2012 03 03 D Day Super Powered Nazis

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D-Day Super-Powered Nazis

Archangel and Cyclops

IC Date:
March 3, 2012

Danger Room - Xavier Mansion

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Cyclops and Archangel share a D-Day invasion DR Session


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Intense wind blows across a landscape that is several levels beyond desolate. The reddish color of the bare ground combined with the unnatural swirl of weather patterns in the sky might clue the astronomically-minded person in to the nature of the Danger Room's current settings. In a place that's a dead ringer for Mars, Archangel soars so far above the ground that he's only a speck up in the sky. However, the effects of his presence can easily be seen, exploding all around him. Some sort of giant flying robots are being shredded in the sky, blowing up with a variety of very satisfying sound effects. Finally, there is one last explosion, louder and more satisfying than the others, and suddenly there is silence.

"End program, calculate score." The area shimmers, and suddenly Archangel is simply gliding in circles around a cavernous metal room. The computer begins to list statistics, but the Blue Man Group's missing member is only moderately interested in the results. "Nevermind. Save results."

Having been in the Control Room and observing the ending of the program, Cyclops remains quiet a moment as he views the scores on a monitor off to the side and then speaks over a loud speaker, “Warren, good scores, old friend…but we can always improve.” As Scott reveals that he has been watching. He exits the Control Room as he makes his way into the hollow metallic chamber that is the Danger Room. As he approaches Archangel, Scott adjusts a setting on his visor, “Think you can muster up another one…or are you already beat?” There is a smirk on his face, half challenging, but entirely friendly.

Archangel works up some semblance of a smile when he hears the spectator's voice. The Danger Room captures his voice, allowing him to communicate with the control room without increasing his decibelage. "That was nothing. I just felt like breaking some stuff." He remains in the air for only a few seconds longer before the set of silver wings fold up behind Warren's back, and he drops to the ground. His knees bend only slightly when his feet touch the ground, as if the impact is barely worth noticing. Turning around as Cyclops enter, he raises a hand in a casual wave. "If you want to try a more challenging program, I'm down." The smile gradually dissipates, and his mouth returns to its seemingly permanent scowl. "I'd prefer it if the scenario had lots of explosions though. It's been that kind of week."

Nodding his head, Scott observes what his teammate is hearing what his teammate is saying, but also seeing how his friend is acting. “Something with explosions…that can be arranged.” From smile to scowl, Scott maintains his permanent half-smile as he speaks in a louder tone, “Danger Room, run Scenario DD-0001.”

The room goes completely black for a tenth of a second and the two mutants find themselves on the shores of Normandy, France on June 6th, 1944. The Allied forces are charging the shores. The sky is dark and gray and explosions rip out across the beach. As the two stand on the shore, “Our goal…to make it across the shore and defeat that squad of Nazis.” The battle plays out but there is a specific area with super-powered Nazis is ahead as laser blasts are fired at the two X-Men.

"DD? What does that stand for, Dynamite and… oh." Reflexively, Archangel crouches at the first loud noise. His wings react as well, unfolding themselves and wrapping around him in the blink of an eye. Launching himself into the air might have been the smarter move, but one can't always reason with one's reflexes. Then again, being surrounded by reflective metal might not be the stupid move after all. After the initial reflex is over, Warren is able to force the wings away from his face enough to give himself a viewing window. "Sounds easy enough." He has to yell over the sounds of battle. "What's our plan?" He looks expectantly at Cyclops, paying only marginal attention to his surroundings.

Always ‘on’, always thinking and always strategizing, Cyclops grins, “You are in charge for this scenario.” He is quickly able to dodge a stray blast from the lasers as the Nazis fire off at them. Moving with some speed, he leaps off to the side. The Nazi soldiers number five. Two fire off lasers from their hands and another can be seen taking flight with bat like wings. There are two more on the outer rim of their covering. Their eyes glow but no power has been displayed yet.

If Archangel was by himself, his course of action would be abundantly clear: fly, dodge, land, chop. But he can't exactly leave Cyclops behind while he flies off, and staying on the ground just makes him an easy target, even if he does have a protective shield of sorts. For a second he pauses, clearly thinking hard about what to do. But just when it looks like he might be about to freeze, he calls out over the gunfire and explosions "Follow me! I'm getting us to cover!" And with that, he reconfigures his wings in such a fashion that they cover even less of him, but provide a wider shield behind which someone following him could hide. At a pace above a jog but below a sprint, he begins heading away from the beach, and toward a dune that seems sufficiently large to cover them while Archangel plots his next move.

Shooting off a quick blast towards the two laser blasting mutants, but suddenly finds the blast absorbed by some sort of field. The two outer standing blinking mutants’ eyes glow brighter when the blast strikes the field indicating that they are the source of the field. Cyclops is a leader so he used the second Archangel was deciding on a route to fire off the blast. Once Warren decides on a course of action, Scott quickly follows behind. Lasers continue to be fired at the two, but they make it safely behind the dune. When Scott and Warren arrive, the flying Nazi with bat wings lands atop the dune and looks down at the two and begins to screech loudly emitting a sonic attack as he screams.

Now that Cyclops has a somewhat safer position to strike from, Archangel can do his thing. "I'll draw their attention, try to take them out!" But just as he's preparing to take off, the batwinged Nazi come to him. As he prepares to leap, Archangel calls out "And don't hit me!" He springs toward him, barely avoiding the sonic attack by diving for the Nazis legs. He's unable to pull off the tackle he apparently had in mind though, and instead gets kicked in the face rather hard. However, as his head jerks back, his wings apparently react without him, slicing off the leg that dared to kick their master.

The batwinged Nazi screams out and leaps off the top of the dune with blood dripping. He flies erractically screaming loudly. The volume of the screams with add pressure and force to his sonic attack. The pain within Cyclops’ ear nearly overwhelm him as he fires back and away from the safety of the dune. He manages to fire off a powerful optic blast towards the one-legged batwinged Nazi which strikes him straight in the chest knocking him out of the air and out of the fight. Scott scream out, “Dammit, Angel!” as he is suddenly fired upon by the laser shooting Nazis as he has fallen away from the dune.

Since there are safety settings, the knock to Archangel's head only hurt for a second. A broken nose might have served him right for rushing right at his attacker, but the ringing in his ears will have to be lesson enough. Out of the corner of his eye he sees Cyclops' trademarked optic blast knocking his opponent out of the sky, which enables Archangel to focus on the remaining enemies after he regathers his wits. "Back to plan A! See if you can flank them." And with that, he leaps upward, his metal wings swiftly carrying him nearly straight up into the sky.

Able to dodge the blasts that come his way, Cyclops presses the side of his visor and fired a fully loaded blast towards the field. Striking it with full force, the two field generating mutants Nazis fall back on the ground. Their eyes go white. They are still in the fight, but have been only momentarily overwhelmed. The two laser blasting mutants fire find themselves without cover and having to choose between Scott and Warren, opt to take out the leader as their blasts continue to fire out at Cyclops, leaving them open to Archangel.

The momentary lapse of shielding is enough of a window to allow Archangel to do what he seems to do best lately. From nearly a hundred feet above the Nazis, a rain of razor-sharp metal pours down above them. Dozens of Archangel's feather's fall on the enemies, some of them missing entirely, some of them scratching their targets, and some of them puncturing body parts that are pretty important. Regardless, the area of effect attack makes pretty short work of the group, paralyzing anyone that it doesn't kill. When he's certain that he's gotten them all, Archangel dives back to the ground, landing several feet away from Cyclops. "Not a bad scenario. But I've got a thing I've got to get to." He smiles insouciantly, and then heads toward the entrance. "See you around Scott." However, despite his demeanor, the careful observer would notice that he actually looks a bit drained by the ordeal.

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