2012 03 04 Catching Up

Log Title:
Catching Up

Cyclops and Wolverine

IC Date:
March 4, 2012

Danger Room - Xavier Mansion

Brief log summary::
Logan and Scott catch up on what has been going on int he world of X.


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Logan enters the danger room not long after Warren leaves, in costume but with his mask pulled back from his head to rest behind his neck instead. "Cyke," he nods, cupping his hands around his mouth while he lights up.

The room is now empty as Cyclops calls up the score from the Danger Room session, his emotions are hard to read as he reviews the scores. Successful, but can always do better and those wings of Warren…Disturbed from his thoughts by Logan, Scott turns and looks to Wolverine, “Wolvie. How goes it, old man?” He smiles.

Logan gives Cyclops a look, then shrugs. "Same as ever. Got a line on X but it turned out to be a dead end - trail was colder'n one of Bobby's practical jokes."

Nodding his head, Cyclops ponders a moment, “Have you spoken to the professor, Jean, or one of the Betsy’s. With so many telepaths in the house, Logan, one of them should be able to pick her up on Cerebro. What was the last you heard on her?”
"I talked to Jean, sure." Logan nods casually. "No luck yet. Like finding a needle in a haystack, 'less I can give her a better idea where to start." He pauses and then adds thoughtfully, "'Course, there's also the possibility she's picked up some tricks on masking her thoughts - surface level anyway - such that the average scan won't catch her." The way he describes it makes it sound as if he's extremely familiar with the technique.

“Well, while X may be special, unless she has been trained by a telepath…I think Cerebro can pick her up. Even with surface level defenses…Jean or even the Professor should be able to find her…” Scott pauses a moment, “Though if she is anything like you…then…It might not be found unless she wants to be found or is ready to be found. We’ll find her, but is there any real urgency other than she is a mutant in a harsh world that hates and fears us.” His tone is monotonous, but clearly there is some level of levity in how he said that last part.

Logan quirks an eyebrow, then allows himself a grin. "I s'pose so. Only a matter of time before we find her, one way or another." He takes a puff and then blows out a small cloud of smoke, sighing in satisfaction. "So how're things going 'round here? Everything back to normal after the whole Shi'Ar thing?"

"Well, as normal as normal can be. X-Factor has been taking a few hits. Lifeguard has returned to the mansion, but with her new transformation, she is more Shi’ar than human…Siryn has returned as well, but there was some trouble on Muir. And Pyro and Avalanche have been causing some ruckus as has Arcade. As for the X-Men, well we have two Betsy’s. As far we can tell they are both Betsy Braddock. And Emma and Selene seem to be up to some trouble with their new school.” Cyclops exhales similarly but without a cigarette, “Good news, the school seems to be doing well. Other than the Shi’ar attack, no one has us attacked us at home…and with Lilandra back in charge up there. We should be ok.”

Logan chuckles. "No attacks and the school doing okay. Yeah, I'll take that as a win." He finishes off the cig and then tosses it in a handy receptacle/ash-tray nearby. Easier to add smoking disposal to the Danger Room than to get Logan to give up the habit. "Well, guess vacation's over. Time to get back into the thick of things."

“Yeah, that’s true. So other than X, what have you been up to? Any solo missions? New enemies out to get you? Anything that can potentially lead to us having to save your butt, that I should know about.” Once again, his tone is dry, but his comment is clearly a friendly joke. Cyclops then chuckles similarly to the Canadian.

Logan says, "'New' enemies? Depends on how you define enemy. Whether you mean people who're likely to be coming after me. In which case, no, no 'new' enemies." Logan is careful to elaborate. "But you know me, I always like to clean up my own messes."

“True true. True true.” Scott nods in agreement, “Well, for now the big problems to deal with for the X-Men will be Selene. We’ll be keeping on an eye on here. Still haven’t gotten a good read on Emma. She seems genuine enough, but the Professor found some kind of effect from Selene in there. Hopefully the Emma that briefly taught here wins out and we don’t get another repeat of the fate of the original Hellions.”

Logan's expression turns murderous. "You got that right." He seems to calm himself a bit, then looks up, at the ceiling but also roughly in the direction of the closest classroom. "Don't know if we can take any more chances now that we've got kids roaming the halls again."

“I understand. I’m already planning out some security measures. With X-Factor staying here and their government backing, we have some added muscle. With Alex, Lorna, and Kurt back and the added muscle of Heather and Theresa, we should be good. One of the students, Sally, was one of the charges of X-Factor, when I ran it. So I personally saw her training early one. She’ll make X-Men in no time…plus I hear some New Mutants may be returning home too.” Scott offers a smile and his tone rings of hope.

Logan blinks. "Sally? You mean Skids? Yeah, uh…" there's an uncharacteristic moment of hesitation from the infamous Wolverine. But he gets that way sometimes when it comes to kids. "Don't go pinning the X on her belt just hey, Cyke. I met her in the subways one time, and well…she's got some things she's gonna have to work through before you want her anywhere near this place."

“Yeah, Skids.” Cyclops is surprised by Logan’s reaction. One that hesitation is not seen often, if ever at all and two he has helped train Skids himself, “What happened on the subway? Is this more of a hunch or did she do something outright to make you hesitant. Not that I don’t trust your gut feelings, Logan.”

Logan sighs. "She's been runnin' with Stryfe and his band of nutjobs." Logan holds up a hand. "And before you say anything, I tried talkin' to her. I told her all the old standby's - you always got a place at the Mansion, we gotta stand together or we'll fall apart, what's done is done…I'm tellin' you, she just ain't ready to come back yet."

“Alright, Logan…I see what you are saying. I will try to approach her myself. Maybe see if Jean or Bobby want to come along too.” Scott offers his teammate a nod, “Alright, I have to prepare some more Danger Room sessions for the X-Men, but it was good talking to you.” He heads to the Control Room and begins working away.

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