2012 03 01 Prelude To The Final Showdown

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Prelude to Final Showdown

Black Knight, Ms. Marvel, Sandman, and Cethlann, Indech, and Morgan LeFay

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March 1, 2012

The Docklands - London

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Bill, Carol, and Dane face off against some more Fomor and the true mastermind of this tale reveals herself.


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Once they arrive at the Docklands - why the danged Brits can't just call them the Dockyards like /every other place in the world/ she'll never know - Carol lands right beside Dane's atomic steed. And then snaps her hand out, catching a pitched stone. And crushing it, letting the powder filter out across the cobblestones and macadam as they head toward the door, the alley, and the visible damage evidence from Dane's tussle with Captain Britain. "You know, more I look at this, more I want to make you get a medical workup." she comments, wryly. A brief check that their transponders are set, so folks will know where they were before they disappeared, and then she follows Dane in closer, ignoring further peltings - she has more important things in mind now.

It's not nearly so easy for Ms. Marvel as it once was for Binary, getting an energy scan of the area. But she's all they have: no one else is handy, and it's better than blundering in blind, dumb and happy to take one on the chin. The blonde heroine grimaces as she focuses carefully, filtering for each individual band of energy in the area as she accounts for things that should be here, and tries to winnow out any that shouldn't be. . o O (Cripes, this is going to give me a headache. 'Specially after that damned door at the Mansion. Last thing I need is showing /that/ crap to Dane. Focus, Cheeseburger. Eye on the damned prize, woman.)

For his part, any stones that approach him either clank off his helmet or hit his jacket. Dane pays no mind to them as they enter the alley with the door and get away from the locals. Surely a few more tinks will come off the atomic steed - hopefully its not tagged when he gets back out there. Turning to look at Carol over his shoulder about the medical workup, he ginrs a little, "I'll give you that much, medical workup, I'll do whatever the doctor says. Heck, I'll call it a vacation even …. once this is done here." And he gets to enjoy a pub proper like too. That and one visit to Castle Garrett to try and get things in order there - a task he is dreading. He leads her right back to the door and where his head was nearly stomped recently.

As the two Avengers near the door, a creaking can be heard and loud banging as if someone or something is trying to break through the door. Pounding away, the door shakes as whatever powerful force behind the door will rip it apart. Alarms blare as Sandman comes running out as WHO agents work to keep back at locals. Grumbling as he shifts from human to sand and flows near his teammates, Sandman offers, “What is it now?”

Despite all of the noise and hullabaloo, Ms. Marvel isn't picking up anything on her energy senses that she doesn't then discount as normal for the environment. That means if there is any here, it's mystical, which is so totally not her bailiwick. "Heck if I know, Sandy. But someone is annoyed and wants out." Carol comments to the pessimic Avenger as they stand at the ready in front of the rumbling, thundering door. "Stand ready, Avengers." Here it comes …

At least everyone is individually capable, Dane reaches for his sword and draws it on force setting, the photon blade blazing to life in his hands. To one side of Ms. Marvel, the Black Knight stands ready for anything that may come, unsure who or what it could be this time around. Though to Sandman he sides, "If it enthralls her, its your turn to deal with things." As if that's what the other wanted to hear. He braces a foot to prepare for any force his sword is capable of handling but is beyond his human strength.

And here it comes indeed, the door swings open and then nothing…literally nothing, just a white empty space. Within the frame of the door, open white space appears. Whatever had been causing that rumbling is not present…or not seen anyway. And suddenly footsteps are heard, “You guys hear that?” Suddenly Sandman is picked up flung to the side by something unseen and simultaneously Ms. Marvel may feel a very strong shove. And with that two Fomore are revealed. Cethlann, a pink female demon-looking goddess appears behind Ms. Marvel and seeping from the door a yellow viscous material with a disembodied voice rings out, “Avengers!” The material moving quicker than it should moves towards Dane and his atomic steed.

Not expecting a shove from behind, Ms. Marvel is shoved … and takes flight and halts instantly in mid-air soon after, about-facing to spot the pink demon-looking female figure. "Great. It's the merry pranksters. And what the Hell is your problem?" She faces off with the woman, but doesn't swing. Doesn't blast. She's just … there. Not backing down. Not cowering. Not surrendering. "Where are the kids, you sick bastards?"

Dane has probably had enough Fomor creeping out of the door and attacking Avengers. He doesn't hold back but instead attacks with his sword, still on force setting, to see if he can break up the primoridal goo that is Indech. "Who sent you," he asks instead, curious about the true culprit behind this plot, only getting that it was indeed a her from Bres during the last attack from this door. Whether or not it answers him, he is still swinging. This is testing, to see if the sword does anything to the goo or if he is even quick enough to hit it. He may have to change tactic and/or use the stun/force setting of the sword.

Cethlann faces Ms. Marvel, “I take it you are the leader now.” Looking to Sandman and Black Knight, “An improvement from our last encounter, Avengers. You recognize the might of the female form.” Bowing out of respect to Ms. Marvel, “A request that shall be answered…the children of your puny race are the fuel, food, and fodder for the Fomore to return. The higher goddess , Le Fey, seeks them out as a means of our full return.” Having answered Carol, Cethlann makes her request, “Lady Leader, in place of footing like the lesser gender. I suggest a union between our groups. The Avengers have time and again, proven themselves the mightiest of your people and so in union, we can conquer and then divide this planet.” Indech, not so talkative anymore is struck by the photon sword which causes it to smoke a burn a bit. She gives out a scream and then splits in two. One humanoid form running at Sandman and the other moving like a wave of water ready to splash all over Dane.

Well, couldn't be said better, Dane's expression of indifference goes right along with that. Though, aside from words, he has a wave of goo to contend with. For his part, he doesn't think either setting of the sword will work too well givin the circumstance so he levels a swing, readying a blow that is. The force blade up near shoulder, he readies a downward slash. Timing it for then the wave is close - he will attempt to cut through it enough to prevent himself from suffocating and clear a way for him to step through and turn and face it again.

"I am." Ms. Marvel answers Cathlann calmly, hovering in place. The rest of the offer is listened to without interruption, though she longs to shove the words down the pink bitch's throat. "I have a message for your ally, Le Fey, Cathlann. You tell her she returns the children, unharmed. Or I take each and every one of them out of her ragged, ancient hide. We have no interest in /ruling/ or /conquering/ this world. We /defend/ it, and its people, from the likes of you, and Le Fey." And /now/ they're prepared to fight. Carol, however, does not attack. She does not give Cathlann something to notice and react to precognitively. She hovers, waiting. Just waiting.

The sword comes striking down and slicing Indech’s wave perfectly in half. As the good splashes around to the side spilling no goo on Dane as an inhuman disembodied scream is heard from Indech. She is hurt from the sword. Sandman, for his part, opts not to engage the goo humanoid directly but using elongates sand arms reaches for things in the environment to toss at the creature. In this case, a trash bin and heavy rocks, which he tosses at the creature. As they strike the creature, it slows it down, but the creature merely absorbs the objects and spits them back out as it slowly continues its way towards the psammic hero.

Cethlann hears Ms. Marvel’s words and scowls, “I make an offer of peace to you and you turn it down! I was a fool to think a mere /human/ would know better. You are on the losing side, woman.” With nothing to sense and enraged at Ms. Marvel’s words, Cethlann leaps up displaying cat like grace and with claws extended she attempt to lash out at Carol, “Those offensive words shall be your last as I cut your throat, cow!”

Of course, Ms. Marvel is anything but slow or lumbering. Cathlann leaps to the attack, and Ms. Marvel feints back, pulling up short at the last moment to snap both Kree-enhanced hands up, seizing the clawful wench's wrist and twisting, twirling at speeds Quicksilver would laugh at, but would blur in most others' eyes, and throwing the Formor right back at the door from which she emerged. "What are you, a high school cheerleader? Moo, b*tch!" Carol snarls as she lifts off and hovers in place, clearly baiting the other woman intentionally.

As the goo is split in two but advancing past Black Knight towards Sandman, Dane feels he must continue to act on this matter. Overhearing the topic of discussion, he calls out, "We kept you and your kind from Avalonn, we shall keep you from earth!" before advancing on one part of the split goo fomor. His ties to the mystic realm make the fomor that much more to be despised in his eyes and with that thought in his mind he moves to continue distributing the goo pieces. He chooses the one closest to Sandman, attempting to slice it again.

The humanoid form that had been after Sandman is sliced in half and falls to the ground in a pile of goop across the docklands. “Thanks, BK. I’ll have to return the favor!” Sandman garbles out as he returns to a more human form, “Me and goo are like me and water…Don’t want to mix with some magic mystic shit.” Another howl from Indech reveals the creature’s pain as the goo slides across the floor towards the door where Cethlann has been tossed. One would think a simply red door would crumble under the Fomor being tossed into it, but the mystic qualities of the door keep it standing as Cethlann bounces off of it and is slammed into the sliding goo from Indech. Another howl of pain, this time more feline in nature as Cethlann cries out not having expected the surprise strength or speed of Ms Marvel.

The door itself begins to squeak as a knob begins to turn. Cethlann begins to laugh through the pain in her wrist and back. “You can deliver the message to LeFay yourself. Here she comes.” The door creeks slowly as it opens and a manicured hand and green sleeve are revealed. Still within the frame of the door, Morgan LeFay’s voice speaks out, but not in English. But something more ancient. And those familiar with magic may recognize it as a spell being chanted. A glow comes over the forms of Cethlann and Indech. A bright glow as the two Fomor find themselves healing and energizing. “A gift, Avengers.” is all Morgan says in English as the Cethlann takes to the air again in another leap, but this time towards Sandman and Black Knight. Indech begins to reform and shoots out spurts of goo towards Carol, like a tommy gun spitting out bullets.

Ms. Marvel doesn't bother bantering words with LeFay, or Cathlann at this point. She may not see how the Formor managed to avoid smacking into the door, but it really doesn't matter much. She has nother things to deal with, and she does so with a directness to be expected of her. "Oh, look. Handball." the blonde heroine snarks, as she spins twists about quickly, smacking each of those 'bullets' of pink goop with the palm of her gloved hands, sending as much of each one of them hurtling back towards the opened door as she can, even as they assuredly start spreading over her hands with nefarious purpose. She won't be alone dealing with the consequences, that's for sure.

Good news for Black Knight, two targets means less focus on each. With Sandman being the other anchor of the split decision, he prepares his sword for her landing after the leap. She is fomorr, he doesn't change sword settings, he leaves it on foce with the intent to cause bodily harm to the feline diety. If he can time things just right, he will make the effort to intercede Cethlann, placing himself between her and his teammate in the hopes that her body force will bring her to his sword, as in impaling. He'll only move out of the way should her claws prove dangerously close.

As the goop is fired, Ms. Marvel is able to volley them away, but towards Morgan. However it seems to simply disappear as it enters within the doorframe as Morgan LeFay is unaffected, but still remains within the safety of her own dimense. Indech continues to spit out more goo towards Carol. With her hands getting covered in the goop more and more with every smack back, the goo on her hands starts to glow and Carol may feel a slight tug on her psyche or soul and a voice within her head, “The Avengers are not your friends. They are your foes. Look and see them for what they really are.” Should Carol look to her teammates. Dane would appears as Marcus Immortus and Sandman would appear as a Brood alien.

Going on the offensive is not Cethlann’s forte as she usually is on the defensive courtesy of her precognitive powers. Having launched her attack on the two male Avengers, she aimed primarily for Sandman, which leaves her open to Dane’s sword strike. She becomes impaled on the sword and lets out another death-like scream, though she does not die, but struggles wildly raking her claws towards Dane. Her body still glowing from Morgan’s spell. But clearly she is stuck within the sword.

Whether the door is open, partially opened, or closed, Dane will work his way there with the impaled diety. His intent is to presently throw it back from where it came - through the door. He can't hold her indefinitely, he's ordinary human behind the sword. If he can't support her weight too long, he'll be forced to drag. Should the blade fall, he will go with the force to prevent her from slipping off - rather pinning between blade and the ground - basically whatever it takes to get her back into the door itself. "One thing I hate about pet loving neighbors is when the cat gets out," he comments as if directing it at le Fey herself. Hopefully the door is open to get her through it, otherwise he's looking for some assistance in opening the door if need be.

Unable to strike back at LeFay as she had hoped, Ms. Marvel must reassess, even while her thoughts and perceptions are controlled and altered, pushing at her to double her teammates, and then to attack. The fears and rage engendered by the images she sees are primal, but Carol is capable of facing and pushing back against such fears. She knows who is present. She knows who is here. And Marcus Immortus and the Brood are not. Not right this moment. Gritting her teeth, Ms. Marvel flares, burning energy to burn away the pink goop on her hands, blasting it with precious energy - she's not getting much of any right now in this fight - to free herself as best she can, reducing the pull of those alien thoughts. She ducks the next volley of goo bullets, and instead shoots off at high speed past the gelatinous Formor, streaking for the doorway and LeFay while she still can.

With Carol fighting her from being enthralled by the mystic goo, Morgan LeFay curses in anient Celt language. With Black Knight having all but defeated Cethlann and Indech’a attack against Ms. Marvel proving futile. Morgan LeFay utters a final command and the glow around the two Fomor cause them to simply disappear most likely teleporting them elsewhere. As Carol streaks towards the door, Morgan remains within the doorframe, unafraid of the speeding Ms. Marvel and approaching Black Knight and Sandman. “I am unafraid Avengers…Come if you dare!”

"Then you are a damned fool, LeFay, or too arrogant for your own good!" Ms. Marvel growls out, the glow around her growing brighter as she fuels the furnace from her own intensity, and streaks for the opening without hesitation. Reckless? Maybe. But her turn to attack LeFay brought an end to the attack of the Formor. Who knows what might happen if she can just get her gloved hands around that witch's throat!

Dane may have waited for more assistance still, but he is quick to follow on Ms. Marvel's heels. Also, this could be an only chance, so sword still in hand, he rushes to follow after Ms. Marvel - forgetting the atomic steed out of hesitancy to go where she goes and not leave her behind should she make it through the door. Specifically, if she does make it, he aims to be behind should the door close and leave anyone stranded.

Sandman follows his teammates through the door and with the final Avenger present the door closes behind him with the sound of eerie laughter before it slams shut. Simultaneously doors through the Avengers mansion are flung open and work to bring any Avengers there into the LeFay’s realm for the final showdown.

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