2012 03 02 Welcome Home

Log Title:
Welcome Home

Gambit and Lifeguard

IC Date:
March 2, 2012

Foyer - Xavier Mansion

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Lifeguard returns home after spending time away dealing with the whole Shi'ar thing. Gambit is there to welcome her.


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Anyone near this end of the mansion will hear a minor explosion outside the entrance of the mansion despite no alarms going off. After a few moments, there is a knock on the door. A growl. And then the door swings open with slight force. Lifeguard, now in her alien form, peers into the mansion, what was once her home as the human Heather Cameron is now hopefully her home as the half alien princess. She sighs and walks in carrying a small duffle bag. With her increased height, she nearly bumps her head against the door frame and curses to herself in a thick Australian accent.

The smell of Cajun cooking wafts from the kitchens which Gambit, because nobody knows what his real name is, has commandeered in the interest of dinner. A plate with a few sliced-up sausages in his hand, the Cajun meanders out into the foyer at the sound of the explosion. He doesn't run, he meanders. At the sight of the half-alien lady he quirks an eyebrow, chewing and finishing his mouthful in a long moment before holding the plate out in her direction, "Boudin?"

Standing nearly seven feet tall, her eyes meet the Cajun’s. Noting his unique eyes, she looks up and down, “You are Gambit, are you not?” Lifeguard drops her duffle bag on the floor, “Though I’velived here for some time, I suppose I am a new resident in this form. I go by the name Lifeguard.” The earlier heard Australian accent is gone replaced now by a more regal slightly annoyed accent, ala Deathbird or other haughty Shi’ar. Dressed in her red and blue X-Factor bodysuit, her usual fleshy tone is more golden and in place of blond locks or black feathery hair and along her back is a similar looking cqpe, though on closer examination, they are her wings.

"Tha's me, cher," Gambit replies, taking another mouthful of boudin and munching on it in silence as he looks Lifeguard up and down, "Heard th' name. Welcome home, Ah s'pose." The Cajun begins to move again, crossing the lobby to find a wall to lean against.

Moving forward herself, she crosses her arms as she looks around, “And none of my own teammates could welcome me…nor any of the X-Men, that I actually know.” She sighs loudly, the sound of which sounds more alien than human. She looks back to the Cajin, “Boudin?” She moves forward directly towards him and reaching for one as she looks and sniffs this, “Is this any good?”
"Don't see why Ah'd be eatin' food that ain't good, cher," Gambit says with a grin, finishing another mouthful, "Ah ain't that temp'rate. You see a visor up here?" He gestures at his face, holding out a bit of the Cajun cuisine for Lifeguard, "Here."

Shaking her head, Lifeguard continues, “I have no idea how certain foods will react since my transformation. Bloody half of what I used to eat at home did not work to well with this freakin’ Shi’ar form.” The Australian accent comes out a bit more than usual, coming out when she is annoyed or upset. Exhaling, her chest and shoulders heave as she reaches for the Boudin and practically inhales it as she closes her eyes. The sounds coming from her and the expression on her face, shows that she found the sausage pleasurable, “I will have to try French food more often.” She nods her thanks to Gambit.

"Cajun food, cher," Gambit answers, the grin still on his face, "An' Ah cook a little from time t' time, so you can always try more." One of those unsettling eyes winks at her, but that's it.

“Um…alright. I will take you up on the offer, Gambit.” Lifeguard eyes the sausage on his plate and reaches for another Boudin. She bites into the Boudin and looks to Gambit, “I am sorry.I just took it. I am still awkward in his this new body… . So, I suppose I should seek out Betsy and find out what it means to be a in a new body.”

"She'd prob'ly know more 'bout it than me," Gambit answers with a shrug, "But don't be in such a rush to run off, cher. Feel free. Ah got plenty more in the kitchen. Gotta cook up enough for a while when Ah get the chance, who knows when Ah'll get the kitchen again, hein?"

“So where is everyone? I thought there would be more of us around? I don’t even hear any of the students zipping about.” Lifeguard smiles at Gambit’s offer of the boudin and then exhales, “So, I never see you around. But you are as friendly as the others. I used to go by the name Heather when I was human…I don’t know if that still counts anymore. What about you? What should I call you in your civilian guise.”

"Gambit is fine, cher," he answers, smiling, "Ah prefer it over anythin' else. As for where everyone else is? Ah dunno. They was all gone when Ah got in this mornin'. Guess they on a field trip or somethin'. But that ain't a big deal. You can slide 'round the house in your underwears mimin' to Bob Seger." Somebody has been watching DVDs.

Quirking her eyebrow at the Cajun, Lifeguard eyes him for a moment and then nods, “Well we are all allowed our privacy, but it does help that when we are on missions that involving saving each other’s lives it may be useful to know some more personal stuff about each other, no?” She moves towards her duffle bag picking it up, “As for the underwear dancing.” She smirks, “That would make a great team-building experience.” She thinks a moment to some of the more memorable moments with X-Factor and continues, “Oh I guess not. It seems Shi’ar do not believe in underwear.” She feigns being sad.

"I like these Shi'ar more and more," Gambit muses with a grin, "But Ah don't think my name will help you save me anymore than my nomme de guerre would, cher."

“True, but what if we had to contact your family down in Nawlins” Lifeguard pronounces the city properly with a decent enough Cajun accent. Grinning she offers as a side comment, “I used to watch Treme.”

"John Goodman was good in that," Gambit says with a nod, "But y'won't need t' contact my family, cher. Ah ain't got one of them."

Suddenly Lifeguard grimaces, “Oh…I am so sorry. I didn’t know.” She moves forward and attempts to pat his shoulder in a friendly sympathetic manner, “I can sympathize. My mother is alien nutjob imprisoned somewhere in the universe and my father was killed. Just me and my brother left.” She sighs.

"Don't be sorry, cher," Gambit answers, pointing at his red and black eyes with his free hand, "This is why Ah don't have one. They didn't want a devil child. Ah'm happier without them, don't worry."

“Oh I suppose I could see how people might mistake you for the devil, Cajun.” Lifeguard offers coyly, “But then again.” She ponders a thought and leans in kissing his cheek, “Thank you for the boudin, Gambit. I hope to see you again. But alas, I have much to do before morning.” With that she reaches for another sausage and heads to her room.

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