2012 02 24 The Onion That Is Aurora

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The Onion that is Aurora

Aurora/Jeanne-Marie, Havok, Jean Grey, Charles Xavier

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Manhattan and Xavier Mansion

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Aurora stumbles upon Havok who realizes she is in need and takes her to Xavier. Xavier then purges her mind of the taint that Selene created.


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-==[ Brownstone - Upper West Side ]==-------

The entrance, although small, is quite welcoming with it's informal decor and personable colors. A small table to the right offers a place for the owner of this quaint flat a place to sit her keys or perhaps c-phone. The walls of this 3 sided room are of an ecru color and have a few decorative pieces of contemporary artwork upon them, all with a homey feel of springtime in the country.

The carpeted floor of beige extends from the foyer into a fashionable living area equipped with a flower patterned cloth couch (it's back to the entrance), a cozy looking oversized chair of the same pattern. Placed between the said articles of furniture one will find a white pine coffee table and further it is noted, a loveseat against the far wall that's placed nicely between the two french doors that will open up onto a balcony which overlooks Greenwich Village.

The focus of the living area seems to be that of conversation and interaction. Wheras one cannot find the likes of a television or entertainment center (yet one is hidden in the walls) nor can one see a marketed work station (placed in a spare bedroom). This room's focus is family and the generation of humanity, not the corruption of noisy backgrounds or distractions.

Again, one will note the clean, textured ecru walls with their relaxed displays of contemporary artwork that depicts country scenes and landscapes. All of this well lit by natural lighting during the daylight hours as the sun filters it's warming rays in through the french doors as well as large windows to the right of the room's center.

To the left side of the room, you will notice an open view of the kitchen and it's metallic silver shades backed with a green and yellow pine color scheme. The kitchen posses ample counter space and features an island in it's middle which doubles as a tall breakfast table. The kitchen is open and freely accessible to many who may wish to aid one another in the cooking process, to help allow for family gatherings to be fun and creative.

While to the kitchen's left one will note the large entrance (open air) to the dining room which features a contented 6 placed dining table in the yellow pine design. It too offers ample room for movement and elbow room for the potential kids not to fight over.

Near the foyer, one will find a separate hallway which leads past an accommodating bathroom (the only one) and two doors. One which leads to a spare bedroom which has been converted to an office, and the other which is the primary residents suite. It too has rich beige carpeting and walls of ecru decorated in eye appealing scenic artwork.

Standing on the 3rd floor balcony, Alex Summers is dressed casually in jeans, leather jacket, and black t-shirt. He stands with his hands on the railing looking out over Central Park as the sun sets behind him offering brilliant colors to the park and upper east side beyond. Pensive, he seems to be reflecting upon something internally. Something that may be troubling.

Having woken up in a medical facility of an unknown place, only to find herself dressed in a most shameful manner, with her hair ravaged by someone's evil scissors, Jeanne-Marie didn't stay long to find who her captors were. She called on the miracle she was given by god and made her quick escape, flying out through an open window. The only thing she took with her is a bedsheet to cover herself up with. A problem she encountered is that she has no clue where she is, this city is entirely different from LaValle, and she really doesn't know where to go. This brings a rather erratic, indecisive and a much slower pace than usual, as Jeanne-Marie flies towards Central Park, likely visible to Alex standing at the balcony as she happens to fly by him.

As 'Aurora' flies by, Alex spies and is snapped from his internal struggles. Or at least those in the very near past. He smiles and says, "HEY!" loudly upward toward the lost girl. He doesn't get the Aurora part out before she moves beyond his line of sight.

Hearing somebody call out, Jeanne-Marie turns back, looks around and eventually backtracking she spots Alex on the balcony. Her new pixie style hair cut stands out immediately, as well as the oddity of her keeping a sheet wrapped about her body, almost as if she was ashamed of what she was wearing underneath. Then again, considering the last time Alex met Aurora, one could argue that maybe she simply wasn't wearing something underneath. "Y…you called me?" The girl asks, confused, maybe not getting a clear view of Alex as she edges closer hesitantly. There's something to her voice too, a return of that French accent.

Overwhelmed with the hotness of the new hair and her being wrapped in a sheet, Alex doesn't pick up on the French accent. But, it's probably the 'sister' in his mind because of the drastic change of hair. He smiles, pleased with what he sees and says, "Yeah, I did. Couldn't help but notice you're wearing a sheet." is the best he can do as a response - he's a boy after all.

"Oh, non, non, non, zat is not w'at I am wairing!" Jeanne-Marie immediately corrects Alex's perception, "I just 'ad to covair myself from…it's 'orrible! Someone took my clothes and put me in zis…zis…" she shakes her head, blushing cheeks emphasizing further how uncomfortable she is, as she comes to land on Alex's balacony, "d'you t'ink you may 'ave somet'ing I can borrow?"

The accent. Oh hell. He already realizes that he's talking to the wrong twin. As if covering that wonderful body was enough of a clue. He nods with an understanding smile, "Come on in.". Then motions to the french doors that are partially open, "I'm sure we can find you something."

Just inside the French doors they will enter a large bedroom (master suite) whose sheets/blankets are tossed and the room has recently been slept within. "Down one floor." He indicates through the door to exit the room and then as he walks showing her the way, "We've got lots of clothing and lots of sizes. I'm sure you'll find something that'll fit."

"Really? W'y so many clothes and sizes?" Jeanne-Marie muses with a quizzical tone, having thought she stepped into Alex's apartment and not a clothes boutique. She does head one floor down in anticipation, looking forward to discarding the sheet. It hasn't been the most comfortable thing to keep about her while flying, and she's eager to get rid of it. "Excuse me, M'sieur, but…can you please tell me, w'at city is zis?"

Though he was about to answer the part about the extra clothing while walking her down to the second floor, he's caught off guard when she asks what city it is, "Manhattan… Jeanne Marie, as in New York City."

On the second floor there are many doors to various bedrooms and stairs going down to the main floor. He guides her to one of the rooms and opens the door for her.

"But…zat means…I am not in Canada at all," Jeanne-Marie looks quite surprised and frightened, "Soeur Anne won't even know how to find me…w-who will take care of me?" She seems far too sheepish, compared to how she was when last Alex saw her, either of 'her'. She follows Alex, and actually subconsciously shifts a bit closer to him, "zis is turning out to be a vairy bad day, vairy vairy bad."

"It's okay…I'll take care of you." Alex states noticing that she's moved a little closer. He then moves her into the bedroom and will walk to the adjacent closet. Opening it he says, "Pick what you like. I'm sure Jean won't have an issue with it. She probably doesn't even know she has clothing here."

"You will?" Jeanne-Marie asks in what sounds like bewilderment, perhaps not expecting kindness, "but you don't even know me. Zat is amazing, I 'eard zat people in places like New York tend to be sinners, and you're so kind!" With the closet opened, Jeanne-Marie blinks in surprise, "Sapristi! So many clothes…," while it may not be alot, it seems like quite the variety to a girl certain she only has access to Catholic school uniform. Looking at the selection, Jeanne-Marie seems intent on taking the most mundane and plain looking choices she can, winding up with a pair of navy blue sweat pants and a long sleeved grey shirt. "Eez t'ere a room I can change in?"

"I'll leave you to this one." Alex says while moving toward the door to exit. "When you're done, come downstairs. I'm gonna make a call and see if I can get you in to see a friend of mine. He's better at this stuff than I am."

"Merci," Jeanne-Marie murmurs and then looks very closely at Alex, making sure he really is leaving, before actually using the closet's door for added cover, finally letting the sheet drop as she goes about changing. She struggles a bit with the costume, not used to wearing such…shameful garments, but does eventually gets free. The clothes she really puts on quite quickly, in case Alex might come back for whatever reason. She doesn't look all that great in the outfit she choose for herself, but then the skirts were not the kind she could wear, and she went for the best solution.

When she comes downstairs, she carries the rolled up sheet in one hand, and the costume that Alex hadn't seen before in her other. "T'ank you, M'sieur…I really am grateful for your 'elp. I feel much bettair now."

She will find Alex in the kitchen. He turns to her voice and smiles as he's got a cell phone to his ear. He talks into the phone, "Yeah, that'd be great. I'll bring her back with me. Let the professor know that she's a little lost. Give Alpha Flight a call too." then he hangs up.

Giving her a look over, he says, "Very nice." as a compliment on her new attire and asks, "Can I get you something to drink or eat?"

"Merci," Jeanne-Marie murmurs meekly at Alex's reaction to her selection, "zee skirts were too…shameful, so I 'ad to choose pants." The way she explains herself is as though she's half expecting to be punished. Asked if she'd like to eat or drink anything, Jeanne-Marie freezes, her lips shifting as if she's about to speak but she stays quiet, before eventually asking very faintly, "do you 'ave chocolate?"

"Chocolate…." He reiterates while moving to the fridge and pocketing his phone. Alex starts filling her in on the 'plan', "So I spoke to a friend of mine upstate, Jean. The girl whose clothes you're wearing. She would like to meet you and then you'll meet the professor." he reaches in and pulls out a bottle of Yoohoo!. Not exactly chocolate milk, but it claims to be chocolate on the bottle.

"Jean…?" Jeanne-Marie asks, looking down at her clothes, "I will 'ave to t'ank 'er personally zen." She does look a bit more concerned when a Professor is mentioned, "Profaissor? W'y do I 'ave to meet a profaissor?" Reaching tentatively for that bottle, Jeanne-Marie opens it slowly and has a sip, "t'ank you again, M'sieur."

"He's really good at figuring things out. I mean, I could let you stay here as long as you needed, but that wouldn't solve your conundrum. It's best that he be your go-to guy for help." Alex answers, backing away and taking a seat upon the counter top.

Jeanne-Marie continues to sip from her chocolate milk, looking more relaxed now that she's had a sense of sweetness in her mouth. "But I don't 'ave a conundrum, I just need to get back to LaValle." She looks a bit more nervous at the prospect of meeting the aforementioned Professor, Jean she would like to thank for the clothes, but then she'd really just like to get back to the school and hope that Soeur Anne doesn't lock her in the dark for her absence. Who knows how long it has been this time. At least she won't have to return dressed like a harlot.

"Where's LaVille?" Alex asks, wondering where this mystical place is that she wants to return and letting the other stuff pass for now.

"LaValle," Jeanne-Marie corrects Alex, repeating it once even slower to make sure he has the pronunciation down perfectly, "eet is in Quebec," she explains, "in Canada, you do know w'ere it eez, non?"

"Oh totally. Canada is just north of the school that we'll be heading to. I've only been there once or twice, really pretty country." Alex notes while sliding off the counter.

"Really? It is close to Canada? Zen I want to go t'ere," Jeanne-Marie states, looking much more optimistic, as she finishes up her chocolate milk and then holds up the gold and white leotard, "do you know w'at we can do wit' zis? I woke up wearing it in a vairy strange place. It's not mine, and I don't want it."

"Let's take it with us. It'll help us discern where you got it and where you woke up with it on." Alex states grabbing keys and heading toward the back door. "Come on. It won't take any time getting up ther."

"Okay," Jeanne-Marie accepts the reasoning as she keeps holding on to the costume, and edges real close to Alex on the way out, and if he doesn't object, she reaches to hold his hand when they get to the door leading outside.

His hand being taken, he gives her a glance with a light smile. But says nothing as there's something really wrong with her and he needs to get it addressed.

Out the back door is a set of stairs leading to a car port where a garish looking min-van awaits. The van is painted black with a large blue stylized X bordered in a line of red painted on the side. He'll walk her to the passenger side and open the door for her.

Jeanne-Marie seems reassured by Alex's smile, even if a little one, and keeps holding to his hand as they step outside of the apartment. She doesn't look too happy at the emblem on the van, asking to be sure, "is t'at your car?" But just a yes will do, before she climbs in the passenger seat when Alex opens the door for her, "merci, M'sieur."

She keeps the sheet and the costume rolled up in her lap.

"Regretfully, yes." He answers with a sour tone to his voice. "I hate it too. I mean seriously, what was Val thinking. If anything it makes it look like a huge target on the side. And it's a Mini-Van." He says just before closing the door and then walking around to get in and start the very high tech vehicle.

"I don't like it, but I t'ink 'ate is a strong word to use, we s'ould not 'ate…god teaches us to love," Jeanne-Marie murmurs in a most innocent tone, for once not pressing her view on Alex so much as presenting an alternative. There isn't even a hint of condemnation as Jeanne-Marie had in the past when he spoke to her. As they drive, her eyes turn to look at the view with amazement, "it's a really big city."

After backing up, Alex pulls into the alleyway and starts driving forward. He says, "Hang on now." and then pushes a button labeled 'Flight Mode' and the wheels turn in on their axels and the vehicle starts to gain altitude. "The only good thing about this monstrosity is that it cuts travel time to Salem Center by a forth."

Poor Alex will have to suffer a sharp screeching cry out of Jeanne-Marie as the vehicle strts to take to the air, closing her eyes and turning her head aside, she holds down tightly to her seat, het legs flailing. It takes her about a minute to realize that was supposed to happen, and once she opens her eyes again, she looks amazed, "sapristi! It's a miracle!"

Alex laughs at her reaction, laughs a lot and then finally when she calms and realizes that it's intentional, he laughs a little more. He pulls up on the wheel and they go up and over the upper west side, "Yeah, kinda; but you get a better view of how large the city is from up here."

"Oooohh, zee city!" Jeanne-Marie is reminded of the view she was admiring before, and she quickly shifts her head to look down, out the window, her face beaming, she never expected to be in a flying car before, it's like a ride in a theme park, not that she's been on one of those before. Well, not like this.

He'll do a brief once over the park, "It's impressive. I'll say." and then head north ward over harlem, morningside heights, and into the burbs. In all, it should be a 10 minute flight to Salem Center. During such time he'll let her ramble on if she would at random, or if needed prompting, he'll ask about LaValle and what she does there.

After her initial excitement, Jeanne-Marie does turn silent, and so when prompted about LaValle, she gives Alex the kind of information he never really cared to know about a city in Quebec he's not very likely to visit any time soon.

Coming in over Salem Center, he skirts the city and will end up on the north east side where he'll skim the treetops to duck detection. Rising ahead is the grounds of the Xavier estate where he'll bring the flying mini-van to a gentle landing in the driveway. "Here we are." he says while powering down the vehicle.

Jeanne-Marie braces once again as Alex brings the vehicle to a landing, and as he announces their arrival, she looks up at him and asks in a faint voice, "so…w'at eez 'ere?"

"This is the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters." He answers finishing the power down sequence and opening the door. He looks over before departing and gives a reassuring look, "You're safe here."

"Xavier's Sc'ool for Gifted Youngsters…" Jeanne-Marie repeats the name with some trepidation. "Do t'ey teach about god 'ere? Any Christian values?"

Recalling the last time he was engaged with Jeanne Marie and her Jesus freakishness, Alex chooses to avoid that whole conversation again. He says, "Of course." and then will get out to walk around and hopefully beat her to opening the door.

Jeanne-Marie does wait in her seat until Alex coming in to open the door for her, she looks much more relaxed after Alex's reply to her question too. "W'o are we going to see now?"

"First Jean and then Professor Xavier." Alex states after opening the door and offering a hand for her to exit. If the other's see him, he's so busted.

Jeanne-Marie takes Alex's hand as she steps out of the vehicle, holding her things against her chest, but she doesn't let go of that hand, clearly stricken with shyness as she's being lead to a place she thinks she's never been in before, to meet with strangers.

Alex will walk Jeanne up the steps to the mansion's front doors which are opened upon their approach. Beyond is a lovely redhead wearing green flats, green skirt and a sweater. Her hair is long and full she smiles and her green eyes radiate a loving warmth. She says, "Alex, is this your new friend?"

Alex says, "Yes, she is. Jean, this is Jeanne Marie. She's from LaValle, it's in Quebec and she wants to get home."

Jeanne-Marie almost glues herself to Alex's side when the door open, but after a short exchange when she realizes the red-haired woman is Jean, she murmurs, "t'ank you for letting me borrow decent clothes," she remarks, "I promise to send t'em back w'en I get to LaValle."

"Think nothing of it, Jeanne Marie. They look better on you anyway. And it's so good to meet you." She already knows that JM is having memory problems or something is truly amiss from Alex's description. She will turn and walk to JM's opposite of Alex side and he will guide JM into the foyer. As they walk toward the depths of the house the doors will close behind them.

Alex says, "I'll be Professor Xavier is looking forward to meeting you."

"You're very nice, Jean, t'ank you for being kind to me," Jeanne-Marie murmurs and looks a bit awed about the size of the Mansion as she walks inside, "Jean, are you a teacher?"

Jean answers, "Why yes I am. I teach World Literature and English classes."

<insert bla bla bla, bla bla bla, bla bla bla bla bla bla bla here>

Around the corner, Jeanne Marie is led to another door which is partially open, and within is the professor himself.

Jeanne-Maire keeps to small talk with Jean, getting a little bit more relaxed until they get to meet the Professor, where she goes silent again and freezes, her hand squeezing Alex's hand.

-==[ Xavier's Office - Xavier Mansion ]==------—-

The room is large enough for a medium-sized meeting of regular-sized humans, or a small meeting of larger individuals. The furniture is reinforced mahogany—a broad desk centered in front of generous windows overlooking the Memorial Garden, a collection of chairs with and without arms arrayed around it, a bench by the door. Mahogany cabinets to one side conceal office supplies and a small guest bar; mahogany bookshelves to the other side contain files and reference books.
The walls are wainscotted mahogany below, cream wallpaper above. Fabrics are crimson and cream, from draperies to upholsteries to rugs. Gold cords tie back the drapes; a gold-tone task lamp with a green shade stands guard over the desk. Mahogany or Cordoban leather accessories are set neatly within easy reach on the desk top; on the right side sit a laptop and phone. Unless someone is actually working here, the desk is clear of paperwork; even the waste basket is empty.

From behind his desk, Xavier motions with an open palm toward one of the high backed leather chairs. "Please Jeanne Marie, take a seat. I'm professor Charles Xavier and I've a feeling that we should talk about getting you home."

Jeanne-Marie looks back at Alex, but as he prods her on, she finally lets go off his hand and moves towards the seat. In her arms she is carrying a sheet rolled around so she could carry it, and a gold and white leotard styled costume of some sort. "I would like zat, M'sieur," Jeanne-Marie murmurs in a rather thick French accent.

With a warm smile, the professor leans forward and places his forearms on his desk. She's likely to see the back of the wheelchair behind him and know that he's paralized from the waist down (or has some lower limb issues). "I'm sure it'll be no trouble at all. Now if you would just relax…" and with those words, he astrally projects into her mind to sort out all the gory details.

"Y-you can't walk, can you?" Jeanne-Marie gasps as she realizes Xavier is sitting in a wheelchair, "was it an accident? I 'ope it didn't 'urt. I will pray to god for you." Jeanne-Marie was about to explain more but nods as Xavier asks her to relax, leaning back in her seat.

As Xavier ventures astralling into her mind, he'll find mostly darkness. She is eager to get back to Madame DuPont's School for Girls because she doesn't want to be punished, however, the girl is clearly not 13 like she thinks she is at the moment. There is a corner of her mind that does have flashes of light, and it seems to come from an elaborate maze that's been artificially constructed by a telepath. Flashes of light come from there as someone movement zips inside, but it seems the construct shifts its structure to keep whatever moves in there trapped. What appears to be Jeanne-Marie herself also seems to have suffered a sort of shift to a regressed state following some kind of trauma.

Xavier will note the various mysteries within her mind and delve deeper, careful to avoid traps, triggers, or anything that would cause unrest within the girl's very complex mind.

Is it turns out on further exploration, there seems to be a sub layer that was hidden in her mind that shows a sign of life, and yet that same sign of life is also coming from whatever is zooming about that ever shifting maze. Meanwhile, Jeanne-Marie, envisioning herself as a little girl in her mind at the moment, is cowering in the darkness from spectre figures who look like priests and nuns with a demonic twist to them.

If able, and seeing that the path is to secure the safety of young Jeanne-Marie. Xavier will banish the evil in a bold movement to act as the gallant king to save the princess. Giving her youthful mind a storybook focus and then give the impression of spiriting her away on horseback.

As can be expected her younger self seems thrilled by the knight who has come to save her from her evil tormentors, she cheers and asks if they are heading somewhere that has no darkness. With the demonic presence cleared from the time being, there is much more stress on the blinding light that can be seen shifting to and fro within the maze, as well as a subdued and weakend prayer from some sub-level of the mind.

"We are, young princess. We are moving into the light - that light which will take away all the shadows." And with that, Xavier will focus their movements in the astral toward that blinding light.

The light is emanating from within the walls of a shifting maze, it grows tall, elongates and shrinks, all according to the movement of the light within, seemingly designed to keep it entrapped. If Xavier is able to trace other telepaths by technique or some residual astral presence, he'd be able to surmise that it is the work of Selene from the Hellfire Club.

Xavier digs and finally uncovers the truth, that it was Selene that mentally corrupted Aurora's mind causing a regressed Jeanne-Marie to emerge. He sets things straight and allows her foundational personality to arise.

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