2012 02 29 Friends And Frocks

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Friends and Frocks

Ms. Marvel and Wasp

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Janet's Penthouse, Silver Crest, Midtown Manhattan

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Carol comes to Janet with a minor fashion emergency.


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Given how busy the inestimable Janet Van Dyne can be, it pays to call ahead, even for close friends. So when Carol accepted the curious invitation of Anthony Edward Stark, she made a point of calling the very next day to speak with Janet, hoping to arrange a one-on-one with her close friend and personal fashionista: there is advice to be had! And it won't be a had idea to talk to one of her closest friends about this beforehand, either. Right?

As it is, Carol arrives at the door to Janet's penthouse apartment pretty close to 'on time' to when they have arranged to meet. Not really wanting to be mobbed with attention, Carol has arrived not in costume and flying, but in some of her casualwear. In today's case, she is wearing an attractive women's pantsuit in deep navy blue, a Van Dyne original in fact. Carol knocks lightly on the door, even as she is tapping her communicator to put it in 'buzz only on emergencies' mode.

Janet Van Dyne answers the door, "Hello Carol. C'mon in." She smiles. Wearing just pink tee and comfortable jeans also of her own fashion line, she looks to the blonde. "You look wonderful. How've you been?"

"Hi, Jan. Good to see you, and amazing as always." the tall blonde offers, stepping inside and giving the smaller brunette a hug. It's true, Jan looks amazing even in something as simple as jeans and a tee. And she should. "I've been doing alright. I'm glad you could make a little time for me today, though. I have a minor fashion challenge, and I can't think of anyone I'd rather work with to find the right answer." And hey, time spent with friends is never a waste, right?

Janet Van Dyne smiles, "I always have time for you Carol." She then steps back, "What kind of challenge are we talking about? Oscars? Golden Globes? Or Just dinner and a play on Broadway?"

Carol purses her lips slightly as Jan asks, and then she just shrugs and goes on. Might as well explain, right? It's why she's here, after all. "Tony actually asked me to attend some sort of corporate bigwig party in Japan in a few days. I have a few nice dresses, but nothing that quite says what I want it to, for something like this." Of course, getting Carol's 'vision' is going to be a bit of a challenge, as she oft-times lacks the emotional vocabulary to describe to another what she's feeling. But if anyone can get it out of her, Janet can. "So I thought I'd come and ask for help."

Janet Van Dyne smiles. "Really? That's great Carol. I'm so happy for you." She then gets out a sketch pad and starts drawing out some loose ideas. "mmm.. could go formal.. Westerns tyles.. maybe even Eastern European. Or.." Jotting more lines down and hashing out another sketch, "We could go West meets Orient with a sort of Modern flare that takes off of Japanese culture and give you a gown with a Kimono stylized cut.. tight bun with chopsticks and you'd dazzle."

Carol's mild tension immediately dissolves as Janet seems genuinely pleased for her and falls so naturally into her creative mode, ideas already flowing. "Maybe we could mock up something in each idea, and then pick the one we think looks best? I'm not entirely sold on the idea, but my instinct was to go with a color palettte close to my current costume," which would mean largely black, with gold and crimson red for highlighting. Carol doesn't maintain a secret identity, so she isn't really much worried about being recognized as the current leader of the Avengers. And she knows what those colors do for her. Carol comes over and sits down near Jan, so that she can watch the creative process take hold.

Janet Van Dyne says, "the colors would work well in silk I think. It would be stunning on your figure." Jan continues to sketch and jot notes. "When do you need this by?" Because this going to be a one of a kind work of fashion art if Jan has anything to say about it. "Hmm.. turn around please?"

Carol colors lightly as Jan compliments her figure, always pleased that someone so well acquainted with beauty would think highly of her in that way. She still has a lifetime's experience thinking of herself more as a warrior, a weapon of flesh, so it is a curiously feminine feeling to be appreciated as beautiful. "Tony said it was in a few days. Is that enough time?" she answers Jan, standing from her seat and turning until Jan tells her to stop, letting the designer get whatever looks she requires if it will help the process. "Thank you so much, for being willing to do this."

Janet Van Dyne looks at Carol's curves with a critical eye. That of one looking to properly display and compliment them. "Of course Carol. What's the point of being friends if we can't help each other." She smiles and grabs a measuring tape. "okay. Time for some numbers. Step over to my work area. It's time to get down to just your frilly things." Teasing the powerful woman who may well have no frilly things. for that matter.

It is possible that Carol has some frilly things. But generally she leans more to sleek intimates, either of tightly constraining reinforced cotton for athleticwear, or of other fabrics for other occassions. In this case, navy blue satin-finish silk as a perfect match to the navy blue pantsuit she was wearing. She is very careful with her outfit, clearly showing how much she cares for it. Soon enough she perches where ordered and awaits Janet and her tape measure. Her muscled feminine form is much more in evidence without the gently disguising cling of her outerwear. "Well then, friend. What can I do for you, mmm? You know I would gladly do whatever I can." It can't hurt to ask, right?

Janet Van Dyne waits, jotting notes on the sketch pad. Then comes time for measurements and the petite brunette is the model of efficiency, getting every single measurement needed without writing any of them down till she's done and begins to jot out a chart on the pad with the appropriate information. "For me? Well right now I think I'm alright, Carol.. but when you get back we'll go to dinner and you can tell me all about it?" She winks. "I can have two gowns ready for you by tomorrow morning. Once you chose, the gown will be ready by this time tomorrow night."

Carol indulges in a little gasp as she realizes just how hard her friend is going to work, just to help her to feel pretty while at this party. She has no idea if this is just Tony tweaking someone's nose, or if some part of him is really trying to ask her out on a date. She may never know, but she certainly won't find out if she doesn't go. "Alright, Jan. I'll be here as soon as you tell me to be tomorrow. And we will definitely go out afterwards and we can talk all about it. Thanks again for all you're doing. I don't think I can say that enough."

Janet Van Dyne smiles. "Come over around.. Ten. That'll be plenty of time. And you're welcome of course Carol."

Carol gives her friend another impulsive brief hug, and then gets herself dressed once more. "Of course. Ten it is. Hope you have a good day, Jan. Let me know if anything comes up. I'm rather looking forward to our dinner afterwards."

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