2012 02 23 Flying Mini Vans And Ass Kicking Payback

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Flying Mini-Vans and Ass Kicking Payback

Nightcrawler, Havok, Pyro & Avalanche

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Coney Island

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Kurt and Alex get payback and a flying mini-van.


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What started off as a, "Hey Kurt, let's ride into the city." turned into a brief conversation about how Val used to keep them in the loop of things when they were operating out of Washington. Then it finds them pulling up to the lot where the theater once stood.

Through the front windshield, Kurt and Alex can see a walled off lot (opaque) and several large digging implements beyond. Around the lot are SHIELD operatives in their blue encounter suits with sidearms. None are higher than the rank of Sgt but they all look official.

Alex notes, "Oh this is getting better all the time."

Listening the whole way, Kurt nods agreement to everything Alex has to say about being in the loop while in Washington and being out now. An occasional comment about location and where they are now, maybe a suggestion that the need personal flying cars or something to make them better capable of dealing with situations nation wide. It isn't pushed, just a hint.

Opening his door when the vehicle comes to a stop, "This isn't going to be one of those days where we don't get anywhere because we have the wrong badges is it?" Still, he gets out just the same.

At least he's in costume, then again when isn't he. He also has an unstable molecule ID card just like Kurt. This comes in handy when Alex walks up to the two SHIELD agents adjacent to the main gate.

"Gentlemen, I'm Havok, this is Nightcrawler. We're with X-Factor and we'd like to talk to Val Cooper, if she's available."

SHIELD Agent #1: "We know who you are and Ms Cooper has already been notified of your presence. Please wait next to your vehicle and she will be with you shortly."

Alex is about to say something rude or offensive…

A two-fingered hand (and thumb) comes up to Alex's shoulder, patting it masculine friendly - pad pad pad, audible. "That's good news, we'd hate to have to wait for her." Then he lets the hand rest more firmly. "You guys are doing good security work here, we'll be at our vehicle until she shows up or real work needs to be done." He turns, hopefully Havok is coming with him. If they make it away without anything being blasted, he sidecomments, "See, they love us. At least we get to wait and aren't being detained right?"

…. Nightcrawler

Havok turns on his heel and walks back toward his Jeep. He apparently worked himself into an annoyed state during the ride down. A flying car would have cut the travel time down. They even had Flying Cars when they were in Washington - he's not mentioned that yet, but may if prompted.

"I'm seriously considering joining SHIELD, at least then I can be an ass and it's expected of me." he mutters when getting back to the Jeep.

"I think the term is too much brass - or, higher ranked asses," says Kurt in response to joining SHIELD. "Besides, I think you'd have to wait for orders to blow stuff up with them. We're better off where we are." A chuckle, whether or not appreciated even. "Should we place bets, how long it takes them to actually notifiy her and then how long for her to respond?"

After a disgruntled sigh, Havok shakes his head in apathy and turns to lean against the Jeep so that he can check out the constuction site (or what of it he can see over the 9' wall).

"So what do you think? They found something really important - like a Fusion Reactor, and that's why SHIELD took over?"

"I don't know, but I'm curious myself - that wall makes it more intriguing, ja?" Then he ponders over it, "I mean, if we really want to get a pick, and you can promise to be all ninja like - no blasting, we could sneak around back and get a glimpse inside." The yellow eyes of Kurt turn over to Havok then, suggesting teleporting in, but just out of sight because of the whole Bamf sound when they leave - they won't be heard when they teleport in.

"Nah, they already know we're here. The minute we get out of sight they'll know something is up. Now… if Val doesn't let us in we'll be coming back tonight."

The gate is opened and Val Cooper emerges. Her blond hair is pulled back into a pony underneath a powder blue hardhat. She wears a business suit and heels, both gray in color. Her blue eyes set on Kurt and Alex while she crosses the distance and says, "Boys… what brings you out on this beautiful morning?"

Alex pushes off the Jeep and gives her a look of dumbfoundedness, as if she's asking a really stupid question. He starts in on her, "Seriously? Val, listen. Ever since the /New Deal/ you've treated us like bastard step children. You've kept us out of the information loop. You've disregarded requests for intel. You've basically labeled us as your errand boy mutant team. We go where you tell us but don't give us a treat afterwards for good work."

Not wanting to get in a boss-fight, Kurt remains at the Jeep, standing where he was. Though he interjects, "That is, its great to see you Val, he's curious when we'll be able to play in the sandbox more." Grinning toothily for Val, he hopes she doesn't respond in kind to Alex, smoothing over attempted but left at that. Rather he kicks loosely at some rubble on the ground - the fine stuff that the normal sweeps and policing of the area didn't pick up. The same sort that turns to dust eventaully and joins the rest of the grime along the sides of the streets.

Cooper doesn't mince her words, "Alex, you knew when you signed on that it wasn't the original /deal/. You wanted the freedom to hang out at Xaviers and with that comes a security risk that the NSA isn't going to budge on. Now, if you want to move your crew into the city, get clear of the X-Men, then things will change. But, as it stands, my hands are tied and so are yours. "

Alex knew the deal. It's more likely he didn't expect it to be so constrictive and mute. He sighs, and almost says something before she forces a smile to Kurt, "Hey Kurt, good to see you too. Would you like to join me in the former Brotherhood base and go over a few things we've discovered.. you can invite Alex only if he promises to be nice." thus signaling to the boys that she's done with the former topic and is ready to move on to the more informative side.

Kurt's smile is genuine, even in the thick of things there is always time for a smile on his face. "Val, I would love to," then he turns to Alex, "She says you can come along if you play nice. No blasting." As if that settles it. Then more friendly to Val, "So what's in it if we move to the city? Real computers, comfie couches, iPads, video game center? It sounds like a sweat deal to mein ears. Or is it like Big Brother, all communications monitored to make sure we're not instant messaging Charles and the other X-Men?" Either case, he'll walk/follow wherever Val is willing to lead them.

Val will begin her walking back toward the dig as Kurt talks, she's very pleased to engage such conversational pathways, "When X-Factor was in Washington, they had the latest technology, freedom of communication, and a comfortable base with which to operate from."

Alex almost says something, but he's going to remain quiet while following Kurt and Val.

The gate is passed and into the very large hole that looks down 85' onto a partially collapsed (east side) metallic 'roof'. The tube access has been cut down but still provides a hole and port with which to enter. Another access point is also offered which looks to have been an elevator shaft located on the southern side of the base. There is a portable crane/elevator setup to allow people to descend into the gaping maw. And all around are portable buildings with SHIELD logos.

"As you can see," Val starts off, "We've dug out the site and have penetrated its defenses. SHIELD is working with us because of the power source that they will collect. Antimatter. Somehow Magneto was able to get it up and running, magnetically shielded, and was acting as the power source. At present, we're sifting through terrabites of encrypted information off their drives. Seems that you all scared Pyro and Avalanche off before it could be erased or wiped out."

"That sounds interesting - both the files they were trying to erase and the antimatter generator." Looking at Havok, Kurt ponders that a moment but turns more towards Val for further questioning. "Is the data simply for the power source here, or perhaps an intended purpose? I mean, is there more you suspect in the data files than just information about the antimatter? And you know, we're still interested in a good lead on Pyro and Avalanche. They definitely need to be rounded up - not simply for answers about the data files. We talked about this with the team, and it is suspect that the fire may have been a fight between the Brotherhood and another group, or coincidental, but once the bunker was revealed, they intended to prevent anyone else from getting in there. I suspect its more than the power source they are trying to protect."

Val states, "The fire marshal ruled the fire accidental - a faulty electrical circuit on top of a breaker box that was 40 years out of date. We believe that due to the fire, the Brotherhood wanted to secure the secret base, erase the hard drives and set the self-destruct. You two happened to be around and cut down their window of time. We believe that Avalanche was trying to bring down the base with his vibration assault, but failed. However, because the escape tunnel out to the river is on the east side, the villains assumed that the local collapse they saw represented the entire base."

Alex notes, "Any leads on where Pyro and Avalanche may be holding up?"

"Like other bases of operation indicated in the data file," suggest Kurt to further the question by Alex. Though, he can't add more to the answer but takes in all that Val has said. He crouches to all four as they're looking over the edge. His tail pondering throwing a rock in, just to do it. It flickers but stays and behaves even. Before she responds, he quickly amends, "We can get a closer look right?"

Val answers Havok's query and Kurt's notation, "Actually, since you mention it and not to come across as making you two our errand boys. This morning, Magneto made a formal request to the United Nations and to the United States that we surrender the newly discovered antimatter generator to him so that his /people/ can benefit. Genoshans being his people. There was no intel released about the discovery. He knew that we'd found his home away from home. So, we know that Pyro and Avalanched communicated with him. Doing a little reverse lookup, *69 if you want to simplify the computer mumbo jumbo. Anyway, we cross referenced it with another suspected underground location under Coney Island. That's where we suspect you'll find the villains. And we were about to let you in on that secret just before you rolled up."

Turning his head to look behind him and up at the Havok and Val, Kurt nods his head, "See, it is a good thing we showed up just like that. We knew we'd be needed eventually. Question is, do we have to drive or we gonna get a ride over there?" It is a drive, he further adds, "I mean, Alex and the jeep, all the way here - I can only stand so much ELO - my disco days are well before my time."

Alex almost has a rebuttle, but Val states, "Oh, that reminds me. Alex, do you remember the transport you used back in Washington. You know, the one that was crushed by the Nasty Boys?"

Alex says, "Yeah?"

Val says, "Well, I requisitioned you another one. It's in route now."

She brushes her hands indicating what she says now, "My work is done, you boys be careful and wait by the Jeep, your new toy will be here shortly." then starts walking off.

Beaming practically, Kurt waits until out of earshot of Val, being a good boy and going to wait. "A new one? The one back in Washington. And you've been toting me around in that jeep." Shaking his head some at that luck, he continues, "Still, just like that, a new one - why not two? How big is this thing, all these details and I'm left in the dark here. Now I know how you feel with Val these days."

"The one we had before held 6 plus Strong Guy. Think flying minivan or suv." Alex answers while walking back toward the gate, noting that SHIELD agents are watching their movements as Val dismissed them.

Making a pishaw sort of sound, "Soccer mom flying car - when do we get like personal flying dirigibles - like personal subs but that fly. That would be awesome." He's just saying, dreaming even. He tries to wait quietly, pondering Coney Island base. "It this a time to call for backup now? Avalanche and hidden bases aren't a good combination we've learned already. We don't need Nathans collapsing down on us, no matter how much you like hot dogs."

Once at the Jeep and listening to Kurt's wishful ramblings. Alex chuckles and shakes his head, "We're totally calling for backup. And…. What the heck's wrong with ELO, or the BeeGees for that matter? At least I'm not forcing you to listen to the Westside Story soundtrack."

The flying mini-van arrives in its stylish blue and black XFactor styled side design on a black background. Equipped with sliding side doors and a hatch back, the vehicle handles like a tugboat pulling a freighter. Sloshing through the skies, Alex bitches the whole way down to Coney between the slight planning of trading partners and getting the drop on them. It's mid afternoon when they reach Coney and the temperature is pushing 40 with clear skies. Landing within a mile of their destination Alex parks the flying mini-van and gets out.

"Ok, the report says we access this place through one of the abandoned consession stands just down the strand."

Nodding about the location in question, Kurt ponders, "Just one concession stand, out of however many still stand? That sort of narrows it down. We need to walk a little and you'll have to suffer a teleport over. I mean, we show up in uniforms, my blue fuzz and all, it will cause some commotion." Even though its still winter months doesn't mean everything is abandoned. Getting out his side, he tosses over his shoulder, "I just need line of site and I can get us in pretty quietly - a couple hundred yards from our target is all - we shouldn't be heard from that distance."

Havok checks the schematics back in the mini-van and says, "Looks like… come on."

They'll stick to the covered areas and eventually get to where they can see (within 85 yards) the free standing structure that's long since abandoned and someone failed to tear it down. There are a few bystanders that see them, some ignore, others want autographs, while some just plain avoid.

Once within line of sight, Havok says, "Get us on top of that one?" and points.

Kurt will sign with his tail if anyone asks, who knows what he actually writes down - this business is new to him, he tries to avoid this much exposure. Still, within line of sight, Kurt gives a nod. "I can get us on quietly, we should be able to find a way in and search for this hidden base from there." Presuming there is some connection between the long strand of concessions and whatnot all attached together. That being said, he waits a moment when no one around or looking and they have some space, which doesn't take long in the cold weather. Reaching two hands over to the other, he grabs on and Bamf - they are atop the roof as indicated, closer to the edge for safety (who knows what's on these things). Kurt quickly pulls back so they can duck behind signage and awnings for cover.

Trying to be stealthy and look cool while doing it, the heroes are completely blindsided when the roof of the building explodes upward and outward, shattering the adjacent walls and if the heroes to escape, they will fall into the crumbling rubble.

Instead of acting, Havok holds his action and says, "Uh, Kurt!" as he is cast upward from the wake of the explosion.

In reaction to the explosion, Kurt to is expelled from the surface of the building that exploded. Even as he's saying it, Nightcrawler is on it. Its not flying, but it will have to do. Given that there is a ton of debris flying around, Kurt's best bet at the moment is to grab Havok and get to ground level for the moment. Reaching a hand, he makes the attempt - hopefully his hightened agility and acrobatics will assist thim in this endeavor. Then he is teleportin to the ground somewhere between where they started from and the building that blew up. Enough to be out of range of the falling debris is his intent.

The villains are spied. There's a copse of trees on the heroes side of the former consession building. Debris is still falling and the villains are moving into the trees. Pyro already has a bead on the heroes when they appear and a large flaming phoenix like bird is descending from the sky to strike at them.

The flaming bird is still in the air above the heroes, it lashes out with claw/claw attacks toward the heroes

No better time than the now, Kurt looks up to see the bird come for him and instead of getting out of the way, he locates Pyro in the copse of trees. Engulfed in flame, Kurt teleports to the copse - reaches for Pryo then multiports. One to make him quesy - and dump him in the ocean if he is close enough, then again to get back to the area on the boardwalk near Havok and Avalanche. (that's teleport, attack on pyro, teleport, teleport - if the attack misses, he'll try to change action to attack one more time, then teleport to the water).

Avalanche is in the same area as Pyro, they're intending to split off one another as they move through the copse. He noted the porting of Nightcrawler and laughs as he says, "Hey Pyro, get that blue elf!" while blasting a wave of vibration through the ground toward Havok.

Havok rolls to the side successfully dodging Pyro and Avalanche's attacks <move action>. He then grasps his hands together and unleashes a blast toward Pyro.

Pyro is blasted against a large tree and is suddenly out of comission.

Avalanche sees the fall of Pyro and looks sharply at Havok. "Oh now you gone and done it!" he yells and starts to charge Havok as he builds up a vibrational charge. With the intention of knocking Havok into next week.

Havok is knocked back several yards when he's struck by Avalanche and takes 40-10 + 40-10 damage= 60 total.

While flying backwards, since he's not stunned, he releases his plasma discharge toward Avalanche. Havok will ultimately land on his back.

For his part, Kurt takes off at a run towards Avalanche. His plan of attack is to grab him and multiport enough to disorient him. If need be, allowing Havok a finishing blow. (Move, attack, teleport, teleport - while holding/grappling Avalanche).

On his back, Havok finds Avalanche standing over him with a very pissed expression behind the mask. Ava says in a raised annoyed tone, "Now it's time for Havok Paste!" then unleashes his full sonic attack onto the hero.

Avalanche is far too pissed to see straight. In this, he totally misses the point blank shot on Havok.

Having missed Avalanche his last go around, he is closer at hand when he closes with Havok. Kurt will round kick at him, punch him, grab him, them teleport high above the water (attack, attack, attack, teleport) - giving him enough time to teleport back (next round) while dumping avalanche into the drink.

Havok lays there a moment realizing that Kurt just teleported Avalanche and himself away. He quickly rolls to the side, stands and looks around for targets.

While falling, Avalanche realizes that Kurt is near. He reaches to grab the elf.

Falling with Avalanche, Kurt avoids being grabbed by shear luck. To further his case, he will punch, kick, punch the brute, then teleport away, letting the other fall into the water. He teleports nearby to save the man if he starts to drown - but hopefully the concussion of the water will knock himout.

Landing the first punch, Kurt's kick misses, but he succeeds in hitting Avalanche with the last punch before he teleports to the shore. Avalanche is not knocked out by the fall into the water or the punches, but is left to swim for his survival for the moment.

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