2012 02 28 Another Return Customer

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Another Return Costumer

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02 28 2012

Xavier's School - Botanical Gardens

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Dani Moonstar returns to the Mansion proper.


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It's still early yet, most of the student body is probably still in bed, teenagers not being much for early rising…usually. It's the perfect time for someone to explore the grounds without being seen, unless one counts security cameras.
One such person would be former student and team member Danielle Moonstar. She meanders down one of the many paths that go through the gardens, mentally taking note of things that are the same and especially of those things that have changed.

As one traverses deeper into the gardens, they may eventually hear the rustle of leaves and dead underbrush. Remnants of the fall left exposed in this mixed winter in Massachusetts. Its a warm enough day, only spots of old snow/ice left to linger in the shadows of some of the taller bushes at best. But the movement of those leaves indicates one is not alone. If one were to listen further, they would hear light grunts, the deep expelling of breath in ahs and ohs that one would associate with a trained fighter. They are deep sighs one expunges from their body when committing to an attack least they receive a counter that normally could wind a chest full of air. But, there is no counter, it is perhaps a training excercise. Indeed, if one stays to watch or moves up even, a certain fuzzy blue elf will be glimpsed tumbling and thrusting with a sword an invisible foes in some regiment of exercise out in the gardens. He is mindful of the vegetation in its winter state, not distubring any of the living matter that awaits the call of spring that is already in the air this late February morning.

Pausing as she hears the exercise of someone up further, Dani has a momentary war of caution versus curiosty. She hadn't planned on encountering or even let her presence be known until she had a better idea of what the status of the school and teams where. Curiousity finally wins out as Dani decides that fate has other plans for her. She continues down the path towards the sounds, wondering if the person will be be someone she knows or someone she has to explain herself too. She isn't sure which would be better. Turning down the path towards the sparring noise, she makes no effort to be silent, she knows better than that.

Whether he hears her right away or it takes a moment before her footfalls find him amidst the exercise, Kurt doesn't take immediate notice. Instead, he finishes a few moves that involve rolling lungs and swings/thrusts while moving away from the invisible targets he has perceived. Eventually though, he comes to a pause, sword down as he turns his yellow eyes towards the sound of the approach. Perhaps lucky for him, there were times he'd spent training from of the former New Mutants, and he is perhaps known for his long standing membership on the X-Men Roster. Though, prior to her Asgard sabbatical, he'd gone to England and formed Excalibur with Captain Britian and company. His blue fuzz might be more recognizable to her, though he ponders for a few moments as he takes note of the woman who has arrived in the gardens. He has to blink at his thoughts but then some recollection comes over him and he smiles, small cannines sticking out against dark face, "Ms. Moonstar?" As if to be sure he's placing face and name, a lot has changed in a short time for both perhaps since they had last seen each other face to face.

Dani stoically watches as he finishes his routine, staying at a polite distance. Despite her stoic expression her posture is a bit stiff. While Dani herself might not be a memorable person, the same cannot be said of the man before her. And while they might not have hung out socially prior to both of thier leavings, she does remember, "Yes." she says with a nod silent a moment as if contemplating her next words "How many are still around?" she asks, cutting right to what matters.

A brow lifts, his expression deep, Kurt knows she is asking directly about her former teammates. That smile of his fades just a hint, he'd gone through thinking most of the X-Men where gone or deceased at one point. This isn't far from that mark. "Few Dani," he says directly. "I have recently spoken with your friend Rahne, she is loving in New York now, alone after serving with X-Factor. Xi'an had been around the mansion awhile back before I returned to the states, but she is not around now either. You friends Sam and Roberto are operating with a group called X-Force who are wanted for questioning over terrostic activities and association with a man named Cable. I believe an old friend of yours, Sally Blevins, has recently been freed from a terrorist group known as the Mutan Liberation Front, having been brain washed by a man named Stryfe. Rusty Collins is still with Stryfe." That covers some of the basics at least, his three-toed feet carry him towards the native american woman as his eyes take her in while he explains the circumstance of the former New Mutants.

A variety of emotions clash for ownership of Dani's face as she listens to the run down on her previous team mates statuses, happiness that Rahne is well, concern over the rest, especially those that have had dealings with the MLF. She nods, taking a deep calming breath "I guess I should have expected that. Nothing remains static for the likes of us." she cants her head to the side as she returns gaze, "And what of your team? I remember you had left to start a new one.”

Cocking his head, the smile returns some, indeed the world is not static and Kurt is good with change it would seem. Regardless, he explians, "Excalibur is still functional, Captain Britian has returned to take leadership once more. We've had some disagrement regarding Meggan one could say. I stayed long enough to train the N-Men, but they have returned space. I figured it was a good time to return to see mein freunds, to see if I had a place with Charles." He lets that sit a moment, then follows up himself, "I have found a place with the new X-Factor, to see where this goes. Alex is rebuilding the team, but are role is as of yet undefined - they would prefer we not work with the X-Men so closely, but Alex has better resources her than with Val Cooper."

Dani looks toward the building as he answers, when she turns her gaze back to him she has a slight grin on her face, "And you came here to get away from that?" she seems a bit amused, recalling there being similar issues amoung the team members here, that is if certain rumours when she was here before are to be believed, "But I guess I have no room to talk. I've found myself at lose ends lately, and have come seeking the same.

"Oh," ponders Kurt, grinnig a little with curiousity as she both ponders his reason for leaving Excalibur and her similar return to the Mansion. Evidence again that mutant personal issues are no differant that human issues at their heart. Then again, he wouldn't know of that, most of his life evolving around mutant associations. "This is good news, someone with your training and ability … if the Professer doesn't have anything in mind and you're wanting to do something quickly. Alex might really be interested. I dare say, he would be a fool to not offer you a position. I recall you had extensive leadership ability while with your former classmates. You would fit right in …"

"Glad to see my leaving didn't ruin my reputation here." Dani says with a chuckle "I wasn't sure how my staying behind would be taken. The team seemed fine with it at the time, but feelings can change after awhile." she looks around and gestures to a nearby bench that sits sentry near some small evergreen bushes "Want to sit down?

There is nodding in agreement with what she says, Kurt agreeing and perhaps enjoying the chuckle from her. Though when she asks to sit, he deadpans a moment, as if shocked he didn't think of it. "I would love to sit, I could use a rest." From his morning exercise implied as he moves to sit, though he'll wait for Dani to sit first. "You went were you felt you belonged Danielle, no one can hold such a decision against you. I will admit, if any are like me, they will be glad you are with us again. You are strong, confident and capable, so I feel lucky to meet you here, like this." As he sits down, he puts both feet on the bench and does a large crouching position. "How do you find your return," he ponders, being in similar shoes himself, perhaps relating.

Dani nods "Same here, it was a longer walk from town then I remember." she moves to the bench and sits "Funny how time and age changes your preception of things." crossing her ankles she stretches her legs out in front of her, grinning at his quick assessment of her despite the fact that it has been years since they trained together "It is not as bad as I would have imagined. In fact I was going to wait a few more days before coming here but I ran into one of the current students in town and prompted me to come sooner.

"Everything changes," grins Kurt, "And yet we remain the same. I notice differences and yet, I still feel like I am my younger self." His tail flickers a moment, coming up as if testing the weather or the wind before settling behind him again. "Whichever student prompted this early return, we should commend them. That is an interesting situation, with the students. The Massachusetts Academy is being open once more," he offers this knowing some of the history between/amonst New Mutants and Hellions. "Charles worries it will end the same," dead students of the similar minded school even, "I am curious to see if there truly is a change of heart with Selene. It is ever the same with us, wondering one day to the next and then again, it is so great to just be alive." More quietly, "If you want more time to acquaint yourself, I'll not tell a soul you've returned …"

A breif frown meets the news, there certainly is no love lost between Dani and the Hellions. She probably will never forgive thier part in the murder of her grandfather, "Charles has every right to worry. I wouldn't…" she pauses a moment to consider her words, " or rather, I don't trust Selene. I do hope that she has changed though, for the sake of her students." her gaze goes from Kurt to the school and back again "I don't think silence will be necessary. I'm sure Charles already knows I am here. It was never easy keeping anything from him, even without all the security cameras.

He follows her gaze to the school and back again, Kurt pondering this and everything in between. "Selene has offered my a position to teach at her school. I have spoken with the Professor about it. As you say, I too am worried for the students. I would accept the position, but Charles doesn't want to take any risks at this point." Then a shrug, and a grin, "I'm sure he knew before you came to campus, and not merely through telepathy. He's letting you have your time." Letting one foot off the bench, he hugs his other leg against his chest. "Now I am curious, did you not have a flying horse at one point, or is that a rumor?" Indeed, swashbuckling debonair yellow eyes gleaming childhood fantasies in Kurt about that subject.

"Were it my decision I would certainly let you take the position, not only to keep the students from harm but to keep an eye on her as well. I'm sure he knows what he is doing. He probably already has a plan." a smile crosses Dani's face as the tone of conversation gets less serious "Still do actually, Brightwind is never more than a call away.

There is generally agreement regarding her words about Kurt teaching, and he himself has little more to add. When she smiles and affirms the horse is near at hand (or a call away), he almost beams. Trying to keep his poker face, he's more like a kid in a candy store. "I will admit, that would be new to me. Sure, I've flown a few planes, been in charge of the black bird. But flying horse … too cool." Then he cocks his head as if affecting a stage whisper, and does a bad Bogart voice over, "What's a fella aught to do 'round her to get picked up by a dame like you?" Perhaps his way of asking, would he be able to ride shotgun.

Dani chuckles at Kurt's playfulness realizing how much she missed human conversation. Sure Asgard was great and all but conversing with mythical gods isn't the same as talking to people that know and understand what it is to be human, or mutant as the case may be. "I think offering a few fencing lessons could be a start." she responds after thinking about it for a few moments "It will ultimately be up to Brightwind though.

"That hardly seems fair," grins Kurt, waxing mischievious for the moment even, "I mean, I would gladly teach you fencing regardless of circumstance … and all I have to do is befriend Brightwing?" Then he rolls his eyes up, hard to tell with all yellow eyes, but nonetheless, one would gather he looks up at the sky as if pondering the offer. "Done and Done Ms. Moonstar, consider it a deal." Then leaning over, "I have to admit, this made my day." But he doesn't say whether he means her showing up, or possibly getting to ride a flying horse.

"Well, yes I had the advantage in that deal and I probably would have introduced you to Brightwing eventually anyway, but what's done is done." Dani chuckles at Kurt's assumption that befriending an asgardian horse will be easy but doesn't disabuse him off it "I'm sure this will be the high point of my day. Charles has been almost like a father to me at times, but sometimes interviews with him can be a bit," pause, "unnerving?" she ends it with a question, wondering if she has picked the right word and if Kurt feels the same.

Kurt maybe misreads the chuckle and continues to smile at the situation, not considering anything other than the horse being absolutely friend - probably picturing himself flying on horses and fighting sky pirates. As for Charles, he ponders that for a moment, "I think I can see that about the Professor. Then again, anything that involves another being able to read my mind could be unnerving. There has been a lot of trust and mistrust between X-Men over the years. When Charles brought us on, we had to find the original team members and later, we fought one another. I find it easier on my faith, to take them at face value until someone proves otherwise. I disagree with Charles at times, like with Selene, but I still trust he knows what he's doing." That was probably very round about and not to the point. "I have been uneasy around him at times, but try not to dwell on it," he summizes (sp).

It might have been roundabout but Dani is smart and insightful enough to get where Kurt is coming from, "Fighting is to be expected when you are living in each others pockets day after day." she comments on the history of the X-men "We had similar moments on my previous team. How does yours get along over all?" as she talks she scans the surrounding with her eyes, noting that the sun is quite a bit higher, which means the school will be a blur of activity soon.
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"With X-Factor," begins Kurt, "I find it a unique juxtaposition." For a moment he conisders that word choice, then agrees with it, "Ja … As a government agency, I thought as an outsider it would be all business and with so many leaders, it would be hard for Alex to control his team. But with them, it is a unique experience. There is much work to do, and between that, the team seams self propelled to build itself. Perhaps it is that we understand each of us bring our unique qualities and we respect one another enough that heads are not clashed. During missions we are business, we all follow Alex, he differs to our experience. Off duty, there is time for play …" he thinks that's a correct term to describe what happens during down times.

"Sounds like the way a team should be. Maybe I will have the opprotunity to find out first hand." taking a deep breath Dani gets to her feet, "I guess I should go see if Charles is available before he gets bombarded with class and students. She gives Kurt a smile "I'm glad I ran into you first. I don't feel so much like the prodigal daughter." not that she has anything in common with the subject of that parable, she wasn't out living wild and free, but it still feels somewhat the same to her, "Thanks.”

Giving a nod of his head up to her, Kurt smiles, "You're welcome. It is good to see you back around the Mansion." Furthering that she doesn't feel like the proverbial prodigal daughter. He gets to his feet as well, "I imagine Charles will be ready in his office - he'll pretend to be looking at student files even. Welcome home," he says. That could mean anything from welcome back to earth to welcome to the mansion. He doesn't elaborate but instead offers her a dueling bow and as she makes to go on her way, he seems ready to go back to fighting with inivisible pirates in the gardens.

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