait, isn't she like 16 or something?" Alex goes from one end to the other, not realizing that time has actually passed in the world and the girl is more likely of-age. Especially after his encounter with Firestar, he's skiddish.

Shaking his head, Kurt replies, "No, she was an adult when she joined New Mutants … a young adult stuck with the high schoolers I think. Charles was friends with her dad or grandfather or something. I mean, a few years earlier and she might of joined with me and Logan even." Nodding a little, "And ya, she was Valkyrie or whatever they call it, done with the Asgard job for now it seems. Still has the horse though, a bonus."

"OH, well then yeah. Let's sign her up. Can't go wrong with a winged horse. So much better than that flying mini-van we've got." Alex grins and is still rubbed wrong by the whole concept, but at least it gets them places - fast.

"That was easy, I was gonna tell you how good she was in Costa Pantano with the Senators daughter missing. Though, she's already proven herself as a leader when she was with the New Mutants, still, she's better than that. Just, wouldn't want to lose her if another team tried to pick her up." Kurt stops there, lest he say too much after all, its a go. Then, "Ya, the van, we could paint Thor on it with a guitar in one hand and a half-naked woman in the other, it'd be less soccer mom, ja?"

"That's brilliant. I'll call Val this afternoon….", Alex laughs thinking it's a great idea but Val would shoot it all to hell. "So in other news… Dude.. I'm going to Hell."

"Heh," chortles Kurt, "This is news?" Shaking his head at the thought, "Really though, what'd you do this time? Should I ask for fear …" The later in rhetoric, he is curious what the other has been up to now.

"Ok… so a few weeks back. Back before Lorna came back…" Alex starts off with a disclaimer of his wrongdoings. "Damn, I'm not even sure I should say this…"

Shaking his head, Kurt seems to understand. "This is between you and I Alex, it will not leave me. I am just curious who might show up randomly at the door step now." A chuckle even, Kurt knows there are few enough who would show up at same said doorstep if they knew where he lived.

Alex pauses, reflecting, "So… I ran into Aurora at a club." he leaves it at that remark and continues on with the conundrum, "Turns out that it wasn't Aurora… Well it was, but it was some twisted version of her created by Selene… and from the report by Xavier the other day. Dude, I feel so dirty."

"Curiously," ponders Kurt, remembering some of the memos Charles has put out on this topic. "Does Aurora know about this? I mean, is that like cheating if its her but she doesn't remember? I would be more worried about that. What happened while Lorna was away has happened, that cannot be changed - but would Jeanne-Marie be somehow upset to know what happened." Then a rubbing of his chin, "I mean, I'm sure it was mutual consent right - you didn't know about the multiple-personality thing when it happened anyways?"

"I had no idea bout the multiple personality thing. I thought they were twins. I'd heard that Aurora had a twin up there on the Alpha Flight team…. didn't realize till last week it was a brother." Alex says in a confused and slightly regretful tone. Knowing he doesn't regret it, but thinks he should.

Smiling, Kurt refrains a chuckle, having met Alpha Flight personally himself, "Lets be thankful in wasn't her brother first." For the twin he accidently slept with, not that Northstar would of minded. "If it wasn't brought up with Charles, I'd dare say you talk with Jeanne-Marie about it. That way, if it ever comes back to her memory from what happened, you'll have told her first and she won't show up randomly in front of Lorna."

"Dude, if I talk to Jeanne Marie, she'll flip the hell out on me because she's the psycho one. Aurora is the cool one. … personality that is. But she's like gone back to Canada and well I aon't too worried about the Lorna thing. I've already told her that there were /others/ in the break."

"They're the same one, I mean, if you're worried she'll flip out, you have more control if you tell her first right?" A shrug then, Kurt nods lightly, "I mean, better than the whole team showing up at random and taking us on. I've fought them before, not something I'm looking forward to doing again you know."

There's a sigh and then a nod of agreement. "Yeah….Man, why do I get myself into these situations?"

"Why do you," grins Kurt almost going Frued, accent and all. "Call it a weakness. I mean, good looking woman, one can't usually help themselves. If she was under Selene's control, I imagine she nearly threw herself at you." A grin, knowing something, not shared for the moment. "Its not how sticky the situation is but the diplomacy you use in getting out of it. If you ignore it or hope it goes away, it'll only come back worse. If you explained it, she might be more understanding. If you like, I could talk to her about it even?" Referring to Jeanne-Marie of course.

"Nah, I'll handle it." Then a pause and Alex realizes the whole Canada angle, "Oh, speaking of Canada… I'm pretty sure that's more of a Logan department. We really don't have any jurisdiction or privilage to go to Canada on an official note."

"We could still visit, on a passport, ja?" Grins Kurt about Canada. There's a few issues up there to deal with the way Alex is talking about things now. "And I trust you will handle it, just without blasting anything." He amends, his only stipulation on dealing with woman. Then again, its Alex, no telling what will come out of it.

"I'll talk to Val about the potential 'visit'. See what she says. I'd hate to step on international toes. Anyway… I'd better talk to Mirage."

Kurt nods, "Sounds like a plan boss, I'll let you at it. Let me know if you get the high score on Defender, maybe I'll try my luck later on." Standing from his chair, he waves out, letting Alex to whatever device captures his fancy when he's alone in the Ready Room.

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