2012 02 23 A Second Opinion

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A Second Opinion

Sebastian Shaw and Dr. Marinos (emitted by Mike)

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23 Feb 2012

Brooklyn General

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Shh! We've replaced Shaw's doctor with the father of a man he killed. Let's see if they figure it out…


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-==[ Brooklyn General - Brooklyn ]==-------—-

Brooklyn General's hospital lobby is what could be expected by thousands of hospital lobbies around the world: It's very clean. The double doors of the building are electronic, detectors automatically mandating that they automatically slide open when people draw near. Immediately inside, there is a front desk with a suite directory on the wall behind it, often manned by several nurses or receptionist-type people. Ample security also travels the shiny tiled floor now and then.

Windows face all four corners of the rectangular room, though decorative "walls" separate it into sections. Two rows of comfortable chairs are situated back to back back, separated by tables. Another row lines the far wall, and another one where decorative hedging and plants can be seen. More are by the windows, enabling people to watch passers by. The sitting areas are carpeted, and tall, metal trashcans occupy some corners. The tile pathway in between carpeting leads visitors to the elevators, the hallways at the ends splitting into a three way intersection. One of these branches lead to the stairs which visitors can take instead.

The hospital is often populated. While not always crowded, it can be guaranteed that the lobby is at least partway filled by citizens and visitors of the city. Some look anxious, some look like they're pacing around while others are seated and reading complimentary magazines kept on the tables to provide a means of getting their minds off the reasons why they're there.

The damage was quite real, of course…having a density-shifter drive his hand into your heart should, by rights, cause catastrophic damage, but then, Sebastian's body is far from ordinary. He should be dead, or severely impaired. Instead, he is healing, the damage should be entirely gone by week's end at the current rate.

But…even in this, even in the genuine shock of his own son actually going through with trying to kill him, he saw an opportunity.

Shinobi didn't know he'd survive, he can play this up, feign vulnerability, and see who chooses to act, or take advantage.

And so he is here, on a 'second opinion' checkup. Much has been falsified, and confidentiality ensures that the 'little scare' he's had will not get out. Let the rumour mills churn.

On the other hand…hospital food. Pfah.

It sounds like SOMEONE didn't spring for the upgraded hospital room. Regardless of his not springing for the room that's just a few floors up, Mr. Shaw is not kept waiting long. By hospital standards anyways. With his last name being in the lower half of the alphabet, it's impressive that he's getting checked upon this quickly to begin with.

The cracked open door swings open, revealing one of the hospital's many doctors. The graying hair coupled with the lines around the eyes and sides of the mouth betray the fact he is not quite fresh out of med school. But since when was that a flaw? But the look upon his face is not quite one wants to see upon their attending physician. Pure befuddlement. The doctor pauses in the doorway, looking to the paperwork again and then back up towards the only patient in the room before finishing the cross of the doorway. "Mr. Shaw." He greets, not doing well to conceal the astonishment in his voice, "I must say, I'm… impressed with how well you've taken care of yourself. Considering matters."

Sebastian lies in the bed, paging down on something on his smartphone as the physician enters, he looks up as the man enters, absently locking the phone and setting it aside, "I have tried to take good care of myself over the years." He certainly looks it, "That's why this was…such a surprise." the emotion in his words is genuine, but not for the obvious reason.

The doctor nods, seemingly sympatheticly as he comes closer, the proximity allowing for the name tag of Dr. Marinos to be visible, "There's only so much that can be done to improve one's health. And judging from these results." He glances up from the paperwork as he continues, "And you have done quite well. I've seen results on men half your age that are not this good." He manages a weak smile at the assurance before he lets it drop, "You do appear to have a little damage to your heart though, I'd like to have arrangements made for you to have a consult with a cardiologist before we do anything hasty like, for instance, sending you home." He gives another small, smile, not quite reaching the eyes, "Better safe than sorry, after all."

"Sebastian makes a soft sound, something like consideration and acquiescence, "I have a few specialists I can also suggest, if you'd like. My company has a good providor network." He sighs, deeply, "Damage to my heart." yes, yes indeed, "Wonderful news." he says flatly, then adds, "My son will be thrilled." a very dry joke?

At the mention of Shaw's son, the doctor's expression darkens a bit. He silences for a few moments before he coughs, "Ah yes, if you already have one within your network that you already use, I'd like to know who so we can have the proper information forwarded to them." He pauses, "I don't believe you elected to have your information given to any relatives. So, how much he knows would likely be up to you."

"Oh…he was there when it happened." Shaw notes, quite truthfully. "I'll get you that information. But frankly, I like to keep such things in-network. The media is already salivating over this as it is. 24-hour news cycle and all."

Marinos nods, "Perfectly understandable. Also, in-network doctors result in lower bills which keep the health plan folks happy." With the information given about the presence of his son at the incident with the heart, he frowns, considering the amount of traffic on the floor is slightly lower than the one below it, he considers, "Your son must be concerned."

Sebastian chooses his words carefully, "Oh he was…distraught. But our relationship has been…strained as of late." Again, it's not bad to get some of this out, especially to someone who can't understand the truth of it.

"Ah." The Doctor nods, eyes flicking towards the doorway before he replies again. "But you two are still talking at least." He presumes from the information given. There's a hint of regret to his voice, possibly tinged with a bit of jealousy.

The businessman's voice scoffs a bit, "You might say that." he is far from ignorant of something going on here, some subtext, "You may excuse my asking, doctor, but is something troubling you?" he asks carefully, keenly watching the man.

The doctor pauses as he's called upon his commentary. "I uh-" He grows silent once again. "I recently recieved some bad news regarding my own son," he eventually admits, glancing aside, "My apologies."

Sebastian waves it off, "No need. I apologize for prying, doctor."

The doctor shakes his head, "You wouldn't have felt the need if I had kept it professional." He moves over to the front of the bed, grabbing another board from it, switching over the back page of his information over to the board, "But, while I'm already like this." He glances towards Sebastian. "Do you mind if I say something, father to father?"

"Not all." Sebastian replies, "Trust me, when you are a professional, in a certain role, there are expectations of behavior."

Taking that as an invitation to continue, Dr. Marinos nods, "Do what you can not to let the relationship with your son go beyond strained, thinking you have time to repair things." He sets the clipboard back down, "Sometimes things don't work out." Giving a sigh, the doctor looks over towards Sebastian, "Well, Mr. Shaw. Back to the business at hand, once you let me know of the cardiologist you wish to use, we'll make arrangements to forward the necessary information to them. No point in redoing things that were already done."

Sebastian nods, "Of course. A pity you weren't able to reconcile. But one can only extend so much to a child. So many offers to help or understand."

Marinos nods, stepping away from the bed, "I wish you luck with your son." He gives a slight nod, seemingly trying to reinforce that being the only thing he's wishing before he glances to his overpriced watch. "Well, Mr. Shaw, I believe it is nearing meal time so I'll leave you to have time to enjoy that. One of us will stop by later with some paperwork you'll need to review."

"A yes, the fine cuisine available only at New York's finest hospitals." Sebastian says flatly, "But keeping one's strength up is important." Oh indeed it is, although in his case, it doesn't mean -quite- what it seems. His stored charge has been dangerously low to entirely absent for the last few days, just in case someone actually had to perform surgery, not that that would have been easy even then. "I am sorry to hear about your difficulties." Of course, he has no idea he is the one who put an end to them, permenantly.

Fine cuisine." Dr. Marinnos repeats giving a soft chuckle as he's reminded of the horrors of the hospital food, misery loves company it seems. "I am a bit surprised you opted for one of these rooms instead of the upper level ones." Oh well. Giving a nod of the head towards Shaw he starts to head out, "Enjoy your meal, Mr. Shaw."

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