2012 02 27 Need New Clothes

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Need New Clothes

Richenda & Mirage

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Prior to her Homecoming, Mirage decides she needs a change of clothes and meets Richenda


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-==[ Salem Center Mall - Westchester County ]==-----

This three-level atrium mall allows views up to the second and third floor walkways as well as a skylight system that floods the corridors with natural lighting during the days. Decorated in greys and blues, this mall is quite modern and expansive in it's cross way design. There are more than 150 lots here of storefronts which offer a wide variety in selection for the entire family.

Salem Center's mall is surprisingly big and modern for such a smallish town. Then again, it's probably doing duty for at least four others, and New York is close enough for the occasional suburbanite or city dweller to hop over to take advantage of the better prices and much-reduced crowds.
Fortunately, a big mall means competition, and two of the clothing outlets are having competing sales. Never one to pass up a good price on jeans, Chenda Gray is in M'Aidez Michelle, poking with care through the racks and shelves in search of something in her small size. The cheerful humming says plenty about her mood.

It had been a long night. Stuck an a bus between a woman with her crying child and an elderly man with body odor issues was not anyone's idea of a good time, and it was the last place that Dani had wanted to be. Next time she will do a better job entering the mortal realm a little closer to home. After that Dani felt the need for a change of clothes before she headed up to Xavier's to drop in one her old friends. A shower would be nice too, but later for that. Wandering down the main mall corridor Dani hunts for a decent store to find something that will tide her over for the time being and lucky her there is a sale going on! She heads into the store Chenda is in, glancing over the stuff in the front before scanning the rest of the store.

Chenda, for all her attentiveness to the merchandise, isn't oblivious to the entrance of the tall girl with the leather-wrapped braids, once she gets a little closer. But she pays little attention for the moment, having found something in the right size and style. Her humming gets louder and a little quicker as she picks up the jeans and shakes them out to get a better look. Flared legs, hip and forward pockets, no rivets. Cool. Of course, a look won't tell you if something fits.
She looks up, dark eyes scanning around the store for a dressing room. There do seem to be a few in the back, and she moves that way around a tall rack of shelves… and *BUMP* she goes, right into that distinctive girl from earlier, stumbling back and landing on her backside! "Oof… ow!"

Not feeling particularly picky about clothing at the moment Dani grabs a shirt here, jeans there, she just grabs clothing in her size, she will sort them out once she hits the dressing rooms. She has a nice stack on clothes draped over her arm several of which fall to the floor when she gets bumped on that side by the smaller girl. She mutters something under her breath as she turns to look down, what she was saying though she cuts off when she sees the young girl "You alright?" Dani asks with some concern as she offers a hand to help Chenda up,

Chenda, recovering from the fall, blinks up in surprise at Danielle. "Oh!" she murmurs. "I'm on the floor, embarrassed, I bumped my boo-boo and maybe burst my britches, but I think I'll live," she says wryly, blushing just a touch as she takes that offered hand, her other hand going tentatively to the seat of her pants. "I'm also sorry. I should've looked where I was going. Are you okay?"

"I'm not the one that feel on my backside." Dani replies as she helps the girl to her feet. She maybe familiar, assuming they put past students/team members pictures on the walls of the Mansion. She fights for a straight face, not wanting to laugh at the girls misfortune of ripped jeans especially backside rips. "Guess you really are in need of a new pair of pants now." she manages to get out with a straight face.

"No, but it felt like a big bump to me, so I wondered," Chenda replies, her voice tinged with concern. "And I can get up a pretty good head of steam when I'm in a hurry."
She blushes a little more as she checks the seat of her pants. "Yeah… I do," she murmurs, turning to pick up the jeans she dropped. The faint ripping sounds from her backside make her wince, but she does manage not to make it much worse. Of course, given how much purple is showing behind, there's not much worse that she could make it. "I hope these fit… could you walk behind me 'til I get to that dressing room over there?" she asks, turning on the puppy eyes.

Dani winces in sympathy as she nods "I need to try on some things as well." she makes a motion with her clothing heavy arm indicating not only the clothes but that Chedna can lead the way "Was that all you were getting? Did you want to grab another size or style in case those don't work out?

"Thank you. At least we're both going the same way!" Chenda turns to lead the way, and giggles at that question. "I was thinking of more, but if I look now, I'm showing off my bloomers to the store at large in the process. Why do you ask /now/?" she teases.

Following closly behind after quickly picking up those things she dropped, Dani looks around to see if anyone is actually taking notice she grins at the girls apparent modesty, "Well if they don't work I'll grab something else for you. No use giving the store more chances to stare at your barely theres."

"Wasn't that a brand name?" Chenda asks, grinning right back. There are a few eyes turning in the direction of the odd pair-up, though it might be as much due to the exoticness of the two in question as the fact that they're obviously together. "Thanks again, um… what should I call you? I'm Chenda."

"If its not, it should be." she replies ignoring any stares they two bring "My friends call be Dani." she pauses a moment to get one of the store staff to open up a couple of dressing rooms for them "You can go first, just in case you need another size. I'm in no rush." she does step into the room opened for her, once the younger girl goes into hers, and starts to go through what she has grabbed for herself.

"I think it is… let's check once we finish this!" Chenda says, giving a thank-you smile to the store staffer as the door is opened. "I'll be just a minute." She shuts the door and begins working on getting her own jeans emptied and off. Considering how many scarves she wears with them, she'll be busy for a few minutes.

Dani gives a nod and begins to go through her selections, putting those that don't suit her style on the return rack trying to recall if she were ever that exuberant about anything, "Are you from Salem or from one of the other nearby towns?" she asks after a minute or two of silence while sorting the clothes out.

"Salem, but I'm kinda new," Chenda replies, her voice carrying easily through the thin walls and the spaces above and below them. Finally, after a lot of swishing sounds from removal of scarves and emptying of pockets, jeans puddle around the calves visible under the wall and get stepped out of. "You must've found a lot, Dani. I don't hear any clothes coming off," the gypsy girl teases lightly.

"I have a few keepers." Dani slips out of her jacket and hangs it on one of the available dressing room hooks before proceding to try on the survivors of her clothing culling "I just arrived this morning." she pauses as she pulls a shirt over her head, "Anything I should know about the town before taking it by storm?" she asks as she steps out of her dressing room to look in the three way mirror at the jeans and shirt combo she is trying ou

"I've been around a couple months. It's an interesting place to go to school," Chenda says, opening the dressing room door. The jeans are a pretty good fit, maybe a little on the loose side. The waistband is a shade lower than necessary, as purple picot trim shows above it. "Ooh… okay, they /mostly/ work," the gypsy girl says, giggling and tugging the tail of her shirt down over them. She turns her eyes to Dani. "Ooh, nice! Very rustic-friendly. Also, like the boots! Where'd you get those?"

Dani looks at the reflection of Chedna as she decides on the outfit "Guess you will need a longer shirt too." she turns from the mirror and looks down at the boots in question "Somewhere in Colorado probably. I've had them a few years." she takes a few steps back to her dressing room "I guess this is the one than." she steps into the dressing room and quickly begins to change back into her own clothes "Where do you go to school? If you don't mind me being to nosy.

"I should go shopping in Colorado sometime," Chenda decides, stepping back into her own room to collect her things and her shoes. "I'll just tie my scarf a little higher. Nothing'll show." The question about school draws a giggle. "There's a school on Graymalkin Lane, kind of a boarding school for gifted kids. That's where I go. It's an interesting place. Why? Do you have family looking for a good school?" Obviously, Dani herself looks a little old for such a place.

There is a thumping noise, what could be a muttered curse but its in another language so no telling what was really said, followed by chuckle from Dani's dressing room "No nothing like that." she is in there just a few more moments before opening the door and coming out with the stuff she want to buy, "Just making conversation." she decides its probably best not to ask anymore questions about the school so the girl doesn't get suspicious.

"Dani? Are you okay?" Chenda asks in concern after that thump. She opens her door, one shoe on and the other in her hand. She sighs in relief, seeing the other girl on her feet and carrying merchandise. "Oh, good. One fall is enough for both of us."
And then she notices a small problem with the jeans she's wearing, namely that the sales tags are still on and that she'll need them to check out. "Oops! I'll be right back." And back into the dressing room she goes, giving Dani time to make a hasty escape if she wishes.

Dani chuckles at Chenda "You could have just paid for them while wearing them." she's had to do that a few times herself. "It was nice meeting you Chenda but I've got to head out. I'm sure I will run into you later."

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