2012 02 28 Enter The Dragon

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Enter the Dragon

Revanche Nightcrawler

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02 28 2012

Xavier's Mansion - Foyer

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Black Forest Cake baits heroes


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For once a quiet day for Kurt, he finds himself moving from the foyer to the second floor landing. Cheating a little and crawling up the walls to save time even - or simply for the fun of it even. It is something of walking up onto a bench, crawling a little then lifting feet over head, over railing, and onto stairs. Perfect dismount, but no audience to appreciate. Kurt stops and does a double take then, as if pondering something to do as he looks up at the light radiating in from the gallery above around the second floor landing itself. He taps the rail while idle, lifting brows and contemplating going back down at this moment even.

The question to be pondered to the discerning is whether or not Kurt enjoys wall-crawling or teleportation most when seeking simply to 'have fun' while getting from point A to point B. "Not really used to seeing you so indecisive, Kurt." 'Liz' comments as she melts out of the shadows further up the hall from the second floor landing. She may not be gifted with powers of shadow, but stealth comes as naturally to her as breathing, or so it would seem. It doesn't hurt that she can blur others' perceptions generally not to notice her. "I might almost think you got up here and then realized you had a hankering for chocolate forest cake." the purple-haired Brit telepath teases.

Grinning a toothy grin up at 'Liz', Kurt seems to agree about being indecisive - maybe its the mansion being quiet for the moment and an itch for action coursing through his veins. The smile leads to deadpan, not quite a jaw drop. "Black forest cake," he repeats, "I didn't know there was some, perhaps the students head meant to hide this from me." Though grinning the same, he comes up to meat the telepath on her way down. Pausing lower than her (which could be easy if she doesn't come off the landing), he offers a hand up to her, "Perhaps then, you planted this cake as a lure for me, and I am der fisch? Oh, the joy, what plot may unfold at your brilliantly masterminded trap for me …"

Elizabeth stays on the landing, looking at the blue swashbuckling elf with a wry twist of amusement to her lips and a sparkle in her deep blue eyes. "That's me, Kurt. Making deadly baked goods just to trap unwary teammates, torturing them with sugar highs and excess calories, and then dragging them into the Danger Room to continue having my nefarious ways with them." Droll, dry humor. It's 'Liz's bulwark, really, and she's so darned good at it. "Nevertheless, my erstwhile victim, I assure you that there is indeed black forest cake in the kitchen. I decline to answer any speculation as to the artiste responsible for this decadent creation." She takes his three-fingered hand as she delivers a delicate curtsy.

The smile at his face plays between amused to dramatically ensnared by the witticism of his teammate. Those who know Kurt, as surely she does, would recognize his true enjoyment of this exchange - especially the level she takes her dry humor too. As she curtsies, he'll even kiss the hand before turning to head in the direction of this black forest cake, speaking to ever German fiber in his blue elfin body. "Mind you, I am falling for every word you say, verlockend drachen, but now I sense the true trap." Coming down the steps into the foyer proper. "Will you have your nefarious way with me, or is the meant to break my heart." He really knows its all a joke, but enjoys it the same. "Alas, I will end up, sugar highed, caloried and alone in my gluttony I fear. But for you, I would do it all again I warn you." The lure of chocolate cake too great, can't resist temptations.

'Liz' accepts the elegant kiss to her hand as if it were but her due - isn't it? - and follows gracefully down the stairs with Kurt. "Tempting dragon, am I?" she queries with amusement rich in her voice. Of course the telepath finds translating other languages as simple as a peek inside the mind of one who understands it. "Do not be so sure that you sense my trap, for if I am dragon, I am an ancient, near-immortal foe capable of the longest, most obscure of games with my prey." As for having her nefarious way with Kurt, all can rest assured 'Liz' has no intention of doing so in the hallways, for pity's sake. "And after I have so abused you, I will carry you off to my darkened subterranean lair, and subject you to my torturous simulations, one after another, til my name be e'en more reviled than the like of the Lord of the Mojoverse." A subject about which 'Liz' knows all too well. But that makes it the better tease, really.

A smirk of a chuckle escapes Kurt at the ponderance of the temptress dragon, he is truly enjoying this now. "Fair enough drachen, I will consider myself warned that your plots have had centuries to play out and that I, unwitting pawn to the games of your tempting kind, am but a … er, pawn." He lifts a brow, curious about that one himself but shrugs it away. "Though, know it here and know, should you subdue me in your lair with one torture after another until you've tired of my amusements … I shall not revile your name, but proclaim your dominance over mankind as is your rightful due. Indeed, after so much stimulations, I shall be the herald of your coming. Surely, you know at my heart what it shall take to make me your loyal servant." Aside form free swords and grog even. "I accept this entreaty though I in turn would implore … should their be cake, their must be milk. Then this trap so sinister shall be ecstasy … on my taste buds."

"A child amongst your betters, perhaps?" Elizabeth offers helpfully, still smiling with the tease, as Kurt fumbles for an alternative to 'pawn.' So helpful! "I believe I can dutifully assure you that your service is mine eternal, for never could I be so heinous as to secure black forest cake without also assuring a ready supply of cold milk to complete both the experience and your descent into my service." 'Liz' teases, chuckling softly as they make their way down the hall to the kitchen. "Of course, I would suggest we perhaps are a bit more quiet, lest the untested children of this keep learn of this decadence before their young minds are ready to face its temptation." Because those damned teenagers are like swarms of locusts; if they hear about the cake, it'll all be gone. And most of the milk with it, surely.

Taking it all in, Kurt even eye squints to keep an eye out for those untested children who definitely don't need the temptation. There are calories to spare for sure, but better to indulge the dragon. "Yes, you are so wise, I shall enjoy this descent. Of course, it will still come with the occasional bit of filling Alex's desk with Styrofoam peanuts, or taping Scott's door closed." he offers, saying he still can't give up practical jokes. Or maybe offering a foot into the world of pranks. Then he holds his stomach with his free hand, "This temptation is too great, we should make our way quickly to the kitchen before students have a long enough break to discover the cake … care for a quick lift?" Suggesting a teleport perhaps, he's kind enough to ask first, not sure how everyone else feels when they go with him.

"Very well then." 'Liz' offers, still maintaining that facade of the condescending femme fatale, extending her hand at last to take Kurt's once more. "We do consent to be transported by your unique gifts, in a manner befitting our majesty." She really does that entirely too well. She even slides in close while maintaining the aloof posture. Teleporting with Kurt is always a mite unsettling, especially to the tummy. But Kurt's the one longing the cake. And 'Liz' is no weakling. She'll recover her appetite easily enough with a bit of time. "But we do not believe we shall be joining you in such acts of impudence to your lessers. 'Twould be cruelest unkindness that we, in our majesty, were to lord it over these other beings."

Complying, as it were, even though he offered, Kurt does as requested, "As you wish." As she moves in while being aloof, he moves to comply and slides a tail around her as if in support before they are goon. In the foyer, there is the sound of a bamf, but they are well ahead of it and stepping out of purple smoke they are in the kitchen. His hand stays in hers, as they had walked, and alike, his tail about her to keep her steady if need be. He doesn't mention food or drink even as the stomach may settle, "Your majesty speaks with grace about the lessers. I see now it were ever folly to think otherwise of your grand intentions. My lady, you have shown me the error of my ways and should I have chance to recompense, you should know my sword is ever after summoned to your call." Then he moves for the cake, looking for box or plastic lid or whatever is housing the culprit of his desires.

"Majesty, is it?" 'Liz' comments with a smile, reaching out to lightly ruffle Kurt's midnight locks. "No longer drachen? Look on the bottom shelf at the back, you'll find a metal baking pan with a sliding lid. Your treasure awaits within." She releases Kurt and takes a seat at the butcher-block topped island table in the kitchen, letting her tummy settle a bit before she looks at food. "I somehow doubt, Kurt, that you would ever give up your merrymaking and pranking. But I doubt many here would ever wish you to do so. And thank you, for helping to make me feel once more welcome here." It seems she is, mostly, giving up the playacting for now.

"You know," ponders Kurt going for the aforementioned pan that hides the treasure. "Drachen is more a term of endearment - sort of like vixen. It implies hawtness and all that." As if giving way to the serious conversation all the same. Opening the lid - one might recall Touch of Evil (or its most notable reference, Pulp Fiction) except Kurt's face doesn't light up as if by glowing gold when he looks at it. Though his grin spreads. "You're more than welcome. I mean, despite everything between your brother and I, I've always felt welcome at the Braddock Estates - I can only repay the kindness." Then he goes for the cupboard, reaching for the biggest glass glasses (versus plastic glasses) he can find, "Did you say you'd have milk with your cake too?"

"There's no need to be insulting, Kurt." Elizabeth teases, smirking, humor obvious in tone of voice and expression. "How else would one properly consume such a caloric treat, than with cold milk? Yes, please." She settles comfortably and lets the fuzzyelf take care of serving, rather than get herself in the way. "I am quite sure that you will always be welcome at the Braddock Estates, Kurt. Even my brother accepts your presence there, despite the difficulties between you." She knows what those are, and she's not going to wheedle Kurt over them. Meggan was as much a participant in those events as he was, and that's that. "You needn't explain the colloquialism of the term, you know. I knew that - read it from your own mind. But I also enjoyed the play on words."

Getting milk, cutting slices, Kurt listens as he prepares the feast of dessert. Coming to the cutting block there is some clinking of plates, glasses and utensils - again as he sets them down. "So, you will forever be drachen, everyone will think it a tough nickname, but secretly we will both know it is because of your beauty. I will tell no one, let them idly wonder what they may of it, ja?" A chuckle, he takes a stool - two feet on top of the stool as he crouches comfortably there. "So, I have to ask, what'd Alex tell you to try and make it seem like your idea to join X-Factor? I mean, for me, he made up some story about always getting to the scene late and needing a teleporter. It sounded good, but like he didn't really read my file."

Elizabeth chuckles softly, sipping at her milk before answering. Apparently she finds the idea of her new nickname rather amusing. "Believe it or not, he asked Charles to assign me to him. But since I had already asked Charles to find me something useful to do here, so as not to displace my … twin … I was content to accept the 'drafting' without great objection." And the fact that Alex accepts her as herself, without reservation, helps a lot. The fact that she proved quite useful from the very beginning of their first mission together also helps. And their close relationship years ago in the Outback. "He has since insisted that the ability of my talents in scouting, tracking and preparedness are invaluable. And he is not wrong." Anymore than he would be wrong to include Kurt for his teleportation.

"Drafting, I like that, I wonder if we can find agents to help negotiate our contracts better," grins Kurt, setting his fork on the plate after an initial bite of the delicious cake. And indeed, while he listened, his eyes almost closed as he sunk his teeth into it. He quickly washes up with some milk while considering his next attack on the piece before him. "More glad you didn't object. You and your 'twin', you're both reserved, its a strong dignity about you, you've always had this. You're smile is better though, don't tell Betsy I said that," he did pick up on the memo about which name was which and who like to be called what, "I don't want anyone thinking I play favorite. Even though, secretly I do drachen." A grin and a bite before he opens his mouth even more.

Elizabeth listens while Kurt speaks with such seeming abandon about such an otherwise challenging topic. She has always admired his ability to do that: to wander into the minefield of others' emotions, and emerge having harmed neither they, nor himself, in the process. One would think a telepath expert at such a thing, but Elizabeth has always been one to trust in her reserve instead, holding back rather than barging ahead. "I am glad as well that I did not object." she offers with a nod. She even smiles quite broadly at the declaration that her own smile is better. Not that it is necessarily true, but she likes hearing it nonetheless. "I promise you the dragon shall never reveal your confidence, Kurt. And thank you." Finally, quietly, she uses her own fork to take a small bite of the sumptuously rich cake, eyes half-lidded as she considers its rich, calorie-laden perfection. And then milk. Yes, indeed, this is a prerequisite to the proper appreciation of such a cake.

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