Final Showdown

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Black Door Beneath the Hills: Final Showdown

Alchemy, Black Knight, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Mockingbird, Sandman, and Morgan le Fay, the Fomor, Merlin, Roma, and Mastermind

IC Date:
March 1, 2012


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The final showdown between the Avengers and the Fomor and the fate of Morgan le Fay


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When we last saw Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers leader, Ms. Marvel had flown through the mystic red door after Morgan Le Fay, the mastermind behind the mystical happenings in England and the Avengers Mansion. As Ms. Marvel flew into the unknown her teammates, Black Knight and Sandman followed suit. As soon as they entered the door, but instead all doors that had been on Earth opened, including the one in the Docklands. Through powerful mystic forces and spells, the entire Docklands were shifted and warped. Blinking out of existence from London and appearing in an otherworld. A dimension between dimensions.

Set adrift on what can only be described as a mystical asteroid belt, the Docklands sets adrift circling some sort of sun, though this sun is no ordinary sun. It has a face and horns. It is infact the head of the giant Fomor death god, Balor. The Avengers will remember him from files of their previous encounter. Among those set adrift on that asteroid is Mockingbird and also the young mutant Tom Jones, who had been contacted by WHO to assist after a detour involving some trolls fighting his family, he joined the heroes at the Docklands. Alchemy and Mockingbird will find all the inhabitants of the Docklands seemingly frozen, as if they are frozen in time.

For the three Avengers who entered the door initially, only two are present. Ms. Marvel and Sandman. Black Knight seemingly not present. The two find themselves also in this dimension between dimensions among the non-moving British citizens. A female voice rings out, “Avengers, prepare for the final showdown. With your impending loss, I shall rule the world anew, remade in my image!”
Mockingbird is fresh from her recovery after the attack by Dulb, but back on the roster an in action once more. She looks around at the sound of the voice, seeming a little disconcerted but hiding it well. "This conversation would be easier if you showed yourself, y'know?" she calls out, keeping mostly calm and her weapons concealed.

"Like it or not, Le Fay, we've no intention of losing. We have beaten you each time before, and we shall do so again. You will not rule Earth. The only makeover coming is what follows after I flatten your face!" Ms. Marvel shouts. She's not happen to see that one of her teammates has already been stripped from her. She has no idea where the Black Knight is, but at least she is not alone. Sandman is here, and now Bobbi, apparently recovered from her own earlier battles. "OK. Quick scout, folks. Look for anything that is still moving, but stay in range of each other. We know trouble is coming, we just need to find it before it finds us. Let's go!"

Alchemy has been staying at his mom's house since they came here to fight off the Trolls threatening them. It's been a few days, but he's still a little worn out from the fight. Being on an asteroid is not exactly his idea of relaxation. "Don't these people have anything better to do than to harass London on a Friday?" he asks, plunking himself down and crossing his arms over his chest, then shouts toward the voice: "You're not exactly the only one that's tried this, you know. Maybe you should research how it worked out for them!"

As requested she reveals herself. Morgan le Fay standing tall and bold in a green form-fitting gown and a bracelet with little orbs glowing with green mystical energy, “Welcome to my home, Avengers. Here I am God and here all fall to me.” Looking into the starry space sky. Various asteroids begin to shift their rotations around the death god’s head. Each asteroid containing the victims that had been previously hunted and preyed upon. Slowly the asteroid drift towards the god’s face and suddenly and violently he consumes the first asteroid. The Docklands asteroid is the last in a line of about ten that drift towards the death god, Balor.

Following his leader’s orders, Sandman moves quickly shifting into his pssamic form and then into a sandstorm, able to explore more of this asteroid in that form. He shouts out, “Anything that moves and isn’t human is getting pounded, chief!” Stepping out behind Morgan le Fay are Cethlann and Dulb. The two Fomor in particular had rather humiliating defeats at the hands of these particular Avengers. They appear ready for a fight, but when Morgan’s bracelet blinks. They simply pause and stare at her waiting for her to command their actions.

With a flick of both wrists, Bobbi's combat staves drop into her hands. Twirling the right one idly, she's beginning to scout when Morgan makes her appearance. Smirking at the Fomor behind the sorceress, Mockingbird calls out. "Didn't we kick your asses once already?"

Ms. Marvel takes her part of the sweep, exploring the asteroid to get a good look at the area and look for trouble. And looky here!
Trouble, and her name is Morgan Le Fay. And she brought friends! It'll be the social occasion of the pocket dimension, for sure! "Give it up, Le Fay. We're not going down." Already, Carol is parsing through her memory, remembering prior encounters with Balor, Le Fay, and the other Formor, as she starts figuring out exactly what it is they need to do next. "OK, folks. Form up, mutual defensive perimeter. I'm not ready to take on Balor if there's an easier way to do this." But she'll do it if that's what it comes to today. Le Fay is not getting what she's after.

As Sandman goes to explore the Docklands, he finds everyone has been frozen solid as his sand winds move from spot to spot with surprising speed. As another asteroid goes near Balor’s head. He notes the bull god’s giant mouth opening ready to consume the asteroid, but this one contains children. Having heard Carol’s order, he actually disaobeys “No fuckin’ way!” He leaps off the Docklands asteroid and towards the death god. “Bull face, you are full of bullshit!” Still in his sandstorm form.

Dulb makes no comment to Mockingbird’s insult. He stares blankly at her as does Cethlann at Ms. Marvel. All present are within a dimension between dimensions with each Asteroid housing victims from previous hunts. Each Asteroid is hurtling towards Balor for him to consume. Also on each asteroid are those mysterious red doors connected to England and the Avengers mansion. Suddenly two more open and out steps Black Knight and out of another steps Iron Man. Both are on the asteroid closest to Balor, which he is about to consume. With a twitch of her bracelet, Cethlann and Dulb attack. Cethlann leaps out, claws extended towards Mockingbird and Dulb tosses out a silvery type of orb towards Carol, she may remember from the files that these orbs follow energy signatures and explode on contact.

Mockingbird moves with casual grace back to Ms. M, taking up a defensive position to the woman's left. "The energy orbs explode on contact, Ms. Marvel. That's what knocked me on my ass before. But he can be hurt…" And then Cethlann leaps at her with claws extended. Batons whirl, sweeping the clawed hands -out- while Bobbi kicks -up- towards the Fomor's exposed underbelly.

Iron Man doesn't waste much time, could be that the suit's reacting more to the threat than anything else, could be he's just that quick. Launching into the air on a flare of power from his feet he does a quick pirouette as various scanners reach out to take stock of the area around him. "Ms Marvel, seems like we've our hands full here. " There's a glance at the asteroid he just left and Balor and he opens up with two full power repulsor blasts - one against Balor's nose and the other against the asteroid itself with him in the middle in an attempt to deflect the astroid's course towards the god's mouth. "No idea if that's gonna work, but…"

When he was coming through with Ms. Marvel, Black Knight thankfully had his sword in hand. Moving to the defensive as requested, he makes his way towards Mockingbird, leaving those in the air to do the fly stuff. Standing at the ready, he will deflect any errant orbs that come his way, or if they do come towards the energy emitted by his sword, he'll baseball bat them. His goal will be to deflect any towards Balor. Morgn le Fey might be ultimate goal, but Balor is consuming the children of England who had previously wandered through the door. In general he grins, "We don't have to hold back right?" Perhaps still with memories of Supreme Intelligence and reprimands floating in his mind. For the moment, he'll hold and deflect if needed, not wanting to get in Mockinbirds way unless it become necessary for him to intervene.

Alchemy has no super powers like the others, so sits on his asteroid. "If she tries to eat me, I'll turn this whole thing into arsenic and then she'll have one whopper of a tummy ache!"

"OK, new plan, we've got civilians in danger! Knight, cover Mockingbird, keep those Formor busy! I'm backing up Sandy and Iron Man, going after those astroids. Go!" Ms. Marvel calls out, as the glow around her builds. She pushes out into the void of this dimension and streaks hard and fast towards the next in the line of asteroids full of civilians in danger, trusting in her teammates to handle those they are already working on, or call for help if they need it. She pours on the speed, gaining as much momentum as she can before contact to propel that astroid away from Balor's hunger.

Ms. Marvel’s speed and strength prove remarkably useful as she reaches closest to Balor and is able to stop its propulsion towards the god. She will find in this environment that the asteroids are much lighter than expected and with a strong shove of her superstrength, she can push it away. Iron Man’s quick thinking partially works as his repulsor blast shifts the axis of the asteroid and begins to cause it to drift away from Balor, but the blast aimed at the head of the bull god does nothing. Even the orbs being deflected towards the bull god by Black Knight do little to catch his attention. The god continues to blankly stare out as it prepares to consume the next asteroid.

Sandman, for his part continues to whirlwind his way towards the Balor’s head, but finds it difficult to maintain his sandstorm form in this environment. Mockingbird’s training aids her well against Cethlann as she successfully blocks the clawed hands and her kick connects with the Fomor female. Cethlann falls to the side and lets out a loud howl from the kick as she falls to the side. Hurt, but still ready to fight, she hisses out at Mockingbird and takes a stance as if ready to leap out again towards the heroine. Dulb continue to lob more orbs at Black Knight, but also attempts a more direct fight as he charges at the hero.

As the heroes seem to be putting a stop to her plans. Morgan le Fay screams out, as her bracelet glows more. The more powerful the glow the stronger the attacks from the Fomor. She begins to chant out in the ancient language of the British isles and looks to Tom as she attempts to enthrall the alchemist.

Mockingbird regards her opponent calmly, a wry smile touching her lips as Cethlann hisses and prepares to leap. Bobbi stands with staves ready. "Yeah, that's right. Who's your daddy…?" she chides, balancing on the balls of her feet and even dancing a bit. Bobbi is ready for the Fomor to spring, of course, and perhaps even a bit eager.

"Somethin' tells me we don't want to let these asteroids wander too far away." Iron man says, giving up on his attack on the god for now instead using blasts from both hands and the chest beam repulsor to either halt or deflect the asteroids movements away from the god's mouth. "Is that le Fay down there? " he asks as he plays a very odd game of extra-dimensional pool..aiming his shots carefully to avoid hitting any of the frozen people on the asteroids.

Spotting Sandman's troubles, Ms. Marvel revises her orders slightly. "Sandy! Keep Le Fay busy! You can't help us much here, and you could make all the difference there!" she shouts. Then she turns and lines up on the second asteroid, barreling in again at the best speed she can achieve. She's perfectly willing to spend the entire confrontation just keeping these pockets of people safe from Balor, if the others can defeat Le Fay's champions and end this. "Keep it up, Iron Man! We have to keep these people safe until we can end this!"

Squaring off with Dulb, Black Knight seems ready for a more personal fight, having been wanting this since the doors appeared perhaps. A fight and hopefuly end to this and presently he has one. Then Mockingbird comments about being someone's dad, he over the shoulder stage yells (whispers?), "What, you're a dad?" As if blind-sided by this starteling realization. Its feigned as his focus is still the Fomor Dulb, any balls thrown now will be directed at the Fomor, otherwise he'll let the other close the distance, keeping a safe zone/defensive position on the Docklands astroid for a rally point should they need it and generally holding the fort. "Bring it," he says to the diety.

Cethlann’s lips curl in her own devilish feline like grin. It seems she too is enjoying this fight, but do not let the smile fool you. She is getting agitated that a mere mortal is giving her a hard time as she leaps out again. Her claws have a very specific goal, of ripping out Mockingbird’s throat and ending her bravado as she meows a Fomorian curse, the equivalent of female dog. Dulb presses his attack and when he believes Dane distracted, he tosses another orb only to have it smacked his way as he runs right into it. A small explosion rips through Dulb as he falls to the ground in a bit of smoke, but seems hurt, but not out of the fight.

Whether it is his analytical mind or his luck at billiards, Iron Man’s blasts seem to be working as they set the direction of the asteroids adrift away from Balor who still seems to just blindly consume away on the asteroids and Ms. Marvel continues to push other asteroids away. Cursing as he is ineffective here, he follows orders this time as Sandman heads back to the asteroid and spots Morgan working her mojo on Alchemy, a kid that he has promised to protect. “Yo, Tommy!” He screams out as in his sandstorm form attempts to keep this kid from the witch. As she begins to feel Alchemy within her grasp, she grins, “Close…so very close.” But with the sudden sandstorm in her path, she curses and wildly shoots out mystic blasts which with wild aim seem to careen out of control and coincidentally are heading towards Iron Man and Ms. Marvel and momentarily stopping the trance on Alchemy.

Alchemy stops a moment, shaking his head as the enchantment starts to fade. "What was it that mum used to read us? Oh, yes. You faefolk don't like iron, do you?" he says, holding his hands out in front of him, reaching for anything available to transmute into iron.

The one kind of energy Ms. Marvel can't absorb? Magical energy. She would move, but she's busy pushing another asteroid of people out of the way, getting them to safety away from Balor's hungry maw. The blast strikes, flaring around Carol's body, and a glassy glow forms over her eyes. She grits her teeth as she feels the compulsion rippling over her mind. It is stronger than before, stronger than the goo. But now, even more than before, Ms. Marvel's mind resists: there are innocent lives in danger, and she /must/ defend them. Le Fay's magic croons at her, asking her to take her side, to protect her from the Avengers. But Ms. Marvel defends the innocent, and leaves the foul sorceress to her just desserts, shaking her head as she stops pushing this planetoid and starts for the next, the glow fading from her eyes. "Keep it moving, folks!" So tired … so confused.

Iron Man's a vet at multi-threat combat, and this certainly one of those, his Armor's computer notes the incoming blast and surge of energy and with a violent sort of twist he arcs his flight path out of the way. Of course that does manage to put him in the path of one of they asteroids he'd previously knocked aside and he careens into that - gouging a furrow in the ground of the mini-near planetoid. "Dammit..somone's gotta put a cap on Morgan!"

Black Knight is focusing on Dulb, as the other goes down, he rushes in with a superman leap. Bringing the sword up in his hands, blade down, he intends to land a finishing blow on the Fomor, strike up another notch on his belt. That means he isn't looking at Morgan and the wild array of magical blasts. One hits him directly, he looses focus and collapses near Dulb for the moment. Then the two stand up, doing a sword chuck move, swirling the blade, he now looks at Alchemy and with a blood thristy grin, Black Knight turns to advance on the young Tom.

Mockingbird may be faster and more skilled, but Cethlann is certainly stronger. On the other hand, Bobbi doesn't intend to give the Fomor woman the opportunity to -use- that advantage. Waiting until the last moment, her arms and battle staves windmill. The first one sweep those murderous claws up and out of the way, cutting it closely enough that Mock has to jerk her head back to avoid getting scratched. Letting the Fomor's own momentum carry her forward, Bobbi drive her other baton up under the woman's chin with everything she's got. And in the same motion, she's ducking beneath that driving freight train.

As the soul-taint attempts to turn Ms. Marvel against her teammates and Iron Man careens into one of the asteroids, the pull of gravity from Balor seems to right any of the asteroids that had been freed from his path. They shift and are once again heading towards the death god’s giant maw.

Dulb blinks a moment as he prepares to defend against the sword strike, but then finds the collapsed Black Knight near him and grins. With Dane enthralled, Dulb smiles and as Black Knight moves towards Alchemy, Dulb reaches for one of his orbs to toss towards Mockingbird who has downed Cethlann with her spinning staves.

Spinning around Morgan and Alchemy, when Alchemy attempts to transmute the closest object, it seems the sand that makes up Sandman’s body begins to shift. Having felt this attack before, he lets out a loud disembodied scream as he begins to shift to iron and flecks of iron are tossed wildly including onto Morgan le Fay and on the approaching Black Knight. The effect of the momentary iron hitting the Celtic witch causes all magic within the vicinity to stop. The Fomor stop their attacks and blink. Dane is momentarily freed from enchantment. The soul taint on Ms. Marvel stops. And Balor opens his eyes and his expression reads of surprise, shock, and anger. Morgan screams out, “NO!” As she attempts to quickly brush off any of the iron flecks from her person.

Alchemy stumbles back a few steps to try and recoup some energy, his head throbbing. Noticing the effect it had on the woman, he digs in his pockets for some loose change. Not much in there, just a handful of dimes, a canadian quarter and some paperclips, but he clenches his hand around them, the flash of light indicating they've been transmuted and throws them toward her. "I told you you weren't the first to try and take over London!" hopefully Black Knight isn't still heading for him or he may be in bigger trouble.

Mockingbird has fought Dulb before, and as he turns on her she slips her staves away again. Switching back the long coat, Bobbi draws the short-barrel shotgun from her thigh holster. And as she's levelling it towards Dulb, Morgan gets hit by the iron and everything seems to stop. Bobbi's always been one to do her homework, and after her last fight with Dulb she read up on Fae. So when she turns to fire the shotgun at Morgan, it's not a buckshot load. It's not even a deer slug. It's a steel-jacket round.

"Iron Man! The planetoids are back in line! We have to get them moved, fast!" Ms. Marvel shouts, and she dives into the void, heading for the first as they have to now do the same work all over again. And they will. She has to trust the rest of the team to do what they need to do, as they have to trust she and Tony to do what they can. That's teamwork.

As the Avengers know what is going on, the Fomor are coming out of a stupor. While enemies many times past, this could be to their advantage. Recovering from his own stupor he calls to them, "Fomor, Morgan le Fey has bewitched you, she has plotted to use you to her own ends, she is the enemy here." Hopefully enough to 'unite' them at least in this moment as Morgan is the biggest threat. He does move closer to Mockinbird and Alchemy, but ready to defend should any Fomor decide they still want some Avengers blood.

Launching back off the asteroid in a flare of super heated exhaust, Iron Man flies off after Ms Marvel, though this time he goes off to one side - flying parallel to the approaching line of asteroids and their path towards the death god. Finding a spot a bit back as Carol handles the first rock, Tony starts at the others. With the added power the beta partical generator powered armor has he can afford to throw full power repulsor blasts at the astroids again and again - widend enough that they don't shatter the rocks but instead push at them a full ninety degrees out of line of their current path of travel.

Cethlann had been all but out of the fight getting smacked around by Mockingbird's staves and Dulb remains still for a moment. While he hears Dane's words, he ignores the human and moves to Cethlann who is coming from her own stupor and lifts her up as he stares into the starry sky and spots Balor and waits. With the planets aligned and moving towards Balor, the death god is fully awakened and hears the words shouted by the Black Knight. The asteroids stop and remain still as the death god focuses on Morgan. He lets out a loud roar, the effects of which begin to cause quakes on the various asteroids that Ms. Marvel and Iron Man try to keep from him.
Having experienced the painful transmutations before, Sandman is all, but out of the fight. Shifting as much as he can to human, he falls to the side of Alchemy, which allows the mutant teen to tosses the now iron coins and clips towards Morgan who screams out when they make contact with her form. Smoke starts to emit from her. She attempts to fan off as much of the pain when Mockingbird's bullet makes contact striking the fae mage in the shoulder, penetrating and then sending toxic shrapnel into her system. Despite the multiple attacks she still survives, but screams out in pain and anguish.

With Balor's roar, the Fomor know what they need to do. Dulb using his natural strength hurls Cethlann at Morgan, and like a fast ball, her claws are out and she rips out a chunk of Morgan’s throat. The witch falls to her knees on the ground clutching at her throat, faerie blood gushing out. With her hold on this realm literally crumbling apart, the mystic red doors that had sealed everyone in begin to open and the citizens who had been frozen can now move about causing panic and chaos as they are slowly sucked back to Earth, leaving only the Avengers, Fomor, and Morgan remaining in this dimension between dimensions.

Alchemy is a little frightened by the sight of blood gushing out of the woman's throat and starts to head toward her at a jog to help. "Oh dear," he says, pulling a handkerchief from his pocket. "We have to help her, she'll bleed to death!"

The asteroids are crumbling, but the people are disappearing to safety, returning to the mortal realm where they belong. Ms. Marvel turns to Iron Man, and then towards the other Avengers. "Mockingbird, get her bracelet! Let's get out of here, fast!" They can leave Morgan to the tender mercies of the Fomor as far as she is concerned. She heads towards that planetoid, ready to scoop up anyone needing help to make a faster exit from this place.

Mockingbird is calm, for her part. Hitting Morgan in the shoulder, she pumps the shotgun to eject the spent shell and jack the next one into the chamber. When the Fomor closes and attack the witch, however, she holds her fire. Or perhaps she's just aiming more carefully. Then Alchemy approaches Morgan and Ms. Marvel calls out about the bracelet. "Out of the way!" she calls over to him. And then she dashes over to snatch the bracelet from the bleeding witch.

Even as the call to leave is placed, Black Knight moves forward to catch Alchemy by the shoulder, pehraps easier if Mockingbird pushes him aside. When he nears and/or grabs the younger man, he insists, "Leave her to her fate, return to Earth before the doors close."
With that, if the lad isn't going to move he'll give a shove in the direction of the doors. Tom can take it or leave it, Dane focuses instead on Bill, thankfull in human form. Moving towards his fellow Avenger, he will either help the man to his feet if he's coming around, or pick up the unconscious body to get to a door.

Swooping down once it's clear that the civilians are getting clear Iron Man starts towards Mockingbird and the fallen Le Fay on twin pillars of fire. Inside his suit he's already targeted the bracelet, ready to make a 'grab' for it with a magnetic pull if nessecary, "Mock, you got it? " He asks as he triggers a sensor sweep of the area, ensuring that all of the rest of the civilians are on their way..or have already left the strange dimension.

There is a moment of silence as the dimension within the dimension suddenly and shifts. The world around those gathered seems to fade away. A world of pure whiteness surrounds them. A small garden appears. Morgan le Fay slowly but surely dying without any intervention lies kneeled on a grassy knoll. To one side, stand the Avengers and Alchemy to the opposite Fomor. Black Knight may get a small sense of where they are. While the appearance is different, the feel is all the same. Appearing over the prone form of Morgan le Fay are three who rule this realm. Merlin, Roma, and the machine Mastermind. Merlin mutters a few archaic words and suddenly and violently a glow subsumes and then shoot forth from Morgan into Merlin’s hands. Ever the gamesmaster, he looks between the Fomor and the Avengers. “Here lies Morgan le Fay, now bereft of her fae qualities. And wholly and simply…human.” Looking to Balor who stands at a whopping 100 feet tall and then to Ms. Marvel, “What is to be done with her?” Balor shouts, “Death! For her meddling, I shall consume her, feast on her bones.” He looks to the Avengers leader, “What fate would you suggest, young heroine?”

For his part, Sandman is weakened, but alive and allows himself to be helped up by Black Knight.

The bracelet has been removed and seemingly turned into iron….a simply iron bracelet.

Mockingbird holds the bracelet high, waving it towards Iron Man as he swoops in. The shotgun is still levelled at Morgan, one-handed and not even casually. "Got it, Iron Man." she calls. But then, things change and Morgan LeFay is simply… Morgan. Looking over at Carol, Mockingbird is strangely quiet now.

Their egress cut short by the mystical transition, Ms. Marvel finds herself not flying, but standing on that grassy knoll, beside the fallen Le Fay and opposite the fearsome Formor. Presented with the choice, Carol gives a sigh and a shrug of her broad yet feminine shoulders. "We had to stop the threat she represented to the people. We have done that. If she truly is human, now, then she should face human justice. She should live and be put on trial for her crimes, and face the penalties assessed by the courts." She can well understand Balor's fury, and respects it. But given the alternative, given the chance to speak for a better justice, Carol is too much of an Avenger /not/ to say it. Not that she loves Morgan. She hates her. But justice is justice.

For his part, Iron Man lands near Ms Marvel and Mockingbird both, once the scene shifts, and he glances from one to the other before he looks to Ms. M as she makes her decsion and then he nods in agreement with Carol's decision.

Mockingbird would leave her as Fae, if they could contain her enough to apply their form of justice. Fae justice on a human isn't right, but she suspects the Fae would be much more harsh with one of their own.

Black Knight might of chosen another means for Morgan himself, a good sword to the cranian would of been swift, but its not his choice at the moment. Then again, Carol's speech is endearing actually. Even as he helps Sandman to the group, readying for a door and return to earth, he nods his head. "On earth, she can learn the Winding Way, we cannot stop her from harnessing magic," he offers, more to the Avengers than the three gathered here, "But we can stop her should she threaten Earth once more." Then more to Sandman, he says more quietly, "First round was on you right?"

With the decision made by the respective leaders, Merlin nods and looks to the Fomor, "You are all in agreement with Balor?" The Fomor howl out wanting Morgan's death and specifically feasting on her. Merlin then turns towards the Avengers, "You are all in agreement with your chairwoman?" Sandman shouts, "Well she deserves to hell for what she did, but yeah I agree with Ms. M!" Without needing to hear their answer as he can simply read those gathered. Roma moves over towards the Avengers while Mastermind moves over to the Fomor. With his decision rendered. "Very well." He lowers his head and turns to the Fomor, of which Balor moves quick to scope up the bleeding Morgan.

“The fate of Morgan le Fay has been decided.” The elderly mage speaks few words indicating the decision made. He watches as Morgan is lifted by Balor and remains quiet. His expression stoic as Roma and Mastermind join him at his side.
Mockingbird keeps her own thoughts to herself, for some reason. "I'm good with it." she murmurs, a bit belatedly. Thumbing the safety on the shotgun when Morgan is scooped up, she lets it lower naturally.

Ms. Marvel stares at Merlin, hard. She expects this kind of blind, stupid brutality from the Fomor. But that the Merlin would acquiesce to it she did not expect. She looks to the other Avengers. They are beaten and injured. They aren't ready for a whole bother fight. "This is wrong, Merlin. She's no saint. But you're handing her over to be devoured by those … /things/. She may have made her own bed. But you are joining her in evil by surrendering her to them." It's her last attempt to save the woman. She has to try.

Merlin hears Ms. Marvel’s words but does not respond or stop Balor. With Morgan in his grasp, she is lies still nearly dead already from the blood loss. The death god then simply tosses her body into his mouth. A death knell can be heard in Otherworld and one last excruciating scream is heard slightly muffled from Balor’s mouth as Morgan is no more. “It is done. Leave and return to your worlds!” And with that, Merlin, Roma, Mastermind, and the Fomor are gone. The Avengers find themselves back in the Docklands as the British citizens still cope with what has happened to them.

Iron Man remains .. uncharacteristically quiet for the last parts of the interview with Merlin and the fate of Morgan. Once they're back on their 'home' ground, he glances around the team and gives a shake of his head that's just enough that it can be easily noticed by the motion of his helmet, "I wouldn't really expect that's the last of her, I've dealt with her before and I expect it'll happen again at some point in the future." He considers a moment, "I can bring a quinnjet here for a flight back to the mansion, after whatever cleanup needs to be done."

Ms. Marvel grimaces, but she watches the execution. "We will return. And we will remember what was done here today. Let's go, Avengers. People are going to need us." That said, she turns and heads back. Only those who know her best would see the slump to her shoulders. The anger suppressed. Her counselor is going to get an earful and a half over this mess. She'll work things out with the WHO and other authorities, before finally taking flight to rush back to New York, as if she needs to wash her hands of the whole mess.

"Human by default," says Dane in general. "She made her choices." Accepting the death as it is, not phased in the least. Then more towards Sandman, "If you want to stay a little, you can catch a lift on the atomic steed. I have some business at Castle Garrett to finish up before returning to the Mansion anyways." That said, he's looking to head out of Docklands to an area less hostile towards authority figures (American authority figures at that).

Alchemy is a little traumatized by what he just witnessed. He's seen a lot of violence, but nothing like this. He just kind of stands there staring, eyes wide and hands wringing in front of him. "Can we…can we go home now? I'm sure mum is expecting me for tea…"

Nodding to Black Knight, “Do your thing. I think I better get Tommy home and rest up. I’ll be out of commission for a bit.” With that, he goes to assist with the clean-up and then gets on a quinjet home with Alchemy and the others.

From afar, Merlin watches the events as he looks to Roma and Mastermind, “And now…what are we to do with Morgan?”

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