2012 02 22 The Ready Room Is Ready

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The Ready Room is Ready

Revanche, Nightcrawler & Havok

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The Ready Room, Xavier Mansion

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They talk about stuff.


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The Ready Room is where people get ready: Mission briefings, research, debriefings, research, and operational information. Havok is normally found in the room going over recent accounts of mutant activity. Considering the latest encounter, it seems reasonable he would be in here doing the norm, but not this hour. It seems he's playing Defender on the main screen and has amassed over 2M points.

A slightly snarky British voice comments drolly from the doorway, "How are the bruises?" This is followed by the purple-haired form of 'Liz' pushing off from the door jam with her hip and strolling into the room, watching the game with wry amusement. Alex's brother would never unclench enough to have /fun/ like this.

Coming to the ready room, seeing again it is inhabited, Kurt has been about some exercise. More limbering up after recent strains than anything else. Though when he sees its Defender and not some cool hideout base plans or something, he isn't sure about this one. Still, he enters, "Okay, I give up Alex, are we the little purple things falling down, or the spastastic explosion things?" Seems he's not that far behind the 'Liz.' Not having heard what she said but seeing she is approaching him. Perhaps thankful this is a public room even, who knows what blue elves think of.

"I'll live." Alex answers while pushing the pause button and swiveling around in his chair. "But those little purple things won't if I don't save them." thus half heartedly answering both questions. He looks over the two of them, then goes into business mode, "Cooper's on the site now. Excavating it. She said that they'll have something by the end of the day. Hopefully two Brotherhood bodies."

Unable to help herself, 'Liz' makes a face at that. It's brief, but it's there. She doesn't like the idea of 'bodies'. She may work with X-Factor, but she is in no way in favor of being a 'hit woman' for the government - US or otherwise. "I heard about the injuries. What happened? Bad ops planning? Or bad intel?" Because frankly, they're generally too professional to get whupped up on like that unless there's a mistake earlier up the line.

Not making a face, Kurt is more direct forward, "Hopefully those bodies are still breathing." He doesn't hold back with Logan when it comes to that stuff, he's nod holding back now. "It was a trap - Pryo and Avalanche. We walked into it, twice. Good thing Warren showed up when he did." Both to sniff out the trap and speak fast enough to get them out, otherwise there could be two other bodies being pulled from the wreckage. He after thoughts, "I'm sure there was a way out for them, otherwise why would Avalanche collapse the place … and yes, I'm giving him credit enough to realize that."

"Basically what Kurt said. We walked into a trap, twice. Avalanche tried to bring the place down on top of us and I'm half way hoping that he and Pyro got caught up in the collapse. That would be ironic… and more fun to rub it in their faces if they're still alive." Alex tries to correct and fill in the blanks. He's not filed a report yet… because well, he's not his brother.

"So what you're really saying is you needed your handy dandy telepath on watch on the way in, so you didn't end up hip deep in it without warning." 'Liz' comments. She's not snarking, just stating the facts as she is hearing them, in that droll British way. "What sent you in there in the first place? How did they set up the bait for the trap?"

Nightcrawler pages: heh, I played there for 5 or 6 months a while back, had fun, but it still has that creep out factor you're talking about

"The fire uncovered the tunnel to a converted fallout beneath the building," informs Kurt, directly, "When we went to look down, they attacked us. We had to retreat but went back to the tunnel when Warren showed up. After we triggered the alarm and entered, Avalanche collapsed the building. It was a close call," literally. He then defers to Alex, he isn't sure wholly why they went other than suspicion of Pyro being the culprit somehow.

"Absolutely." Alex answers Liz's question and Kurt's assessment, "Basically yes, it would have been great to have you there. We took a beating and we're gonna catch up with them and give it back."

'Liz' nods. "Well, I'll see if I can get some time in Cerebro later. See if I can turn up anything to find the two of them." She'll do her best to pull her weight, and she has no problem getting a little of their own back from Pryo and Avalanche. Of course they'd want that. "Glad you were able to pull out." This is the original Elizabeth, and so no questions are asked about how Warren was doing. No history there. Even if he is a beautiful hunk of angel. Or Archangel in this case.

If Kurt only knew, he might wish he had wings himself, but he's not a telepath and has not history of being a telepath. "Is this one of those waiting on Val situations like with the Sentinel?" Its more rhetoric, Kurt is adjusting to red tape - even the red tape that exists between agencies and government entities. So instead he also ponders, "I'm still curious why they would collapse the base like that. I mean, it looked like it was pretty up to date, if a little dusty. Great layout from what we saw, not accounting for other rooms off the main chamber. That part doesn't add up, why start a fire to lure us to one of their hideouts, then destroy the hideout in another trap."

"They're the Brotherhood. Not known for their most rational decisions. If we're lucky, Magneto is tearing them a new one for wrecking the place. Then again, it was discovered, so the whole Scorched Earth policy fits right into that evacuation." Alex notes in a sarcastic and miffed tone. It's easy to tell that he's sore and bruised from yesterday's exchange - as he doesn't move much and isn't as animated as he normally presents.

"The possibility exists that the fire was started in a confrontation with someone or something else, other than you two. Then they made the decision to use it as a trap and bring the house down because they caught wind of your approach. But the only way we're going to find out anything like that is if I can find them." Hence, Cerebro time. But later. 'Liz' glances at both of the men and womanfully resists the urge to smirk at the presence of pain she's picking up from them. That would be mean. "You are right, though. Scorched earth is definitely their playbook." <re>

"We should be there to help her sniff through the dirt too," adds Kurt, referring to Val in this instance. "Another case where we might find something the regular clean up crew misses. Like the possibility of another fight, or someone else. An enemy of the Brotherhood, someone we know maybe. Too much in the air." Shaking his head, "Too much of the unknown on this. I'll hope that you find one of the culprits we're looking for - answers and direction …."

Havok nods, agreeing to a lot of it but when Val steps in with her government operatives, the team seems to be benched. Just like with the Sentinel remains. "Liz, do what you can with Cerebro. I'll get back on the line with Cooper. Maybe she'll throw us a bone. In the mean time, what do you two think about Magneto having his own country?"

'Liz' purses her lips in annoyance. "I think it's crazy, personally. Given all that Magneto has said and done over the years, trusting that man to rule a nation seems ludicrous and dangerous. Feels like Genosha would become haven to all of the terrorist factions out there, Brotherhood included. And that can't be good, either for peace, or Xavier's dream." And 'Liz' believes in that dream, as jaded as she may sometimes seem to be. She gave her life for it, once. And wouldn't hestitate doing so again. "Don't tell me Cooper is making noises about sending us to investigate there. Please. That'd be the spark that lit the forest fire for sure."

Listening, Kurt shakes his head to offer, "Not to be the advocate, but giving him a Nation and if he is content with that, is a better solution than putting him down more. In those cases, he only strives again to prove mutantkind the superior to humans. At least this way, instead of a plot against the world, he can use the olympics to prove his claims. Then again, he'll cry that mutants aren't allowed - then maybe we'll have mutant level olympics." A look more at Alex, "If they have swashbuckling as an event, I'd win gold … just saying."

With a grin of reflective swashbuckling, "Been there, done that. Got the t-shirt." Alex replies to Liz's statement. "Actually just last month Xavier <slash> Cooper sent Siryn and I down there before the crap hit the fan. We were trying to get a good 'pro mutant' president into office. But the whole thing was breaking down and we were pulled out. A little later, Magneto took over."

And what does one say to any of that? In 'Liz's case, not much. She simply nods in acknowledgement. She still doesn't like the idea of Erik as the ruler of a legitimate nation. But even she can't predict the future with any accuracy, so there's no way to know if Kurt's rosey-colored view of the potential holds any water or not. "Sorry I missed the fun." is about all she can offer.

"Well, see, in that case, success," offers Kurt, "Literally, pro-mutant leader. I guess the downside is, now the humans might be enslaved on the island. I don't suspect Magneto will go that far, yet at least. The world is watching now. Hopefully some of the liberated mutants are in contact with us in case things do turn sour." He really doesn't think olympics will happen, but he does seem to have hope that even Magneto may have some of his hunger satiated at this apparent peace offering between the world and himself.

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