2012 02 21 Suicide

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Cytoplasm and Empath

IC Date:
February 21, 2012

Centrak Park

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Someone tries to mug Empath, Cyto stops him, but then he commits suicide


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Cytoplasm is walking through central park, apparently using a new form somewhat different from the one that he had used in the past. Sitting down on one of the benches, he looks around at the park in general and appears to smile, apparently happy about something while noting the various people and creatures around the park. He then closes his eyes and starts to listen, before getting up and walking over towards a tree, picking a leaf off of it and turning it over this way and that, examining it closely for some reason.

The Spanish mutant known as Manuel de la Rocha limps his way through the park. Recent events have led to numerous injuries including his arm in a sling and limp and scar and bruises across his face. As he limps along, he make no notice of Cytoplasm in his new form or anyone else for that matter. So as he nears the tree by which Cyto is also by, he pays no heed to the man behind him holding a gun, “Give me your money!”

As Cytoplasm sees the mugger threatening Manuel, he runs over towards the two and says, "Hey!" with a rather angry look on his face as he charges in at the mugger, knocking him down but not before the gun goes off in his stomach, the bullet flying through his body leaving a wound apparently filled with green goo which promptly reforms with the appearance of complete regeneration. Cytoplasm then gets up and says, "Normally I'd be more angry than this, but you haven't done anything to anyone yet. Why don't you leave, this doesn't have to get worse, right?"

The mugger watches all of this and attempts to run off scared. But then he stops a moment and seems blank almost zombie like. Manuel realizes everything that has occurred and looks to Cytoplasm, “Are you a mutant? You took that shot goo reformed?” The mugger remains silent as Manuel moves to him, “You were going to mug me?” The man nods his head, “I am so sorry…” He pleads.

"A… Mutant?" Cytoplasm says with a rather confused look on his face as he turns towards Maneul, "I don't really know what I am. I think I've been called a, 'Science project' before though though I don't know if that helps at all. My name is Sid… Have I seen you before? You look familiar."

Seemingly ignoring Cytoplasm, Manuel talks to the mugger, “Why did you try to mug me?” The man is in tears now, “I am sorry. Please forgive me.” Manuel shake his head and moves in to whisper something into the mugger’s ear. The mugger begins to cry and wail like a repentant sinner. He gets up and stumbles away running far from the two. Manuel then finally looks to Cytoplasm, “Sid, huh? Oh I think we have met. But you looked different. I am Manuel. We met one time in front of the Hilton. Annie or Gogo was there.”

Cytoplasm nods with a slightly unnerved look on his face and says, "I do remember you. There was someone else there, but I don't know who it was, although…" he then pauses before continuing saying, "What was that?.. What did you say? I know he was threatening you with death but I don't know if he really needed to be told something like that."

“I told him only God can forgive…even though I am an atheist, I thought that might spook him into not doing it again.” Manuel offers a smile, “Yes there was one other person there.” He pauses a moment as he stares at Cyto, “I thought I had heard you died. Does this new form have to do anything with that?” He asks and a few moments later, a gunshot is heard.

"I see." Cytoplasm says before shaking his head and saying, "No, actually. I caused trouble for someone else by looking the way I did before. Apparently I looked too much like someone and when I almost died, they thought that he had died too and… Well, he got upset. So I chose this form now, I just hope I don't look too much like anyone else." he then looks over towards the sound of a gunshot and says, "What was that? Did he try to mug someone else?" before starting to move over towards the source of the sound.

Manuel remains where he is as Cytoplasm goes off see the source of the gunshot sounds. Manuel has a large smile and shrugs as Cyto ventures forth. When he arrives behind some shrubs, the dead body of the mugger and in his hand, the gun he has used to mug Manuel. An apparent suicide, already sirens can be heard in the background as someone has called 911.

Looking down at the mugger with some caution he stops for a moment and then saying, "This is…" before looking back and Manuel and saying, "I… Don't understand. Why would he do something like that? Even if you're sad, even if you feel like you've done something terrible there's no reason to die!"

Shrugging his shoulders as he makes his way near and offers a small quick smile before frowning and walking away, “Sid, we should leave. Whether you are a mutant or something else. The police are coming to take care of this and if we are present, it may prove too many questions for you.” Starting to limp away Manuel offers, “Well, we all die eventually…well maybe not you. At least he controlled when he was going to die.”

"You're right…" Cytoplasm says as he gets up before walking away saying, "I don't want people to think I hurt him, though I don't think you should try to kill yourself like that. I don't want to see the people around me die and if other people look at me like I look at them, then they don't want me to die either. Besides, doing something like that can get people in trouble when they didn't do anything to begin with too."

“Well there are different views on suicide. Either way, he was an awful man and deserved it. TO attempt to mug a young injured and helpless man like myself.” Manuel shakes his head as he used his powers to manipulate the whole thing. “Plus if you believe in certain religions, he will burn in hell…oh well…”

"I don't know much about 'hell', 'god' or whatever those are but all I know is that people can do a lot of things." Cytoplasm says with a somewhat concerned, somewhat upset look on his face as he continues, "He could have walked away, he could have done something completely different that I can't even think of, and just because you didn't like him it doesn't mean that you should be happy. We don't know if people knew him, or how someone might feel now that he's dead. I think it was a good idea for me to stop him, but I don't think he needed to die. If I thought so, I… Probably would have tried to kill him myself. Maybe."

“Well, at least this way, he took his life into his own hands.” Manuel shrugs, “His life. His decision.” He offers a sigh, “Well, this has been quite an unpleasant day. Suicides can be a real downer.” He then lets out a yawn as the police are already dealing with the dead body. “So I take it since you are a self-described science project, I see that you know nothing about religion.” Manuel and Sid are walking into the park, in the distant police cars and police are present and a body is placed in a bodybag as the mugger who tried to mug Manuel killed himself. With that he sighs and waves goodnight.

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